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Projects funded by during 2010                    MISSION
In Asunción:

      the construction of an additional floor on the multi purpose building erected in 2006
       behind the church at Zeballos Cue. The new premises will be used for youth work;

      further construction work on the site at San Lorenzo where a children’s club has been
       operating for over 20 years. Last year a permanent building was funded by Mission
       Paraguay on the land purchased in 2008;

      refurbishment and redecoration work at the Diocesan Offices. This includes repairs
       and redecoration to the accommodation used by Indian people from the Chaco when
       visiting Asuncion;

      the construction of a ramp and other improvements at the home of a disabled person to
       aid mobility;

      supplying a new refrigerator for the church at Remansito where up to 85 children from
       poor families are provided with a wholesome meal each Saturday.

In Concepción:

      redecoration of the previous home of a missionary to enable it to be used for another

      providing funds to assist the operation of the Saturday meal for up to 80 children from
       poor families in the Concepción area;

      the completion of the new church at Yvopovo built be Mission Paraguay over the last
       2 years and supplying chairs.

In the Chaco:

      the construction of a 21,000 litre underground storage cistern to collect rainwater
       during the rainy season for use by families during the prolonged drought season each

      sinking two wells to provide families with a constant supply of wholesome water;

      the construction of two homes built of adobe bricks with sheet metal roofs and
       concrete floors to replace overcrowded homes built of palm logs, plastic sheets and
       other discarded materials. It is planned to construct up to 10 more homes during the
       next few months as funds allow;

      supplying roofing materials to families for self help home improvements;

      building two long drop toilets;
      the alteration of existing diocesan buildings at Rio Verde to provide separate living
       accommodation for visiting missionaries who spend at least 2 weeks each month
       working in the Chaco;

      the construction of a room to house patients, particularly those with TB, from Chaco
       villages who are en route to hospital. This utilised an existing open roof construction.

      the building of a lockup store at Rio Verde for church and Mission Paraguay use;

      two cataract operations for elderly people.

General items:

      providing the necessary financial support for the sewing workshops which have
       operated for the last 3 years in locations in Asunción, Concepción and at Rio Verde in
       the Chaco to encourage self sufficiency;

      distribution of over 450 pairs of spectacles to communities in Asunción and
       Concepción and supplying Nurse Beryl Baker who works in the Chaco with a similar
       number for distribution;

      supplying clothes, toys and other items for distribution to people in need. Some
       clothes are sold for a nominal sum to raise funds for work with children and to operate
       the Saturday meal for children in various communities.

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