Kingsport Family Medicine Residency by wuyunyi


Family Medicine
Greenbelt 9-mile Linear Park
Kingsport Family Medicine Residency Program

                                W    elcome to ETSU Family Physicians
                                     of Kingsport residency program!
                              Thank you for your interest in our
                              residency. We are excited about our
                              practice and the role that it plays in the
                              community. Not only do we strive for
                              academic excellence, we also strive to
                              provide compassionate care to those we
                              serve here in the Appalachian region. We
                              are dedicated to providing a dynamic and
                              evolving educational process for you. The
                              faculty will help to facilitate your transition
                              from student to adult learner and then to
   Family Physician. We are here to assist you in this challenging and
   exciting transition.

   We believe that to provide you with the best in educational and
   professional opportunities, we must continue to reevaluate and adapt
   our curriculum to meet the educational needs of our residents and the
   community. Our faculty have been nominated and awarded outstanding
   faculty and teaching awards locally and nationally by medical students
   and residents alike. Our small faculty-to-resident ratio of 1:3 provides
   an intimate atmosphere for learning, professional development, and a
   collegial working environment.

   During your residency, you will experience all the joys and challenges
   that life has to offer. These will provide you with many personal and
   professional growth opportunities. We are both eager and honored to
   assist you along the path that brought you to Family Medicine in the
   first place. We hope that you will take the time to discover who we are
   and what we have to offer you.

   Beth A. Fox, M.D., MPH, FAAFP
   Program Director, Kingsport Family Medicine Residency
   Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University
                                                                                Ki ngsport

                           Kingsport Family Medicine Residency Program
             We are a community-based residency nestled in the mountains          develop the skills necessary to enhance your lifelong learning
             of Tennessee providing care to the people of Appalachia. In          as a practicing physician. We enhance your procedural and
             2010 East Tennessee State University and our Department              medical training by employing novel educational sessions
             of Family Medicine were ranked in the top 20 in the U.S. for         utilizing high fidelity clinical (human patient) simulation.
             Family Medicine Education by the U.S. News & World Report.
             This was the third year in a row that we have been ranked in         Our clinic is located on the grounds of Holston Valley Medical
             the top 20. We believe this is a testament to the dedication and     Center, which allows for easy access to the hospital. When
             vision of our Family Medicine Faculty to provide an excellent        you are working on the inpatient medicine service, it is easy
             education and professional training. That dedication spans           to attend the didactic lectures that occur daily at our clinic.
             both disciplines of medicine, as we are dually accredited with       Whether it is a Cardiologist, Dermatologist, or one of our
             the American Board of Family Medicine and the American               own Family Medicine attendings, you will be provided a wide
             Osteopathic Association.                                             variety of topics over which to digest your food! You will
                                                                                  be challenged to think and participate in the process. During
             From the beginning of your training, you will receive detailed       residency you will have the opportunity for many different
             training in all aspects within the scope of Family Medicine.         aspects of procedural training. For example, we regularly
             You will be exposed to a variety of challenging situations in        perform colposcopies, nasolaryngoscopies, osteopathic
             both the inpatient and outpatient settings, under the guidance of    manipulation, skin biopsies and minor skin surgeries. We
             experienced Family Physicians.                                       also offer elective rotations in osteopathic manipulation,
                                                                                  acupuncture, as well as excellent traditional medical disciplines,
             The Family Medicine Service (FMS) is your inpatient
             experience that occurs at Wellmont Holston Valley Medical
             Center, a 505-bed community hospital with a newly renovated
             ED with more than 85,000 visits a year, patient admissions
             exceeding 18,000 per year, and over 1000 births per year. The
             hospital serves as the regional level 1 trauma center. In addition
             to the renovations in the ED, there are many other areas of
             the hospital being updated. During your time on the inpatient
             service, you will care for all age groups, from birth through end
             of life under the guidance of our experienced Family Medicine
             faculty. We continue to manage our patients admitted to or
             transferred to the ICU, as well as the PICU. The consultants
             are available and eager to teach our residents when needed.
             When you are on the FMS, you will be working with a team of
             three other residents, at least two of which will be upper-year
             residents who will be able to guide and teach you the nuances of                      Resident workstation
             inpatient medicine.

             We have a Night Float system through your three years of             as our goal is to prepare you to care for the whole patient in a
             training. During the night float rotations you will be supported     cost-effective, evidence-based manner. We have a long history
             by an upper-year resident in the hospital at all times as well       of emphasis on osteopathic principles and practices. We also
             a faculty member who is always on call. You will function as         recognize the importance of creating integration approaches
             part of the FMS team overseeing patients overnight along with        to patients’ issues, incorporating their health care philosophy,
             caring for patients that come to the Emergency Department and        preventive aspects, and behavioral components.
             require evaluation and admission during the night.
                                                                                  We have many opportunities for longitudinal care outside of
             Our clinic is an excellent mix of medical mystery. From the          our clinic as well. During your second and third years you will
             very young to the elderly, we see a broad range of patients          participate in a longitudinal sports medicine education. Under
             with interesting pathology. The patients bring with them acute       the guidance of the faculty, you will be the team physician for
             and chronic problems, interesting social issues, and variable        a local high school, providing weekly sports clinic coverage
             health literacy, all of which impact the patient as a whole. You     to enhance your musculoskeletal diagnostic skills, and cover
             will practice in an environment of support from the attending        sporting events throughout the year. We also care for nursing
             physicians, nurses, and staff while in clinic and during each of     home patients which, during your second and third year, you
             the curricular rotations. You will regularly have opportunities      will have patients assigned to you for ongoing care under the
             to teach medical students from the Quillen College of Medicine       guidance of our faculty. We also allow you the opportunity
             during their third year Family Medicine core rotation. We            to see patients in their home setting. This allows an in-depth
             also have visiting students from other schools interested in         look into a patient’s world and education beyond what you can
             learning from us and about us. During your residency we will         attain only in a clinical setting. We provide care to the rural and
Ki ngsport

             progressively move you forward toward independent practice.          uninsured through community preventive screening programs,
             In addition to our core faculty, community preceptors participate    rural health fairs, and remote area medical clinics.
             in the teaching of our residents to give a diverse teaching
             experience. You will be involved in Quality Assessment and           The faculty and staff of ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport
             Improvement along with varied research and scholarly activities      are eager to have you visit us in the Great Smoky Mountains
             that you will regularly share with your peers and colleagues.        here in East Tennessee. See what we and the region have to
             You will be introduced to adult learning principles; evidence-       offer during your Family Medicine training while serving the
             based medicine and information mastery; and assisted to              wonderful people of our community.

                                      Rotation Schedule
                                                      PGY I
         Orientation               ENT            Night Float/ER              Pediatrics              Newborn
          4 weeks                2 weeks            3-2 week                   4 weeks                Nursery
                                                     Blocks                                           4 weeks
           General             Orthopedics             OB                       Family               Goal Directed
           Surgery              4 weeks              8 weeks                   Medicine               Learning/
           4 weeks                                                              Service                Elective
                                                                               12 weeks                4 weeks

                               Family Medicine Center – one-two half-days per week

                                 Vacation – 15 days*; Educational Leave – 5 days

                                                     PGY II
         Community              Cardiology        Dermatology                 Neurology               Office Gyn
          Medicine               2 weeks            4 weeks                    2 weeks                 4 weeks
          2 weeks

    Pediatrics         Family Medicine       Ambulatory              ICU           Night Float/ER         Elective
     4 weeks               Service            4 weeks              4 weeks         3-2 week blocks        8 weeks
                          12 weeks

                                Family Medicine Center – three half-days per week

                        Sports Medicine/Nursing Home/Home Visit – one half-day per month

                                 Vacation – 15 days*; Educational Leave – 5 days

                                                    PGY III
   Family Medicine          Community/             Ambulatory                  Pediatrics         Pallative Care/
       Service             Sports Medicine          8 weeks                     4 weeks          Pain Management
      10 weeks                4 weeks                                                                 4 weeks

      Urology              Ophthalmology             Surgery                 Night Float/ER             Electives
      2 weeks                 2 weeks                4 weeks                 3 2-week blocks            8 weeks

                               Family Medicine Center – four-five half-days per week

                        Sports Medicine/Nursing Home/Home Visit – one half-day per month
                                                                                                                     Ki ngsport

                                      Practice Exploratory Interviews – 5 days

                                 Vacation – 15 days*; Educational Leave – 5 days

*Per ABFM and ACOFP policy
                                        Personal Benefits and Salaries
             Stipends: (2011-2012)*                             Additional Benefits:
                • R-I $ 45,825.21                                  •   AAFP and AOA membership dues are paid.
                • R-II $ 47,193.21
                • R-III $ 48,882.65                                •   Residents are financially supported to
                • R-IV $ 50,751.03                                     attend at least one TAFP meeting during
                * Tennessee does not have a                            their residency, and osteopathic residents in
                   state income tax.                                   the AOA Residency program are partially
                                                                       supported to attend one AOA conference.
             Insurance Package:                                    •   Residents receive approximately $500/year
                •   Health: Single or Family coverage.                 educational fund.
                    Premiums shared by the university and
                    the resident.                                  •   Residents are provided two monogrammed
                •   Life: Basic life of $50,000 available for          lab coats.
                    the resident only.
                                                                   •   ACLS, PALS, NRP and S.T.A.B.L.E. are
                •   Disability: Monthly benefits of $1,000
                                                                       provided to all incoming R-1 residents
                    after 90 days of disability for resident
                                                                       during pre-orientation. ATLS is available at
                                                                       a reduced cost. ACLS & PALS renewals are
                •   Malpractice: Coverage provided at                  provided once during residency if needed.
                    no cost to residents for educational
                    activities.                                    •   On-call meals.

             Leave:                                                •   Credit Union membership is available.
                •   15 days of annual leave per year
                                                                   •   Moonlighting permitted for R-II and R-III
                •   12 sick days per year, accrued monthly             residents, who are U.S. graduates, within
                •   *5 days of educational leave per year              departmental and ACGME guidelines.
                •   5 days of administrative leave in total
                                                                   •   Free parking.
             All leave must comply with ABFM Policy –
                    absence from the program for vacation,         •   Sick Leave Bank.
                    illness, personal business, leave, etc.,
                    must not exceed 21 days per academic
                    year. Osteopathic residents in dually
                    accredited programs will be expected
                    to abide by the policies of both bodies,
                    ABFM and ACOFP. (*Not included in
                    the 21-day limit.)
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   4                                                                                   OMT Workshop
                                              Affiliate Hospital

                                                          Wellmont•Holston Valley Medical Center

Wellmont-Holston Valley: ETSU                Trauma Centers providing services          Program Stability: Stability is
Family Physicians of Kingsport is            for the over 85,000 emergency              especially important when assessing
conveniently located adjacent to             patients treated annually. The Women       residency programs. Programs with
Wellmont•HVMC, our affiliated                and Children’s Division has 23             excellent reputations for education
institution. Created in 1996 the             private birthing rooms with 1450           can suddenly close due to financial
Wellmont Health System is the                deliveries annually. The obstetrical       or political forces that are quite
integration of two not-for-profit            surgical suites provide patients           difficult to assess in an interview.
tertiary care medical centers and is the     and physicians with the very best          The ETSU Family Physicians of
largest provider of health care within       facilities and technology for bringing     Kingsport Residency Program has
its 15-county Northeast Tennessee,           new babies into the world. A 15-bed        been in existence for more than 20
Eastern Kentucky, and Southwest              Level III neonatal intensive care          years and receives funding from five
Virginia service area. Project Platinum,     unit with the most state-of-the-           stable sources including the James
a $113 million renovation of the             art equipment available is located         H. Quillen College of Medicine,
facility completed in 2010, features         just one floor below the OB/GYN            Wellmont•HVMC, the state of
the latest health care design and            unit. A new building project was           Tennessee, federal grants, and our
innovations, including a new intensive       begun in 2006 to create a dedicated        own busy practice. This diversification
care unit, new operating suites,             women and children's center as part        gives us exceptional stability and
expanded emergency and radiology             of the hospital campus. There are          security. The Department of Family
departments, additional parking areas        450 attending physicians on staff,         Medicine is a strong presence in the
and a new grand entrance drive and           over 90 percent of who are board           medical school and receives good
bridge to provide improved hospital          certified in their respective fields.      cooperation from other departments
access. Wellmont•HVMC has 505                The staff represents virtually every       for our educational efforts.
beds and has attracted physicians from       subspecialty. An active Department
every region of the nation by offering       of Family Medicine exists for family       All of our partner positions have been
opportunities that are the equivalent to     physicians.Wellmont•HVMC hospital          filled in recent years, a trend we expect
those of a university setting. In essence,   has been recognized as one of the          to continue. Our faculty is enthusiastic
                                                                                                                                     Ki ngsport

the quality of medicine is “big city” but    top 100 hospitals in the U.S. twice in     and committed to preparing our partners
the quality of life is that of a smaller     recent years. It has been a national       for private practice. Our clinic operates
community without the headaches              affiliate of the Planetree Organization,   with electronic health records. Although
found in large metropolitan areas.           an innovative and patient-centered         we have a rural “bent,” we believe that
                                             approach to medicine. Our practice         education in a community-based tertiary
Wellmont•HVMC hospital is one of             plays a key role in its implementation     care center without competing residencies
Tennessee’s six designated Level I           in our hospital.                           is the ideal preparation for a wide
                                                                                        spectrum of practice styles and locations.
                                   First Year Junior Partners
             Travis Groth, D.O.
             I grew up in the small, quaint town of Maryville, TN, located about 20 minutes from Knoxville.
             My love for the mountains, rivers, and seasons has kept me in east Tennessee for all of my
             education. I attended undergraduate at Maryville College followed by Medical School at the
             brand-new Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. The initial terrifying reality of being the
             first students to walk the halls of DCOM soon developed into an exciting opportunity to “pave
             the way” for my future colleagues. My wife, Jennifer, and I are excited about beginning this next
             phase of our lives at Kingsport with faculty, staff, and residents that have welcomed us with open
             arms. We plan on enjoying the mountains, rivers, and lakes with our two dogs (Izzy and Leo) in
             our spare time. After residency, I hope to establish a family practice that involves utilization of my
             hands-on osteopathic skills while staying close to family and friends in East Tennessee.

             Stephanie Kang, D.O.
             I am happy to be training with Kingsport Family Medicine program. After rotating with this
             program as a medical student, I was certain that I wanted to be a resident here. I am excited to
             see patients of all ages, from newborn to the geriatric population. I am especially interested in
             dermatologic diseases, as well as pediatrics. I was born and raised in Southern California and
             completed my undergraduate education in New York City, and moved to Tennessee for medical
             school. My fiancé is also a resident in Orthopedic Surgery. We recently bought a home in
             Kingsport and we are excited to take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities that this area
             offers. In my spare time, I enjoy running, playing tennis, and swimming. I also love to travel
             and learn new languages. Lately, I have been occupied with my sweet (and spoiled) Golden
             Retriever puppy, Harry, who is almost 5 months old. After residency, I plan on returning to
             Southern California.

             Brandon Lancaster, M.D.
             When I began my search for residency programs, I knew that I wanted to find a location that would
             provide me with an education that will prepare me to become a primary care physician in a rural
             area, but just as important I wanted to find a place where I felt like I fit in. From the moment that
             my interview began I could tell that ETSU-Kingsport was different. The relationship between
             residents and the faculty was special and it felt like a family. This made the decision for my wife,
             Stephanie, and I to move to Tennessee easy because we knew that there was plenty of support
             waiting for us here. Steph and I both enjoy outdoor activities, sports, and our two dogs Charles
             Barkley and Izzy.

             Joshua Pedigo, M.D.
             My adventure of becoming a physician started while working as an EMT in college. With a
             bachelor’s in Business from Dallas Baptist University, I set my destination to Johnson City,
             Tennessee, for pre-medical studies. There I convinced a Tennessee beauty, Bethany, to become my
             wife and we were off to Saba University School of Medicine. My future objectives are divided into
             two hemispheres: working with small communities and international medical missions. I have a
             strong interest in patient education and emergency medicine. ETSU at Kingsport Family Medicine
             offers wide pathology with a broad diversity of patients. The faculty here brings a strong heritage
             of teaching and mentoring which I am eager to receive. Bethany and I love the Tri-Cities and were
             eager to return to the area. I enjoy outdoor recreation, a good steak dinner and most of all spending
             time with my wife and three kids: Madelyn, Casey and Audrey.
Ki ngsport

                                                 Trip to Kansas City
Sonia Millan Pinzon, M.D.
I’m originally from Boston, a train-riding-pavement-stomping-crowd-jockeying urbanite. After
graduating from college in North Carolina, I found my first calling by way of the New & Gauley
Rivers in West Virginia. For eight years, I was a tent-dwelling, nomadic raft guide. Life brought
me to Tennessee, where I attended Quillen COM and participated in the Rural Track Program, a
fantastic educational experience in rural primary care. After a year of general surgery residency,
I’m so very excited to come back to my “educational roots” and the career versatility of family
medicine. I just knew that Kingsport Family Medicine was the place for me. I feel strongly that
the faculty shares my philosophies about the practice of medicine, supports my interest in rural/
international medicine, and will advance my overall personal and professional development.
I’m an avid outdoorswoman. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding,
surfing, and gardening. At Kingsport Family Medicine, I know I will be supported in my
professional goals as well as encouraged to keep doing the things that make me “a happy me.”

Rodolphe Taby, M.D.
Medicine has always been for me a door through which I can reach out to the whole of the
community on a macro-social scale, and to each and every one of my brothers and sisters in
need on an individual basis. By the time I graduated from medical school in Beirut, Lebanon, I
was aching to find a place where the true calling of Medicine is practiced, as an art, science, and
most importantly, an expression of compassion and care. I needed to find a place for residency
that would allow me to learn and practice the entire dimension of medical care right where it is
supposed to be: at the heart of the community. After a small stop in Houston, Texas, where I got
immerged in deep clinical and translational medical research, I found what I have always been
looking for at the ETSU Family Medicine program of Kingsport. In the heart of the Appalachians,
I knew I was going to be happy and fulfilled. Being close to nature with all the fun and exciting
activities it offers, in a warm loving Church-centered community, is fundamental to me. The East
Tennessee area has an amazing charm. The program at ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport is
simply the best place I could hope for to achieve intellectual, professional, and personal growth.

                                                                                                      Ki ngsport

                                      R-1 Orientation

                                Second Year Junior Partners
             Paige Gilbert-Green, D.O.
             I am a 2010 graduate of the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg,
             VA. Originally from the small town of Whitewood, Virginia, I have always dreamed of going to
             medical school and completing residency training in the Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee
             area. During my education, I fell in love with the diversity and intimacy of Family Medicine, and I
             look forward to practicing medicine in a community similar to my home, and forging the personal
             relationships Family Medicine encourages. In my free time, I like to run, read, and spend time with
             my family, my husband and our two Cocker Spaniels. In 2009 I married my medical school love,
             Brandon, who will also be completing a residency in Kingsport. We are very excited to move to
             the area, and to start our family here. After residency, we hope to remain in the Southwest Virginia/
             Northeast Tennessee area.

             Ardel W. Gorospe, M.D.
             Life has taken me many places. Most of my life I have lived in Africa, but I lived in California
             and Tennessee during college. In 2010 I graduated from medical school at Loma Linda University
             in California. Through it all, I could never forget the memories of the underserved in the many
             countries I lived in. This, in a nutshell, led me to choose a career in Family Medicine. My goal is
             to serve as many people as possible, both here and abroad. In the meantime, I like to play sports,
             mountain bike, backpack, and rock climb in order to stay sane. My wife Jenny and I enjoyed living
             in Tennessee while we were in college. After much deliberation, we finally decided that Kingsport
             was the place for us. Thus, we were exhilarated to discover that we were coming to Kingsport for
             residency. I look forward with great anticipation to the next three years of my life. I hope that my
             residency will be marked, not only by a deeper understanding of medicine, but also by knowing
             that my life at Kingsport brought healing to those I served. Thank you.

             Erin Koscinski, D.O.
             I was born and raised in a small town in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. I completed my
             B.S. degree in Wilkes-Barre at King’s College, a small liberal arts school with a diversity of people
             and a fantastic support system. I was looking for the same type of atmosphere when choosing
             a residency program, and I immediately felt the warmth and support at Kingsport the minute I
             stepped into the clinic for my interview. Incredibly, Kingsport is a rural program with a community
             hospital feel, but the resources of a BIG university hospital. I completed my osteopathic degree
             at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, and I plan to integrate osteopathy into my practice
             along with herbal and holistic medicine. Family medicine was an easy choice because I can do all
             the things I love and really get to know my patients. I especially love the diversity of patients I get
             to see each day and the diversity of health issues they present. I am excited to be in the Appalachian
             Mountains. I love to be outdoors, and I enjoy everything from gardening, biking, swimming, snow
             shoeing, to just playing with my dog Noel. I am a foodie at heart and enjoy trying new restaurants
             and recipes. I love to travel, and I like all types of music!

             Swati Pullamaraju, M.D.
             It has always been my dream to come to the United States for residency, and my interests have
             always been strongly rooted in Family Medicine. While pursuing my dream, I met and married
             my wonderful husband Kishore who brought me to this beautiful area of Northeast Tennessee. The
             captivating natural beauty mesmerized me and I fell in love with the area instantly. After observing
             the training programs here, I felt I had come to the right place at the right time. I am so lucky to be
             a family member of ETSU Family Physicians at Kingsport. I am an avid fan of cricket, the sport
             that has become another religion in India. I also enjoy watching movies, listening to music and
             reading novels, especially those of Nicholas Sparks and Sidney Sheldon.

             Arthur Toups, M.D.
Ki ngsport

             I’m a person who enjoys learning how things work. To her horror, my mother found this out when
             at 8 years, I dismantled the back end of her new car trying to find out how the lights worked. I
             have let life take me as it may along the road and it has led me on many adventures and given me
             a treasure chest of memories. I’ve had the pleasure of serving in the U.S. Navy as well as the U.S.
             Marine Corps. All of my life experiences have led me to the career of medicine, Family Medicine
             in particular because I can establish a connection with my patients. I chose Kingsport because Dr.
             Fox and Dr. Blackwelder share my values, and Kingsport has the kind of environment in which
             I can flourish and grow as a family physician. A couple of my hobbies are fishing and frogging,
             and I enjoy history. I look forward to exploring the landmarks and historical aspects of one of the
   8         ‘ghost states’, The Lost State of Franklin.
Fatemeh Yamani, M.D.
I was born in a cultured, nurturing family in a small town in Iran. When I was very young, I lost
one of my brothers who died of leukemia and my father suffered a fatal heart attack. These losses
had a deep impact on me and shaped my life. With the goal of helping others, I entered medical
school at Tehran University, the most prestigious medical school in Iran. Upon graduation I
started work as a primary care doctor in different, mostly underserved, parts of Iran, which was
a really joyful experience. Later, my husband and I decided to come to the United States and
live here to give our children the opportunity for a better life. When I interviewed at Kingsport
Family Medicine Residency Program I knew this program would train me to become the caring
and skillful family physician I have always dreamed of being. And now I am thrilled as a member
of this family to work with the friendly residents, “my new friends”, and outstanding supportive
faculty, and to participate in whole person care as it is emphasized in our program. In addition,
Northeast Tennessee will give my children the same joyful feelings I remember from my own
childhood. I want them to grow up in a beautiful area surrounded by caring and loving people.

                     Third Year Junior Partners
Emmanuel Adedokun, M.D.
My desire to practice medicine stems from the rural area where I come from. I realized at a young
age how important accessible health care is to rural communities. As I grew up I also became
convinced of the necessity for educating families about basic preventive medicine, so Family
Medicine was a natural choice for me. I was excited to be invited for an interview at Kingsport,
and I was very impressed with the faculty because they refer to residents as ‘junior partners’ and
they are so available to the residents for all questions. The Tri-State Area has a lot to offer for
outdoor activities so my family and I are looking forward to filling any spare time with fishing,
hiking, and hunting.

Peggy Sue Cavitt, M.D.
Being a Navy brat, my childhood was shaped by multi-cultural experiences and travel. I also
became an avid reader of science fiction and historical accounts of bacteriologists, virologists, and
early doctors. My pleasure in studying people and science sparked my fascination with medicine.
I chose Shorter College in Rome, Georgia, where I enjoyed small interactive premed classes
balanced with exposure to great music and theater. I studied people of the present with biology
and psychology while studying human interactions of the past through history and Renaissance
reenacting. I then went on to the Medical College of Georgia where I discovered my love of the
challenges of primary care. The well-balanced behavioral and physiologic medicine teaching as
well as the supportive atmosphere drew me here to Kingsport Family Medicine. Along the way, I
have been blessed with the loving support of my husband, Andrew, and our perpetually energetic
dog, Ginger.

Aleks Grzeszczak, M.D.
I was born in Poland and immigrated to the United States with my parents and younger sister at
6 years of age. I moved around the Eastern U.S. and ended up going to undergraduate school in
Nashville at Belmont University. While in college I had a deep interest in biology and the living
things around me which led me to pursue a career in medicine. I decided to travel back to my
mother-land and attended medical school in Poland. I absolutely loved living in Europe; it was
a great change in lifestyle, perspective and culture. After graduating I was thrilled to enter the
Family Medicine Residency Program in Kingsport. I’m so happy to be living in the beautiful
mountains of Tennessee where my fiancé and I can pursue our hobbies of hiking, gardening, yoga,
cooking and spending time in nature with our dog Dover. I feel very blessed to be following the
                                                                                                        Ki ngsport

path of my dreams in becoming a Family Physician as well as being surrounded by compassionate
and supportive faculty and residents.

Pooja Lidhoo, M.D.
I grew up in a joint family in a small town in India. The decision to attend medical school was
an easy one for me as I always wanted to be a doctor. My interest in Family Medicine developed
when I started going to clinics. My volunteer activities in rural India confirmed my belief that I
wanted to become a family physician. After graduating from medical school, I had the opportunity
to work in different medical settings before moving to the United States with my husband. Now,
I have fallen in love with the beautiful surroundings and the amazing people in Tennessee. When            9
I interviewed at the ETSU Kingsport Family Medicine Residency Program, I instinctively knew
             that this was the place where I wanted to do my residency and I am very happy that I was selected.
             I am blessed to have a loving family that always supports and encourages me. In my free time, I
             play tennis, do a little creative writing and love going on nature walks with my family.

             Pavan Mamilla, M.D.
             Through personal family tragedy in my last year of medical school, I learned the importance of
             education and prevention as a part of a health care system. Researching the various health care
             systems in the world, I found the American system to lay a heavy emphasis on primary care and
             evidenced-based medicine for keeping abreast of current diagnosis and treatments. This perked my
             interest to study in the U.S. after I completed a master’s degree in Biology at Fairleigh Dickinson
             University in Teaneck, New Jersey. It also inspired me to choose a residency in Family Medicine
             where I can treat every patient regardless of age, gender and disease, thus fulfilling my passion to
             be a well-rounded, complete physician. I am particularly interested in joining a teaching hospital
             and sharing my knowledge after residency. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies in my
             free time.

             Kelly Truesdale, D.O.
             A major influence in my desire to pursue medicine can be attributed to my upbringing. Both of
             my parents and grandparents are physicians. My parents placed a great deal of importance on
             health care during my youth. Such exposure at a young age to medicine’s healing power helped
             spur within me the desire to make health care my life’s devotion. As a teenager my father taught
             me how to suture, which has complimented my inclination toward surgery and procedures.
             After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina, I was accepted
             to the Georgia campus of the Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine, where I was blessed
             to be a member of the school’s inaugural class. Between my third and fourth years of medical
             school, I married my lovely husband Brad. We moved to the Kingsport area after I was accepted
             to the Kingsport family medicine residency program affiliated with ETSU. I have learned a great
             deal as a resident in this program and love how the faculty and residents use evidence-based
             medicine to treat our patients with the utmost care and compassion. My husband and I love the
             mountains, and I plan to practice in the mountains after I complete my residency program! My
             hobbies include arts and crafts, yoga, pilates, traveling around the United States and Europe with
             my husband and family, and spending time with my three dogs, Sadie, Dolly, and Winnie. My
             special interests in medicine include dermatology, anti-aging medicine, preventative medicine,
             alternative medicine, and cosmetic and laser procedures. I would like to tailor my practice in
             such a way that I am able to treat every aspect of the patient and make my patients feel good
             about themselves inside and out.

                                                 Rural Fellow
             Remi Switalski, M.D.
             I wanted to become a doctor for as long as I can remember and while learning more about the
             medical field, I decided that Family Medicine offers the most fulfilling experience for which any
             physician can hope. After medical school in Poland and a research fellowship in New York, I
             look forward to a broad, hands-on clinical experience to train at the Kingsport Residency. The
             resident partners in Kingsport are impressive with their knowledge and confidence, and interact
             with faculty not only as their instructors but also as their colleagues. My wife Magda and I enjoy
             the warmth and hospitality of Kingsport and the full range of training possibilities. We also enjoy
             hiking, cooking and gardening, and East Tennessee is a prime location for all three.
Ki ngsport

                    Faculty and Teaching Staff
Beth Anne Fox, M.D., M.P.H., FAAFP, Associate Professor and Program Director
I am a native of East Tennessee and received my undergraduate degree in Nursing, a certificate
in Nurse Anesthesia, and a master’s degree in Public Health before leaving nursing and returning
to medical school at Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University. I returned
to follow my desire to make a difference in the lives of the people of Appalachia and ‘grow old
with my patients.’ After receiving my medical degree, I completed my postgraduate education in
Family Medicine at the Johnson City Family Medicine Residency Program. I worked in private
practice for a few years before returning to join the academic faculty at ETSU Family Physicians
of Kingsport. I seek to find additional methods to help my patients than just the ones I learned
through my allopathic training. Patients are more than their medical issues and each has a story
to tell. These stories help me to acknowledge and incorporate all aspects of their lives to provide
health recommendations. My interests are Clinical (Human Patient) Simulation, Women’s Health,
and Rural Health. My husband, Earl Aneas, and I enjoy spending time with our two dogs and with
family and friends. We enjoy outdoor activities like biking and traveling and love exploring craft
fairs and antique stores. Please feel free to contact me at <>.

Douglas Rose, M.D., Associate Professor and Medical Director
I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania (Hollidaysburg to be specific) and attended medical
school in Philadelphia. I graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1995. Residency took me
to New Hampshire, my first year of training in Concord and my second and third year in Lebanon
at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. I completed my training in 1998 and stayed at
Dartmouth as faculty for the residency for the next four years. In early 2002 my wife, children
and I moved to Kingsport to be a part of the residency program here and to enjoy the wonderful
northeast Tennessee area. I have been medical director since 2003. I have an interest in women’s
health and obstetrics, and am interested in integrating technology with the delivery of health care
and best evidence supported practices. I am a huge fan of science fiction in all of its forms. My
e-mail address is <> and I welcome your inquiries to our program.

Reid B. Blackwelder, M.D., Professor
I am originally from Atlanta, Ga., but northeast Tennessee has been home for almost 20 years
now. I graduated from Haverford College in Pennsylvania and received my medical degree from
Emory University School of Medicine, cum laude. After completing my residency and a teaching
fellowship at the Medical College of Georgia, I became “a simple country doctor” in Trenton,
Ga., a town of 1400. This experience opened my eyes as to how much fun practicing medicine
can be, as well as revealed how bizarrely our medical education system is structured. I decided
to return to an academic setting to try to change what I could from within the system. I use my
practice experiences to fill in gaps left by my traditional allopathic training, and to point them out
to students and residents to help prepare them for the difference between training and the actual
practice of medicine. I am always looking to integrate different healing systems when caring for
my patients, and routinely prescribe botanical and allopathic medications, discuss exercise and
nutritional issues, explore a person’s emotional and spiritual support systems, and refer to other
healers, such as local practitioners of Chinese medicine and Native American healers. Moreover, I
have greatly enjoyed learning osteopathic techniques here in Kingsport. My wife, Alex, is a nurse,
a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. We enjoy making opportunities for our junior partners
to experience different healing techniques personally while at the same time ensuring they are
outstanding allopathic physicians. Alex and I have created a sanctuary at our home, a Certified
National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat, and value relaxing there with our garden paths,
                                                                                                         Ki ngsport

koi pond, wildflowers, herbs and our three dogs and two cats. But we also enjoy having gatherings
for everyone to get to know each other. My hobbies include jewelry-making, pen-making, bead
collecting, non-medical reading, and going to 18th century period rendezvous. I may be contacted
at <>.

             Peter Bockhorst, D.O., Assistant Professor and Associate Medical Director
             Born in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised everywhere else, I have tried to live as many lives as
             possible. Having tried my hand at several trades including culinary and photographic arts, none
             have suited me as does medicine. The opportunity to meld the arts and sciences is too enticing.
             Having finished a brilliant three years in the National Health Service Corps in a rural family
             medicine setting, teaching is my next move in finding the consummate balance in life. Please
             contact me about our program at <>.

             Mark Brummel, D.O., Assistant Professor and Clerkships Director
             I grew up on a farm in northern Illinois, just outside of the suburban sprawl of Chicago. I
             attended college locally at Northern Illinois University, and medical school at the Chicago
             College of Osteopathic Medicine. While I did enjoy my time moving to progressively more urban
             environments, I next ventured to the Amish country in Lancaster Pennsylvania for residency
             training. While the training was excellent, I wanted to further develop areas within family
             medicine I found most interesting, and decided to stay an additional year to complete a faculty
             development fellowship. During this year I dedicated the majority of my time and efforts to sports
             medicine, inpatient medicine, and osteopathic manipulation. The next step in my journey began
             with my wife looking for a school to attend, and ended with finding what I consider the perfect
             job opportunity for me. I promise I am not overtly selfish … but together we decided to accept
             the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities, beautiful weather, and wonderful people northeast
             Tennessee offers. Please feel free to contact me to discuss sports, outdoor activities, food,
             recycling, or even something you may be interested in <>

             Brian Cross, PharmD., BCPS, CDE, Assistant Professor
             I received my bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University College of Pharmacy in 1991 and
             Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee in 2000. I completed a residency
             in hospital pharmacy practice from the New England Medical Center in Boston in 1992 and an
             Advanced Practice Residency in Primary Care from the Regional Medical Center, Memphis in
             2001. I am recognized by the National Certification Board of Diabetes Educators as a Certified
             Diabetes Educator (CDE). Currently, I am a pharmacotherapy specialist with ETSU Family
             Physicians of Kingsport and serve as an associate professor in the departments of Pharmacy
             Practice & Family Medicine at ETSU. My varied clinical experiences include direct patient care
             in disease management clinics both in the Indian Health Service and the Department of Veterans
             Affairs where I was the coordinator of cardiovascular risk reduction services. In addition, I
             was the director of pharmacotherapy services at the University of Tennessee St. Francis Family
             Practice Center, managing a referral-based medication assessment & management clinic for
             multiple chronic disease states. My major research interests include cardiovascular risk assessment
             and reduction, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, anticoagulation, and medical educational
             development and assessment. I can be contacted at <>

             Joann D’Aprile-Lubrano, D.O., Associate Professor and Osteopathic DME/PD
             I grew up on Long Island New York where I graduated with a B.S. in nursing in 1980 and an M.S.
             degree and Clinical Nurse Practitioner certificate in 1986 from S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook. In 1987
             I moved to a small town in central Florida with my family, however soon after I found myself a
             divorced, single mom to my three small children. Eventually, I remarried and decided to embark
             on yet another new path pursuing a medical degree. I obtained my D.O. degree in 1997 from
             Nova-Southeastern University, followed by my internship and residency in Family Medicine at
             ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport. My desire to have continued involvement in education,
             along with a few fun-filled experiences during my three years here as a resident, convinced me
             to stay on as a faculty member. Since that time I have experienced relationship morphing and
             ultimately married a former HS classmate, who turned out to be that soul mate I never dated in
Ki ngsport

             HS! I enjoy spending time with my family, the wonderful outdoors, shopping, and gardening.
             Weed pulling is very therapeutic I have come to learn. My interests include complementary
             medicine, energetic and spiritual healing systems, and traditional osteopathy. My e-mail address is
             <> or <>.

Erin Harris, M.D., Assistant Professor
I have happily returned to the Kingsport program after three years of practice in a town of 1500
in Virginia. I am a graduate of the Quillen College of Medicine and completed an Accelerated
Residency in Family Medicine at Kingsport and Holston Valley in 2006. I had long been drawn
to the diversity, complexity, and continuity of Family Medicine and am proud to have pursued
this field after medical school. As I am from southwest Virginia I consider northeast Tennessee an
extension of “home” and am also proud to call this area and its people my own. My professional
interests include medical student education, adolescent and pediatric medicine, and the health of
women across the lifespan. Outside of medicine, I most enjoy spending time with my husband
and two lovely daughters. We love to travel, enjoy music, and play in the beautiful outdoors that
surrounds us in the Tri-Cities! Please email me at: <>

Constance T. Hixson, M.D., Assistant Professor
People from many countries visited and stayed in my childhood home in New Jersey due to the
interests of my parents. After graduation from Duke University with an undergraduate degree in
Biology/Anthropology, I taught high school for two years in Kumasi, Ghana. I traveled in West and
East Africa, and then worked for two years as a lab technician at Muhimbili Hospital, Dar es Salaam,
Tanzania. Seeking education in medicine, I returned to the U.S. and graduated in 1979 with honors
in Family Medicine from the University of Utah College of Medicine. I married during medical
school and my husband and I did our residencies at Duke. We then worked in private practice for six
years in Logan, Utah, and have since lived in Kentucky and Tennessee. Since 1992, I have taught at
ETSU’s Family Physicians of Kingsport. I love working with people, seeing patients, residents, and
faculty members’ lives develop and grow. The work provides me with personal challenges as well.
I am active in our church, school and community affairs and in the lives of our four children. I have
been an especially strong advocate of tobacco control for the past decade. <>

Glenda Stockwell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Clinical Psychologist
With an undergraduate background in theater and speech pathology, I pursued a Ph.D. in
Counseling Psychology. Following internship, my career path included teaching psychology at
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and chairing the Department of Theology, Psychology and
Philosophy there. I then had a private practice for nine years. I left private practice to design and
implement a program for behavioral medicine training at the Union Hospital Family Medicine
Residency Program in Terre Haute, Indiana. That circuitous route brought me to Kingsport.
Although there were many things that appealed to me about coming to the program here, one of
the most compelling reasons I wanted to join this faculty was the emphasis on communication
skills and on teaching residents to attend to their personal well-being. With our intensive work in
peer groups focused on self-reflection and on dealing with life events that happen during residency,
we help residents prepare for the challenges they face personally and professionally. It’s a privilege
to work in an environment that values and supports emotional and physical health. I enjoy reading,
writing, herb gardening, and anthropomorphizing my Labradoodles—Jake and Henry, and I love
living here in the gentle mountains of northeast Tennessee, just two hours away from my daughter
Kelsea and granddaughter, Azra. Please contact me at <>.

                                                                                                         Ki ngsport

                        Fun Times at Family Medicine

                                                       Casting Workshop
                       Costume Day

                                            Front Office Staff

             OMT Workshop

                                                                  Friends of a Sort
Ki ngsport

             Spring Frolics
Why I Like Being a Kingsport Resident
                     “   Our program is very intern-
                             friendly and family-friendly.”

                     “ verage senior call (PGY-II &
                             PGY-III) two per month.”

                     “ verage intern call every fourth
                             or fifth night and interns go home
Movie Theme Party
                             at midnight on night float.”

                     “ xcellent attendings and good
                             teaching opportunities.”

                     “   Great opportunities for cross-
                             training with other allopathic and
                             osteopathic residents.”

 Annual Retreat      “ esidents are always considered
                             junior partners.”

                     “   A lot of flexibility with program and

                     “ he people that I have met in this
                             program have become family.
                                                                         Ki ngsport

                             It will be hard not to see them
                                  —Jeremy Parsons, M.D., 2008 Graduate
   Trick or Treat
             Kingsport Family Medicine Residency Program

                                         Kingsport Family Medicine Center

                                                               East Tennessee State University
                                                               ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport
                                                               201 Cassel Drive
                                                               Kingsport, Tennessee 37660
                                                               (423) 245-9626 phone
                                                               (423) 245-9634 fax
                     Amy Murphy                      
                   Residency Program
Ki ngsport

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Kingsport Residency Program Graduates Spotlight

Ashley Austin is a 2011 Graduate of the
Kingsport Family Medicine Program. She
grew up in eastern Tennessee, obtained
her undergraduate education at ETSU and
attended Medical School at Edward Via
Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine
in Blacksburg, VA. She chose to come back
to eastern Tennessee for residency because
she missed family, of course, but also the
beautiful mountains of East Tennessee and
the abundance of entertainment all tucked
into a warm community atmosphere. Also,
she felt at home when working with the faculty and staff at the Kingsport Family Medicine
Program. Upon completing Residency, she will be staying in the area. She will be working
with Mountain States Medical Management Primary Care in Johnson City, TN. She will
be working part time and looks forward to spending her free time with her husband and
                                                daughter. She also plans to come back to
                                                the program as a community preceptor
                                                sometime in the future.

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