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					                                  Application for Admission
                                  Graduate Teacher Education Program
Please submit all materials to:   THE MARY BALDWIN COLLEGE                                   To be recommended for teacher licensure,
        Mary Baldwin College                                                            students must complete all program requirements
                                  TEACHER IS...
             Graduate Teacher                                                           and receive the MAT. Students may opt to com-
                                  an inquiring and reflective learner, a well-educat-
           Education Program
                                                                                        plete Virginia Department of Education licensure
                                  ed professional who brings forth the best in all
                                                                                        requirements in advance of the full MAT degree.
            Edmondson House       students.
                                                                                        In the Licensure First option, students complete
    Staunton, Virginia 24401
                                                                                        licensure requirements first, seek employment,
                540-887-7333      WE SUPPORT THIS BY...                                 and then return to complete the master’s degree.
        toll free: 866-849-0676   modeling and encouraging inquiry and reflection;           The program offers close contact with facul-
            fax: 540-887-7303     integrating theory, practice and liberal arts; and    ty members and advisors and extensive observa-
             providing opportunities for individual exploration    tion and hands-on experience in the classroom.
         within a collaborative environment.                   Courses are team-taught by graduate faculty
                                                                                        members and classroom teachers who serve as
                                  OVERVIEW                                              “teaching partners.”
For more information contact:
                                  The Graduate Teacher Education (GTE) program               The MEd degree is for those already holding
Dr. Carole C. Grove, Director
                                  offers the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and       certification, or working in private education,
                                                                museums, nature centers and other educational
                                  Masters of Education (MEd), both designed to
                                  offer realistic, practical preparation for and        settings. You may opt to earn a master’s degree
                                  enrichment of classroom teaching through a bal-       through this program. In addition to a core cur-
                                  anced program of liberal arts and professional        riculum of 15 semester hours, the MEd offers
                                  studies. All courses focus on inquiry — the           four specialty areas in which students may choose
                                  processes by which students and teachers ask          to focus. Those areas are: Leadership,
                                  questions, study, and learn about human experi-       Environment Based Learning, Special Education,
                                  ence. The programs integrate study of liberal arts    and Gifted Education.
                                  content with examination of appropriate and use-           Courses are offered throughout the calendar
                                  ful methods of inquiry, teaching, and learning.       year, including a full complement of courses dur-
                                       The MAT program is designed to prepare           ing the summer. The program is nonresidential
                                  students for fulfillment of requirements for pre-K-   and available on MBC’s Staunton campus
                                  6 and 6-8 teacher licensure. In addition, students    and at four regional centers:
                                  can earn initial K-12 licensure for working with      Charlottesville, Richmond,
                                  special education students in the general curricu-    Roanoke, and South
                                  lum settings. Add-on endorsements are available       Boston.
                                  in Gifted Education and Special
                                  Education for teachers holding a valid teaching
                                  license. Both of these areas are for pre-K-12
The Graduate Teacher Education (GTE) program is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
(SACS) and fully approved by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) to award the master’s degree. It is
also a teacher licensure program approved by the Virginia Department of Education. If you have any questions, please con-
tact the MAT office at 540-887-7333 or toll free at 866-849-0676.

•    A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
•    Adequate general education coursework. For students seeking an initial teaching licensure, a transcript review will
     determine adequate background in the arts, humanities, natural and social sciences, English, U.S. history and mathematics.
•    An academic major in the arts and sciences or an appropriate discipline (or interdisciplinary major).
•    College algebra and English composition or the equivalent.
•    3.0 (B) average or above in last 60 semester hours.
•    Correct, fluent written and spoken English. Non-native English speakers must submit a TOEFL score of 600 or above.
•    Praxis I scores/SAT or ACT — (MAT requirements).

When we receive all your materials, your application will be reviewed by Student Status Committee for admission. An
interview with the GTE director or an GTE advisor is optional. Applicants must submit the following:
•    Application for admission/enrollment
•    Official transcripts of all post-secondary work
•    Two letters of reference from professional educators (including higher education faculty and administrators) and/or
     employers, public school faculty and administrators who have observed/supervised the applicant in instructional,
     tutoring, training or guidance roles
•    A copy of your teaching license, if applicable
•    Personal statement
•    The application fee ($40)

For Fall admission            July 31
For Spring admission          November 15
For Summer admission          April 15

•    Full admission status defines a student who meets all requirements and will be admitted to the GTE program as a fully
     admitted degree-seeking student.
•    Conditional admission status defines a student whose GPA is below 3.0 and may be considered for conditional admis-
     sion on the basis of strong evidence of the individual’s potential to succeed; one or more conditions may be stipulated,
     but the student is permitted to enroll in classes and is eligible for financial aid.
•    Special Student status defines an individual who wishes to enroll in a course but is not pursuing a masters degree, or
     individuals not meeting admission criteria but who seek to demonstrate ability to do graduate work. Special students
     must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution to be eligible to enroll in courses as special students.
     Special students are not eligible for financial aid.

Full time: a minimum of 9 semester hours (3 courses) each semester
Part time: 3–6 semester hours (1–2 courses) each semester

Full time and part time students are eligible for financial aid; special students are not eligible for financial aid.

The GTE program accepts up to six hours of transfer credit only if ALL the following conditions are met:
•   The GTE director determines, on the basis of catalog and course materials submitted by the student, that the course con-
    tent closely matches the content of the college’s graduate curriculum.
•   The credit was earned in a regionally accredited graduate program.
•   The credit was earned no earlier than three calendar years prior to the student’s admission to the program.
•   The credit was earned before the student’s admission to the program.
                                        Application for Admission
                                        Please submit this page (front and back), additional admission requirements,
                                        and your $40 application fee to Mary Baldwin College.

I. PERSONAL INFORMATION (please print or type)
Full Name______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
               Last                                     First                                Middle                      Maiden

Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
               Street                                  City                                   State                      Zip

Home Telephone ________________________________________________ Work Telephone ______________________________________
E-mail________________________ Birth Date ________________ Social Security Number ______________________________________
U.S. Citizen: ❏ Yes    ❏ No     If no, country of citizenship ________________________________________________________________
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? ❏ Yes       ❏ No

The information below will not be used in determining admission decisions or financial aid. This information will be used for adminis-
trative reporting in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Your answers are optional.

❏ American Indian/Alaskan            ❏ Black, Non Hispanic                          ❏ Other ______________________________________
❏ Asian/Pacific Islander             ❏ Hispanic           ❏ White                   ❏ Non Hispanic     ❏ Male             ❏ Female
❏ Married          ❏ Single          ❏ Divorced           ❏ Separated               ❏ Widowed          ❏ Number of Children ______

I am applying for admission for (please check all that apply):
❏ Fall Semester 20___                ❏ Spring Semester 20___                        ❏ Summer 20___
❏ Degree Seeking Student             ❏ Special Student

I primarily plan to attend classes at the following location:
❏ Staunton campus           ❏ Richmond Center           ❏ Charlottesville campus       ❏ Roanoke campus            ❏ South Boston

Have you ever been certified to teach?                 ❏ Yes     ❏ No           If yes, date of certification ____________________________
If Yes, have you ever had a license revoked?           ❏ Yes     ❏ No
Do you hold a current license to teach?                ❏ Yes     ❏ No           State of issue: ______________________________________
Endorsement areas ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you currently teaching?                            ❏ Yes     ❏ No
Current Job Title ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Employer’s Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________
                        Street                                   City                                      State               Zip

Area of endorsement sought:
❏ Elementary (K-6)                                     ❏ Add on: Special Education for the General Curriculum
❏ Middle grades (6-8)                                  ❏ Add on: Gifted Education
❏ Special Education for the General Curriculum

Please check the concentration area of interest (check all that apply):
❏ Leadership                 ❏ Special Education              ❏ Undecided
❏ Gifted Education           ❏ Environment-Based Learning

An interview with a member of the GTE program faculty is optional.
Have you been interviewed by a member of the GTE program faculty?           ❏ Yes   ❏ No
Name of Interviewer ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do you wish to schedule an interview? ❏ Yes  ❏ No    ❏ I will call for an interview appointment.
Please list all previous degrees and post-baccalaureate work you have completed:
     Date                     Degree                               College/University                             Discipline Area

    The following information is needed for MAT applicants:
    1. SAT Scores:          Verbal ________     Math ________       Test date: ________
    2. ACT Score: ________       Test date: ________
    3. PRAXIS I: Reading ________        Mathematics ________       Writing ________      General Knowledge ________
                   Communications Skills ________       Test date: ________

Related Experiences: Please list past experiences you have had related to your goals in graduate teacher education. (professional/personal
experiences, community volunteer efforts, etc.)

An important component of the application is a clearly written, coherent statement that describes your intentions as a graduate student
and explains your reasons for pursuing the graduate degree. On separate paper, using a total of 500 words or less, please submit a typed
statement that reflects the following:
•    Your professional goals and philosophy related to graduate study.
•    Your rationale for undertaking graduate study at this times.
•    What you believe is important for you to learn to become an effective leader in the field.

All students at Mary Baldwin College are required to commit themselves to the Honor System and to sign the Honor Pledge. If you are
able to make this commitment, please sign the pledge in the space provided.

Believing in the principles of student government, I pledge myself to uphold the ideals and regulations of the Mary Baldwin community.
I recognize the principles of honor and cooperation as the basis of our life together and shall endeavor faithfully to order my life accord-
ingly and to encourage others to fulfill the ideals of the honor system.

Signature ________________________________________________________________________                   Date ____________________________

Mary Baldwin College does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except that men are admitted only as ADP and graduate students), race,
national origin, color, age, disability or sexual orientation in its educational programs, admissions, co-curricular or other activities, and
employment practices. Inquiries may be directed to the Vice President for Business and Finance, P.O. Box 1500, Mary Baldwin College,
Staunton, VA 24402; 540-887-7175.

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