LOG is basically logical approach towards solution finding of by pptfiles


									Log Research and Design.
LOG is basically logical approach towards solution finding of social, cultural, economical,
political, issues in accordance with time. LOG Solution to any design issue begins
primarily with thorough analysis of human psychology, region, context and time. We at
LOG firmly believe in the thought process, which includes study and research prior to
actual designing for any problem. We experiment with technology and believe in art of
innovation, culture of learning and exploring newer possibilities. Although we thrive on
conceptualism of any project, our project lies within the precincts of its feasibility.
We focus on the adaptability and flexibility of any product or space with respect human
needs and wants.

Technologists from LOG also use ‘Unity metal works’ laboratory for various testing and
quality control. LOG has won several International and national competitions. It includes
UPPER sky office award for future office design in Burj- Dubai. Mumbai’s interactive
urban center in India, Plaza for Rahuri Agriculture University in India.

Project Leader
Rohit Shinde
Rohit graduated architecture from Shivaji University, India. He, then went ahead to do
his Masters in Industrial Design from University of Central England, Birmingham,
U.K.Rohit has worked as a designer and system consultant for Unity Metal Works, He
has designed various residential and commercial projects in India. He has also worked
for designing a system for departmental store furniture across India and. Rohit is also an
excellent photographer and has gained awards at national level for the same. He is
currently working for L.O.G and is involved designing and also heads the design team.

Dhairyasheel Powar
After graduating in Architecture from Shivaji University, India, Dhairyasheel continued his
academics further. He did his Post Graduation in Experimentation and Technology in
Architecture from Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen,
Denmark. He then did his Masters in Urban Management and Architectural Design from
Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. He has a diverse work experience that trail from India, to
Denmark, to Germany and also Italy. He has won awards for his outstanding design and
execution for the rehabilitation in Bhuj with SNK India. He is currently handling both
national and international projects for L.O.G.

Vishal Wadhwani:
Completed diploma in Interior Design from Center for Environment Planning Technology
India. Since then he is been doing research in tensigrity and tensile structure in Industrial
design Center, Mumbai, India. With special interest he has worked on many mobile
structures include movable exhibition and prefabricated-precasted structures. He has
been awarded in 2002 at ELECRAMA for design of mobile exhibition. He has worked for
many design, interiors and exhibit designs for L. O. G.

Archana Shetty:
After her graduation in Architecture from Vishveshraih Technological University, India,
Archana continued her academics in Italy. She has done her masters in Industrial
designing from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. She has been awarded for her creative
writing skills at national levels. She had worked for sustainable product design for
ISKCON Vedic Village in India. She is working on various design and graphics design
projects for L. O. G from last year includes Jewelry displays, Furniture designs and
residential projects.

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