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					                                                              May we ever be grateful for the blessings and
     Dana Ward Bishopric                                      opportunities afforded us through the various sessions of
                                                              General Conference, and may we ever take advantage of
Bishop             Richard Hale              834-3041
                                                              applying the council we receive to our own lives and
1 Counselor        Dwight Morris             962-8221
                                                              families is my prayer for each of us. The messages and
2 Counselor         Mark Standage            964-1685         council we receive at these semi-annual meetings is
Exec Secretary     Anthony Kaberry           835-5149         exactly what our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus
                                                              Christ would give if they were to deliver them personally.
         At our house things are always pretty hectic.        Of this I testify, in the name of our Savior and
There’s always something that needs to be done,               Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen. (Brother Mark Standage)
someplace that someone needs to go, or some meeting
that needs to be attended. This is one of the reasons I       Editor’s Note: Along these same lines, one of our own
am ever thankful for the month of October and the             ward families always holds a FHE at the grandparent’s
opportunity it provides to step out of a busy routine and     home on Sunday Evening of each Gen. Conf. Grandpa
once again sit at the feet of the prophet and receive         gathers all the grandkids and asks conference talk
council from our leaders.                                     related questions. Correct answers are rewarded with a
         Last week was no exception. As I listened to each    selection from Grandpa’s personal candy collection. In an
of the Conference talks I received answers to thoughts        attempt to gather up the “right” information, the grand
and questions I had been pondering over the last few          kids now take notes on each talk and anxiously look
months and council even given relating to topics we had       forward to Grandpa’s Conference Question Activity!
discussed in a recent Stake Bishopric Meeting. As we
were reminded in one of the talks that “to heed” means
more than just listening, but also requires us to act upon
what we’ve heard, I couldn’t help but wonder how often           missionary mailbox
we hear the council from the Brethren, are prompted by
the Spirit to make necessary changes in our lives, but
then, almost as quickly as the television is turned off, we
                                                                                        Elder Justin Schnepf
allow ourselves to get distracted from our resolves by the
                                                                        Dominican Republic, Santiago Mission
day to day busy-ness of our lives?
                                                                                                PO Box 30150
         We are so blessed to live in a time where the
                                                                              Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
technology affords us the blessing of gathering our
families around the television set or at our local Stake                Well – Here I am in my first area. It’s a town
                                                              called La Vega, in the central mountain area of the
Center and receiving council and direction from the living
                                                              Dominican Republic. It’s very beautiful here and looks
prophet of our Heavenly Father here on earth. One way
                                                              like a tropical paradise. Although I’ve been here almost
that we can express our gratitude to a loving Heavenly        a month, it seems like just yesterday that I arrived.
Father is to truly “heed” the council that has been given.    Time is going fast!
By gleaning even just a couple of things from the                       My companion is Elder Castle and he is pretty
conference talks and putting a little extra effort into       cool! I can’t begin to tell you how poor the people are. I
incorporating that council into our lives, we are able to     thought I knew what poverty was but I didn’t until I
feel as well as testify of the love our Heavenly Father has   came here. It’s really hard to see how people have to
for each one of us. The next time you find yourself           live. We have so much and we take it for granted. We
holding a hymn book, take the time to read the works of       are so spoiled in the States.
Hymn #113 – Our Savior’s Love.                                          I really love it here and I’m happy, even though
                                                              the electricity always goes out, there is no air
         Since it is a world-wide conference, I find
                                                              conditioning anywhere, we only have cold showers and
comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our
                                                              we have large roaches that have free run of all our
challenges, but that there are families in South Africa,      cupboards. But we do have a maid that comes in every
Holland, Japan, and other places around the world that        day and does our laundry, cooks lunch for us and
are facing similar challenges. It also strengthens my         cleans our house. (This is a dream come true, for
testimony of the fact that we are children of our             Justin!)
Heavenly Father, that He knows each one of us, He knows                 Mom, the traffic is SCARY here! It’s just like
what will bring us true happiness, and that He wants us to    living in a Nintendo 64 game “Mario Kart”. The only
be happy.                                                     difference is that they don’t have missiles and that’s
good because they would use them to get through                   elders had two baptisms that went according to schedule and
traffic jams if they did have them.                               we enjoyed that. Covering 4 areas from one apartment
          We do not eat at the member’s homes, in                 required a lot of travel time, but my new shoes are happy to
obedience to mission rules. There are a lot of diseases           be on the streets. I just wish the shoes could come to a happy
here and this rule protects us from parasites and                 agreement with my blistered feet!
amoebas.                                                                    We had a lunch appointment one day that led to a
          I received a letter this week congratulating me         journal bathroom experience. It was a home I had never
on my new mission call and thanking me for serving.               been in before and although the Saints are very kind to us
The really cool thing is that President Gordon B.                 and try to accommodate our every need, let me just say that
Hinckley personally signed it, not a stamped signature.           the experience involved having to fill my own bucket outside
For me, that’s way cool!                                          with water, no toilet paper and lack of a seat of any kind!
          The Lord has taught me a great lesson about             “And when I came to myself, I thought of the country of my
obedience through learning the language. On the days              father and how even the bathrooms at the public parks have
                                                                  full accessories to spare and there was I without, and I said to
that my mind wanders to things not pertaining to my
                                                                  myself,’ The day I return to the country of my father can not
mission and I think about home, I can’t understand or
                                                                  come fast enough’ and I wept and longed for the comforts of
speak the language. I have to get down on my knees
                                                                  home. And I determined that a bathroom should not be
and ask the Lord’s forgiveness for wasting his valuable
                                                                  called a bathroom without certain accessories.” Hunt 5:7
time, for I am not here for myself but as the Lord’s
                                                                            Lest anyone think I am ready to abandon Brazil, let
servant and it’s the Lord’s time not mine. Then, I can            me quickly add that this past week went great! We had 4
understand and speak the language.                                baptisms and it was awesome. We have several really good
          We taught a man named Edward the first                  prospects we are teaching and I got to make a quick trip to
lesson. He has told us that he wants to be a Mormon               Salvador to renew my visa. I’m legal again! The occasion
and that he knows that this is the true church of Christ!         afforded an opportunity to visit with all the other Elders who
He showed us the goosebumps that he kept getting                  came to Brazil from the MTC with me. Besides our Visas, we
while we taught him. I knew that this was the spirit              had a chance to get lunch together at Pizza Hut. I felt like
testifying to him that this is the true church. We have           Ammon because these guys are “still my brethren in the
set a baptismal date with him for October 21st. He is an          Lord”. I’m still serving here in Juazeiro and the work is
awesome guy and we pray he will continue to progress              going very well. We have a full assignment of missionaries
in the gospel.                                                    now. Things are way cool!
          Keep the letters coming! I love to get them.                      Hey Dad, I was sorry to hear that the family car
They mean a lot to me. Keep the home fires burning.               broke down just as Road Shows ended. I have a suggestion.
Love – Elder Justin Schnepf                                       If you want a bit more exercise, you can put my bike back
                                                                  together there at home and cruise across town on that!
Elder Rusty Hunt
(Brazil, Salvador Mission)                                                                            Elder Michael Hale
Pouch Mail                                                                                  (Washington,Spokane Mission)
P.O. Box 30150                                                                                    1013 Gellatly Ave. #3
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
                                                                                               Wenatchee, Wash. 98801
          We had some unexpected transfers early in Sept.
My comp. was sent to another area to deal with a mission                   Buenos dias mi familia! Estuve muy animo a
problem and I was temporarily teamed up with another              recibir sus cartas. Me gusta mucho el correo
companion who was “Jr.” to me by 9 months. I guess that
made me Sr. Comp for a week! We stayed in his apt. during         electronico. Me encanta mucho el campo misional
that time and it was not a fun experience. His apt. was           porque es tan facil a sentir el espiritu siempre. Hay
mosquito infested and I have discovered it is impossible to       muchas veces cuando me encuento y saber que mi
sleep wrapped head to toe in a wet sheet. Wetting down the        Padre Celestial me conoce y me ama mucho, a veces
sheet just made the heat of the night more like sleeping in a
Turkish Sauna that proved to be even more attractive to the       mas que puedo comprender. Pues, bastante espanol.
resident mosquitoes. It was fun in that the other elders left              The weather is great up here. (Wenatchee
with broken partnerships due to the sudden reassignments,         is right in the middle of the state of Wash., a little
also stayed with us. We made good use of our time trying to       north of Yakima and Ellensburg, on the Columbia
keep appointments and covering our very large district area.
Brazilian Independence Day fell during that week and there
                                                                  River.) It’s actually almost been cold recently. It’s
was a lot of carnival type activity and parades on the streets.   pretty strange. I’ve told everyone it’s still probably
As a consequence, we didn’t find a lot of people home who         100 degrees back in Mesa and from the news, it
had made appointments, but it was very interesting. Our           looks like I’m right.
baptism candidate did not show up that week, but two other
                                                        all have a great week and are as excited about
        Last night we went over to a member’s house     Conference as I am. I love you all! Love, Elder Hale
for dinner and I had my first full-fledged home-
cooked Mexican meal and I loved it. We only work
with Spanish people and we’re the only two Elders in
a huge area, but yeah, so we only really see Spanish           Primary News
members. That dinner was awesome though.                       President Kim Hale 834-3041
Apparently the salsa on the meat “wasn’t hot                 1 Couns Naomi Morales 218-5887
enough” and it needed to be very hot because “hot          2 Couns Elizabeth Stark 964-7754
                                                            Sec Megan Chlarson 602-616-3064
things make you speak Spanish better”! I would have
to disagree with that principle, but I kept my mouth
                                                        Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord... Psalm 127:3
shut! Regardless, the father, Tony Elias, insisted
that I eat a slice of jalapeno pepper with my dinner.   October Theme: Latter-day prophets teach me the way to
So that, with the already hot dinner, combined for      obtain God’s promises
quite the experience. Long story short; my eyes
                                                        October Scripture: “What I the Lord have spoken, I have
were watering, my mouth was burning, and I pretty       spoken...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my
much was in a “flame-out” condition but everyone        servants, it is the same.” D&C 1:38
else had a good laugh. It was fun though.
        We were pretty busy all week. We have           The primary sacrament meeting program will be on Oct.
been really working hard to get out and see the less    29th. Parents, please help your children learn their parts
                                                        and the songs on the CD.
active members and try to get people back to
church. At the same time we’ve been trying our best     We are going to be printing the primary assignments for
to get some new members to help strengthen the          the current month in each newsletter. If you see your
Branch. I don’t know why, but people just aren’t        child’s name listed below, please help them prepare for
very receptive or very excited to attend church.        their talk, scripture, or prayer.
We’re doing all we can though, and as long as we’re
                                                        Oct 8th:                         Oct. 15th
doing that, the Lord knows and eventually blessings     Talk - Jordan Gardiner             Program Practice
will come. It may take a while and the faith of many    Talk - Diego Root
people may need to be tried, but I have faith that      Scripture - Leah Morales Oct. 22nd
the Lord has something in store for this Branch and     Op. Prayer – Emily Towne           Program Practice
if I show my diligence, something good will happen      Cl. Prayer – Joseph Standage
eventually. We have a Branch party this week and
                                                                                 Oct 29th:
plan to hold more social activities to get people                       Talk – Bridget Ethington
excited. Hopefully attendance will improve.                           Talk – Samantha Montgomery
        On Saturday night, we taught this man that                       Scripture – Kaeden Blau
we found tracting named Salvador. He was home                          Op. Prayer – Selesi Morello
                                                                      Cl. Prayer – Courtney Eyring
with his friend Elyseo and both are Pentecostals. It
had the potential to be a very contentious lesson       Activity Day will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28th at 9 a.m.
(Salvador was quiet but Elyseo was very argument-       to practice our program. Please have your children in
ative about the Bible) but for some reason, the         Sunday dress as we will be in the chapel.
lesson went well. I know the Spirit was there
because I was speaking Spanish more fluidly and         A BIG welcome to Sister Anne Berryman who has
                                                        moved from the nursery to the Sunbeams, working with
better than I ever have before, without really          Rebecca Williams. Kaylea Patenge is our new Nursery
thinking about it. After the lesson I just felt so      Leader.
happy and thankful. Even though those people may        A Fond Goodbye and Special Thank You to
not go anywhere, it’s great to know that our            Sister Hird and Sister Reynolds for their help
Heavenly Father is mindful of us always. I hope you
in the Scouting Program. They have moved on                  Meeting. Janet has many skills and
                                                             talents to bring to the YW organization
to the YW Organization.
                                                             and is excited to be a part of this
                                                             dynamic group of Young Women of the Dana

       Young Women                                           Ward. The girls and women leaders will
                                                             be fun to work with.
            Pres. Arlyce Reynolds 615-1628
          1st Counselor Tima Hird 282-8479                      The Young Women will hold their annual
         2nd Counselor Janet Hassell 969-4276
           Secretary Katy Smelser 292-9542
                                                                          Evening of Excellence
                                                                     Wednesday, October 11th at 7 p.m.
As Sister Mary Ann Kaberry prepares to                       The girls and their parents are invited to that
welcome a new and first “Little” Kaberry to their            special evening of recognition for the girls.
family, the YW organization has been                         The girls will be sharing their Value Project or
reorganized. Many, Many thanks to the out-going              Projects they have been working on this year.
presidency of Sister Kaberry and her counselors,             It will be a special evening for all the girls,
Cheeri Redd and Taryn Crandell. (Katy                        their parents, and leaders. Please Join Us!
Smelzer has stayed as Secretary.) They have
done a marvelous job and we appreciate their
service.                                                           Elder’s Quorum
Sister Reynolds says that she is happy to be called to                 Pres. David Morales 218-5887
serve with the Young Women of the Dana Ward. “I                       1st Couns. Dustin Redd 834-7788
know it will be challenging for me but I’m ready for the               2nd Couns. Paul Allen 733-4339
challenge and willing to serve the Lord wherever I’m                      Sec Kerwin Blau 969-4478
called. I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted
with all of our YW. I’m hoping that all the girls in our     The Elder’s Quorum would like to welcome
ward that are part of the YW Organization will come          Paul Allen to the Elder’s Quorum
and join us every Sunday and Wednesday. We miss              Presidency. It’s been great having him.
you when you are not there. I know the YW program
will help you in every way with your life. The Lord          The Elder’s Quorum Presidency thanks all
wants you to be a part of this inspired program. I am        those who helped move the friends of
also looking foreard to working with my wonderful            Brother Morris from Apache Junction to
counselors, secretary and advisors.                          Mesa this month.

 Tima Hird (YW 1st Counselor) writes: “I am so               On that same day, we also moved Brother Juan
grateful for the opportunity to get to serve in the YW       Flores out of the Rodney Hale home and into his
program. I have had such an overwhelming feeling             own apartment. Unfortunately, he will now live out
since I was called. I remember looking up to my own          of the ward. Linda Hale has moved to Phoenix.
YW leaders (not that many years ago) and I hope that I       Gordon Walker will be missed as he also moved
will be able to teach the girls all that I can. What great   out of the ward to pursue a job in Utah. Gordon
talents, big and small, they all have! I look forward to     was living with Ray Southwick while in our ward.
serving and I love the quote from Pres. Hinckley ‘Do
the very best you can’. I will try to do just that!”
                                                             Ray got married yesterday (Oct 7th) to Dawn Rae
                                                             McCain. Congratulations! A big thanks to those
Sister Janet Hassell is the daughter of                      who helped set up chairs for the road show. We
Wally and Cora Burgess, the wife of Kyle                     had such a big turnout that it took us less than 15
Hassell and the mother of Kylie, Sheldon                     minutes to put up chairs in the entire cultural hall.
and Kyndra. She has served in all of
the ward auxillaries in the past and is                      A reminder to all that the Elder’s
looking forward to service in the YW                         Quorum is in charge of making sure the
program with Kylie and soon, Kyndra.                         church building is locked and secured
Sheldon is a Deacon, so the YM and YW                        every night until the end of the year.
activities will overlap. Now, it’s a                         We have been asked to show up at 10 pm
“Family Affair”! Most recently, Janet                        and then be sure the lights are out in
has been leading our music in Sacrament                      all the rooms, the doors to all the
rooms are closed, check the kitchen                       also grateful for the many ward members who expressed
stove, check that all the doors leading                   their sympathy at that time. She says she is ready to
to the outside of the building are                        jump in with both feet and serve where needed again.
locked (including the kitchen door), and                  (Our condolences. We missed you Chris!)
if there is anyone in the building that
is playing any sports or that shouldn’t                              ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES
be there to please ask them to leave. If
there is a bishop or someone on official
business in the building, you might want                  Aerobics: Every Mon, Wed & Fri @ 8:30am at the
to let them know that you have checked                    Stake Center. (Janet Hassell 969-4296)
the building and will count on them to
                                                          Scrapbooking: Thurs, Oct. 12, 7 pm in the Primary
turn out any remaining lights or lock
any doors they may use. The Presidency                    Room.
will be giving weekly assignments to                      Senior Single Adult FHE Monday, Oct 16th @
those in the Quorum for Sunday night                      5:30pm at home of Helen Fort. Pot Luck dinner and
thru Sat. night. Those called will be
                                                          good times with good people! (969-1810)
given a key. Please take care of the key
as it is our only key! If you have any                    Book Group: Monday, Oct 23rd @ 11:00am at
questions about this assignment, please                   Lynette McGraw’s home. (699-0723)
do not hesitate to call anyone in the                     Temple Night: Tues Oct 17, 7pm session
                                                          Service Activity: Humanitarian Service Project
Our thanks to all who came to last                        Wed. Oct 25th, Cult. Hall, 11 am to 1 pm.
month’s PPI’s. We saw just about
everyone. We will be holding PPI’s every

                                                              Getting To Know You
Fast Sunday. You may wait in the South
foyer, just west of the Bishop’s office.
The schedule will be the same from month
to month. Please call us if you cannot                    Here’s our chance to get better acquainted with
make it to your scheduled time and we
                                                          Johnny and Pat Martinez and family. Pat was born
will reschedule for you. All of this of
course is to help carry out our callings                  in Casa Grande and grew up in the Queen Creek area
as Home Teachers. The families you home                   with 3 sisters and 1 brother. She went to school in
teach need to have the spirit brought                     Queen Creek and worked at a young age to help out
into their homes and to feel that they                    with family expenses. She experienced the reality
have someone immediate to call on in
time of need. Home Teaching also helps                    of picking cotton as a youngster, something that is
the Elder’s Quorum Pres. and ultimately                   totally automated now. She has always been a hard
our Bishop know how the families of the                   worker around the house and acquired wonderful
ward are doing. Thank you for all your                    cooking skills. She actually loves to cook and is very
service brethren. It’s great being
associated with you.                                      skilled in everything that keeps a house running
                                                          smoothly. She is employed full-time as a Handyman
                                                          for a local hotel. Pat is the mother of 6 children:
             Relief Society                               Michael (29), Bryan (28), Genaro Jr. (26), Henry
                                                          (24), Linda (21), and Sonya (19).
    Pres. Chris Rogers                    695-4370                 John was born in Tempe and his family
    1 Couns Melissa Standage              964-1685        moved to Calif, but came back when John was a teen
    2 Couns Lonnie Halls                 964-8596
                                                          ager. His family consisted of 3 brothers and 2
    Sec Karisa Budge                     610-6407
                                                          sisters. He earned his GED and attended the U. of
Sister Rogers has expressed her gratitude to her          Hawaii while serving in the Navy. He has worked at
wonderful counselors and secretary that have carried on   many occupations over his adult life and for the
in her absence for 5 weeks. They, and many ward           past many years as an appliance service technician.
members, stepped in to see that needs were met in her     John has 4 children: Torie (15) who lives with her
absence. She was able to be with her father when he       Mom; Johnathan (14) who is a 9th grader at Taylor
passed away and help make funeral arrangements. She is
                                                          Jr. High and participates in ROTC classes at Mesa
High; Christopher (11) is a 6th grader at Robson and    them! The Martinez family lives at 2460 E. Alpine.
is a great GI Joe fan; and Corey (7) a first grader     Yahoo!!!
at Hale Elementary and he loves everything and
specializes in happiness! Johnathan is a Teacher and
Christopher is looking forward to being ordained a          DANA WARD FACES STAYING                    IN
Deacon and Corey is looking forward to turning 8                DANA   WARD   PLACES
and being baptized by his Dad.                          Brother Jess and Sister Rowena Root have
                                                        been given a “stay of execution”. Their
                                                          landlord has changed his mind and will
Pat and John met after both were divorced. They          NOT be selling their house, so, for the
were at a social gathering at John’s sister’s home         time being, they will remain in their
and Pat didn’t care for him at first. John persisted           home at 2366 E. Calypso. YAHOO!
however, and within a few months, they had become        Incidentally, there’s a cute article on
                                                                          Bro. Root at
good friends. Pat has been a member for 17 years
and all of her children are baptized, but she was not      Click on “Centenarian Devotes Life to
active in the Church the past few years. She got         Temple Service”. Friends who work with
interested in the church when she kept noticing            him at the Mesa Temple have nicknamed
                                                            him “Duracell” because at nearly 100
clean-cut young men visiting a neighbor on a regular
                                                             years old, “he just keeps going and
basis. She thought it was funny that they wore                               going”!
name badges but both of them were called “Elder”.
She made inquiries and took the lessons and after 3
years, was baptized. When she met John, she told
him she was a Mormon, but John didn’t want              FYI
anything to do with THEM!
                                                        Anjuli Hale has earned CELEBRITY STATUS with her
Their first neighbor was a member and brought           Academic and Volleyball skills. She was selected as
them some fresh baked cinnamon rolls. John ate          “Scholar/Athlete of the Week” by the East Valley
                                                        Tribune Newspaper. Anjuli is a senior and plans on
them, but didn’t want to do anything that would         attending college to earn a degree in Veterinary
encourage the neighbor to harass them about             Medicine. She is captain of the volleyball team, plays
religion. They found themselves needing to move not     varsity soccer and softball for Mesa High and is also
long ago and John was absolutely amazed when Pat        involved in the Republican Club and Disney Club. Her
                                                        GPA is an impressive 4.07 and she ranks about 40th in
called “her” church for assistance and 13 trucks and
                                                        a senior class of over 750 students. Her volleyball
23 men he had never met, showed up to help them         team is undefeated so far and have no tie games on
move. His interest was piqued and he was impressed      their record. She has always been a “Celebrity” to us
enough to ask the two missionaries who also showed      here in the Dana Ward Family, but now we have to
up to help them move, about their motivation. The       share her excellence and talents with the rest of the
                                                        world! The ward has been the beneficiary of her piano
“rest is history” and Dana Ward was lucky enough to
                                                        skills in our meetings. Congratulations Anjuli!
have Pat and John and their boys join the Dana
Ward Family. They contribute so much in the way         A Ward Halloween Party is in the works. There are
of service and lend so much to our ward. We all         rumors of good food, maybe some carnival activities
would have missed so much sunshine in our lives if      and a “Trunk R Treat” party in the parking lot. Watch
they had not been receptive to the message of the       for upcoming announcements and details!
Gospel. They and their boys are such a strength to
our ward family. They love anything that has to do            The Dana Ward Family has the
with family and have already contributed so much to
                                                        responsibility of cleaning the ward building
the ward social calendar. John and the boys love to
                                                        for Oct – Nov – Dec on Sat. mornings. Your
spend time “go-karting” and enjoy target practicing
at the East Mesa Gun Range. Our thanks to the           help would be appreciated! Watch for the
Martinez family and we are all stronger for knowing
sign up sheet going around in RS or Call Pat           doing better now and hoping to be able to join us in
                                                       ward activities.
  Martinez to sign up. (329-0403 or 993-
           3530) Thank you Pat!                        Robby Turner is making a major “life change” and
                                                       trying to lose weight and improve his eating habits to
                                                       correct his recent blood clot problems. Robby says he
Here’s a BIG HUG and a welcome to Sister               has a firm commitment to do whatever is necessary to
Sandra King who was baptized and                       be able to raise his family and enjoy better health. So
confirmed a few weeks ago. Welcome to the              far... so good!
Dana Ward Family Sister King!
                                                       Robby also gave us an update on the condition of his
                                                       sister Stacy Barton who grew up in the Dana Ward.
Legay Parks is a grandmother for the first             Stacy is still undergoing tests to determine the best
time. Her son is the proud father of “Alison           course of treatment for cervical cancer. Her Dr. feels
Marie” and they live in N. Dakota where                they have caught it early but it is an aggressive and
                                                       fast growing cancer. The Turner and Barton family feel
Legay’s son is in training in the Air Force.           like this will eventually turn out alright. Stacy is the
                                                       daughter of Sandy and Ken Turner and lives in
  DANA WARD SICK CALL CHECK LIST                       Gilbert with her husband and their 3 daughters.

We have an unusually large list of members who are     Julie Nielson, the daughter of Bernice Conrad, reports
experiencing some serious health issues. We thought    that her mother is enduring a long bout with
we would give you an update on at least the ones we    pneumonia. Bernice is living with Julie and has been
have reports on. Each of these good people would       on several rounds of antibiotics but just can’t shake it.
appreciate being remembered in your family prayers.    She is weak and frail and quite ill, but has not been
                                                       hospitalized with the pneumonia. Julie says her mother
Joe Dickson had a defibrillator installed recently     would enjoy cards from the ward members. Her
                                                       address is 2538 E. Emerald (just east of 24th St.),
to regulate his heart beat when it goes
                                                       Mesa, 85204.
“Kiddiwampus”! Joe is also undergoing tests at
Mayo Clinic hoping to decide on a diagnosis and        Aubree Stradling has been observed recently wearing
treatment procedure for an esophagus problem.          a special medical shoe. She has carefully avoided
Joe and Johnnie recently were able to visit their      attention to the situation but is a long-time member of
daughter, Kristal and her family in Washington         the Ward Broken Bone Club. Contrary to rumor,
                                                       Aubree did not fall off the piano bench, nor did she trip
where her husband is stationed at Ft. Lewis.           over missionary gear carelessly left in the floor by her
Kristil is serving as a counselor in the Primary in    recently returned Brother, Richard. And alas, she did
their ward. While on their trip, the Dickson home      not fall off the ward Rocket Ship to the Moon! The
was burgled and ransacked. Johnnie says they           official version is: Last April, Aubree fell down some
did enjoy the trip though and especially getting to    stairs at the U of A during the all-state choir activity.
enjoy their 2 little grand daughters.                  She had a small fracture in her foot but it just won’t
                                                       heal up and still gives her problems. Don’t anyone ask
Tom Legler is undergoing tests while his doctors       her about it because we have probably embarrassed
                                                       her enough just by printing this! Thanks Aubree, for
determine a course of treatment and procedures
                                                       sharing your music skills with the ward! And in case
for his heart problems. So far, they have              you are wondering, you do NOT have to have a broken
determined that he needs a new heart valve. The        bone to be a member of the ward in good standing! So
surgeon is hoping they can use a procedure that will   Cool it out there with the broken bones!
go in through his right side and the valve can be                    ROAD SHOW NOTES
replaced arthroscopically. Their surgeon, they have    Kevin and Lou Hunt (Directors) Have an even
learned, did his training under the same Dr. who       BETTER Feeling about the Road Show now that it is
years ago, removed Tom’s right shoulder and arm        finally finished! Everyone had a GOOD time and
because of a tumor. Sister Legler (Kaye) has had a     although it took lots of effort, time, paint, tape and
rough summer while she was on bed rest to allow a      safety pins, it was one GOOD SHOW! Way to go
diabetic related toe infection to heal up. She is      DANA WARD! A special THANKS to the Hunts
for all their talent and efforts! Truly, we are all
grateful for the FANTASTIC JOB the Hunts and            “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”.
the rest of the ward did with our Road Show! It was                     Eleanor Roosevelt
a WARD EFFORT and thanks to everyone (see
following list) who helped in any way!                  Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteous-
Extra Notes that missed publication:                    ness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
                                                        Matt. 6:33

The bishopric would like to encourage all members
                                                        Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of
of the Dana Ward to do everything they can to have      Christ. Gal. 6:2
a block party on October 21st, in conjunction with
the City’s “Night Out”. All information and forms
                                                        Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10 – D&C
you need to register and organize a neighborhood        101:16
block party are available at:       Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying
/gain.asp                                               the foundation of a great work. And out of small things
                                                        proceedeth that which is great. D&C 64:33
Also – A note about one of our ward members
related to recent community news. Sister Daline         And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by
Maddern has been in touch with the Mesa Police          obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.
                                                            D&C 130:21
regarding a “Cold Case” file. In 1989, two girls from
Mesa, were murdered and up to now, no one has ever
                                                        And blessed are all the pure in heart, for they shall see
been arrested in that case. One of the girls is Kelly   God. 3 Nephi 12:8
Cooper, the grand daughter of Daline. Kelly is the
daughter of Daline’s daughter, Linda Wimmer.            Men are, that they might have joy. 2 Nephi 2:25

Through the science of DNA, the police have run a
random test on some of the evidence they hold on        And God saw everything that he had made and behold,
                                                        it was very good. Gen. 1:31
old ‘Cold Cases’ and have found a match and have
arrested a suspect in San Diego, California. Daline
                                                        “I have not failed! I’ve just found 10,000 ways that
only had two children. Her son was born premature       won’t work!”      Thomas Alva Edison
and died after a few months, so Linda is her only
living child. Linda had breast cancer several years     O That I were an angel and could have the wish of mine
ago and her cancer has come back in a form that is      heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God,
inoperable. Linda may not live long enough to see a     with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto
                                                        every people! Alma 29:1
conviction for the murder of her 16 year old
daughter, 17 years ago, but at least she finally has
some closure with a prime suspect awaiting trial in
Phoenix now. After all these years, maybe Justice
finally will be served!

Daline also cares for her sister Wana Stevens, who
lives with Daline. Wana was injured many years ago
when her kitchen stove exploded. Her injuries were
so severe, her leg had to be amputated. Wana and
Daline and Linda would appreciate being
remembered in our prayers.

     DANA WARD ROADSHOW 2006                                       SCENE VI – “WORK TO DO”
                                                       Johnson Family Group Leader: Mary Ann Kaberry
”TO THE MOON AND BACK”                                 Choreographers: Mary Ann Kaberry, Darcy Allen,
                                                       Marinda Hunt
                                                       Costume Designers: Mary Ann Kaberry, Lou Hunt
          Script Written by Kevin V. Hunt              Cast Members: Adrienne Driggs, Kelcie Schnepf,
          Directed by Kevin and Lou Hunt               Marinda Hunt, Anjuli Hale, Kylie Hassell, Mark Driggs,
                                                       Jared Eyring, Matthew Eyring, John Pace
                                                        SCENE VII – “THE FINALE” – By the Full Cast
Johnson family members: Grandpa: Rick Rogers                              “OLD FOLKS”
Grandma: Aubree Stradling - Siblings (And Scene        The Real Old One (Leader) – Anthony Kaberry with
/Team Leaders): Pat Rogers, Mary Ann Kaberry,          Nancy Tiffany, Jonaton and Nadia Morello, Rod
Sven Budge, Cheeri Redd, Larry Chlarson, Keith         Boone, Denean Beals, Gordon and Betty Curtis, Rick
Hunt, Mark Driggs, Marinda Hunt Granddaughter          Rogers, Aubree Stradling
Sally: Kymi Dungy Grandchildren and Old Folks
(Aunts and Uncles): Full Cast, Salesi and Natanael               “JOHNSON FAMILY SINGERS”
Morello, Jace Chlarson                                 Jeanine Crum, Janet Hassell, Arlyce Reynolds,
                                                       Katy Smelser, Megan Chlarson and others
          SCENE II – “DADDY’S GIRLS”
 Johnson Family Group Leader: Sven Budge,              DANA WARD ROADSHOW PRODUCTION
Choreographer and Costumer: Tima Hird                         AND SUPPORT STAFF
Cast Members: Nick Hird with daughters Renle,
Payzlee, and Rylee, Mark Standage with Shelby,
                                                       Script and Songs Kevin Hunt
Sven Budge with Kymi Dungy, Johnny Martinez with
                                                       Custume Direction Lou Hunt, Material: Judy Cluff
Kaia Mehlberg
                                                       Group Leaders Pat Rogers, Mary Ann Kaberry,
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Johnson Family Group Leader: Pat Rogers
                                                       Set Construction Kyle Hassell, Lance McGraw,
Choreographer(s): Jennifer Mehlberg, Lou Hunt
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Costume Designer – Lou Hunt
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Courtney, Lauren and Kelly Eyring
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                                                       Music & CD Production Joe Stark, Keith Hunt
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Johnson Family Group Leader: Cheeri Redd,
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Choreographer(s): Cheeri Redd, Katy Smelser
                                                       Stage Manager Mark Standage
Costume Designer(s) Cheeri Redd, Jennifer Mehlberg
                                                       Stage Crew Gary Tiffany, Chris Smelser, Daniel
Cast Members: Cheeri Redd, Melissa and Joseph
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Standage, Pat Martinez and Corey, Jennifer and Kaler
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Mehlberg, Marie, Cole & Chris Montgomery, Crystal
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and Ben Shope
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 Johnson Family Group Leader: Larry Chlarson,
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Choreographer(s): Marcia Baum, Megan Chlarson,
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Lana Hunt, Lou Hunt
                                                       Cast Refreshments Pat Martinez, Kim Hale, Nancy
Costume Designers: Linette Morris, Anne Berryman,
Janet Hassell
                                                       Videotography Darren Eyring
Cast Members: MACHO MOON MEN:                Brandon
                                                       Photography Scott Driggs)
Boone, Kyle Baggett, Kevin Hale, Johnathan
                                                       Posters for scenes Lynette McGraw
Martinez, Logan Oldner Alex Shope, Matthew, Nathan
                                                       Cast Devotionals Rod Boone
and Kodey McNair, Brandon Eyring, Kyle Halls, Trevor
                                                       Budget Mgmt Lance McGraw
Schnepf, Ben Pace, Joseph Stark, Chris Martinez,
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Jacob Standage
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MOONETTES: Harmony Beals, Danielle Driggs, Alyse
                                                       Special Support to Directors: Duane Obershaw,
Eckert, Katelyn Eckert, Jessica Hale, Lana Hunt,
                                                       Richard and Alura Nash
Chelsea Rogers

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