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					Going green, and keeping an eco-friendly home
can be easy; it just takes a few small steps and
adjustments to your lifestyle. The first step is to
consider how you run your life, and household,
on a daily basis. After establishing your routine,
let's begin to consider small changes you
can make to reduce your carbon footprint, and
      make your household more green.

eco friendly furniture
Making these changes can come in as small a way as changing the
brand of coffee that you drink every morning Buying USDA certified
organic coffee means that you are supporting an industry that uses
sustainable products, eco friendly furniture and avoids using harmful
pesticides when growing the coffee beans
 In order for these products to gain the certified organic label, they have
to meet strict government standards Another easy way that you can help
preserve the environment is by taking a shower that is under fifteen
minutes, rather than running a bath
 This can save hundreds of gallons of water every year Additionally,
consider the bathing products that you are using
 Consider switching to organic products, especially if they are packaged
from recycled material Pure and natural bar soap and shampoos
generally tend to be gentler not only on the environment, but on the skin
as well! Plus, there are so many companies that feature an organic
option, you will not have to give up your favorite scents
 Like taking a shorter shower, turning off the faucet when brushing your
teeth or washing your face can save up to five gallons of water every day
It is an easy adjustment, and one with huge benefits
 Try to think of other small adjustments you can make in your life
Changing the type of cleaning products you use can be a fast, and
effective change
 Not only do pure natural products save the earth, but they are better to
have around children, pets, and even your own body
 Buy the ones that have biodegradable packages, and you are really
making a difference, even if it is small! A final step to maintaining your
eco-friendly home and lifestyle is simple: drive less, and take advantage
of carpools and public transportation
 Though these changes are small ones, taking these steps helps you lead
a much more eco-friendly life!
eco friendly furniture

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Description: teeth or washing your face can save up to five gallons of water every day