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Anti-virus software by xiangpeng


									                               Anti-virus software
What is anti-virus software?

  An anti-virus program is a piece of utility software that is designed to protect your
computer against viruses and other malicious software. Most anti-virus programs
load on start-up and run in the background.

Some examples of anti-virus software:

      AVG (Anti-virus Grisoft)
      Avast
      Kapersky
      Zone Alarm
      Norton
      Titanium
      McAfee
      Avira AntiVir
      Microsoft Security Essentials

Types of malicious software:

      Viruses
      Malware
      Spyware
      Trojans
      Root Kits
      Adware

Reasons to have anti-virus software:

  Not having an anti-virus program installed on your computer leaves it vulnerable to
infection, viruses or malicious software can compromise your pc; slowing down its
performance or disabling critical tasks. Key loggers, which are a type of spyware can
be used to steal personal information such as passwords or financial data.

  It is important to have anti-virus software however having more than one running
at the same time can cause conflicts which can slow down the PC or they could
recognise each other as a virus. Anti virus software has a database of virus signatures
which helps it to detect threats, once detected the anti-virus program can attempt
to quarantine or remove the infection.

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