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Assassination of John F. Kennedy by ert554898


									Assassination of John F.

      November 22, 1963
    Dallas: November 21, 1963
• President and Mrs.
  Kennedy were visiting
  to gain re-election
• Governor Connally
  meets with JFK
• Encourages unity in
  the United States
November 22, 1963
         • President and Mrs.
           Kennedy depart Love field
           in the motorcade bound
           for downtown Dallas.
         • Rode in a Lincoln
           Continental Convertible
         • 12:20 CST: the Motorcade
           approached Dealey Plaza
           and the Texas School
           Book Depository.
         November 22, 1963
• 12:30 p.m.- Kennedy’s
  and Connally’s ride
  down Elm Street,
  waving at the passing
• Noises described as
  fire crackers fire
  towards the
Gun Fire
    • JFK was hit 3 times:
       – 1 fatally to the head
    • Governor Connally
       – Shot in chest and wrist
    • After her husband is shot
      Jackie climbs to the back
      of the car to retrieve a
      piece of JFK’s head, then
      she crawls in.
• Kennedy and Connally are rushed to
  Parkland Hospital
• Connelly survives
• Too Late for Kennedy, was delivered his
  last rites, given a blood transfusion, at
  1:00p.m. CST. Announced at 1:30 p.m.
              Lee Harvey Oswald
• Shot Kennedy from the
  window of the Texas
  School Book depository.
• Was an employee, so
  setting up the crime was
• Claimed he was the
• Did it to become a
• Never tried, was shot by
  Jack Ruby during his
  transfer to jail 2 days after
  the assassination.
Johnson Sworn In
        • November 22, 1963
        • On Air Force One
        • Jackie on Board, still
          wearing her blood and
          brain splattered suit.
        • Becomes the 36th
          President of the
          United States
            JFK Laid to Rest
• Laid to rest November
  25, 1963: Arlington
  National Cemetery
• Laid in state
• Representatives from
  90 nations came to
  mourn, including the
  Soviet Union
         Warren Commission
• Investigated the crime of the assassination
  of JFK.
• Their job to rule and debunk theories
  regarding the death of the President.
Final Salute
Eternal Flame

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