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					Culworth parish Council September 2006 Minutes

                     CULWORTH PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of meeting held on Monday September 11th 2006 at 7.00pm in the Village

   1. Present Councillors Langdale, Cook, Bennett, Howse, Rowling and Whitaker
   2. Apologies for absence Councillor Powell (work)
   3. Members of public present Lady Wilson, Mrs Trott
   Fingerpost junction Culworth High Street and Banbury Lane- request for correct
   spelling of Thorpe Mandeville. Clerk to consult Atkins
   School Proposals- Concern on publication of results to general public.
   Cricket Field hire- concern that residents are charged for parking. The fees to be
   advertised in a couple of months
   5. Declaration of Interest- Councillor Whitaker declared non pecuniary interest
       as Vice Chair of SNC Planning Cttee.
   6. Minutes of last meetings distributed earlier. The Minutes were signed as a
       record by the Chairman.
   7. Matters arising
               a) Meeting procedure Following received comments, it was agreed
                   that the Minutes should be a précis of proceedings not
                   verbatim.Both in Local Council Administration and The Good
                   Councillors Guide, there was a recommendation to have an Open
                   Meeting but Councillors were reminded that Council meetings are
                   to conduct Parish business. Members of public have the
                   opportunity to speak to Councillors and Clerk at other times or can
                   write to Council for a matter to be placed on Agenda.It was
                   suggested that a topic such as Local Charity, Education, Young
                   People could be discussed at AGM. Earlier newsletters could ask
                   for topics. This was agreed.
               b) Cricket Field. Financial arrangements to be referred back to
               c) Bollards High Street. NCC ( Nick Gore) has given permission for
                   these to be erected at PC expense. NCC on receipt of letter from
                   PC will authorise Atkins to carry out work. If they are damaged, it
                   is unlikely they will be replaced as they do not fit into criteria for
                   urgent replacement. Clerk to write to NCC.
               d) Speedwatch Councillor Powell (for next agenda)
               e) CYP Councillor Bennett reported on the success of this venture.
                   Sadly no one has volunteered to date to continue.Team work
                   needed if there is a programme for next year. Results of activities
                   to be placed on Receipts and Payments file. The Chairman
                   congratulated Councillors Bennett and Cook and thanked them for
                   their efforts.
               f) Youth Shelter – 66 forms completed. Survey recorded in R and P
                   file.Youth activities not sustainable unless more volunteers.
               g) Culvert now cleared but gulleys in Banbury lane and The Green
                   bus shelter still need reclearing.Atkins ( Charlie Foster) reminded.

Culworth parish Council September 2006 Minutes

              h) Burial ground Loose headstone stabilised by J and M Humphris at
                 no cost to Pc or relatives. J.E. Mumford to attend to hedge cutting.
              i) Football Field draft licence received. Lady Wilson (barrister)
                 offered to check the licence for anomalies. The Clerk had checked
                 with Laws and Fiennes the ownership of the west wall. Ownership
              j) Village of year Culworth Highly commended. In NALC
                 competition, sadly, newsletter, annual report, and website were not
              k) New school proposals. Following distribution to all householders
                 of these proposals, the collated responses were read out by the
                 Clerk. Chairman and Clerk are due to meet Chairman of School
                 Governors, Dr. John Harrison, Mrs Lawrence Head Teacher on
                 Wed 13th Sept with copies of all letters received.
              l) Horton Hospital consultation closes 22/10. Clerk to forward letters
                 received to date.Councillor Whitaker stated that Cherwell District
                 Council has produced a report contradicting much of the supposed
                 evidence for reduction of services at the hospital.

   8. Finances
         a) Report from Internal Controller
         b) Report from Internal Auditor
         c) Receipts
         11/7 Wayleave payment £5.10
         24/7 Fees from parents £164
         27/7 J and M Humphris Locke gravestone £138
         3/8 Fees from parents £94
         8/8 Powell/ Wright Graffiti board sponsorship £15
         10/8 Fees CYP       £101.50
         22/8 People Mechanics/Michael Walker Assocs £30
         10/9 Fees £29
         d) Payments

 Date         No     Paid to               Reason for Payment             Total     VAT
 10/07/2006    153   Powergen              Supply Apr-Jun                 87.57     4.17
               154   G.Taylor              Mowing 31/5,13/6              £220.00
               155   J.M.Rowling           Newitts Nets                  £44.65    £6.65
               156   V.R. Phipps           Mow and remove hay            £200.00
               157   J. E. Mumford         MowingMay and June            £135.00
               158   ABB                   MaintenanceApr-Jun            £99.44    £14.81
               159   Mrs J.M. Rowling      Salary Apr-Jun etc            £941.17
               160   void
               161   CAB                   Section 142 LGA 1972          £50.00
               162   Texprep               Photocopying etc              49.52      1.18
                     LexisNexis            Latest edit Charles Arnold
 24/07/2006    163   Butterworth           Baker                           65
 27/07/2006    164   Cross embroidery      Teeshirts for CYP             143.94    21.44
               165   Texprep               leaflets                       9.95
               166   Newitts               sports equipment              566.31    84.34

Culworth parish Council September 2006 Minutes

 Date         No      Paid to                 Reason for Payment         Total     VAT
 02/08/2006     167   G.Taylor                Mowing                    £150.00
                168   Texprep                 Printing                  £105.27   £10.79
 08/08/2006     169   Electric cabaret        Mime workshop             £200.00   £29.79
                                              Wickes account for
               170    Sarah Bennett           hardboard                  £50.80
               171    BLW Insurance           for marquee               £131.25
 09/08/2006    172    Kevin Burke             Bear faced cheek circus   £200.00
 10/08/2006    173    Sarah Bennett           Vat owing                  £18.97   18.97
 10/08/2006    174    T and L Marquee         Marquee Hire              £687.25   117.25
               175    J. E Mumford            July Mowing               £116.00
               176    Stephanie Sanders       Street dance              £120.00
 11/08/2006    177    Sarvenaz Razavi         Multi sports              £600.00
 22/08/2006    178    Ali Razavi              Kite flying                £50.00
               179    C. D. Spooner           Graffiti Art              £540.60
               180    Tim Palmer              Musical Instruments       £245.00
               181    NCC                     Climbing Tower            £300.00
 30/08/2006    182    BDOStoyHayward          Audit2005-6               £141.00    21
               183    ABB                     Qtrly Maintenance          £99.44   14.81
               184    Sarah Bament            Visual Arts day           £200.00
               185    Stephanie Sanders       16/8,23/8 Dance           £120.00
               186    Looking Glass Theatre   Drama                     £360.00
 31/08/2006    187    Wicken Archery Club     archery for CYP           £200.00

 Date         No      Paid to                 Reason for Payment         Total    VAT
                                              Hire for CYP and end
 03/09/2006     188   Culworth Village hall   Party                       79
                189   SNC                     Mobile skate ramp         £150.00
                190   Sarah Bennett           end of CYP party          £238.61
 10/09/2006     191   texprep                 photocopying              £24.74    £1.67
                192   G.Taylor                mowing 7/8,30/8           £140.00
                193   Mrs.J,M.Rowling         salary jul-Sept           £898.91

          e) Current Account 31/8/06 £2201.73
          f) Business Premium Account 31/8/06 £6839.16

   9. Planning
         a) Applications received
         S/2006/0843/P Amaryllis Cottage
        Although application approved, revision of roof design. No comments
         b) Decisions received None

   10. Correspondence for circulation
          a) SNC Gambling Act No comments to add
          b) NALC Village Viewpoint/Courses/ Clerk wishes to attend ‘How to
              respond to planning applications’ 8/11/06 7-9pm
          c) NCC Adult Learning Community project
          d) SNC Funding Workshop
          e) NCC Update

Culworth parish Council September 2006 Minutes

          f) SNC Electoral registration
          g) Citizens Advice Bureau- request volunteers
          h) SNC Planning Forum 14Sept 6pm let JR know if wish to attend

   11. Any other business
   Culworth garage – concern re parked traffic causing hazard to road users .
   Red Lion footpath- although ivy removed, annual weed growth greater than
   expected. Once building works completed, Clerk to ask Complete Weed Control
   for advice.
   Litter in bus shelter- Councillor Bennett to put notice advising users to place litter
   in bin outside.

   12. Meeting closed 8.30pm


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