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					Marketing Plan for
Local Associations
The Marketing Process
   Marketing is a continual, ongoing process.
   Many different factors play a role in how you
    develop and implement a marketing plan.
   To develop and grow your association, you
    constantly need to reevaluate your marketing
    plan to take into account changes in your
    business, product (s), your customers
    (members), and the industry in general.

Difference Between Advertising &


                      Customer Support &
                      Sales Strategies

                      Marketing Research

                      Public Research

                      Product Pricing

Marketing for Associations
 Association marketing is both a process
  and an attitude.
 This process/attitude can be referred to as
  a product/service concept. It involves
  identifying target markets that include
  members as well as non-members, and
  the public in general.

Marketing for Associations

   RESPONSIVENESS – is a key ingredient
    in any marketing plan for an association.

Marketing a Relationship
 The fastest, cheapest, and best way to
  market your services is through your
 Every Member is a Marketing Person -
  Every member should know that every act
  is a marketing act upon which the
  association’s success depends.

Members Leave due to:
 Time
 Retirement
 Lack of Professionalism at the Local Level
  pettiness, politics, no organization, rude
 Lack of Development at the Local Level
  no professional programs, too many fund raisers,
  too social, too much emphasis on charity

Know Your Target Market
   Recognize who is joining your association and
    know why they join.
     Are they joining because you have a professional
      reputation within the industry.
     For the networking opportunities: with other industry
      professionals; career opportunities; or for developing
      new markets for their business.
     Referrals – by other members or the industry.

Know Your Target Market
 People in their mid-20s through mid-30s
  comprise over 25 percent of the U.S.
  population, and by 2015 they will make up
  the largest segment of the workforce.
 This generation expects to learn about
  solutions that will ease their daily job & life
  responsibilities by being a member of your

Determine which marketing
approach will be the most effective
 Direct Mail
 Electronic Mail Format
 Advertisement in Industry Publication
 Telemarketing
 Personal Phone Calls by Elected Leaders

Direct Mail
 One of the oldest and still commonly used
  methods for marketing.
 Consist of the followings:
     Postcard
     Letter
     Brochure

Demographics & Marketing
   Understanding the demographics of your
    membership could affect:
     Newsletter   type size & content
     How you promote your message to your
     Affinity programs offered to members
     Monthly meeting content & speaker
     Host of other variables

Gain Knowledge of how to utilize the
newest technology to create brand
   What is Branding? It’s identifying the
    organization in a unique way and creating a
    specific image in the minds of your target market
    and industry.
   Some examples of successful branding
     Coca  Cola – “It’s the Real Thing”
     McDonald’s – “You Deserve a Break Today”
     Nike – “Just Do It”

IAIP’s Tagline
IAIP is Best Known for Providing:
  Insurance Education
  Skills Enhancement
  Leadership Development

Branding Your Association by
Utilizing A Focus
   This type of branding provides several
     Creates an emotional attachment to the organization.
     Brands the organization as a caring organization.
     Provides additional adrenaline to the organization.
     Provides additional focus for the organization.
     Gives members and prospects another reason to join.
     Creates a common Pursuit & Goal
     Promotes Public Awareness of the Organization

Utilizing the Newest Technology
   Database Marketing

   Email Marketing

   Social Media

Database Marketing
 Database marketing makes it possible for
  you to identify which members & non-
  members are utilizing your services most
  often and the types of programs, products
  and/or services these members are using.
 Database marketing can play an important
  part in your association’s integrated
  marketing mix.

Database Marketing
   Key elements to include in your database:
       Name,
       Address [home/office],
        Phone,
        Fax,
        E-mail,
        Employer’s Name
       Job title
       Types of products, services &/or meetings utilized by person.
       Join date (if a member)
       Number of members referred or recruited by this person for your
       Why the member joined/What they are wanting from the Association

Electronic Mail (E-mail)
   E-mail is one of today’s most efficient and cost-
    effective marketing tools.
   The uses of e-mail marketing are virtually
    limitless. Overall e-mail marketing has proven to
    generate better responses while being less
    expensive then many traditional direct mail
   E-mail provides you the opportunity to
    personalize and track your e-mail marketing
    campaign at every stage of the process.

E-mail as a Marketing Tool
   Remember you must receive permission from Non-
    Members to market electronically to them. Members
    may be marketed to for association programs, services
    and products unless they request not to be included.

   Never sell or provide the member or non-member e-
    mail addresses to a third party. You do not have
    permission to allow another party outside the association
    to conduct electronic marketing to your members without
    their written permission..

E-mail as a Marketing Tool
   IAIP utilizes the following e-mail vehicles
    to communicate with members:
     Broadcast  e-mails (Convention Teasers,
      Important Announcements, Upcoming
     Connections (IAIP’s electronic newsletter)
      which is forwarded monthly to members and
      posted on the web site.

E-mail as a Marketing Tool
   Through Connections e-newsletter
    members can access information using
    four levels of interest:
     Scan  just the headlines
     Read the at-a-glance subjects
     Survey the body of text, or
     Link to our web site for the in-depth

E-mail as a Marketing Tool

   The answer to the previous questions
    depends upon your association’s
    members and resources.

Social Media/Websites as a
Marketing Tool
   Proper marketing & promotion of your web site
    and Facebook/Linkedin page includes:
   Develop ideas to encourage members to visit
    these sites often.
       Example: Develop a industry question/answer column in your
        monthly newsletter and/or at your monthly meeting and then post
        the answer on your web site and Facebook page so members
        learn to utilize them.
       Develop a President’s Page
       Use Testimonials
       Promote a product or article of the month

Social Media/Website as a
Marketing Tool
 Positioning your site/pages for easy
  access by the various search engines
  requires action on your part.
 Proper positioning refers to “linking until
  you drop” to every major professional
  search engine available.

Today the Key to any Marketing
Plan is Technology
 Technology used by associations in
  marketing provides greater customer
  satisfaction since associations are able to
  be better, faster, cheaper and more
  reliable in their marketing messages.
 Remember to make technology a key part
  of every marketing plan.

Gain Immediate Recognition with your
Marketing Materials
 An association needs to develop a
  consistent look for all marketing materials
  that are published and distributed to both
  members and the industry.
 A consistent look should be used on the
  following: website/Facebook, newsletter,
  letterhead, envelopes, brochures, forms.

Gain Immediate Recognition with
your Marketing Materials
   What should be included when designing a
    consistent look?
     Name   of the Association (use a certain font for the
      name every time it is printed.)
     Logo of the Association (the logo should appear on
      everything published by your association)
     Mailing Address & Phone number
     WebSite/Facebook link

Gain Immediate Recognition with
your Marketing Materials
   Utilize the marketing material templates on
    the IAIP website to provide the proper
    message to the industry and prospective

Discover the What - of Marketing

 Remember to promote the association
  brand on all published materials.
 Be sure to always include: Detail
  description of the program or event, Bio on
  the speaker,

Discover the Who – of Marketing

 Determine who would most benefit from
  attending the meeting, seminar or
  purchasing the product and then direct
  your marketing to those individuals.
 Remember to always include other
  industry professionals (AAMGA, RIMS,
  Society of CPCU, LOMA members) in your
  marketing efforts.

 Marketing Process
 Difference between Advertising &
 Learn How Associations Should Market
 Importance of the Marketing Relationship

 Key marketing strategies necessary for
  your association to succeed
 Gain knowledge of how to utilize the
  newest technologies to develop brand
  loyalty and greater market penetration for
  your programs.

   Learn how to utilize consistent marketing
    material that will allow your members and
    others in the industry to immediately
    recognize your registration form for an
    upcoming event.

Thanks for Attending!

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