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									Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
Parallele Doppelschneckenextruder
ARGOS 72/93/114/135





                                          Twin-screw extruders for
                                             supreme productivity

                You can expect a great deal from
                ARGOS extruders

                Four-shaft Gear Concept

                An innovative gear concept ensures safe distribution of
                a most powerful driving torque. The novel solution re-
                duces the torque load on the individual pair of pinions
                to merely a quarter of the all driving torque.

                Long Processing Unit                                      4-shaft technology

                An effective processing unit length from the feeding
                port front end of 23:1 up to 28:1 the screw diameter
                is the basis for excellent output capacity and reduces
                the amounts of additives required.

                EXcProXP Microprocessor Control

                With the new ExcPro XP microprocessor control a
                new dimension of user-friendliness and data commu-
                nication capability has become reality.

                IC ® Intracool

                Using the Intracool-screw temperature process more
                energy can be transported than with any other exter-
                nal temperature control system.

                apc ® Air Power Cooling

                Easily matching any liquid cooling system in efficien-
                cy, the apc ® high-capacity air cooling system offers
                the advantage of higher reliability combined with per-
                fect temperature control and maintenance require-
                ments practically down to zero.

 argos extruders
 - extremely robust
 - simple to operate
 - flexible in application

2 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

With the further improved argos range, Cincinnati Extrusion offers parallel
high-performance twin-screw extruders which were designed for utmost reliability
ensuring maximum productivity of the users’ extrusion system.

                                          EXcProXP microprocessor control
                                                                               Long processing units

                                                                                                       IC ® Intracool

                                                                                    apc ® air power cooling

                                                                                      Cincinnati Extrusion argos 3

                                                                              The argos concept

                                                                                          Novel gearing Solution

                                                                                          The argos extruders are the first machines worldwide
                                                                                          with a four-shaft drive mechanism, a solution offering
                                                                                          decisive advantages over the conventional three-shaft
                                                                                          gearing mechanisms with a simple 1:1 split of the dri-
                                                                                          ving torque. In the four-shaft solution, the torque for
                                                                                          the second screw is split again in a 1:1 ratio to drive
                                                                                          two auxiliary shafts at levels above and below the se-
                                                                 4-shaft gearbox          cond screw shank. This way, the individual pair of ge-
                                                                                          ars driving the screw has to take merely 25 % of the
                                                                                          overall torque. The extreme loadability connected with
                                                                                          this type of gear train enables to work with the kind
                                                                                          of torques required to achieve high output rates at low
                                                                                          screw speed.
                                                                                          argos transmission systems are equipped with highly
                                                                                          efficient plate heat exchangers. The close control of oil
                               28 x D                                                     temperature provides maximum lubrication security.

                                                                                          28D processing Unit

                                                                                          The long processing unit with an effective screw
                                                                                          length from the feeding port’s front edge of 28D is a
                                                                                          core feature of the new argos range of twin-screw
                                                                                          extruders. Optimal temperature-mediated control of
                                                                                          the process and a unique processing latitude are the
                      7                 4   6           3        2        1               benefits for the user. Consistent product quality is en-
                                                                                          sured at all output rates and backpressures and irre-
                                                                                          spective of the tooling system, formulation and raw
                  1 Transmission bell housing                                             materials used.
                  2 Feed section
                  3 Barrel heater
                  4 Barrel from two-stage nitrided steel
                  5 Effective processing length of 28D
                  6 apc ("air power cooling"): intensive highly efficient heating resp. cooling system units
                  7 Screws: nitrided steel with Mo-plasma coated flights
                  Option: stainless steel with Mo-coated flights

4 Cincinnati Extrusion argos
                                                                                                          TECHNICAL EXECUTION

argos extruders are designed for productivity on the basis of high output capacity and
unique processing latitude. The processing unit with an effective L/D ratio of 28:1 keeps
stress on the raw material at a minimum by efficient heat transfer guaranteed by an optimal
residence time spectrum and large internal surfaces.

argos extruders are designed for utmost mechanical reliability. An innovative four-shaft
concept is used for the distributor drive and enables to work with high torque at low screw
speed. Overheating is safely avoided so that top product quality is consistently ensured.
Additional safety is built in by the driver’s large centre distances.

Plate heat exchanger

   Influence of L/D Ratio upon Residence Times

        Influence of L/D ratio upon residence times (s)




                                                                                                      Output zone
         30                                                                                           Venting zone

         20                                                                                           Flow restriction zone

                                                                                                      Plasticizing zone
                                                                                                      Feed zone
                         18D               23D                26D               28D

                       The graph shows the zone residence times for three different L/D ratios.
                       With the high L/D ratio, more than tripling of the residence time in the pre-heating zones
                       is achieved - greatly improving the processing performance.

                                                                                                                              Cincinnati Extrusion argos 5

                                                                              The argos concept

                                                                                      Screw Core Thermoregulation
         Output zone                              Intake zone

                                                                                      The proven Intracool ® is a closed, maintenance-free,
                                                                                      self-regulating and energy saving system of screw
                                                                                      temperature control.
                                                                                      Energy to be removed from the metering section is
                                                                                      transported by the vaporised heat transfer medium to
                                                                                      the feed section where the energy is released again
                                                                                      by condensation. A steel spring in the screw core pro-
                                            Screw core thermoregulation intracool ®
                                                                                      vides adequate agitation and conveyance of the fluid
                                                                                      back to the screw tip.
                                                                       Flow           The heat transmission efficiency of the closed Intra-
                                                                                      cool ® system beats that of any external screw core

                                                                                      screw temperature control by fluid circulated through
                                                                                      an external heating/cooling unit.
                Torpedo                                             Return

                                               External screw temperature control
                                                                                      Barrel cooling

                                                                                      The proven approved apc ® air cooling method stands
                                                                                      for “air power cooling“ The efficiency could further be
                                        Standard on market                            increased by an optimised air guiding system which
                                              Hot air                 argos
                                                                                      minimises variations in the barrel temperature distri-

             Temperature distribution                                                 apc ® air power cooling
                       on the barrel

                                             Cold air

                The advantages compared to the
                liquid cooling system are:
                > maintenance-free
                > trouble-free
                > maximum lifetime

6 Cincinnati Extrusion argos
                                                                                TECHNICAL EXECUTION

Drive and auxiliary Units

AC- or DC-motors are used to drive the argos extru-
ders. The motors are mounted alongside the distribu-
tion gearbox to save space.
The argos 72-28D has the main motor flange moun-
ted directly to the reduction gearbox.
All other extruder drives are mounted on the extruder
The degassing system and the optional external screw
temperature control system are positioned directly be-
low the barrel.
                                                         argos DC-drive units


argos extruders use modular design concepts. De-
pending on the application, the machines feature an
L/D ration of 23:1, 26:1 or 28:1 and purpose-tailored
motor power corresponding with the particular reduc-
tion gear ratio and screw speed maximum.
The control cabinet with the rotating operating termi-
nal is mounted on the left side of the extruders. The
standard screw centre height is 1100 mm. Special
versions with non-standard extrusion height or stand-
alone control cabinet are offered upon request.          argos AC-drive units

 Optimal plasticizing units -
 processing length and tempera-
 ture control save energy
                                                         Vented unit

                                                                                         Cincinnati Extrusion argos 7

                               Extruder versions

                                       Parallel twin screw extruder argos 114

8 Cincinnati Extrusion argos
                                                              APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY

Pipe (R), profile (P) and sheet (PL) versions of the argos extruders are available. Motor power,
screw speed and the electrics of the different types are tuned to the specific requirements of
the various product groups. High motor power is only used where actually required.

argos R for Pipe Extrusion

Pipe version with high motor power and screw speed.
Three-phase heating zones are provided for all custo-
mary pipe toolings. Main motor synchronised with
haul-off unit. Suited for automated production by ad-
dition of modules including gravimetric feed control,
wall thickness measurement, haul-off control and
automatic centering of the pipe.

argos PL for Sheet Extrusion

Special size 112 or 132 sheet versions with screw
speed and driving power corresponding to the pipe
versions. Heating and cooling of all barrel zones inclu-
sive of zone 1 is provided. Equipped with active oil cir-
culation screw core temperature control. Two-stage
vacuum pump with enhanced capacity. Stainless steel
screws with special mixing section guaranteeing com-
plete absence of flow lines. Pre-installed sheet die
electrics and synchronisation with downstream line.

argos P for Profile Extrusion

Profile versions with down-stepped screw speed des-
irable in particular for impact modified formulations.
While the motor power is lower for better economy of
operation, the screw torque of the pipe versions is
maintained. One-phase tooling heating zones bring
about additional energy savings. Excellent processing
capability for the most diverse formulations irrespec-
tive of variations in the raw material properties. Re-
placement of lead by calcium/zinc stabilisation pre-
sents no problems.

 One extruder concept …
 ... for many applications:
 extruder sizes 72 to 135

                                                                                          Cincinnati Extrusion argos 9

                Important argos applications

                                Profile Extrusion

                                Building profiles
                                > window and door profiles
                                > lining profiles
                                > free-foamed profiles
                                > integral foam profiles
                                > siding profiles
                                > cable contacts

                                Coextruded profiles
                                > all applications

                                Engineering profiles
                                > electric industry
                                > lighting fixtures
                                > automotive and ship building industries
                                > machine building industry

                                Pipe Extrusion

                                                                    diameter range
                                >   pressure pipes                     10 - 630 mm
                                >   drains & sewage pipes              10 - 800 mm
                                >   corrugated pipes                    8 - 800 mm
                                >   composite pipes                   63 - 800 mm
                                >   foam core pipes                   63 - 630 mm

                                Sheet Extrusion (U-PVC)

                                PVC sheet
                                > smooth/transparent
                                > smooth/opaque
                                > embossed
                                > laminated
                                > laminated & embossed

                                Free-foamed PVC sheet
                                Low-density free-foamed sheet
                                Integral foam sheet (Celuka)
                                Coextruded foam core sheet

10 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

The most advanced metalworking technologies and machine tools are used by Cincinnati
Extrusion in the precision manufacture of the parallel twin-screws for the argos machines.
Screw configurations were developed which ensure optimal processing characteristics for
the particular application.

                                                                  Profile Extrusion

                                                                  Fully flighted variable pitch screws are used which
                                                                  process impact modified PVC with minimal stress and
                                                                  yield perfectly homogenous extrudates.

                                                                  Pipe Extrusion

                                                                  The large number of flights in the pre-heating zone of
                                      Fully flighted twin-screw   the pipe screws creates the kind of large internal sur-
                                                                  face area which ensures that the required energy can
                                                                  be input without excessive compression and stress
                                                                  on the material.

                                                                  Sheet Extrusion

                                                                  Configuration and make of the sheet screws ensure
                                                                  perfect homogenisation of the melt, a crucial capabili-
                                                                  ty in sheet production. Over 1.000 kg of the top quali-
                                                                  ty sheet without any flow lines can be reached per
            Pre-plasticising zone with a high number of flights   hour by the argos 132. Screws for sheet applications
                                                                  made from stainless steel.

                                                                  Screw Flight coating

                                                                  Molybdenum coating of all screw wearing surfaces is
                                                                  standard. Fully automatic advanced plasma techni-
                                                                  ques are used by Cincinnati Extrusion to ensure ex-
                                                                  treme resistance to wear and tear.

                                         Molybdenum coating

                                                                                                              Cincinnati Extrusion argos 11


                Direct Hopper Feeding

                For free-flowing dry blend without variations in appa-
                rent desity. The filled hopper can be swung to the fol-
                lowing positions respectively:
                > Production
                > Shut
                > Emptying

                Metering Unit (synchronized)

                The metering unit enables accurate adjustment of the
                screw filling factor and plasticising rate. Ideal for ma-   Sliding hopper

                terials with varying apparent density. A metering unit
                is also recommendable for the feeding of regrind and

                Vertical dosing Unit (synchronized)

                Especially designed for non free flowing or highly fil-
                led U-PVC-formulations. The vertical dosing unit con-
                sists of a hopper with a vertical dosing screw. It is
                mounted over the barrel feed port, and may be pivo-
                ted away from the barrel for emptying, access, etc.
                                                                            Metering unit

                                   Vertical dosing unit

12 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

Depending on the properties of the material and other requirements, the customer can
choose between a variety of feeding variants. Direct gate-controlled feeding from the full
hopper or a metering unit can be used. Additionally special vertical dosing units and
crammer feeders for poor flowing formulations are available.

                                                    Crammer Feeder (synchronized)

                                                    This is used to feed poor flowing P-PVC formulations.
                                                    Paddle-type agitators prevent material bridging inside
                                                    the hopper.

                                                    Gravimetric feeding (synchronized)

                                                    For continuous throughput measuring, and resulting
                                                    control to minimize fluctuations in output and/or me-
                                                    tre weight. Can be used in conjunction with a dosing
                                                    feeder. The additives can be incorporated by additional
Crammer feeder
                                                    dosing units.

                                                    Continuous Mixer

                                                    To add blowing agents or other additives to the for-
                                                    mulation. The continuous mixer is installed between a
                                                    hopper and the dosing unit.

Gravimetric feeding

                                               Dosing, stuffing, mixing, throughput measuring
                                               the right technology for each raw material

                                                                                                Cincinnati Extrusion argos 13

                                            Top-performance control
                                                of extrusion systems

                The EXcPRO-XP control system                                CANopen Extrusion Interface
                is intended for use with single and
                                                                            Plug&Play-interchangeability of various extruder and
                twin-screw extruders.
                                                                            downstream equipment from different manufacturers
                                                                            ensures maximum flexibility. It is not a proprietary
                It contains the complete sequencing logic, tempera-         interface!
                ture controllers for all extruder and die zones, and pro-   Standardization by “CiA-DSP420” and “Euromap-E27”!
                vides for interfaces with upstream and downstream
                units used in extrusion.
                To guarantee optimal ease of operating and to be ab-        Optimal Ease of operating
                le to interface with peripheral equipment and down-
                stream devices made by different manufacturers, all         Systematic use of dynamic colour elements yields a
                set-point and actual values along the extrusion line        quick overview of production conditions and machine
                can be processed, visualised and evaluated at a cen-        status. The user can define the layout of the printouts
                tral location.                                              freely and the print files can also be stored on 3.5"
                For data communication, Cincinnati Extrusion uses           floppy disks, USB flash drive or on a network drive.
                the Controller Area Network (CAN) field bus technolo-
                gy, which is a proven technology in the automotive
                and aerospace industries, enables digital communica-        Automation
                tion with all connected drives, and various other CAN-
                busable controls, sensors and actuators.                    The proven HELIOS automation modules from
                                                                            Cincinnati Extrusion are also available for the new EXc
                                                                            PRO-XP control with improved performance and en-
                                                                            hanced user-friendliness.

                                                                            Temperature Control

                                                                            Dramatic improvements have been made to tempera-
                                                                            ture control since the last version. Shorter settling ti-
                                                                            mes could be achieved without loss in stability and
                                                                            the accuracy of temperature control could be pushed
                                                                            up to its physical bounds. With the new EXc PRO-XP
                                                                            systems, supreme quality of temperature control
                                                                            does not have any special skills and abilities of the
                                                                            machine operator as a precondition. All temperature
                                                                            controllers of the system are based on the most ad-
                                                                            vanced control algorithms and are self-optimising.

14 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

A suitable control system makes it possible to operate an extruder even more economically.
A new control generation has been developed that embodies current trends and developments
in the field of personal computers (PCs) and programmable logic control (PLC).

                                                                                                The swivelling and tilting operator station assembly
                                                                                                offers maximum functionality.
                                                                                                > 10.4" colour TFT-display
                                                                                                > 68 clearly organised large-size keys
                                                                                                > LED-illuminated selection keys for immediate
                                                                                                  identification of the drive selected

Temperature plots of an EXcPRO-XP controlled proton 60-30G single-screw extruder. The actual
temperatures reach the 1°C tolerance band consistently within approximately 3 minutes and are
maintained thereafter without a single case of overshooting.

                                                                                                Colour code:

                                                                                                         E1 (intake zone)
     Temperature (°C)                                                                                    E2
     160                                                                                                 E4



                3     6     9    12    15      18   21    24   27    30    33    36
                                            Time (Minute)

                                                                                                                                  Cincinnati Extrusion argos 15

                                                  Top-performance control
                                                      of extrusion systems

                Visualization                                                                 Other advantages are:

                An industrial PC is used for high-performance visuali-                        > All system and program files can be stored in a read-
                zation. A PCI-bus solution was chosen that ensures                              only section of the compact flash disk. Corruption of
                currently the fastest access to the process data of an                          these files that may jeopardize proper functioning of
                autonomous PLC. A highly robust 512 MB industrial                               the extruder control system is thereby made impos-
                grade compact flash disk is used instead of a classical,                        sible.
                mechanically rotating hard disk. This static storage
                guarantees absolute resistance to mechanical stress.                          > A power failure will not corrupt the extrusion appli-
                WindowsXP Embedded was opted for as the most                                    cation or the operating system, even if there is no
                appropriate software platform. This embedded (indu-                             independent power supply.
                strial) operating system combines the advantages of
                an extremely high operating dependability with state                          > The write-protection mechanism offers excellent
                of the art technology of the office world.                                      virus protection!

                                                                                              > Short start-up time due to hibernation mode,
                                                                                                ~ 60 - 90 seconds!

                                                                                              > Plug-&Playable USB-devices connectable (e.g.
                                                                                                mass storage devices, modem, mouse)

                                                                                              > Support of latest available hard- & software

                Interface panel:
                > Easily accessible standard PC interfaces for the use of commercial PC hardware such as
                  keyboards, printers and mouse or trackball devices.
                > A standard Ethernet RJ45 interface with transfer rates of 10 and 100 MBit/s provides unrestricted
                  communication with network peripherals, such as printers, server hard disk and CD-ROM drive,
                  which may be installed in office areas for protection against rough industrial environments.
                > In addition to the standard RJ45 Ethernet interface, a 3.5" disk drive and 2 x USB-interfaces are
                  provided for convenient data transfer.

16 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

      Tele Service

      Tele-servicing and tele-maintenance of EXcPRO-XP
      controls is possible via direct modem connections, ca-
      ble links (parallel or serial data communication), LAN
      networks or Internet connections. The modem nee-
      ded and the Internet account are shipped as standard
      with every CET-extruder featuring EXcPRO-XP con-
      trol. Tele-servicing permits not only data copying and
      display - it also provides genuine remote operation,
      including control/process diagnosis. Consequently,
      program modifications, such as activation or adapta-
      tion, can be made easily.

Tele-servicing via the Internet with the possibility of simultaneous access
by several engineers offers unique advantages.
For example, a process engineer may carry out a process diagnosis through the
remote control functions provided while a software specialist, who may even be
located in a different place, uses programming tools to diagnose and perhaps
modify the visualisation/PLC software directly.

                  From visualisation ...
                  through control and automation concepts
                  to tele-servicing and tele-maintenance via
                  Cincinnati software

                                                                Cincinnati Extrusion argos 17

                    Cincinnati Extrusion worldwide
                                          Cincinnati Extrusion is a member of the multi-national SMS Group with
                                headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. SMS Plastics Technology is one of the world’s
                                         biggest suppliers of extrusion systems and injection moulding machines.

                                                                          The Cincinnati Extrusion Range of
                                                                          Products and Services

                                                                          > profile extrusion systems
                                                                          > sheet extrusion systems
                                                                          > pipe extrusion systems
                                                                          > pelletising lines
                                                                          > film extrusion systems
                                                                          > single-screw and twin-screw extruders for bulk
                                                                            plastics and engineering polymers
                                                                          > toolings
                                                                          > downstream equipment
                                                                          > automation components
                Vienna plant

                The SMS Group employs a workforce of 9.000 in its         > putting into operation and servicing on
                over 50 plants and branches worldwide.                      the spot by specialists
                SMS Plastics Technology is the partner of choice for      > laboratory tests and extrusion trials
                plastics processing machinery and equipment cove-         > training of customer personnel at
                ring many applications. Customers all over the world        Vienna / Kawasaki / Dalian or in the field
                rely on extrusion and injection moulding machines
                and systems developed and manufactured by SMS
                Plastics Technology, which has operations in Germany,
                Austria, Japan, China and in the US.
                An important centre of extrusion branch is the Cincin-    > aftermarket services
                nati Extrusion site in Vienna. During the over 40 years   > replacement screws and barrels for
                since its establishment, the Viennese plant has been        CET-machines and third-party extruders
                the birthplace of a multitude of innovative concepts      > re-coating of screws
                and highly economic solutions tailored to the needs       > replacement gears
                and production programmes of a worldwide clientele.       > retrofitting of microprocessor controls

18 Cincinnati Extrusion argos

Overview of the argos range of
twin-screw extruders

 Type                     L:D Ratio   Motor power   Screw speed   max. U-PVC output
                                             (kW)         (rpm)          rate (kg/h)

 argos EA* for profiles

 argos 72EA                   26:1           26,0          30,0                 220
 argos 93EA                   26:1           37,0          23,0                 340

 Profile versions

 argos 72 P                   28:1           36,0          34,0                 260
 argos 93 P                   28:1           50,0          26,0                 380
 argos 114 P                  28:1           76,0          20,0                 600
 argos 135 P                  28:1          110,0          18,0                 750

 Pipe versions

 argos 72 R                   28:1           47,0          50,0                 450
 argos 93 R                   28:1           75,0          40,0                 700
 argos 114 R                  28:1          110,0          30,0                1050
 argos 135 R                  28:1          160,0          27,0                1400

 Sheet versions

 argos 112 PL                 26:1           96,0          30,0                 600
 argos 132 PL                 23:1          140,0          30,0                1000

*EA = Edition Alpha

                                                                            Cincinnati Extrusion argos 19

                                                                     MEETING your EXPECTATIONS   2500/09/04 . AV+Astoria Druckzentrum GmbH . Printed in Österreich

                            CINCINNATI EXTRUSION GMBH

                            Laxenburger Straße 246
                            A-1230 Vienna, Austria
                            tel: +43 (0)1 610 06-0
                            fax: +43 (0)1 610 06-8

                            Cincinnati Extrusion is present worldwide.
                            Proximity to the customer is ensured by branches, agents and

                            partners in over 40 countries of the world.

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