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					Content License Agreement


                             Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH
                                 Karl Liebknecht Str. 5
                                    D-10178 Berlin

                                                    - hereinafter referred to as “FOX MOBILE” -

LICENSOR:                          Justin

LICENSOR’s address:

LICENSOR’s Contact Person:

                                                     - hereinafter referred to as “LICENSOR” -

FOX MOBILE is in the business of mobile entertainment and distribution of content
(e.g. ringtones, wallpapers, games, software, full length downloads etc) for all kinds
of mobile communication devices to end users through its own distribution channels
(e.g. and Distribution Partners by all technical means (e.g.
Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), WAP-
initiated download or other industry-standard delivery methods). Furthermore FOX
MOBILE operates a digital music service which allows end users to consume full
length tracks and videos by way of streaming and/or restricted download on their
mobile phones PCs and/or other Receiving Devices (dual delivery).

LICENSOR is the owner of certain Tracks and Videos and related Content as more
particularly defined below, which FOX MOBILE wishes to license for distribution. FOX
MOBILE also wishes to promote such distribution within television advertising
campaigns targeted to the Territory. FOX MOBILE desires to include excerpts of
certain of Licensor’s promotion video clips into such television advertising campaigns
from time to time during the Term.

LICENSOR hereby grants to FOX MOBILE, which accepts, the exploitation rights in
and to the Content in the Territory and the right to include excerpts of promotion
videos into advertising campaigns subject to the special agreements hereunder and
the attached General terms and conditions (which are explicitly incorporated herein
by this reference) and all addenda and schedules thereto (hereinafter collectively
referred to as the “Agreement”) which shall together form the entire agreement
between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof.
I. Content:                                 Master Ringtones
                                            Voice Ringers
                                            Fun Sounds
                                            Full Length Downloads
II. Effective date:                         November 1, 2008

III. Territory:                             Worldwide (Unless metadata for item of content is
                                            stated to cover any limited territories)

IV. License Fee (per paid and completed Full Length Downloads: Price List in Schedule C
                                            Europe/Australia/North America:
                                            Master-/Video Ringtones/Ringbacks:      $0.40
                                            Voice Ringer:                           $0.35
                                            Fun Sounds:                             $0.25
                                            Images/Wallpapers:                      $0.20

                                            Rest of World:
                                            Master-/Video Ringtones/Ringbacks:      $0.20
                                            Voice Ringer:                            $0.18
                                            Fun Sounds:                             $0.13
                                            Images/Wallpapers:                       $0.10

V. License Fee for Full Length Service:     45% of the Net Subscription Fee multiplied by
                                            Licensor Market Share

VI. License Fee for Full Length Streams     0.01 ⊄ per Play of a Full Length Stream

VII. Special terms:                         None

VIII.      Exclusivity                      None

        _____________________________           _______________________________
        Place, date                             Place, date

        _____________________________           _______________________________
        LICENSOR                                FOX MOBILE
                                             Schedule A

All Content delivered to FOX MOBILE by LICENSOR.

                                             Schedule B

This list is only valid for those countries that fall into the agreed territory.

URL                                               Partner             Country
TV Eurosport Channel                              Eurosport           /HU/SE/CZ                                    T-Mobile NL         NL         T-Mobile UK         UK              Telia Sonera        SE/FI/NO/DK/LT               Tele2               SE
Tele2 WAP                                         Tele2               NO         O2 UK               UK                                   Vodafone NL         NL
                                                  3Line               SI/HR
Pannon WAP                                        Digitania           HU
=0.                              Teracomm            BG/MK/RO                            KPN                 NL                   Samsung             NL                            Eplus               DE                               Mobilcom AG         DE                            O2 Germany          DE                       Debitel AG          DE
                                                  The Phone                          House AG            DE
rtner=0001&partner_var=999780                Klarmobil GmbH           DE
rtner=0001&partner_var=999840                Getmobile AG             DE                                   Blau Mobilfunk                                   GmbH               DE
                                                     Terra Networks                                 USA                US/CA                               PocketNet          TW/CN                  Real Networks      UK/DE/IT/ES/NL/FR                               Vodafone Ireland   IE                 Vodafone Italien   IT                      O2 Ireland         IE
ction=60_dload_ringtone                           Vodafone UK        UK                             Vodacom            ZA                                  Vidzone            UK                      Wind Italy         IT                      TIM Italy          IT
                                                     H3G                IT                                 Orange World       FR/UK
e.jsp                                                SFR                FR                                WAP Gallery        FR
                                                     Vympelcom /                                Beeline            RU
                                                     Fnac               PT
                                                     Optimus            PT
                                                     Motorola           Worldwide                                Nokia              Worldwide                           Airtel             IN                               Myspace            Worldwide
                                                     Telefonica         Worldwide                               GoAdv S.r.l.       DE/UK
                                                     Sony Ericsson      SE
                                                     Viva               DE/AT/CH
                                                     MTV                DE/AT/CH/US/CA/NL
                                                     iCOL Global                 Holding            BH/SA/AE               Entel PCS          CL
nodeid=931450                                        Mbox               IL
i-mode                                               Cellcom            IL                      StarHub            SG                              ProSiebenSat.1     DE
                                                     MTN                ZA
                                                     Air media Inc.     US
                                                     Alltel             US
                                                     AOL                US
                                       AT&T               US
                                       Bell Canada        CA
                                       Cincinetti Bell    US
                                       Cellular One       US
                                       Comverse           US
                                       FOX                US
                                       Metro PCS          US
                                       Microsoft          US/CA
                                       MTS                CA
                                       OD2                US
                                       Rogers             CA
                                       SaskTel            CA
                                       Sprint             US
                                       Telus              CA
                                       T-Mobile           US
                                       Verizon            US
                                       Virgin Mobile      US/ZA
                                       Warner             US
                                       Best Buy           US              Melody             Middle East   RTL                BE
                                       Technowireless     Middle East
                              SA        IN
                                       Trading cc         ZA
                                       Prisacom/ Los 40   ES
                                       Telcomsel/ SLA     ID
                                       Handmark           UK/BE/NL/DE
                                       Opera              FI/IE/HU/NO/PT/TH/AU/ZA
                                       Megafon            RU                     Auracall           UK
                                       Oi – TNL PCS
                                       S/A                BR                          Telenor            NO
                                       PureBrose          BR
                                       TIM Celular S/A    BR
                                       Claro – BCP S.A    BR
                                       Temafon            RU                   AIS/ DTAC          TH              True Move          TH
                                       VIVO S/A           BR
                                       Tesco/ Trust5      IE
                                       Antena3            ES
                                       Hachette           ES
                                       Sky                UK
                                       Brazil Telecom     BR
version 20080818
                                         Schedule C

                                Price list Full Length Download

Europe/North America/Australia
I. Single Track (price code ST):                   $0.40
II. Single Video (price code VT):                  $0.40
III. Maxi Single (price code MS):                  $0.85
IV. Entire Albums:
Single volume Album (price code J1):               $4.00
2-volume-Album (price code J2):                    $6.50
3-volume-Album (price code J3):                    $8.00
4-volume-Album (price code J4):                    $9.00
5-volume-Album (price code J5):                    $10.00

Rest of World
I. Single Track (price code ST):                   $0.20
II. Single Video (price code VT):                  $0.20
III. Maxi Single (price code MS):                  $0.45
IV. Entire Albums
Single volume Album (price code J1):               $2.20
2-volume-Album (price code J2):                    $3.30
3-volume-Album (price code J3):                    $4.40
4-volume-Album (price code J4):                    $4.95
5-volume-Album (price code J5):                    $5.50

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