Saakshar Bharat Award Ceremony marks the International Literacy Day

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					             Saakshar Bharat Award Ceremony marks the International Literacy Day
                       ~ Presentation of 1,44,38,003rd Literacy Certificate ~
         ~ Chief Guest of the evening Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President of India~

       Lucknow, September 8th, 2012 – National Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA), Ministry of Human
   Resource Development, on the occasion of International Literacy Day organized the Saakshar Bharat
Awards Ceremony in Lucknow on 8th August,2012. A film was also shown on the progress and journey of
                                              “Adult Literacy Mission”.
 The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President of India. Present at the
   occasion were Shri Kapil Sibal, Hone’ble Minister of Human Resources Development, Government of
 India, Shri Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Ram Govind Choudhury, Minister of Adult
  Education, Uttar Pradesh, Smt. Anshu Vaish, Secretary (SE&L), Government of India and Shri Shigeru
                                         Aoyagi, Director, UNESCO, India.
As a part of the programme, 144, 38002nd and 1, 44, 38,003rd Literacy Certificates were also awarded to
          2 neo literate women – Sombari Majhi from West Bengal and Parameshwari Devi from Bihar.
Hon’ble Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri Sibal presented the ‘Report to the Nation’
     on Saakshar Bharat & congratulated Shri Akhilesh Yadav on his progressive vision for the state. He
further mentioned that “all political parties need to work together in unity to successfully make India 100%
He emphasized on the importance of educating women and said that in the coming years more focus will
                          be on reducing the divide between male & female literacy rate.
    Elated at Uttar Pradesh being chosen as a destination for Saakshar Bharat Mahotsav, Shri Akhilesh
      Yadav commented. “The literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh has been on a steady rise and has touched
69.72% as on 2011. Of this male and female literacy rates stood at were 79.24 percent and 59.26 percent
     literate respectively” Shri Yadav further commented, “The women are the focus of the program with
 initiatives such as Vidya dhan under which Rs. 30000 is given to inter-pass girls.” Citing his vision for the
                              state, Shri Yadav wished for 100% literacy in 10 years.
      Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari, noted that “Our country has been a provider of
  education & knowledge to the world and Saakshar Bharat is an attempt to provide education to each &
      every individual of the nation. India’s literacy rate presently stands at 74%, which is commendable
  however compared to other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar we still have a lot to achieve.”
Evaluating core competencies of Basic Literacy including reading, writing & arithmetic is one of the prime
 indicators of the Saakshar Bharat initiative. NLMA (in its new feature of Certification) has assessed close
  to 2 crore adults and issued literacy certificates for their competencies in literacy in the past 30 months.
  The awards were instituted in 1998 to encourage the states & institutions working in the field of literacy
         and adult education programme. The Awardee list of Saakshar Bharat Awards 2012 included:-
  1. SLMA - Andhra Pradesh has developed an excellent mobile monitoring system. Its utilization of state
  satellite programme for communication and review of grass root level functionaries is very unique. They
    have put efforts in enabling 150 Adult Education Centres for delivering computer literacy by providing
                       desk top computers with the help of private partners is commendable.
    a. Dr. S. Sailajanath, Hon’ble Minister for Primary Education, SSA, Adult Education, Andhra Pradesh
                             b. Shri. B.V Balarami Reddy, Joint Director of AE, SLMA
2. ZLSS - The Samitis have made enough efforts to promote the Adult Education Program especially with
   special groups such as jail inmates, sex workers and marginalized minorities (SC, ST, minority, tribals,
  prisoners) etc. The economic empowerment achieved through the conduct of skill development courses
are of prime importance for the program. The SHG members have been trained for mobile book keeping,
which is unique in its nature. Private insurance for Live Stocks and Human-beings, for SHG members is a
                       unique endeavor that helps to keep learners’ motivation high.
    a. Surguja - SMT. Pushpa Netam, President , Zila Panchayat and Shri. R Prasana IAS, collector &
                                                Chairman, ZLSS
b. Vizuianagaram - Shri. M. Veera Brahmaiah, District Collector and Shri Ammaji Rao, Dy. Director, Adult
                c. Ajmer - Smt. Nasim Insaf, Hon’ble state Minister of education, Rajasthan
 3. Gram Panchayat - The Gram Panchayat’s have been the importance force behind making Saakshar
 Bharat a success it is. They haves initiated various thematic programmes in the village on regular basis.
         a. P. Yaleru Gram Panchayat, Anantpur District - Shri H. Yerraiswamy, Literacy Volunteer
b. Kanora Gram Panchayat , Udham Sinh Nagar - Mrs. Ishant Jahan , Gram Pradhan and Mrs. Suneeta
                                          Gupta , Member Secretary
 c. Attigeri gram Panchayat , Haveri District officer - Shri C.R. Patil, Prerak and Dr. I.A. Lokapur, District
                                            Adult Education Officer
   d. Ghaghra Gram Panchayat, Korea District - Smt. Yamwati, Gram Pradhan and Shri U.K. Jaiswal,
                                         District Project Officer, ZLSS

    4. State Resource Centers - The contribution of State Resource Centers for the promotion of Saakshar
    Bharat programme is highly commendable. Their work with marginalized groups especially tribals and
                                      minorities deserves special mention.
              a. Hyderabad - Prof. Ghanta Ramesh, Chairman and Dr. PV Subba Reddy, Director
                  b. Raipur - Shri Rajeev Shrivastava, Chairman and Shri Tuhin Deb, Director

    Decadal awards were also given to the States/UTs for achieving the highest decadal growth in female
     Saakshar Bharat is envisaged as a mission for empowerment of youth with a focus on women. The
      Literacy Program has been redesigned & now offers 4 key programs under it:- Basic Education/
                   Equivalency / Vocational Studies and Continuing Education Program.

    For further information, please contact:- Rita Jhingran @ 9415408010 & Neha Khatter @ 9810574249

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Description: ~ Presentation of 1,44,38,003rd Literacy Certificate ~ ~ Chief Guest of the evening Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President of India~