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									                         FORTUNE Management
Paul Orberson – President & CEO

The President & Chief Executive Officer is Paul Orberson. Paul holds the honor of being
the most financially successful network marketer to date. His matter-of-fact, down to
earth approach to networking has enable him to encourage well over a million individuals
to work toward improving their financial futures through what he considers to be the best
method, network marketing. Paul has utilized his entrepreneurial skills to create and
form this powerful vehicle know as Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc

Tom Mills – Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is Tom Mills. Tom brings with him years of administrative
experience including responsibility for thousands of individuals, multi-million dollar
budgets and several years in network marketing. A man of integrity and vision, Tom has
managed to assemble a top-notch staff across the board. His eye for details will enable
Fortune to establish itself as a major player in the area of Network Marketing and at the
same time maintain a focus on the importance of each individual.

Bob Lamse – Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is Bob Lamse. Bob is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
and a CFA (Certified Financial Advisor) providing Fortune’s management team with
expertise in corporate investments. Bob will aggressively and continually seek
opportunities to further Fortune’s financial position, in order to maximize the profitability
of “Working the Business” for the Independent Representatives. Having had success as a
CFO at a privately help corporation as well as at the prestigious accounting firm Ernst
and Young, Bob has the vision to help guide the financial decisions of Fortune Hi-Tech
Marketing, Inc.
Billy Stahl – Sr. Executive Vice President of Marketing and Training

The Sr. Executive Vice President of Marketing and Training is Billy Stahl. Billy is a
seasoned professional executive in the network marketing industry. He has been a CEO,
President, and COO of several National networking companies. He was instrumental in
the development and expansion of the same corporation in which Mr. Orberson set
records. He has been an active consultant to several successful operating National
companies. Prior to joining the network marketing industry he was in management with
General Motors Corporation.

Glenn Gatewood – Comptroller

The Comptroller is Glenn Gatewood. Glenn is retired from the Commonwealth of
Kentucky where he has over 24 years of experience in the information technology field as
a systems engineer. He has worked on various accounting and payroll systems where he
has gained extensive knowledge in the processing and payroll check s and electronic
funds transfer. He is dedicated to ensuring that all payments to Fortune representatives
are accurate and on a timely basis.

Jon Johnson – Director of Business Development

The Director of Business Development is Jon Johnson. Jon contributes to Fortune’s
management team his dedication to quality products and services. He thrives on
searching out and researching cutting edge technology. With his wealth of knowledge
gained through decades of technology experience, Jon will provide both the excitement
and commitment necessary for the development of consumer loyalty allowing our
representatives to market our products with confidence.

Ken Wall – Vice President of Compliance

The Vice President of Compliance is Ken Wall. Ken’s attributes include being licensed
in Kentucky and Ohio to practice law, years of experience in corporate law, as well as
personal experience in network marketing as a representative, advisor, consultant and
attorney. Being in a position to utilize his legal skills combined with his working
knowledge of network marketing will provide a secure future for Fortune and its

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