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									A Badge Holder For Every Need
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Badge holders are an instrument used to hold and protect an
identification badge. Most companies, schools and business organizations
require identification cards for security purposes. One way to ensure
compliance is to hand out badge holders. There are many advantages of
using a holder of badge:1. Providing all the employees or students with
the same kind of badge holder ensures uniformity and increases
professionalism. If left <a href="http://custom-lapelpins.com/lapel-
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to their own devices, each individual would come up with a different way
of displaying his identification. This would look disorganized to an
outsider viewing the organization.2. As badge holders protect a badge
from wear and tear, in the long run they help to cut down on printing
costs and cost of human resource.3. A color coded holder of badge helps
to easily identify and enforce a system of hierarchy.4. Badge holders
help avoid loss of identification cards and the red tape involved in
issuing a new one.5. An identification card clearly displayed in a holder
of badge on a person's clothing increases safety in an organization as it
minimizes the likelihood of an intruder in the premises.Before deciding
on the kind of badge holder to buy, it would be wise to list out the uses
of your card holder.In trade shows and conventions, where the holder of
badge is <a href="http://custom-lapelpins.com/lapel-pins/die-struck-
lapel-pin/"title="die struck lapel pin">die struck lapel pin</a> required
for a one time use, the objective would be minimizing cost. In such
cases, a simple plastic holder with a pin or strap clip is ideal. Such a
card holder is called a convention ID holder and is disposable as well as
inexpensive. It is not however not suitable for children because of its
sharp pin. A thicker clear vinyl version of this card holder is used when
the ID card needs to be displayed for months and years at an end. Such
badge holders are available in either a horizontal style or a vertical
one depending on the orientation of your card. You can use either chains
or badge clips with such holders but not all models adapt <a
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pins</a> to both. For magnetic <a href="http://custom-
lapelpins.com/lapel-pins/soft-enamel-lapel-pin/"title="soft enamel lapel
pin">soft enamel lapel pin</a> stripe cards and proximity cards, there
are badge holders that allow the card to be locked into place. The unique
half card ID holder allows the magnetic stripe to remain exposed. This is
suitable for employees who need to swipe their cards many times a day.For
cards that require maximum protection from getting bent or damaged, there
are the rigid card protectors. They are used for cards that are sensitive
like smart cards which have a built in computer chip. Such holders have
small cut out to slide the card out for use. Glow in the dark or
reflective card holders are used to provide safety in low light areas.
These can be used with arm bands for better visibility. Woven badge
wallets are used when credentials must be clearly visible.Most
organizations print their own ID cards. A Zebra printer can be used for
this purpose. Zebra printers produce high quality cards for all kinds of

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