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									                                Types of Baby Mourning and Meaning

Wails and moans when the crying baby would probably sound the same at first, but if you listen
closely, it turns out different cries and has a particular meaning. Crying baby can show signs related
to the physical and mental condition was not good.

Here are 5 conditions in infants characterized by weeping, as reported whattoexpect on Monday
(10.09.12) include:

1. Hunger: short and low-pitched cry

Babies who are hungry will cry with a low pitch and rhythm crying up and down. Tears will
not last long and is usually accompanied by other hunger cues such as sucking fingers.

2. Tired: whiny and screaming

When the baby is tired or uncomfortable, he would be easy to cry and scream. Overcome this
by holding a baby on his shoulder to calm him down and the baby drowsy. The proper way to
treat fatigue is to sleep to restore power.

3. Bored: fussy then cry

If the baby will show signs bored as fussy and then cry. Babies who are tired of just want
attention from their parents, so the baby will calm down soon as you reach out and hug him.

4. Pain: whine

Babies who are sick or feeling pain in her body will be weak all day whining and moaning
weakly as if do not have a strong energy to cry. In addition, infants may show other signs
such as lethargy and loss of appetite.

5. Colic: crying lasts for hours

Colic is a condition of unknown cause is not clear up to now, but one possible cause is the
baby too much without burping breathe air that causes stomach bloating and pain.

Babies who have colic will often weep for hours or even days. Colic can occur at any time in
the first weeks of a new born baby and it goes away when the baby is 3 months old.

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