; How to make your own ring model
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How to make your own ring model


Gentlemen, want to please your sweetheart? What could be easier than to give her the ring of her desires? Large or small occasion, whatever your budget, the Internet, or jewelry store, you’ll always find the ring you like it.

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									How to make your own ring model?

A little knowledge and the euphoria that accompanied the creation of a unique and personalized
jewelry are enough to make your experience a positive and memorable creative. In this article
you will learn what are the important things to consider before you begin creating your jewelry.

The ring is the circular portion of the ring. It is usually made of gold, silver or platinum although it
can also be made of an alloy of different metals.
Gold is yellow-orange in its natural state and is usually mixed with other metals for durability.
Some prefer the color of pure gold not at 14 or 10 carats.
White gold is gold alloyed with other metals that give this almost white and must be plated with
another metal (usually rhodium) to make it look brighter.
                                         It is therefore more fragile and, over time, it will stomp
                                         the ring. The platinum is the metal most brilliant, strong
                                         and durable. It is also the most expensive! The platinum
                                         tarnish a bit with use, but this is not a real problem.

                                            Frame refers to the part of the ring which supports the
                                            stone. Familiarize yourself with the language of jewelers
                                            before creating your design.
                                            Lonely, you and me, trilogy, with row of diamonds,
                                            mount "V" ..., browse jewelry catalogs to find the style
                                            that suits you and sublimate your ring.

                                            The stone is the main attraction of the ring. It can be a
                                            precious stone (diamond, sapphire, ruby
                                            %u200B%u200Bor emerald) or semi-precious stones
                                            (turquoise, amethyst, agate, citrine, jade, jasper, onyx
Learn about the stones and their meanings available. A topaz ring symbolizes fidelity while the
coral evokes strength, for example.
You can also get a pearl or crystal beads fancy ring.

The 4 C
The 4 C denote the carat, color, clarity and cut of the stone. The 4 C's are the criteria for judging
the quality of the stone.
Finally, set a budget before you begin creating your ring. A zirconium advantageously replace a
diamond if you have a small budget.
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