Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch, Oh My! by LawCrossing


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                          Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch, Oh My!
                          [by Carina Zaragoza]
                          There it is, encased in an air-tight glass case: a trophy, a prize, a legend. This LawCrossing Weekend you will gaze in awe at the
                          world’s most expensive guitar.

The lights shine brightly. The air is filled with    There’s the fret board, also known as the
anticipation. The crowd is cheering, yelling,        neck of the guitar. The ever-important
panting, anxiously awaiting the first note.          strings are as follows: the thinnest one
There you are, clad in leather. Your heart is        on the bottom is the E string; next is the B
pounding; the sweat is glistening on your            string, followed by the G string (not to be
brow. One hundred thousand people are                confused with an article of clothing con-
there to see you. You raise your pick in the         stantly thrown at rock stars); next are the D
air; the crowd collectively holds its breath.        and A strings. The top string is also an E, but
Dramatically, you strum the chords and               is the next octave higher. Both E strings have
electrify the night.                                 the same note, but because the top one is
                                                     thicker, it has a higher bass.
Okay, time to get back to reality. So maybe
not all of us can be rock stars -- but we sure       You tune the guitar using the tuning keys. To
can pretend. Especially if we have the world’s       play the guitar, simply strum the guitar us-
most expensive, and perhaps most famous,             ing your fingers or a pick. Produce different
guitar in our hands. And what’s rock ‘n’ roll        notes by holding down the strings on the fret
all about if not fame and fortune?                   board while strumming. Piece of cake.

Blackie, affectionately named by owner Eric          Until you get to the whammy bar, properly
Clapton, is the world’s most expensive gui-          called the tremolo bar. In time, you might
tar, going for close to $1 million. The guitar,      become skilled enough to hold both a pick
which was crafted circa 1956, was played             and a whammy bar in your hand at the same
throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s in the stu-         time. Holding down the whammy bar while
dio and in concerts. I bet Blackie has more          strumming bends the notes. The whammy
stories than all of the LawCrossing members          bar is the most sound-altering tool of the
put together.                                        guitar. There are sounds you can only make
                                                     with the whammy bar. With enough practice,
Made by Clapton himself, Blackie is com-             you might master the art of the whammy bar
posed from different Stratocasters. All parts        and rank with the likes of Jimi Hendrix.
blend together in perfect harmony. Just
think, this musical masterpiece can be in            Okay, so all of this is pretty elementary, but
your very own hands. You’ll be the envy of all       even the best guitarists were beginners at
your friends, and of every Clapton fan in the        one time. Just as the best attorneys were
world. You can play the same guitar played by        once law students. And with a legendary gui-
a legendary musician. But do you even know           tar in one hand and a law degree in the other,
how to play the guitar?                              you’re sure to be inducted into the Rock and
                                                     Roll Hall of Fame -- or at least LawCross-
Time for LawCrossing Guitar Lessons 101.             ing’s Law Stars Hall of Fame.
First, let’s go over the parts of the guitar.


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