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World War 2


									• The Battle of River Plate
• Operation Cerberus
• The Battle of Barents Sea
  – All were fought by Great Britain vs. Germany
• The Battle of Coral Sea
• The Battle of Midway
• The Battle of the Philippine Sea
  – All were fought by United States vs. Japan
• Germany
  – Were attacking British Merchant Ships
  – They mostly used Submarines or U-boats to fight the
    British and were opposing a big threat to the British
    Navy because they could not figure out how to fight
  – The U-boats mostly attacked merchant ships and
    boats that were not in convoys or were not close to
    there convoy.
  – They launched the British Isles Inshore Campaign
    which was where U-boats were sent to the British
• Great Britain
   – In mid-1940 the Germans had taken over most of the
     European coastline which put England on the front-lines.
     The British realized they had to stop the U-boats and used
     the newly invented radar to ultimately defeat the U-boats.
   – In January 1944, the British sunk 77 German U-boats and
     only lost 25 ships in the process which caused the Germans
     to stop operating in the North Atlantic.
   – The Midget Submarines used by the British helped the
     invasion of Normandy by going on June 2 of 1944 to help
     guide the ships with colored lights.
   – Total Allied ships lost in the Atlantic was 3,837
   – Most were caused by German U-boats who claimed 2,828
     Allied ships.
• Japan
  – The production of Japanese ships was much smaller
    than the American production were the ratio was
    about 3:1 without escorts.
  – The Japanese strength came in the form of planes
    and Kamikaze pilots. Even though the Americans
    produced 4.25 times as many planes, the Japanese
    Zero fighters were faster until 1944 with the
    production of the American Hellcat fighter plane.
  – The Japanese took over multiple small islands in the
    Pacific Islands including Midway and the Philippines.
  – They lost them all by the end of the war.
• United States of America
  – Entered the war after the Japanese attacked Pearl
    Harbor in December of 1941.
  – Fought mostly with carriers sending planes to attack
    the Japanese ships and aircraft, just like the
    Japanese did to them.
  – The Battle of Midway in 1942 was the “Battle that
    Doomed Japan” because after that battle they had
    very little success and the Allies started to take back
    the Pacific Islands.
  – The Allies took Iwo Jima, a tiny island off of Japan
    and used its air base for bombing Japan.
• Atlantic
  – Ended on May 8th, 1945
• Pacific
  – Ended in August, 1945
  – Ended with Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and
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