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    Fashion Eyewear UK Reveals The Reasons
     Behind Its Success As An Online Optical

  Designer Glasses - An Explanation Why Most
              People Prefer Them                  5
   Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses -Tips On How To
    Create A New Look For This Classic Style      7
    Ray Ban Glasses - Celebrities' Fondness Of
     Them Create Steady Sales For The Brand       9
   Ray Ban Aviators – Where Were They In The
                    Nineties                     11                         2|Page
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Fashion Eyewear UK Reveals The Reasons Behind
        Its Success As An Online Optical Retailer

The Internet is a worldwide shopping district – there’s nothing that you
want that you cannot find once you type in the right keywords and press
the search button. The usual things that people need that seemed to be
hard to procure online, such as special prescription glasses, which require
consultation with optical professionals, are now possible to accomplish.

When people turn to the World Wide Web for their optical needs, Fashion
Eyewear UK always comes up in the searches. It’s one of the few businesses
that earned top scores from the respected online consumer ratings site, Based in London and Hampshire, it’s one of the leading
providers of designer frames and lenses all over the world and it has
opticians and prescription experts who can apply the specific prescription
needs that customers may have to be able to correct their vision.                                            3|Page
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The business also reveals that, aside from the already mentioned provisions,
it has an impressively wide range of designer eyewear brands; from the
sporty Oakley glasses to the extremely luxurious Bvlgari ones, Fashion
Eyewear UK has them all. As for lenses, it has recently added the premium
Nikon lenses which a lot of consumers have been waiting for.           These
amazing lenses can be customised to uphold the prescription grade of
customers - be it for better reading accommodation, or myopia, or
astigmatism, or even a combination of vision problems that typically
require the versatility of varifocals.

Previous customers also praised the polite service they received from the
employees of the store; the client support hotline has really helpful
operators who are knowledgeable of the various inquiries their callers may
have. Most customers have given the service of the store 5 stars, not only
for amazing service but also for the quality of the merchandise. The store
always includes the usual accessories that designer glasses usually come
with to ensure authenticity.

Recently, the optical store also upgraded its online display, giving site
visitors a better perspective of the spectacles selection. 3D technology is
used for the rotating pictures so visitors can see the products from different
angles making it easier for them to determine if the designs would work
well for them.

Lastly, who can resist the amazing discounts for all designer eyewear from
the store? Providing their customers with authentic designer frames and
glasses at more affordable prices is not just a marketing strategy but a
commitment to quality service.                                             4|Page
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    Designer Glasses - An Explanation Why Most
                           People Prefer Them

There are certain individuals who sneer at most people’s inclination towards
designer items. They claim that during such a financially challenging time,
it’s not practical to go for pricey products. This brings us to the question:
why do a lot of people still choose designer glasses for their optical needs?

First of all, despite the up-front cost of designer spectacles, they end up
becoming the more practical investment in the long run. How? All eyewear
designers uphold a superb standard of quality so they always use top grade
materials for their frames and lenses.     Superior materials always mean
higher durability and versatility. With these characteristics, customisations
to accommodate prescriptions can be applied better. Designer frames are
incredibly sturdy and can hold special lenses such as varifocals and the
typical thick ones used for eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia and
astigmatism. A lot of people also feel that designer frames are the best
choice for their reading glasses because they can withstand the lens
replacements recommended to be done every two to three years by optical
experts.                                             5|Page
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Another solid reason is that designer brands put more thought into the
styles, instantly creating a longer “fashion relevance” for the eyewear.
People always go for the styles that they can wear for a really long time for
practicality’s sake. It would be wasteful to spend a substantial amount of
money frequently to be able to keep abreast of the evolving trends.
Designers have a better understanding of the right elements that create
longevity for eyewear style and this is something that consumers are always
willing to invest in. In London, the vintage eyewear by major designers
remain greatly in demand because of their transcendental style – fashion-
conscious people actually do not limit their search in London, but they
scour vintage stores, flea markets and bazaars to score these special

Nobody can deny the power of designer glasses to impress. Some people
may think it’s superficial to go for designer brands mainly for the purpose
of creating an impressive impact but that’s really the inclination that most
people have. Luxurious items, no matter how small they are, provide that
sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to a lot of people, which isn’t at
all bad especially when it comes to the things that are really functional,
such as vision-correcting glasses.

Perhaps the only bad thing about going for Miu Miu glasses or the
extremely sophisticated Chanel glasses is if people choose them over the
really important stuff like their financial obligations. As long as the
reasoning behind the purchase is sound and not harmful to anybody,
designer glasses can always be considered worthy investments.                                            6|Page
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     Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses -Tips On How To
        Create A New Look For This Classic Style

If your folks managed to save a lot of their stuff from the eighties, one of
the items you may find are the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses which
were made extremely popular around that time by the King of Pop, Michael
Jackson; he wore them in his Thriller and Bad concert tours in the UK, Japan
and the US. Since the brand is widely known for only using high quality
optical materials for their frames and lenses, it’s likely that the shades are
still in excellent condition.

This particular style has not evolved much since the eighties and if you
would compare the present Wayfarer design of Ray Ban, it would take a
keen eye to really see the customisations made to make it more “now.” The
eighties Wayfarer has a rounder, softer silhouette compared to its current
version; a lot of people still like it but if you want to give it a more
contemporary updated appeal similar to the present Wayfarer style of Ray
Ban spectacles, all you need is creativity.                                             7|Page
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A lot of DIY tutorials abound in media sharing sites so if you’re lacking in
the originality department but want a creative take on giving new life and
look to your glasses, these tutorials are very helpful. One of the things you
can do is to create an ombré effect for the frames; just pop off the lenses if
you can or cover them with adhesive film or paper that does not leave
sticky residue on the lenses. Use different colours of spray paint to cover
the surface of the frame, wait for it to dry then put the lenses back on or
remove the adhesive from lenses and voila! Ombré Wayfarers! This style is
very popular among London’s young fashionistas. This trick is particularly
nice if you really need to change the lenses for your vision-correcting
needs, like if you need single-visions lenses or varifocals (these are also
known as progressives; a lens is composed of three strips of lenses, the top
is for regular prescription, mid-part is for moderate distance and bottom
part is for near-distance eye activity like sewing or reading) – it’s like
getting a completely new pair of funky designer glasses.

If you do not want to mess with spray paint, you can try the really
pigmented permanent markers or the colorize kit from Ray Ban. You can
make really nice paisley prints, flower, stripes and basically any design you
like. Some have even tried glow in the dark markers for this and the effect is
really awesome.

Last trick is by using decals and colourful nail polish. Nail decals are perfect
for bedazzling Ray Ban glasses, they’re very cheap too. Just make sure that
you already have a pattern to follow because the adhesive used for these
decals is hard to peel off. Nail polish is very versatile and there are so many
tools for nail art that can be used to create a really nice design for your
classic Ray Ban Wayfarers.                                               8|Page
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Ray Ban Glasses - Celebrities' Fondness For Them
               Create Steady Sales For The Brand

From the King of Pop to the Blues Brothers and to the UK’s Fab Four, The
Beatles, Ray Ban glasses have always enjoyed being in the spotlight
because of its famous wearers. Up to this day, practically every celebrity has
a pair of spectacles from the brand, and why not? It’s known for coming up
with the two most popular eyewear styles ever created; the Wayfarer and
the Aviator.

A lot of young people are probably not aware that Ray Ban is not only a hip
brand but it’s the only designer eyewear brand that has managed to secure
a spot in World History when Gen. Douglas MacArthur, during World War II,
fulfilled his promise to the Filipino people by returning to the country which
was under siege by the Japanese. When the General arrived in Palo, Leyte,
he had on a pair of Ray Ban Aviators which upon that moment instantly
reached iconic status. Since the thirties though, Ray Ban shades have always                                             9|Page
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been issued to US military personnel as their eyes’ primary protection from
the harmful effects of the sun.

Come the eighties though, the popularity of Ray Ban Aviators was revived
through the movie, Top Gun. With up and coming Hollywood heartthrob,
Tom Cruise sporting these optical eyewear during the coolest moments of
the film, men all over the world trooped to stores to purchase a pair similar
to what Cruise wore in hope of achieving the same cool, spiffy effect.

These days however, Ray Ban glasses continue to generate sales as
celebrities from London to New York to Paris to Los Angeles to Sydney to
Tokyo complete their casual and fiercely stylish ensembles with a pair of
glasses from the brand. Celebrities display their fondness for the Ray Ban
by also choosing the most prominent designs for their corrective eyewear.
It’s quite common to see celebrities who claim that they are blind as a bat
without their glasses, using Ray Ban frames for their prescription lenses, like
the single-vision ones used by near-sighted or far-sighted people, and even
varifocals which are essentially the solution for people who no longer want
to carry around with them a pair of reading glasses and other prescription
ones all the time.

Regular people take styling inspirations from celebrities so it’s no wonder
Ray Ban’s sales are consistently high. Aside from being an iconic brand
which celebrities love, its durability, versatility and amazing quality of
workmanship also make them smart investments for vision-correction, eye
protection and style.                                             10 | P a g e
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     Ray Ban Aviators – Where Were They In The

A lot of people think that Ray Ban’s popularity diminished greatly during
the nineties because of the grunge fashion. During that period, a lot of
people opted for the slim or narrow spectacles similar to the ones used by
the UK’s John Lennon of The Beatles. Some people observed that the iconic
Ray Ban Aviators seemed to have faded into oblivion during this time. But
if you would check images of the famous shows and movies during that
time, you would instantly see that this style was actually worn frequently by
some of the really popular characters that defined the nineties.

Who can ever forget Baywatch? Though it first came out in 1989, it became
a cult hit in the nineties. The head lifeguards, played by David Hasselhoff
and Parker Stevenson, monitored the beach activity wearing Ray Ban
Aviators. From the gold frames with dark green lenses, to the silver frames
with dark blue-toned lenses – they were all worn not just by Mitch
(Hasselhoff) but also by the other characters. Worth mentioning as well is                                            11 | P a g e
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the fact that the characters often alternated the Aviators for Ray Ban

Another nineties cult-hit that displayed Ray Ban Aviators was Beverly Hills
90120. And why wouldn’t the characters wear these shades? Opening
scenes often had the ladies (Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori
Spelling) sun-bathing their alabaster skin by the beach or their backyard
pool; they kept their eyes protected with these designer shades.

Michael Jackson actually made the Aviators in demand again during his
legally troubling times in the nineties when he was accused of child
molestation. The King of Pop concealed and protected his eyes from the
prying eyes and the blinding lights of the media with these glasses which
also proved his loyalty to this optical brand.

It was also during this time when people with prescription needs started
using vintage designers frames for their vision-correcting lenses and
because of this, Ray Ban Aviator frames were quite sought after. They were
used for reading glasses, multi-focals (which these days are often replaced
by progressive lenses or varifocals) and single-vision glasses.

At one point or another Ray Ban glasses came out on most nineties shows;
Friends, Spin City, California Dreams (well, every show that had a biker dude
who wore a leather jacket and boots) even Top of the Pops in London. This
just basically proves that the brand and its famous design were never ever
irrelevant, style-wise.                                            12 | P a g e
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