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                                                                           Student Conference for Research and Cre
                                                                                Monday, April 18 - Friday, April 22,

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                        University       CoAuthor(s)   Project Title
    Last, First
              A                         B               C                  D
    Acuna, Rebecca   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Workers' Rights: The
                                                            progressing issue

               A                          B               C                 D
    Adesida, Adebisi   University of Houston-Clear Lake       The Characterization and
                                                              Quantification of Potentially
                                                              Recyclable Materials from a
                                                              Large Academic Biomedical
                                                              Research Complex

                A                           B               C                  D
    Ainiwaer, Ailiyasi   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Effects of weak magnetic
                                                                fields on bacteria growth

              A                               B                            C                      D
    Akohachere, Ayuketambi University of Houston-Clear Lake   Christian Stevenson   Rapid Detection of Released
                                                                                    Gases and Volatile Organic
                                                                                    Compounds within Large

               A                   B   C              D
    Albanez, Zulma   Lee College           Anti-Communism and Arthur

                A                        B                 C                          D
    Allagadda, Vinay   Texas Tech University   Song Tang, Greg Mayer   Expression of Metal
                                                                       Regulatory Genes in
                                                                       Zebrafish Liver Cells Exposed
                                                                       to Quantum Dots

               A                            B                          C                           D
     Amador, Christina   St. Edward's University          Helen Just               Paying Attention to Your
                                                                                   Spiritual Side: The
                                                                                   Relationship Between
                                                                                   and Good Health

     Argueta, Edwin      Lone Star College-North Harris   Nguyen Nguyen, Patrick   The Arithmetic-Geometric
                                                          Friudenberg              Mean

                 A                         B              C                 D
     Arnold , Robert   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                       Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                       of Criminal Justice

                A                       B                            C                          D
     Attaway, Kurt   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer Gregory, Sarah   Sex Education Curriculum
                                                        Wier                      Survey: Exploring Parental
                                                                                  Involvement and Other

     Babb, Wendy     University of Houston-Clear Lake                             The Love for a Higher Being
                                                                                  as Expressed in Poems and

               A                          B               C                 D
     Babb, Wendy       University of Houston-Clear Lake       The Poet's Voice

     Barnes, Nichole   University of Houston                  Old Bodies, Old Minds: A
                                                              Study of Simone de
                                                              Beauvoir, Gender, and Age in
                                                              Twentieth-Century France

                 A                       B               C                   D
     Bayley, Cresta   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Voltaire's Critique of Pascal's
                                                             Penseés as an Exploration of
                                                             Deism, Jansenism, and
                                                             Religious Intolerance

                  A                       B                    C                            D
     Begley, Tiffany   St. Edward's University   Karen Lopez, Regina         Ready, Set, Relax: Does
                                                 Portillo, Eleanor Palmer,   Biofeedback/Relaxation
                                                 Christina Amador,           Training Increase
                                                 Christina Fernandez         Standardized Test Scores?

                A                            B               C                  D
     Bennett, Kendra      University of Houston-Clear Lake       Development in interracial
                                                                 friendship: Predicting the
                                                                 reduction of prejudice

     Bhatnagar, Geetika   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Experiences in
                                                                 Organizational Development

                    A                      B               C                 D
     Bird, Elissa       University of Houston-Clear Lake       Credentialing Physicians: A
                                                               Necessary Bureaucratic

                A                      B               C                D
     Boone, Kate    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Houston in non-attainment
                                                           for Ozone

                A                          B                           C                          D
     Bowles, Jenese     University of Houston-Clear Lake   Aimen Abdallah, Johanna Elimination of Forklift
                                                           Goforth, Stephen Norl   Fatalities Through the Use of
                                                                                   Advanced Technology

     Bowling, Matthew   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Eric Robicheaux          "The public's opinion and
                                                                                    attitude towards the police"

                 A                         B               C                  D
     Breimaier, Amy     University of Houston                  "Instruction with Delight":
                                                               Children's Literature in
                                                               Eighteenth-Century Colonial

     Brooks, Briatney   University of Houston-Clear Lake       "Welfare's Positive Effects
                                                               on the Timeliness of

                A                           B               C                 D
     Broussard, Brenda   University of Houston                  Project Camelot: The Social
                                                                Sciences used in U.S.

     Brown, Cody         University of Houston-Clear Lake       Employee Accident and
                                                                Injury Prevention

                A                       B                            C                  D
     Brush, Danielle   Sam Houston State University                      The Evolution of the Black
                                                                         Cougar: The Origins of the
                                                                         University of Houston's
                                                                         Black Studies Program

     Burks, Ricky      University of Houston-Clear Lake   Harry Nguyen   Evaluation of Loading Carts
                                                                         in Home Improvement Stores

                A                      B                       C                       D
     Bush, Debbie   University of Houston-Downtown   Mark Weckel, Mark   Population genetics and
                                                     Siddall             management of suburban
                                                                         white-tailed deer
                                                                         (Odocoileus virginianus)

                  A                       B    C                  D
     Butler , Tracy    University of Houston       Gender, Labor, and
                                                   Capitalism in U.S.-Mexican
                                                   Relations, 1942-2000

     Butler, Celeste   Lee College                 Creation of Lee College

                A                         B                           C                           D
     Caccavale, Mia    University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jasmyne Patterson,        Response Effort and
                                                          Kristen Vaughn            Resistance to Extinction

     Calimlim, Paula   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Linda Sulpacio, Hillary   Cruising to Clinton Drive
34                                                        Gramm
               A                         B                           C                        D
     Cameron, David   University of Houston-Clear Lake                          Work of National
                                                                                Importance: Conscientious
                                                                                Objectors in World War II

     Campbell, John   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Camille Peres, Misty   Adult Perceptions of
                                                         Graham, Emily Shaw     Aggression in Children:
                                                                                Implications for Future

                A                           B               C                D
     Campbell, Matthew   University of Houston                  The Cosmology of Nri and
                                                                Aro Expansion

     Campbell, Matthew   University of Houston                  Slave Movement in Texas

     Capetillo, Alisa    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Riverine Dwellers: Life in the
                                                                Amazon Floodplain

                A                             B               C                 D
     Carmichael, Kathryn   University of Houston-Clear Lake       A Case Study of Quality
                                                                  Assurance to Review Safety
                                                                  Training Program Content to
                                                                  Ensure Inclusion of Key
                                                                  Organizational Policies and
                                                                  Procedure Elements

                A                            B                           C                            D
     Carreón, Desirelys   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Harinika Reddy, Lory Z.   cDNA Library Creation and
                                                             Santiago-Vazquez          Sequencing of the Soft Coral
                                                                                       Eunicea fusca.

     Castle, Atziry       University of Houston-Clear Lake                             Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

                A                          B                          C                     D
     Cavazos , Amanda   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Earledreka White   The Differences in the
                                                                              Expression of Aggression
                                                                              Between High- and Low-
                                                                              Level Extraverts.

     Cervantes, Diego   Lone Star College-North Harris                        John F. Kennedy and the Use
                                                                              of Mass Media in the 1960
                                                                              Presidential Election

                 A                             B                            C                           D
     Chierighino, Candace   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Brooke Boswell, Ashley     Violence In Texas
                                                               Hart, Kelli Hardung, April
                                                               Herrera, Cynthia Munoz,
                                                               Nadia Zulfiquar

                  A                            B    C                  D
     Ciecieznski, Natalie   University of Houston       Clean Living: Health and the
                                                        Environment in Late-
                                                        Medieval English Towns and

                 A                       B                          C                            D
     Cook, Jennifer   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ashley McClelland, Chad   Anxious Thoughts in Military
                                                         Wetterneck                Spouses and the Effects on
                                                                                   Relationship Satisfaction

                 A                       B                            C                            D
     Cook, Jennifer   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Tannah Little, Mary Short, Investigating the Prevalence
                                                         Chad Wetterneck            and Patterns of Internet
                                                                                    Pornography Use across
                                                                                    Sexual Orientations

                A                        B                           C                           D
     Cote, Michelle   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Tracy Kottwitz, Rendie   Family Interactions: A Look
                                                         Haynes, Jared Dupree     at the Family's Influence on
                                                                                  Bullying and Victimization

                 A                         B               C                  D
     Curtis, Blondena   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Situational Stressors that
                                                               Influence Weight Gain in
                                                               College Students

               A                    B   C                  D
     Dabney, Cheryl   Lee College           A Betrayal of Self: Sylvia's
                                            Journey in "A White Heron"

                 A                          B                             C                         D
     Daniel, Jelani C.   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Lucy C. Phillips, Chad   When Love Hurts: How
                                                            Wetterneck               Family Accommodations
                                                                                     Cause More Harm than Good
                                                                                     for Individuals with OCD

                 A                          B                             C                          D
     Daniel, Jelani C.   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Lucy C. Phillips, Tannah   The Relationship between
                                                            E. Little, Kim Fountain    Self-Compassion and
                                                                                       Negative Affect in Obsessive-
                                                                                       Compulsive Disorder

                A                      B                           C                           D
     Dark, James    University of Houston-Clear Lake   William Foley, Scott Eady Military Unmanned Aerial
                                                                                 Vehicle (UAV) Safety Systems
                                                                                 and Protocols

                A                      B                          C                            D
     David, Tasha   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Angelene Nery, Kevin Toy Examining the motivational
                                                                                Factors of Massively Multi-
                                                                                player Online Role Playing
                                                                                Gamers (MMORPG) and
                                                                                Massively Multi-player
                                                                                Online First Person Shooter
                                                                                (MMOFPS) gamers

                A                          B              C                 D
     Delgado, Dennis   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                       Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                       of Criminal Justice

     Doyle, Joseph     University of Houston-Clear Lake       Personal Protective
                                                              Equipment The choice is

                A                           B                           C                          D
     Drennan, Cheryl     University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer McNally, Rumela BSRI Sex Type Role and
                                                            Roy, Chang Liu           MMOG Play in Women

     Duggirala, Vinila   University of Houston-Clear Lake                            Antibacterial role of
                                                                                     Medicinal plants on Poultry

               A                         B                            C                           D
     Duque, Gerardo   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ghazel Tellawi, Jesus     Effect of social power on
                                                         Bautista, Lorena Gonzalez empathy

                 A                          B               C                 D
     El Fangary, Nadia   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Stress and Coping Strategies
                                                                In Graduate Students

                 A                         B              C                 D
     Elias, Benjamin   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                       Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                       of Criminal Justice

                A                        B                         C                      D
     Enow, Roland     University of Houston-Clear Lake                     Fraud and Corruption:
                                                                           International Relief Agencies
                                                                           (IRAs) and their Third Party
                                                                           Administrators (TPAs); Case
                                                                           of Africa.

     Evans, Lindsay   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dorothea Lerman   Evaluation of a Novel
                                                                           Functional Analysis of

                 A                           B               C                 D
     Fant, Claiborne      University of Houston-Clear Lake       Galveston's Historic

     Fernandes, Bridget   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Is relief work a help or a
                                                                 hindrance?: A close look at
                                                                 the organizational models of
                                                                 a relief work agency in Haiti,
                                                                 a nonprofit organization in
                                                                 Kenya, and a social
                                                                 development organization in

                A                              B                            C                 D
     Fernandez, Christina   St. Edward's University            Helen Just       Take Time to Relax: Does
                                                                                Biofeedback Training
                                                                                Decrease Pain?

     Fonteno, Ashley        University of Houston-Clear Lake                    Agent of Perception: A
                                                                                Selection of Poems and their

                A                         B                           C                         D
     Franks, Michael   University of Houston-Clear Lake   George Guillen, Cindy   The Determination of Total
                                                          Howard                  Mercury in Fish Based on
                                                                                  Habitat Preference and
                                                                                  geographic Location

     French, Bryan     University of Houston-Clear Lake                           The Nottingham Lace
                                                                                  Company and the Business
                                                                                  of Boosterism in Gilded Age

                A                         B                           C                            D
     Gadkari, Manasi   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Vaibhav Deshmukh, Lory    The influence of stress on
                                                          Santiago-Vazquez          culturable bacterial
                                                                                    populations associated with
                                                                                    the soft coral Plexaura

     Garcia, Adrian    University of Houston-Clear Lake   Paul Ritchey, Tanaya      Auditory Progress Bars: The
                                                          Nalavade, Camille Peres   Effects of Prospective Time
                                                                                    Measurement and Training

                A                          B               C                    D
     Gauthier, Celina   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Current Sustainability
                                                               Initiatives in the City of

                 A                  B   C                   D
     Glover, Justin   Lee College           A River Runs Through It: The
                                            Wallisville Saltwater Barrier

                A                          B                           C                  D
     Glover, Michelle   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Alyson Posey    Effects of the Stigma of
                                                                           Disorder (OCD)

                 A                           B                           C                        D
     Gonzalez, Jennifer   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ashley Rhodes, Maria   Voices of Our Ancient
                                                             Perez, Maria Umana     Mothers

                 A                        B               C                  D
     Griffie, Robert   University of Houston-Clear Lake       I've Fallen and I Cant Get Up

                A                        B               C                  D
     Gunter, Rachel   University of Houston-Clear Lake       A Different Class of Woman:
                                                             The Women of Ashton Villa

                 A                          B               C                D
     Guragai, Binod      University of Houston-Clear Lake       Satyam Fraud: What Went

     Gustafson, Andrew   University of Houston                  A comparison of Elizabethan
                                                                ship levies and Caroline ship
                                                                money levies.

                A                      B                           C                          D
     Hall, Megan    University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dominique Curington,    The Effects of Multiple or
                                                       Kaitlyn Morton, Linda   Single Roles on the Perceived
                                                       Rodriguez               Stress of Graduate Students

                A                        B               C                 D
     Hamon, Kristin   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Border Bridge: Redefining
                                                             the Mexican American
                                                             Immigrant Narrative

               A                         B                             C                            D
     Hartman, Aubry   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jay Garcia, Jessica Miller, Intrusive Violent Thoughts:
                                                         Kashif Sheikh               Prevalence and Distress in a
                                                                                     Non-Clinical Population

                A                          B              C                 D
     Hawkins, Jayson   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                       Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                       of Criminal Justice

                A                               B                           C                         D
     Hawkins, Roberta Lynn   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Kimberly Lewis, Trena    The Knowledge of Autism
                                                                Rouse, Amy Terrell       Spectrum Disorder Survey

     Heatter, Terry          University of Houston-Clear Lake   Virginia Pinto, Lystra   PO Fit and Engagement

               A                               B                             C                 D
                            University of Houston-Clear Lake
     Hernandez-Roeder, Kathryn                                                   Types of debris found in the
                                                                                 Galveston Bay Estuary over a
                                                                                 ten-year period: distribution
                                                                                 and environmental

     Hogan, Severin          University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ivy Tippit       Indoor Air Quality

                A                           B                           C                         D
     Holcomb, Kimberly   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Michelle Santesteban,   Homogamy Among the
                                                            Michel Bachman          Highly Educated and Their

                 A                         B               C                 D
     Holguin, Barbara   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Organizations in Society: A
                                                               Theoretical Assessment of
                                                               the Relationships in Non-
                                                               Profit Organizations

               A                          B                            C                          D
     Hopkins, Morgan   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Shaprie Jackson, Paula   Jermaine, Greg, and Jesus:
                                                          Calimlim                 Do perceptions of race
                                                                                   predict ratings of hirability?

               A                          B                           C                        D
     Hopkins, Morgan   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Bonnie Farias, Amanda   The Female Body in Popular
                                                          Oviatt                  Culture

                 A                      B                           C                             D
     Hoyle, Sloane   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Camille Peres, Kate Bruton Usability Testing of an
                                                                                   Interactive Statistics Website

                A                           B                          C                    D
     Iskander, Nancy G   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Kassandra Larson   The Texas Medical Center
                                                                               Impact On Business Students

                A                          B                           C                          D
     Jackson, Shaprie   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Erica Reynolds, Bethany   Performance of Gender

                 A                        B               C                   D
     Jardon, Lindsay   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Surrealists in Exile: The
                                                              Immigration of Artists to
                                                              America and the Creation of
                                                              the Postmodern World

     Jardon, Lindsay   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Sex for Sale: The Rise and
                                                              Fall of Galveston's Red Light

                    A                      B                           C                           D
     Jaser, Firas       University of Houston-Clear Lake   Candace Murphy, Patrick   Identity and Societal
                                                           Batts, Monica Garcia,     development: Research
                                                           Monica Rincon, Jessyka    findings on the social
                                                           Reynoso, Tonya Tipton,    perceptions and implications
                                                           Ann Reynoso               of the human experience.

                A                         B    C                D
     Jimenez, Raevin   University of Houston       Concepts of Health and
                                                   Authority among the
                                                   Botatwe-Speaking Peoples of
                                                   Southern Zambia

                 A                          B             C               D
      Johnson, Michele R   Sam Houston State University       Shoot the Women First

                A                   B   C                 D
      Kamae, Camila   Lee College           Art and Environmental

                A                         B                           C                         D
      Karam, Deborah   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Hillary Gramm, Linda   Celebrating Veterans Day:
                                                          Sulpacio               Citizenship, Democracy, and
                                                                                 Discourses of Belonging

                 A                        B                            C                           D
      Kasper, Thomas   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer Cook, Samantha   The Relationship between
                                                          Salazar, Chad             Scrupulosity, Religiosity, and
                                                          Wetterneck, Mary Short    Internet Pornography Use

                 A                      B                             C               D
      Khan, Jawad    University of Houston-Clear Lake                     Environmental Restoration

      Labanca, Sol   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jenny Deitz       Treating couples with a
                                                                          autistic spectrum disorder
                                                                          child with EFT: A case review

                    A                        B                           C                          D
      Ladd, Erika         University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ryan Breaux, Katerina   Reducing Motor Vehicle
                                                             Gordon, Prachi Patil    Fatalities Using On Board
                                                                                     Computer Programming.

      Larson, Kassandra   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ashish Chandra          Exploring the Concept and
                                                                                     Potential of E-Prescribing

                   A                          B                C                 D
      Lestarjette, Tricia   Lee College                            Caught in the Cave

      Li, Guang             University of Houston-Clear Lake       World Economic Data

                  A                      B               C                 D
      Lin, Susanna    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Special Education and
                                                             Alternative Schools

                   A                         B                            C                       D
      Little, Tannah E.   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Chad Wetterneck, Angela Sexual Thoughts: Everyone
                                                             H. Smith, Andrea R.      Has Them
                                                             Baker, Robin Bloodworth,
                                                             Jelani C. Daniel

                   A                         B                           C                         D
      Little, Tannah E.   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Chad Wetterneck,        The Relationships between
                                                             Gregory S. Chasson,     Personality Disorder
                                                             Thröstur Björgvinsson   Dimensions and OCD Severity

                   A                         B                            C                         D
      Little, Tannah E.   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer A. Cook, Mary   Why Don't People Use
                                                             Short, Chad Wetterneck   Internet Pornography?

                 A                           B                   C                 D
      Lopez, Karen        St. Edward's University   Helen Just       Needing Time Alone: Do
                                                                     Introverts Benefit More Than
                                                                     Extroverts from Biofeedback
                                                                     Relaxation to Treat Their

      Lundquist, Hunter   University of Houston                      John Hawkins Achines de

                    A                      B               C                   D
      Lyra, Kalan       University of Houston-Clear Lake       Selling Soles

                A                       B                            C                          D
      Maes, Amalia   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Camille Peres, Tracy      Health Care Satisfaction
                                                        Jones, Haleigh Pirzadeh

                A                           B               C                 D
      Magharef, Mohammed University of Houston-Clear Lake       Pollution Prevention

                A                            B                           C                     D
      Magnate, Majestic   University of Houston-Clear Lake                      Inspirational Words of
                                                                                Wisdom: Digital Calligraphic

      Mallet, Tiffany     University of Houston-Clear Lake   Abigail Goorskey   The Effects of Work on
                          Pearland Campus                                       College Students

                  A                       B                             C                   D
      Martin, Alyssa   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer Fritz    Further Evaluation of
                                                                            Variability in the Selection of

                  A                          B                 C                D
      Martin, L. Anne       Texas Southern University              Anglo-Egyptian Relations:

      Mathey, Christopher   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Financial Hemorrhaging from
                                                                   Social Distancing: A Conflict
                                                                   Theorist Perspective.

                 A                              B                           C                      D
      McCain, Kelli McCain   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Nicole Gladney, Amy   Animals and our Happiness

                A                    B   C                 D
      McGuyer, Lynna   Lee College           Faith Based Initiatives

                 A                          B               C                 D
      McKelvey, Latoya   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Relationship Between Event
                                                                Emissions and Ozone
                                                                Exceedance Days in the

                 A                            B                           C                          D
      McKinley, Tracy      University of Houston-Clear Lake   Stephanie Luna, Rebecca   Are schools welcoming to
                                                              Zepeda, Stephanie         parents
                                                              Turner, Laura McCall,
                                                              Mara Longoria, Tonja
                                                              Dorsett, Vanessa

      McLaughlin, Lauren   St. Edward's University            Shea Place, Anthony       Does Parenting Really Make
                                                              Dutcher                   A Difference? Investigation
                                                                                        of Parental-Adolescent
                                                                                        Relationship as Associated
                                                                                        with Risk-Taking Behaviors

                 A                          B               C                 D
      Menconi, Britney   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Hydraulic Fracturing: An
                                                                OSHA Analysis

      Meyer, Steven      University of Houston-Clear Lake       Correlation and Consistency
                                                                among Career Assessments:
                                                                A Comparative Study to Self-
                                                                Reported Measures

                  A                      B                 C                D
      Michael, Julius   Sam Houston State University           Nigerian Immigration to

      Miguel, Claudio   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Pollution Prevention

                  A                        B                         C                   D
      Miguel, Claudio   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Matthew McCann,   The Ergonomic History of
                                                           Aymen Abdallah    Video Games

      Monchak, Alex     University of Houston-Clear Lake                     Examining Trends of
                                                                             Technology Diffusion
                                                                             Theories in Information
                                                                             Systems: Research in

                A                        B                           C                        D
      Monchak, Alex   University of Houston-Clear Lake                           Toward a Customer
                                                                                 Motivation Theory for a
                                                                                 Suggestion Collection System
                                                                                 Concept intended specifically
                                                                                 for Commercial Human
                                                                                 Space Exploration: Research
                                                                                 in Progress

      Moomaw, James   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Brent Bradley, Ashley   Chaos Defined: Stressors in
                                                         McClelland              Couples with Autism
                                                                                 Spectrum Disordered

                A                      B                           C                D
      Moore, Jana   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Roslyn Igbani   Commute and Self-Efficacy in
                                                                       Graduate Students' Success

                  A                         B               C                  D
      Morris , Patrick   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Water is it safe to drink?

                  A                             B                           C                           D
      Mouliatis, Chrisoula   University of Houston-Clear Lake                             The Writing Center as a
                                                                                          Woman's Utopia

      Mulkey, Brittany       University of Houston-Clear Lake   Lauren Hardesty, Susan    General Education Teachers'
                                                                Long, Joshua Rutherford   Perceptions of their
                                                                                          Preparedness and Ability in
                                                                                          Meeting the Educational
                                                                                          Needs of Special Education
                                                                                          Students in the General
                                                                                          Education Classroom
                A                              B                         C                            D
                            University of Houston-Clear Lake
      Murciano Ghelman, Melany                                 Anny Hernandez, Cherie   Rorschach test in 8 years old
                                                               Hernandez                children from Caracas-
                                                                                        Venezuela, using the Exner's
                                                                                        Comprehensive System

                 A                         B               C                  D
      Muse, Lindsey     University of Houston-Clear Lake       The Ergonomic Implications
                                                               of Gesturing: Examining
                                                               Single and Mixed Use with
                                                               Appropriate Placement

      Musfy, Kimberly   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Medicare Fraud

                  A                        B                             C                          D
      Najera, John      University of Houston-Clear Lake   Kendall Phillips, Megan   Social Networking Facilitates
                                                           Price                     Relationship Building in
                                                                                     Those Presenting Symptoms
                                                                                     of Social Anxiety

      Ndiaye, Dahirou   University of Houston-Clear Lake                             Optimum Portfolio
                                                                                     Construction using Modern
                                                                                     Portfolio Theory based on

                 A                      B             C                  D
      Nealy, James   University of Houston-Downtown       LBJ and Foreign Affairs:
                                                          Weapons, the Sino- Soviet
                                                          Split, and Czechoslovakia

                 A                    B             C                   D
      Nero, Andrea   Sam Houston State University       Benjamin Franklin's Maps of
                                                        the Gulf Stream and the Cost
                                                        of Britain's Arrogant Refusal
                                                        to Acknowledge Them

                 A                         B               C                 D
      Nevuri, Charita   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Insulin Pump Therapy In
                                                               Treating Diabetes

               A                              B                             C                         D
                           University of Houston-Clear Lake
      Newcomb McKinney, Deandra                                 Morgan Hopkins, Rachel   A Time of Choice: Texas
                                                                Reed, Shaprie Jackson,   Legislation
                                                                Samantha Noronha

      Nichols, Brad          University of Houston-Clear Lake                            Safety Application of Positive
                                                                                         Pressure Ventilation During
                                                                                         Firefighting Operations.

                A                               B                          C                         D
      Noble-Waldner, Michela University of Houston                                     "La Cruz Blanca: Transborder
                                                                                       Nurses and the Mexican

      Olowu, Adebola         University of Houston-Clear Lake   Katie Hamman, Elaine   Time Management Skills'
                                                                Barclay                Influence On Work-Home
                                                                                       Interaction Among Working

                 A                       B                           C                  D
      Palmer, Aaron   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ashish Chandra   Executive Residency: A
                                                                          Student's Journey in the
                                                                          "Real World" of Executive

                 A                         B                   C                 D
      Palmer, Eleanor   St. Edward's University   Helen Just       Be Kind To Yourself: The
                                                                   Relationship Between Self-
                                                                   Compassion and Stress

                A                              B                           C                          D
      Pantermuehl, Rachel   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Camille Peres, Tiffany   The Glorious Elders:
                                                               Crow, Barbra Wimberly    Promoting a higher quality of
                                                                                        life and autonomy for the
                                                                                        elderly population living in
                                                                                        nursing homes through
                                                                                        internet usage.

                  A                       B                           C                           D
      Parikh, Kathan   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Shannara Collin, Kevin   Isolation and identification
                                                          Mehta, Lory Santiago-    of bacterial species
                                                          Vazquez                  associated with the coral
                                                                                   Eunicea fusca during stress

                  A                       B                            C                         D
      Patel, Gayatri   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Rena Patel, Alex John,   Telemedicine in the UAE
                                                          Prapti Regmi, Jomel

                  A                         B               C                  D
      Paulson, Lindsey   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Gender differences of
                                                                antisocial personality
                                                                features among college

                 A                      B                           C                  D
      Payne, Jason   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Ashish Chandra   Cochlear Implants:
                                                                         Technological Advancements
                                                                         and Trends that Impact the
                                                                         Hearing Impaired Patients

                 A                         B                         C                    D
      Petter, Raymond   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Myklynn Meredith   Global Warming is Upon Us

                A                      B               C                 D
      Pham, Tuan    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Remote Access Computer
                                                           and Network Labs Solutions
                                                           for Online Course Support

                  A                        B                          C                      D
      Plaza, Sandra     University of Houston-Clear Lake   Adeline Low, Luis   The Relationship between
                                                           Martinez            Self-Image and Intentions to
                                                                               Quit Smoking among College

      Porter, Carlton   Lee College                                            Images of Egypt: A Country
                                                                               in Transition

                   A                        B                            C                 D
      Portillo, Regina   St. Edward's University            Helen Just       Turn Off the TV: Developing
                                                                             A More Creative Side May Be
                                                                             of Immense Benefit to Your

      Powell, Courtney   University of Houston-Clear Lake                    The Effect of Career Mobility
                                                                             on the Organizational
                                                                             Commitment of
                                                                             Undergraduate and
                                                                             Graduate Students

                  A                            B                C                  D
      Preston, Sara         University of Houston-Clear Lake        Proposal for Research
                                                                    Environment Restoration
                                                                    after Natural Disasters

      Pustahija, Tomislav   University of Houston-Main Campus       German Yugoslavian
                                                                    Relations from 1950 till the
                                                                    break in relations in 1957

               A                                  B                           C                             D
      Ramamurthy, Iyer ShobhaSri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher   Rajeshwari C Ullagaddi,    Oxidative stress in diabetes
                             Learning                             Vinay Allagadda, Andallu   and osteoarthritis:
                                                                  Bondada                    Protective role of aniseeds
                                                                                             (Pimpinella anisum).

                A                        B               C                  D
      Ramiah, Meena   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Turn Indicator Vest - Assures
                                                             Cyclist Safety on Roads

                A                       B                 C                 D
      Reamey, Anne   University of Texas at San Antonio       Producing Life in Factories of
                                                              Death: Pregnancy, Childbirth,
                                                              and Abortion Among Jewish
                                                              Women in Nazi Death
                                                              Camps, 1941-1945

                 A                      B                          C                           D
      Reed, Rachel   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Deandra Newcomb-         Spiritual Feminisms
                                                        McKinney, Brandi Monell,
                                                        Gwendolyn Colbert

                  A                       B               C                 D
      Reiser, Andrew   University of Houston                  The Iroquois of Grand River:
                                                              From Sovereignty to
                                                              Canadian Subjects

      Robayo, Gloria   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Bioreactor Landfill

                 A                          B                            C                      D
      Robinson, Justin   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jennifer Arcangeli   Differentiation and Ability to
                                                                                 Cope with Stress

                  A                        B               C                 D
      Roca, Kayla Ann   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Understanding the
                                                               Motivations for Enlisting
                                                               with the Women's Army
                                                               Corps, 1941-1945

                 A                             B                            C                 D
      Rodriguez, Modesto   University of Houston-Clear Lake                     Re-orienting the Orient:
                           Ramsey Campus - Texas Department                     Rewriting the Subaltern
                           of Criminal Justice

      Rogillio, June       University of Houston-Clear Lake   Jake Knight       City of Houston's Water

                  A                        B                           C                    D
      Rothe, Brittany   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Charles Peterson   Tacting with Video Feedback
                                                                              and Modeling to Improve a
                                                                              Complex Behavior

                  A                         B              C                 D
      Salinas, Sergio   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                        Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                        of Criminal Justice

                 A                          B                           C                          D
      Sanchez, Adriana   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Cynthia Abbott, Erika    Women's Ethnicity and Work-
                                                            Barragan, Karen Nett     Family Conflict

      Sanchez, Claudia   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Thomas Kasper, Christina Attitudes of Psychology
                                                            Ramirez                  Students Toward the
                                                                                     Mentally Ill

                 A                             B             C                 D
      Sanger, Katherine   Capella University                     Barriers to Adult Education
                                                                 for Muslim Women in Iran
                                                                 and the United Kingdom

      Santoyo, Rodrigo    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Environmental Issues in
                                                                 Galveston, TX

                 A                           B                            C                            D
      Saxenian, Cynthia   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Kathryn Hernandez-         Selected Topics of Human
                                                             Roeder, Alisa Capetillo,   Imprint on Global and Local
                                                             Celina Gauthier            Ecology--IT'S NOT ALL BAD

      Saxenian, Cynthia   University of Houston-Clear Lake                              Dolphin Slayings

                   A                          B               C                D
      Schoffstall, Jerre   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Fraud: Are We Serious About

      Scruggs, Camesha     Texas Southern University              Beliefs About Black Women's
                                                                  Bidding: A Look Into
                                                                  Domestic Laborers from
                                                                  1919 - 1939

                  A                          B               C                 D
      Selleh, Stephanie   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Aggression in the Amazon
                                                                 River Dolphin: Do
                                                                 Conditioned Dolphins Display
                                                                 more Physical Signs of
                                                                 Aggression than the Non-
                                                                 Conditioned Population

                 A                           B               C                    D
      Sepulvado, Jarita   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Soil and leaf litter arthropods
                                                                 of the Amazon tropical

                A                       B               C                  D
      Shah, Shweta   University of Houston-Clear Lake       The Role of Information
                                                            Technology in Public Health

                A                         B                             C                   D
      Shenoy, Amrita   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dianne Love       Clinical Integration

                A                         B                             C                 D
      Shenoy, Amrita   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Paul Bruder       Role of Epidemiology and
                                                                            Healthcare Administration in
                                                                            Treatment of Chronic
                                                                            Lymphocytic Leukemia with
                                                                            Stem Cells

      Shenoy, Amrita   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dianne Love       Accountable Care

                 A                       B                           C                        D
      Sherrod, Rosa   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Johanna Montelongo ,   Laboratory Ergonomics
                                                         Sara Preston

                     A                      B               C                D
      Sheth, Aditi       University of Houston-Clear Lake       Implementation of an EMR
                                                                System in a Medical Practice

      Sims, Brian        University of Houston-Clear Lake       Management Override and
                                                                Exploitation of Lack of

                 A                         B                            C                         D
      Singh, Gurpreet   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Rashid Ballouli, Lorenzo Breast Cancer and the new
                                                           Bowie, Georger           technology
                                                           Kallukuzhy, Phuong Doan

                  A                      B    C                 D
      Smart, Katie    University of Houston       Enemy from Within: A
                                                  Slaveholder Turned

                 A                        B              C                 D
      Smith, Albert   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                      Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                      of Criminal Justice

                  A                         B                           C                         D
      Smith, Larissa     University of Houston-Clear Lake   Sam Salazar, Candice   Scrupulosity: Prevalence of
                                                            Williams               thoughts, presentation of
                                                                                   rituals and predictors of
                                                                                   distress in a non-clinical

      Spears, Brittney   Lone Star College-North Harris                            Men's Attitudes Towards

      Sprouse, Randi     University of Houston-Clear Lake                          Impact of Genetically
                                                                                   Modified Foods

                   A                        B                           C                           D
      Stiefler, Nicole   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dorothea Lerman, Krista   Systematically Fading Visual
                                                            Gengo, Lynsey Jackson     Prompts to Teach Sight
                                                                                      Word Reading to Children
                                                                                      with Autism

                 A                      B               C                 D
      Taylor, Mary   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Using SWAT to Model
                                                            Horsepen Bayou to Gauge
                                                            the Storm Water Runoff
                                                            Flood Patterns as a Result of
                                                            Continued Land Development

                  A                        B                          C                          D
      Tellawi, Ghazel   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Monnica Williams, Chad   Understanding Sexual
                                                           Wetterneck               Orientation Obsessions in

                 A                            B                            C                      D
      Terekhova, Evgenia   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Juan Garcia, Imelda    Representing al-Maghreb:
                                                              Estrada, Nick Burns,   Student Research and the
                                                              Udeshika Amarasinghe   Model Arab League

                 A                       B    C                 D
      Trate, Rachel   University of Houston       Honorable Pirates: The
                                                  Moral Conscience and Code
                                                  of Honor of German
                                                  Submariners in the First
                                                  World War

                  A                          B              C                 D
      Trevino, Phillip   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                         Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                         of Criminal Justice

                  A                                B                           C                     D
      Ullagaddi, Rajeshwari C Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher   Vinay Allagadda,   Oxidative Stress in Breast
                              Learning                             Raghunadharao D,   and Liver Cancers:
                                                                   Andallu Bondada    Antioxidative and
                                                                                      Antiproliferative Effects of
                                                                                      Coriander Extracts.

                 A                         B                            C                         D
      Valdez, Natalie   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Daisy Gutierrez, Sara   Cyberbullying in the
                                                           Sagarnaga               Workplace: Incidence Rates
                                                                                   of Victimization Based on
                                                                                   Gender and Age

                  A                         B               C                D
      Valentino, James   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Karankawa Cannibalism: Fact
                                                                or Enduring Myth

                A                               B                 C                        D
      Van Vranken, Delaney   St. Edward's University   Tony Dutcher, Sara   Student Changing
                                                       Villanueva           Communication Styles and
                                                                            Possible Implications

                A                            B                          C                              D
      Vaughan, Courtney   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Nadia McKinney,            Police Stress and Tenure
                                                             Abraham Cruz, Kevin

      Vela, Alan          University of Houston-Clear Lake   Callie Prade, Porsha Alex, Perceived Credibility from
                                                             Candice Boysen             Facebook Profile Pictures

                  A                         B              C                 D
      Velasquez, Jose   University of Houston-Clear Lake       Re-orienting the Orient:
                        Ramsey Campus - Texas Department       Rewriting the Subaltern
                        of Criminal Justice

      Vipond, Julie     Texas Southern University              The Power of Ku Klux Klan in
                                                               the 1960's: Fact or Fiction

                A                                B               C                 D
                              University of Houston-Clear Lake
      Walker-Anderson, Kathleen                                      Finding Utopia: A novel of
                                                                     family and American history

      Ward, Kevin             University of Houston-Clear Lake       Chinaberry Tea

                 A                            B                          C                           D
      Whatley, Charlotte   University of Houston                                      From Gallyart Hayme
                                                                                      Cummyn Was: The Siege of
                                                                                      Perth and the Franco-
                                                                                      Scottish Alliance in the
                                                                                      Hundred Years War

      Wilson, Lillie       University of Houston-Clear Lake   Dorothea C. Lerman, Lynn Parental Choice Between
                                                              Hawkins, Kimberly Lewis Teaching Manual Sign and
                                                                                       Picture Exchange

                 A                       B               C                  D
      Wilson, Sean    University of Houston-Clear Lake       Creating a children's book:
                                                             Princess Ava's Great Space

      Wofford, Kyle   University of Houston-Clear Lake       The poetics of Kyle Wofford

                 A                         B                           C                D
      Youssef, Nameer   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Luis Cruz       Space requirement between
                                                                           flanges met with composite

                  A                        B                         C                      D
      Zulfiqar, Nadia   University of Houston-Clear Lake   Samantha Noronha   Lahore with Love by Fawzia

                                         E                          F     G           H                 J    L

Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts
     Monday, April 18 - Friday, April 22, 2011

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                                                                                 Poster Number
       Project Description                                  Topic       Format         or        Room       Day
   2                                                                              Oral Session
                                         E                                           F         G       H          J           L
    Workers facing wage theft, injury, discrimination, and other forms of Organizations in   Poster   56   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    abuse at the workplace visit the Houston Interfaith Worker Justice       Society
    Center to fight for earned pay, to file claims against their employers,
    or to seek methods of compensation for their injuries. Despite their
    legal and human rights to fair treatment, workers face countless
    obstacles in winning the wages that are owed to them and more
    importantly in having their rights respected. More and more cases of
    wage theft, discrimination, and other issues at the workplace are
    being reported to HIWJ at a high volume. The goal of this research
    project is to display the rapid growth in the amount of cases brought
    to the worker justice center and bring more awareness to the
    seriousness of the issues in the Houston area. The presentation will
    report the amount of new cases that have been documented from July
    2010 to March 2011. The presentation will also give an outline to the
    workers' rights issues that the state of Texas is currently facing, such
    as the amount of deaths at the workplace, health and safety practices,
    and concerns of justifiable cause for termination.

                                         E                                             F      G       H          J           L
    This study analyzed the viability of recycling plastic waste generated by Environment   Poster   65   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    a major academic biomedical research institution in Texas Medical
    Center Complex. A simple waste composition study of the waste
    stream was conducted and an examination of the existing recycling
    programs for various waste generated by the institution was
    examined. It was discovered that plastics are one of the least managed
    of all the recyclable materials generated by academic and research
    institutions. A plastic waste characterization and quantification study
    was conducted and the manual sorting and classification of plastic was
    carried out using the interpretation of the Society of the Plastics
    Industries Code. Based on the analysis, the disposal recycling method
    through a government center was cost effective for the two
    institutions. The diversion program through a recycler was not viable
    after extrapolation to other institutions because of the higher cost
    expense and low quantities generated. Finally, an effective waste
    management program recommendation for improving recycling of
    plastic was suggested.

                                         E                                               F           G       H          J           L
    We study the possible effects of magnetic field on the bacterial          Biological Science   Poster   69   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    growth. The results indicate that a strong causal relationship exist
    between cellular growth and the electromagnetic fields. However,
    different magnetic fields affect the bacteria differently, with some
    causing an increase in bacterial cells and others causing a decrease in
    the same cells. This phenomenon has yet to be explained, but the
    current study attempts to offer a mathematical explanation for this
    occurrence. We started the bacterial growth in the magnetic field and
    compared it with the study of the same without the magnetic field.
    The commonly found gram positive and gram negative bacteria were
    cultured in nutrient broth and their growth rate was studied. We try to
    find explanation of experimental result through the effect of magnets
    on the ion transport in the intracellular medium. Researchers
    discovered ions such as potassium and sodium are affected by the
    magnetic field. A formula is presented in the analysis section to explain
    this effect.

                                         E                                                F           G         H                J     L
  Undetectable gas leaks can be deleterious to humans and other life            Safety Engineering   Oral   Symposium 1   SSCB 3307   Mon
  forms. In August 1986, the active crater Lake Nyos, located in the
  North West region of Cameroon, released over 0.68km3 of carbon
  dioxide - CO2 which killed every living thing within a 15 mile radius of
  the lake. 1700 people died. This effect of carbon dioxide was due to its
  density relative to that of oxygen in air, thus, displacing oxygen at
  ground levels typically occupied by humans and livestock. Most major
  facilities consisting of offices, workshops, warehouses and other
  manufacturing areas are usually very high buildings i.e. the floor level
  to roof level is usually 60 feet and above. Most jobs in these facilities
  are within the height range of 6 to 18 feet from the floor level. Two
  work stations visited are the NASA Space Vehicle Mockup Facility
  (SVMF) and the Neutral Buoyancy Lab with approximately 585 feet in
  length, 125 feet in width and 82 feet in height. These two facilities
  meet very high safety standards. However, the release of a toxic or
  flammable gas within or into the building may not be detected easily
  and rapidly given the fact that detectors are; - Usually installed only in
6 confined spaces (not the case of such facilities) - Located at the roof
  and/or walls - For specific kinds of gases if they exist in the facility This
                                        E                                            F      G           H                 J      L
  In American history one specific movement that had its basis on fear    Literature and   Oral   Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133   Thu
  was that of anti-Communism. Communism took its biggest hold on          Literacy
  American Society "in the forty years following the Russian Revolution
  of October 1917 [when] communism was the most dynamic force in
  American left-wing politics" states Priscilla Murolo. The favor
  communism gained in American society made communist groups, such
  as the American Communist Party, possible to form. Due to the
  overwhelming favor communism was obtaining, not only in America,
  but other places in the world as well, such as China, American citizens
  were subject to disturbances. Senator Joseph McCarthy took
  advantage of these times and "made a public accusation that more
  than two hundred 'card-carrying' communists had infiltrated the
  United States government" as mentioned in the article "Arthur Miller
  McCarthyism." The result was a domino effect for people to make
  false and sometimes paranoid accusations known as McCarthyism or
  the Red Scare. Many of these accusations were made on public
  figures, be it writers, government officials, or entertainers. One
  specific public figure who was personally affected by the Red Scare
7 was Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller found himself accused of communism
  after several of his friends were tried for the same accusation. Miller
                                         E                                             F    G           H                 J      L
  Use of nanoparticles, defined as particles that have at least one          Science and   Oral   Oral Session 3   Bayou 1130   Thu
  dimension of 100 nm or less, is increasing in commercial and medical Technology
  products. Quantum dots are a type of fluorescent, semi-conductive
  nanoparticles that are used in applications from biological imaging to
  computer chip manufacture. Increasing use of this type of particles
  hastens the need to study their toxicological implications since the
  toxicological parameters of quantum dots are not well defined and the
  toxicological mechanisms of action are not known. Nanoparticle
  characteristics differ in size, surface charge, coating agents and surface
  chemistries, which may influence toxicity of individual preparations of
  particles. This study was aimed to investigate multiple comparisons of
  the toxicities of quantum dots, cadmium and zinc salts in zebrafish at
  the molecular and cellular level. To determine whether particle
  composition, size or coating plays an important role in nanocrystal
  toxicity, zebrafish liver (ZFL) cells were exposed to various
  concentrations of quantum dots, cadmium and zinc salts. MTT assay
  suggested that quantum dots were more toxic than cadmium or zinc
  salts. At a concentration of 2 µM CdTe caused 80% cell death, while
8 cadmium caused 80% cell death at a concentration of 150 µM. MPA
  coated CdSe/ZnS QDs were cytocompatible, whereas non-coated CdTe
                                           E                                              F         G           H                  J           L
     For a number of years now researchers have studied the effects of          Stress and Pain   Poster       11           Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     religiousness/spirituality on health. What we now know is that
     religiousness/spirituality very likely influences the pathways to
     physical health and psychological well-being (Park, 2007). High scores
     on religiousness/spirituality are associated with an increase in positive
     coping skills and being able to moderate the effects of stress (Powell
     et al. 2003). It appears that religiousness/spirituality also acts as a
     protective buffer against a variety of stressful experiences (Park et al.,
     1990), lowering levels of distress and negative emotions (Koenig et al.,
     2001). The current study focused on the level of
     religiousness/spirituality and the correlation with the effectiveness of
     biofeedback training on anxiety levels. Forty (40) participants were
     asked to report their religiousness/spirituality on an Intrinsic/Extrinsic
     Religious Orientation Scale (1989). They then were scheduled for 3
     weekly biofeedback training sessions. It was hypothesized that
     individuals reporting higher religiousness/spirituality would benefit
     more from these sessions than those who scored lower on this
     For this project we investigated the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean or         Science and         Oral    Oral Session 3   Bayou 1130        Thu
     AGM. Our research covered the origins and history of the AGM, the         Technology
     properties of the AGM, and a look at how fast calculations using the
     AGM converge. We also looked at an application using the AGM to
     calculate accurate approximations of .
                                        E                                             F         G           H                  J      L
   This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 10   Bayou 1335   Thu
   TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
   Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
   of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
   presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
   orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
   mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
   understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
   divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
   emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
   described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
   a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
   the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
   group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
   the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
   rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
   failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
   contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
11 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
   concept of re-orienting the orient becomes a transformation of
                                         E                                           F              G           H                  J           L
   The aim of this project is to explore parental involvement in the sex  Education and           Poster       82           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   education process. As we take a look at current sex education          Children's Literature
   curricula involving parents and survey experts in the field, it is our
   hope to develop best practices associated with engaging parents in
   the sex education process. Previous research has highlighted the
   importance of parental influence on adolescent decisions, especially
   regarding sexual behavior. This study plans to build on the current
   research by seeking data from experts across the field of sex
   education. Data will be collected using the Delphi Method. The Delphi
   Method will facilitate multiple rounds of data collection utilizing
   surveys in order to pursue a consensus among the experts. We
   believe the findings of this research could prove beneficial for
   increasing support for parental involvement in the sex education
   process, informing public educators and agencies that provide sex
   education programs and disseminating expert perspective into the
   field. The goals of our study are to gain additional information on
   parental involvement in sex education curricula, provide future sex
   education curriculum writers information and gather expert opinions
12 on engaging parents in the sex education process.
   Throughout history, poetry and stories have been used as one of the    Poetry                   Oral    Oral Session 1   Bayou Forest Room Wed
   most beautiful medias of expression for the human race. They have
   been used to express the pains of war, the glory of romance, the will
   of kings and the sorrow of slaves. The striking expressions and the
   pictures that are painted in the readers mind with their words expose
   the beautiful feelings of the poet or writer as they pour out on the
   page. Thus, poetry and stories make a natural transfer into prayer.
   Prayer is a part of ones spiritual journeys no matter what religion is
   practiced or what one believes. Both Rumi and the Buddhist Scriptures
   make use of the poetic story to send their message and explain their
   ecstasy. These types of prayerful poetry and stories are used as a
   conduit to a higher beings and enlightenment through earthly words
   and meanings.
                                            E                                             F    G           H                 J           L
     As every artist has a story to tell, the poetic writer brings forth his/her Poetry       Oral   Oral Session 1   Bayou Forest Room Wed
     interpretation through the expression of words. Painting a picture in
     the readers mind with poetry is one of the best ways to convey true
     emotions. The beauty of the cultures we have studied throughout this
     semester comes through in their art and their words. The poems draw
     us in, they make us care, and they create where mere words on paper
     cannot. The Buddhist Scriptures, Rumi and the Borderlands all send a
     powerful message to their readers. Whether it be enlightenment, love
     or longing, these three texts bring their words to life within the
     readers mind.
   In twentieth- century France, gender and age helped shape women’s History Consortium       Oral        3A          Bayou 1211       Fri
   identity and role within society, yet their intersection has largely been
   unexplored by historians. This paper will analyze the relationship of
   gender and age and their impact on the position of women and their
   identities in France during the twentieth century. Using the life and
   writing of the influential and celebrated female intellectual Simone de
   Beauvoir as a guide to better understand age in French society, the
   paper will explore the role of age, the aging process, and its relation to
   gender and identity. Additionally, perceptions of age and its role as an
   identity marker will be placed within the historical context of
   twentieth-century France to demonstrate how social, political, and
   economic structures influenced the conceptualization of gender and
   age. Finally, as aging is a process manifested by the body, this study of
   Beauvoir and her writings will also emphasize how aging reflects
   gendered perceptions of the body. With a career that spanned from
   youth to old age, for Beauvoir, age never defined her public identity or
   altered popular opinion of her work in a negative manner. Yet, her
   writings clearly described a fear of aging, not only in regards to the
15 physical decline of her body, but mental degeneration as well. The
   analysis Beauvoir’s four-volume collection of memoirs, her
                                         E                                            F           G     H           J      L
   When Voltaire wrote his Letters on England, he was living in exile,      History Consortium   Oral   3B   Bayou 1213   Fri
   away from France. For his work to be taken seriously, it only made
   sense that he would shoehorn in a discussion of Blaise Pascal's
   Penseés. Pascal was deeply admired in France and had been a
   childhood prodigy of great skill. His work was seen as a fine example of
   the French philosophical tradition. However, while Pascal was in a way
   everything that Voltaire wanted to be, Voltaire also despised Pascal's
   religious beliefs. Although Letters on England was an early work of
   Voltaire's, Voltaire's dislike of what he saw as religious intolerance
   would be a life-long theme in his life. Ironically, however, Pascal's
   beliefs were founded upon the basis of Jansenism, a subset of
   Catholicism that was itself viewed with suspicion and intolerance.
   Voltaire's own religious beliefs can be classified as deist, a religious
   philosophy that was quite important to the period of the
   Enlightenment. As such, Voltaire's analysis and refutation of Pascal's
   Penseés actually serves as an exploration of both Deism and
   Jansenism, as well as Enlightened philosophy as a whole. In addition,
   since it includes Pascal's Wager, the discussion is representative of
16 religious philosophical beliefs that are still held and considered valid
   today. As such, what seems upon first examination to be a throwaway
                                         E                                              F         G       H          J           L
   Like it or not, standardized tests are an integral part of the educational Stress and Pain   Poster   12   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   system in this country. In fact, the American Association of State
   Colleges and Universities (AASCU) has even advocated that its member
   institutions use standardized measures in their accountability
   frameworks (Banta, 2007). Admission to most colleges and universities
   relies, at least in part, on SAT and ACT scores. Students who aspire to
   be psychologists, attorneys, and doctors need high scores on the GRE,
   LSAT, and MCAT. College students are asking hard questions in their
   search for ways to raise their scores, and they should - scores on these
   standardized tests could determine their future. Anxiety and stress
   may affect some students' test-taking abilities. Numerous studies on
   test anxiety are found in the research literature (e.g., Bembenutty,
   2009; Zettle & Raines, 2000). However, there is a paucity of research
   that examines the role that stress and anxiety play on graduate
   testing. Therefore, this followup study utilized a pre-test/post-test
   design to focus on the use of biofeedback training as a way to reduce
   anxiety and thereby increase test scores. Thirty-eight participants
   enrolled in a series of three 15-minute sessions using the Physiolab I-
17 330 C2 biofeedback program, produced by J & J Engineering, Inc.
   Physiological data collected included hand temperature, galvanic skin
                                          E                                           F          G          H                J           L
     The study examines the past and present types of interaction and the Social Attitudes     Poster      59         Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     circumstance of the development of friendship. The research provides
     the overall development of interracial friendship and the reduction of
     prejudice. The research views the common casualties and factors of
     the friendship. The sample consists of 50 graduate students at the
     University of Houston-Clear Lake. In the study the students will
     complete a questionnaire that examines the development of an
     interracial friendship and the amount of prejudice that will decrease
     with the interaction in African Americans and Caucasians. The data
     supports that the interaction with African Americans and Caucasians
     will change the individuals perspective of prejudice and stereotyping
     within that individual, but there will not be a change in prejudice
     when it is viewed to the overall group.

     Organizational Development does a variety of things within the walls Healthcare            Oral    Symposium 6   Bayou 1335        Fri
     of the hospital and for multiple projects. One the main involvements     Administration
     OD has with the hospital is maintaining a steady relationship with their
     assigned nursing units. Many issues, events and changes are
     constantly taking place within the units, that when you are outside
     looking in you may not notice unless you are directly involved.
     Therefore, the role of the Senior OD Consultants or even OD itself is to
     assess, conduct and assist in assimilations, seminars and trainings to
     help better develop the unit as a stronger and productive team in
     whatever issues they may have. Though, it may seem easier said than
     done, this however, is a time consuming, lengthy process to help the
     transition be as seamless as possible. This presentation will detail the
     experiences of an intern in the OD unit of a Houston Hospital. Vital
     lessons and experiences learned will be presented and discussed as it
     enhanced the interns knowledge and experience for a sufficient
     ongoing hospital exposure.

                                          E                                              F       G         H                J      L
     The process of getting a physician credentialed at the hospital is long, Healthcare        Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
     and bureaucratic. It allows the hospital to verify the credentials of the Administration
     applicant and determine whether they should be allowed to practice
     medicine within their facility. Each hospital has their own application
     and different requests of the physician. While on its face, the
     applications for the hospitals appear straight forward, the whole
     process can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, sometimes more. This
     presentation will describe the process of obtaining credentials for
     physicians at hospitals within the Texas Medical Center as part of an
     internship project. The second part of the project was to identify ways
     in which the credentialing process could be made easier when
     applying to multiple hospitals. The presentation will describe the
     problems encountered during the process, lessons learned, and
     provide recommendations for streamlining the credentialing process.

                                        E                                             F             G            H                  J      L
   Our proposed project topic is federal ozone attainment in the Houston Environmental          Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
   area. Houston has had many difficulties in meeting current and past      Health and Safety                                           beginni
   air regulation requirements. There has been heated debate over what                                                                    ng
   is acceptable for our city versus the rest of the United States. Much of                                                              Mon,
   this struggle to meet air regulations is due to the highly populated                                                                 Apr 20
   areas of industry such as refineries, plants, the ship channel, and
   other high emitters of air pollution. The ozone standard was updated
   in 2008 by EPA to 75 ppb as the eight hour average. Regulators felt
   that the Bush era standards were not effective enough in protecting
   the general publics health. Many scientists and air activist groups feel
   this standard should be even lower (60 ppb). TCEQ was concerned
   with this decrease in allowable ozone because they felt it would be
   detrimental to the Houston economy which relies on much of the
   chemical, manufacturing and refinery industries. In addition to the
   refineries and plants causing much of the high ozone emissions, cars
   are also responsible. Houston is a commuter city and its almost
   impossible to get around on solely the public transportation system.
   Tailpipes of cars cause ozone emissions among other types of air
21 pollution. Houston has not achieved the current air standard of 75
   ppb and this area has until 2019 to be in attainment (some are saying
                                          E                                             F          G          H                J           L
   Each year there are thousands of injuries in manufacturing plants,       Safety Engineering    Oral    Symposium 1   SSCB 3307         Mon
   warehouses and shipping facilities. Of the approximately 34,000
   injuries, 1000 or more are associated with powered industrial vehicles,
   such as forklifts. Current forklifts have an audible warning system to
   warn others nearby; but, there is nothing to warn of potential hazards
   for the driver. There are some solutions to this problem that are
   available as an after-market product. One remedy could be the use of
   a camera. A camera would allow the driver to see the surrounding
   environment. A possible problem with the use of a camera is that it
   still requires the interaction of a human. The response time to take
   evasive action will depend on the drivers reflexes to avoid a potential
   injury. Humans will make more errors than a machine; therefore, a
   better solution will eliminate the involvement of humans in the
   process. Another remedy to the problem would be the use of a
   technical package that will think and act for the driver. There is such
   technology on the market that is previously utilized in automobiles.
   Some late model automobiles are equipped with an Adaptive Cruise
   Control (ACC) plus a Stop and Go feature. This technology is a
22 combination of cruise control and the use of electronically scanning
   This research project is to determine adjustments. This paper will
   radar (ESR) allowing automatic speedthe general public's attitude        Social Attitudes     Poster      60         Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   towards the police. It will allow for greater insight into the dynamic
   relationship between the police and the public. Perhaps this study will
   provide information that can be useful for law enforcement agencies
   that might want to re-evaluate their current policies in order to make
   their respective departments or programs more community oriented
   and involved. This study will contribute to the growing literature about
   public and police interaction and to the general body of knowledge
   that might allow for maintaining a healthy relationship between these
   two groups.
                                          E                                              F            G      H           J           L
     Eighteenth century children's literature highlights the commercial        History Consortium    Oral    3B   Bayou 1213        Fri
     relationship and cultural connections between Britain and her
     colonies. The predecessor of modern children's literature, these works
     developed in John Newbery's London shop at mid-century and marked
     a transitional period from traditional patriarchal views to Lockean
     views toward children. Newbery and his writers designed these works
     to please parental desires for education, social, and moral uplift, while
     also attracting and entertaining children. These works spread
     throughout the English Atlantic world of the eighteenth century and
     received a revival in the 1780s by printer Isaiah Thomas of Worcester,
     Massachusetts. A study of this literature reveals changing views of
     children and society in the eighteenth century.

   Low income students receiving welfare graduate more timely than            Education and         Poster   87   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   none-welfare receiving low income students. Access to financial            Career Issues
   resources opens up their options not only in the short term, but the
   long term. Welfare recipients that obtain a four year degree have an
   almost one hundred percent likelihood of never returning to welfare.
   In order to decrease welfare recipients' lifetime dependency on
   government assistance, the welfare system needs to be restructured
   where education based on known skills and abilities is mandatory.
   Currently, welfare programs place a higher importance on immediate
   job placement, disregarding the long term consequences of accepting
   "any" job, jobs that result in the recipient returning to, or never
   leaving the welfare system. By understanding and implementing even
   some of the suggestions in this project, society will benefit in a variety
   of ways. Less tax dollars will be spent in the area of welfare in the long
   term, as well as the production of educated individuals that may have
   never before had this type of mandatory encouragement or access to
   resources. This work attempts to bring attention to the fact that low-
   income students benefit the most from welfare programs. The
25 timeliness of their graduation is faster than those low-income students
   not receiving welfare benefits. Access to these resources should be
                                          E                                             F             G             H                J        L
     The U.S. military joined with the social sciences academy in the 1960s   History Consortium     Oral           1C        Bayou 1215     Fri
     in an effort to seek non-coercive methods of winning over the
     allegiances of developing nations. Latin America served as the
     laboratory for these social science studies and experiments. Project
     Camelot was just one such project destined to take place in Chile. It
     was the largest and most heavily funded social science endeavor to
     date in U.S. history. Despite never having passed the planning stages,
     Project Camelot launched a political firestorm both in the U.S. and in
     Latin America. Utilizing Project Camelot as the case study, this
     presentation will discuss the use of the social sciences in U.S.
     The reasons for strict PPE policies in the workplace will be discussed.   Environmental       Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
     The main personal protective equipment will be analyzed, such as: eye Health and Safety                                               beginni
     protection, ear protection, FRCs, hard hats, foot and hand protection,                                                                  ng
     and respiratory protection. The history of injuries in the workplace will                                                              Mon,
     be analyzed and compared to the present day.                                                                                          Apr 20
                                          E                                           F           G         H                J      L
     In the mid 1960s Englishmen John Hatch took a personal interest in     History Consortium   Oral       4D        Bayou 1217   Fri
     the Houston metropolitan area universities regarding African Studies.
     He envisioned the Bayou City, the largest city in the southern United
     States, with African Studies Programs at its major universities.
     Previously, Hatch worked diligently in Africa and countries all around
     the world to endorse the studying of African Heritage. After
     negotiations an African Studies consortium shared by the four major
     universities in Houston allowed Blacks to study their own African
     curriculum at Texas Southern University. By the end of the decade in
     1969 Hatch expressed censure toward Texas Southern's programs, and
     began to urge the University of to institute a program for Black
     Cougars. Meanwhile, the end of the decade unearthed a period of
     racial tension and unrest most evident on colleges campus, which the
     University of Houston had no immunity to. Without the audacious
     efforts of the early Black Cougars, the Black Studies Program at the
     University of Houston may have never existed

     In major retail home improvement stores, different types of carts are   Ergonomics and      Oral   Symposium 5   Bayou 3615   Thu
     available to customers and employees for transporting heavy             Workplace Design
     materials such as lumber to check-out registers and to vehicles.
     However, these carts may not have been designed using
     anthropometric data or with an understanding of user needs and
     tasks. This may pose unnecessary risks to customers and employees.
     The awkward pushing of carts carrying lumber and other heavy
     materials can potentially cause musculoskeletal disorders and
     cumulative trauma disorders. In this study, two specific carts were
     analyzed and evaluated for compliance with anthropometric data of
     the user population, and design recommendations were made to
     decrease the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

                                          E                                             F           G       H          J           L
     Over the last thirty years, and due to favorable habitat, few natural   Biological Science   Poster   70   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     predators, and low hunting rates, white-tailed deer (Odocoileus
     virginianus) populations have been increasing in density in
     Westchester County, New York. Any rise in deer population can be
     expected to induce significant alterations to forest structure, Lyme
     disease transmission dynamics, and rates of auto collisions, among
     other economic impacts. In response, some nature preserves
     independently have introduced small-scale (3-20 sq km) culling
     programs to manage white-tailed deer populations, typically with
     controlled archery hunting seasons. Currently, however, there is no
     systematic, county-wide coordinated approach to deer management.
     Thus, current management strategies de facto assume that each
     preserve circumscribes a unique population, as opposed to, for
     example, multiple overlapping ranges. Using STRCTURE 2.2,
     microsatellite profiles were analyzed so as to determine the genetic
     structure of white-tailed deer sampled from the Mianus River Gorge
     Preserve. Implications for the scale and granularity of management
     plans are considered.
                                         E                                             F            G      H           J           L
     This paper explores how throughout the twentieth century, the U.S.      History Consortium    Oral    3C   Bayou 1215        Fri
     government worked closely with American businesses and the
     Mexican government to favor profitability over the social conditions of
     Mexican workers in the Bracero Program (1942-1964) and the Border
     Industrialization Program, or BIP (1964-2000). In both programs,
     Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) tailored each program
     to American employers ideals of the most cost-efficient, most
     productive, and least resistant workforce for each individual program
     by exploiting gender. While in the Bracero Program, U.S. farmers
     favored single, male laborers, in the BIP, U.S. employers preferred
     single, female workers. The author conducted a series of oral history
     interviews with former braceros and maquiladora workers in order to
     draw comparisons between their experiences under U.S. capitalism in
     the twentieth century. Under each program, male braceros and
     female maquiladora workers shared similar experiences with low
     wages, substandard living conditions, and other human rights

     The year 2009 marked the 75th anniversary of Lee College in Baytown, Organizations in        Poster   57   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     Texas. It has become one of the most well known community colleges Society
     in the nation. During the Great Depression, the citizens imposed a
     local tax, on themselves to aid in establishing the College. Due to these
     efforts, Lee College is now the second fastest growing community
     college in Texas, and sixth in the nation. After becoming a stable
     fixture in Baytown, Lee College has come to serve many students in a
     variety of programs. The College serves over 13,000 students annually,
     offers over 130 degrees and certificates, has a nationally recognized
     Honors Program, and is committed to providing a high quality
     education at an affordable rate.

                                         E                                             F              G        H              J           L
     Maintaining behaviors are necessary in order to learn more complex      Behavioral Processes   Poster    34       Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     behaviors. If an individual cannot maintain simple behaviors, he or she
     will not be able to develop more complex behaviors. A key variable
     that may influence maintenance is response effort. Basic experimental
     research with animals demonstrated that a response was more likely
     to maintain in the absence of reinforcement (i.e., show greater
     resistance to extinction) when a subject was previously trained on a
     task that required increased response effort (Aiken, 1957). Previous
     studies have measured duration and latency in order to measure
     response effort (e.g., Neef, Mace, Shea, & Shade, 1992). The purpose
     of the current study is to examine task difficulty with typical
     developing college students. Replication of basic studies will help to
     understand manipulation of effort and resistance to extinction with
     human subjects.

   Child trafficking metaphor found through art structures with hands-on Psychology                  Oral    Special   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
34 participation for the audience.
                                         E                                             F            G      H           J           L
   This essay examines the way conscientious objectors during World          History Consortium    Oral    1C   Bayou 1215        Fri
   War II actively forced America's home- front and government to
   rethink its understanding of pacifists and war resisters and adjust their
   approach toward these groups. Conscientious objectors (hereafter CO
   or COs) during World War II brought about significant changes in
   many different areas on the American home-front. This essay focuses
   on the role they played as catalysts for change in three specific areas.
   First, COs working in the Civilian Public Service camps rejected the
   "work of national importance" that was assigned to them, because it
   was either not important or it in some way conflicted with their
   intense objection to involvement in the war in any capacity. Second,
   COs who were assigned to work in mental hospitals and training
   facilities for the mentally ill exposed unacceptable conditions of filth
   and abuse rampant in those facilities - thus shedding light on an area
   generally ignored by the public and leading to changes in those areas.
   Finally, COs who served prison sentences brought about significant
   changes particularly in the areas of racial segregation and the
   treatment of prisoners through nonviolent methods of civil
35 disobedience and hunger and work strikes. Evidence shows that COs
   This study will measure the attempts by the Selective Service to
   did not respond passively torelationship between reported adult keep Human Development         Poster   35   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   aggression and adult perceptions of child aggression. Past research
   has implied that adult attitudes and behaviors can affect the behaviors
   of children. Throughout the course of their development, children are
   socialized to show aggression in different ways, which is perhaps a
   result of adult's attitudes. With bullying on the rise including the
   recent problem of cyber-bullying this is a pervasive issue in society
   today. To measure adult's perceptions, of children's aggression, a
   questionnaire will be distributed to University of Houston-Clear Lake
   students regarding self reported aggression and perceptions of
   children's aggression. It is expected positive correlations will be found
   between adult aggression and their perceptions of aggression in
                                         E                                            F              G         H                J      L
     This paper describes the relations in Nigeria between Igbo classes     History Consortium      Oral       2A        Bayou 1211   Fri
     during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Specifically explaining the symbiotic
     relationship between the Nri and Aro. Primary focus is on how the Aro
     trade network used the Nri priestly class and Awka blacksmiths, to
     expand their influence through parts of Nigeria.
     Following the annexation of Texas, slave and plantation owners            History Consortium   Oral       1B        Bayou 1213   Fri
     flocked to East Texas. This paper uses primary sources such as census,
     tax rolls, and diary to track slave movement across the South and into
     the state. Just before the Civil War, masters began to bring their slaves
     to Texas for safe keeping. This essay describes the reason for
     immigration to Texas and details the vast array of immigrants in this
     process. Special attention is given to the slave's stories in the move.

     The Amazon River is an immense force that stretches across most of       Earth Day Issues      Oral   Symposium 3   Bayou 1335   Thu
     South America, creating a floodplain for almost six months of the year.
     Many people live along the river in isolated homes, villages, or more
     developed towns and are referred to as Riverine dwellers or Caboclos.
     The riverine people must adapt to the river’s ever changing force. This
     presentation explores the lifestyle strategies of the riverine people
     living on the floodplain of the Amazon River with emphasis on their
     daily life, use of native plants and fishing. Their methods of obtaining
     food from the forest and materials for their homes are accomplished
     in a sustainable way. Do we gain to learn something from them?

                                          E                                           F             G            H                  J      L
   Safety training is an important component of a safety program. Safety Environmental          Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
   trainings are used to relay pertinent information to employees           Health and Safety                                           beginni
   concerning their safety and health in the work place. Most safety                                                                      ng
   trainings are comprised of regulatory based material and lessons                                                                      Mon,
   learned. Although most safety trainings contain regulatory                                                                           Apr 20
   information, it is less common that they reference institutional
   policies. Policies typically contain regulations set forth by the
   regulating body, but they also contain information that is based on
   best practices and lessons learned. Aside from regulatory information,
   most policy information is voluntarily enacted. A common problem
   with policy implementation is that employees are not aware of the
   policies. This is a problem because policies containing safety
   information are not getting to the employees for which they are
   targeted. Recently a question was posed; How do you know if
   employees are being trained on safety related policies?. Currently
   there is no check in place to ensure employees are being trained on
   policies related to employee safety. A case study approach was used
   to identify gaps between safety training and safety policy. The analysis
40 indicated that gaps do exist between the safety trainings offered and
   the safety policies at UT Health. The gaps were then compared to
                                         E                                             F           G          H                J           L
   Coral reefs have enormous economic and environmental value.              Biological Science   Poster      71         Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   However, their habitat is being threatened by stressors such as
   abnormal ocean temperatures, increased UV radiation, ocean
   acidification, and bacterial infections. These stressors can cause coral
   bleaching; the loss of their symbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinium sp.
   Bleaching weakens the immune system and may result in reduced
   coral health and ultimately lead to death. The cellular signaling
   pathway leading to this phenomenon in soft corals remains largely
   unknown. The soft coral Eunicea fusca was selected as a model to
   evaluate the molecular response of stress in corals since it is
   abundant, easy to collect, and responds to stress by bleaching.
   Towards the goal of developing biomarkers of soft coral stress, we will
   begin to sequence the transcriptome or full mRNA content (expressed
   genes) of E. fusca. This will be accomplished by creating and
   sequencing cDNA libraries derived from stressed and non-stressed
   organisms. The resulting sequences will be screened to identify those
   that might be involved in the defensome (complement of defending
   molecules against invaders) of corals including molecules involved in
41 chemical signaling, innate immune response, and wound healing. Long
   This goals include the use of the problem our government
   termpresentation will addressthese sequences to study theiris facing     Fraud                 Oral    Symposium 4   Bayou 1311        Thu
   with increasing fraud in Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, and other state
   funded programs. We will discuss some of the consequences this type
   of fraud is having in our economy, and society and the importance of
   establishing better guidelines to screen those in need of assistance.
   Medicaid is being defrauded in many ways: from people falsely
   claiming to have need for the program, to doctors and healthcare
   facilities charging the system for services they never provided. It all
   adds up and, at the end, tax payers and the government are paying the
   bill for these fraudsters.
                                          E                                             F               G           H                  J           L
   The purpose of this study is to help the researcher study the             Psychology:              Poster        1           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   relationship of extraversion and aggression- with respect to both         Individual Differences
   intropunitive and extrapunitive behaviors. The existing empirical
   evidence suggests that there is a strong correlation between
   personality types and aggression. For our study we are particularly
   interested in extraverted personality types and the ways in which
   these individuals display aggression- whether it is extrapunitive or
   intropunitive. Frost (1981) found in his study examining the
   relationship of aggression that low-level extraversion and
   intropunitiveness may appear together in an individual, but that
   extraversion and extrapunitiveness may not. On the other hand,
   Bedford and Foulds (1978) found that neuroticism was positively
   related to extrapunitivness and intropunitiveness. Additionally, they
   found that extraversion was negatively related to intropunitiveness
   and positively to dominance. Moreover, Deary, Bedford, and Fowkes
   (1995) stated that extrapunitiveness has been linked to aggression,
   but little work has been done with individuals free of psychiatric
   illness. There is not a significant amount of recent information
43 regarding extraversion as it relates to punitive behaviors, and existing
   My research is on the 1960 Presidential election and lack of research Politics and Policy
   research display confounding results. Specifically, thethe impact of                                Oral    Oral Session 8   Bayou 1218        Thu
   mass media in the campaigns of then-Senator John F. Kennedy and
   Vice President Richard Nixon. I will discuss the use of televised debates
   for the first time in history for Presidential elections, and the impact
   on the 1960 election, as well as those that followed. There is a
   particular focus on the image created by Senator Kennedy. I will also
   attempt to address whether Senator Kennedy would have won the
   election over Vice President Richard Nixon if not for the televised
                                          E                                             F         G         H                 J      L
     We will be holding a round table discussion over four themes of         Violence In Texas   Oral   Roundtable 1   Bayou 1418   Wed
     violence in Texas: domestic, structural, migration, and occupational.
     All seven members will examine the various aspects of these four
     themes in a intellectual debate. Theme one concentrates on assorted
     degrees of domestic violence that is present in every social class, sex
     and hetero/homo relationship. Theme two centers on the structural
     violence by examining different ways the social structure harms
     society by keeping them from their basic needs, which is through
     aspects such as institutionalized elitism and ethnocentrism. Theme
     three looks at migration violence in the Hispanic and Latino
     community involving the horrific journey to the United States in order
     to receive the American dream. Theme four focuses on occupational
     violence which is violence toward and employee or employer due to
     their profession. Each of these arguments contain numerous amounts
     of information that need to be brought to light.

                                         E                                            F           G     H           J      L
   In this paper, I explore the urban environmental concerns of late-       History Consortium   Oral   4B   Bayou 1213   Fri
   medieval English towns and cities, such as London, York, Coventry,
   Salisbury, and Leicester, and argue that, in a manner of speaking, the
   officials in these urban areas had a concept of public health. No one
   issued a general public health policy that might be compared to a
   more modern counterpart, but in late-medieval England, regulations
   that focused on maintaining the good health of town and city
   inhabitants were created and enforced. Among other things, these
   regulations focused on controlling butchers, protecting water sources,
   and eliminating foul smells. To be sure, poor health was not the only
   reason for regulating urban cleanliness; the practical reason of keeping
   the streets and walkways passable, as well as the pure discomfort that
   many citizens experienced from horrible smells, also stimulated the
   creation and enforcement of city-cleaning regulations. However, the
   concern that a filthy, smelly city, including both the air and water,
   could lead to bad health is the key to understanding the mentality
   behind most of these regulations. Even though they lacked a modern
   understanding of disease, medieval urbanites still cared about
46 cleanliness due to their environmentally-based understanding of
   disease that focused mainly on bad air, or miasma, but also concerned
                                          E                                             F           G       H          J           L
     With the recurrent deployments and extended deployment cycles,          Psychology:          Poster   20   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     spouses of military personnel have increased amounts of stress and      Obsessions and
     anxiety. Research shows that stressful situations may arouse intrusive, Intrusive Thoughts
     harmful thoughts. Due to the added stress and anxiety of the current
     deployments to hostile areas, military spouses may experience these
     intrusive thoughts. However, little research is known about the types
     of anxious thoughts and the type and effectiveness of coping
     strategies used in this population. This study examines the types and
     prevalence of thought control strategies used, as well as relationship
     satisfaction, anxiety, and depression throughout the deployment
     cycle. Through online questionnaires, 125 female military spouses
     have participated in the study. Analyses will compare thought control
     strategies with length of deployment and differences in branches of
     the military. Findings from this study may provide further
     understanding of the relationship satisfaction military couples
     experience throughout the deployment cycle, types of harmful
     intrusive thoughts military spouses experience, and the effects these
     intrusive thoughts have on their relationship.
                                          E                                            F              G       H          J           L
     The internet is becoming a widely used source of accessing               Psychology of         Poster   44   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     pornography. With the rise in accessibility and greater opportunity for Internet Pornography
     problematic porn use, Internet pornography (IP) use has become a
     growing area of interest in research. Although research has shown that
     IP is commonly used, little is known about the differences in
     prevalence rates of IP use across sexual orientations. Further, there is
     currently a dearth of research exploring various patterns of IP use,
     such as function or types of IP use. The current study investigates the
     prevalence rates and patterns of IP use in homosexual, heterosexual,
     and bisexual populations. In addition, the study also examines
     disparities between high and low frequencies of use within these
     populations. The sample included 829 participants who completed an
     online questionnaire assessing frequency of IP use, as well as reasons,
     preferences, and attitudes regarding IP use. Analyses of frequencies,
     reasons of use, and types of IP will be compared across orientations.
     Understanding the main functions of IP use in each of these sexual
     orientations may help provide a better understanding of areas to
     target in therapy.
                                         E                                         F             G       H          J           L
   Recently bullying has become a very visible issue in the United States. Human Development   Poster   36   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   According to the CDC, bullying in the past year has been reported by
   19.9% of U.S. students. (Department of Health and Human Services,
   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). According to many
   studies on peer socialization and peer acceptance/rejection, parenting
   styles, attachment and other home characteristics seem to contribute
   to a child's ability to be accepted by their peers and respectful of their
   peers (Jones, Eisenberg, Fabes, & MacKinnon, 2002; Walden & Beran,
   2010; Carbone-Lopez, Esbensen, & Brick, 2010). How well liked a
   student is also seems to contribute to their likelihood of being a victim
   or bully (Veenstra, Lindenberg, Zijlstra, De Winter, Verhulst, & Ormel,
   2007). The purpose of this study was to look at parenting styles,
   parent/child attachment and other family characteristics that might
   contribute the likelihood of a child being a bully, victim or neither.
   Participants completed an on-line survey containing the Coping with
   Children's Negative Emotion Scale (CCNES), the Revised Inventory of
   Parent Attachment (R-IPA), Parenting Styles and Dimensions
   Questionnaire (PSDQ), as well as questions regarding bullying and
49 basic demographic questions. A multiple regression analysis was
   conducted to determine the relationship between parenting styles,
                                           E                                           F             G      H          J           L
     This study will investigate whether the stress of making the grade in    Psychology: Stress   Poster   6   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     college promotes unhealthy eating habits which in turn causes weight and Coping in College
     gain. The population of interest will be college students who attend
     school either on a part-time or full-time basis. The participants will
     have had at least one semester of college experience. The purpose of
     this study will be to determine whether there is a relationship
     between situational stressors, as they relate to college life and weight
     gain among university students. Does the stress of attending school
     lead to weight gain in college students? The participants will be asked
     to complete a 35-40 item self-report questionnaire. The questionnaire
     will be administered to determine demographic data, weight loss or
     gain, eating habits, exercise habits, study habits, and potential
     stressors. The information gathered in this study may be helpful in the
     development of interventions that would decrease perceived stress
     levels and increase the behavioral and physical health of college

                                         E                                             F      G           H                 J      L
   This research examines "A White Heron" authored by Sarah Orne            Literature and   Oral   Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133   Thu
   Jewett and shows how damaging the effect can be for a culture or         Literacy
   community when erroneously using the tenets of the beginning
   chapters of Genesis as the belief system for its sociological structure.
   Jewett asks the reader to look at how the man's relationship with
   nature differs from the woman's, to question and consider the
   possibility that our traditional interpretation of Genesis is culturally
   biased and designed to fit only the man's interests and desires, and to
   also see that through this interpretation of Genesis, the man is
   allowed to treat a woman with no more regard or reverence than that
   which he gives nature. The females in "A White Heron" exist within a
   matriarchal structure, and Jewett has young Sylvia surrounded only by
   capable women. On the farm, Sylvia discovers the beauty of nature,
   her unique, loving connection with God's creatures, and her strength
   as a female. When the stranger from the city comes to their farm,
   Sylvia and her grandmother are placed in the midst of the traditional
   western culture's patriarchal interpretation of Genesis. Jewett puts
   Sylvia on a journey of becoming victim in the quest of the male's
51 desires, betraying herself, abandoning the reverence she holds for all
   of God's creations, self-rediscovery, and claiming her personal
                                         E                                        F    G           H                 J      L
   Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which a Psychology   Oral   Oral Session 2   Bayou 1104   Thu
   person experiences recurrent, unwanted, distressing thoughts or
   images (i.e., obsessions) that lead them to feel a great deal of anxiety
   and distress. They then feel compelled to perform irrational, repetitive
   behaviors (i.e., compulsions or rituals) in order to reduce their
   resulting anxiety. OCD affects 2-3% of people in the United States, and
   is considered one of the most debilitating mental disorders in the
   country. Because of the incapacitating nature of OCD, it is quite
   common for a significant other to provide a considerable amount of
   daily living assistance to a loved one suffering from OCD. Significant
   others often become primary caretakers, if not already in that role,
   frequently providing accommodations to help the OCD sufferer
   function on a daily basis. Significant others, typically a parent or
   spouse, provide accommodations in an effort to alleviate the anxiety
   and distress that their loved ones with OCD experience. Such family
   accommodations may include frequently providing reassurance to the
   individual with OCD, frequently cleaning surfaces around the house
   clean for someone struggling with contamination issues, or re-
52 checking that the lights, stove, or other appliances are off. Research
   has shown that as the severity of OCD symptoms increases, the
                                        E                                               F           G       H          J           L
   Self-compassion is a relatively new concept to mental health research Psychology:              Poster   21   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   that involves the degree to which one extends kindness and                Obsessions and
   understanding to ones self, seeing ones experiences as part of the        Intrusive Thoughts
   larger human experience, and being mindfully aware of ones thoughts
   and emotions (Neff, 2003). Previous research has demonstrated a
   negative relationship between self-compassion and various
   dysfunctional constructs, including anxiety, neuroticism, depression,
   rumination, and worry. However, research has yet to examine how
   self-compassion and negative affect may be associated with OCD and
   OCD-related dysfunctional beliefs. Thus, the current study investigates
   self-compassion in relation to negative affect, OCD severity and
   symptoms, and OCD-related cognitions. The study anticipates to
   recruit a total of 100 college student participants, who will complete a
   questionnaire, either online or in-person, assessing for negative affect,
   self-compassion, perception of threat from emotions, OCD severity
   and symptoms, and OCD-related cognitions. It is hypothesized that self-
   compassion will be inversely related to OCD severity and symptoms,
   negative affect, perception of threat from emotions, and OCD-related
53 beliefs. The findings may unveil important implications for the
   effectiveness and utility of self-compassion enhanced therapy
                                           E                                            F           G         H                J     L
     The United States increasingly relies on military robots in the wars in  Safety Engineering   Oral   Symposium 1   SSCB 3307   Mon
     Afghanistan and Iraq. Used extensively in air strikes against suspected
     terrorist and/or enemy combatants in these conflicts, the Predator
     and Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have proven to be
     effective. Soldiers on the ground receive various sensor data feeds
     from the UAV of current battlefield or target conditions. The human
     operator will determine whether the conditions meet established
     rules of engagement, and deploy appropriate weapons systems, if
     warranted. This tactic has successfully kept American casualties low,
     but with increased use of robotic weapons and broader deployment,
     rises in friendly fire casualties may occur. We are proposing additional
     safety systems and protocols the military can implement to prevent
     UAV and semi-autonomous robotic systems from engaging friendly
     forces erroneously, such as fire command interlocks coupled with laser
     identification tags or facial recognition, and other currently available
     IR discrimination systems.

                                          E                                          F            G       H          J           L
     Video games, particularly Massively Multi-player Online (MMO)          Human Interaction   Poster   47   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     games, have become a common mainstream activity with millions of with Information
     people playing worldwide (Woodcock, 2004). It is important for game Technology
     developers and market researcher to understand the underlying
     motivational factors that attract individuals to certain genres of MMO
     games. Previous research on Massively Multi-player Online Role
     Playing Games (MMORPGs) has identified three motivational factors:
     Achievement, Social interaction, and Immersion as the three main
     reasons gamers play this type of genre, but the research is lacking in
     the Massively Multi-player Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS)
     genre. The present study seeks to compare the different motivational
     factors between RPG and FPS gamers. Specifically, are the motivations
     different for FPS and RPG gamers? Two online surveys will be
     distributed to various gaming forums to collect data on individual
     motivating factors for playing these two genres of games.

                                          E                                             F                G               H                 J       L
   This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of         Re-orienting the          Oral       Oral Session 9   Bayou 1335    Thu
   TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the         Orient: Rewriting the
   Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall       Subaltern
   of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
   presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
   orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
   mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
   understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
   divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
   emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
   described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
   a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
   the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
   group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
   the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
   rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
   failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
   contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
56 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
   concept of re-orientinglike to discuss PPE orapersonal protective
   For my project I would the orient becomes transformation of                Environmental           Electronic   Symposium 2      Online       Online
   equipment. These items are safety items like: Hard Hats, Safety            Health and Safety                                                  beginni
   Glasses, gloves (chemical to leather), Safety glasses, Steel toe boots                                                                          ng
   etc.. Basically I want to discuss the things in certain professions that                                                                       Mon,
   help protect us from harm. The biggest threat to our safety is not                                                                            Apr 20
   knowing the facts. If you are knowledgeable you are more likely to
   choose the best means to protect yourself. The old saying of
   knowledge is power, well in this case knowledge empowers you. I
   would like to show what a hard hat can withstand, how a pair of safety
   glasses gets tested to get its certification. I hear safety glasses but
   what does that really mean? I am going to do some research to find
   out, will YOU?
                                         E                                              F           G       H          J           L
   Although the majority of researchers are aware that "women are             Human Interaction   Poster   48   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   severely underrepresented in massively multiplayer online games            with Information
   [MMOG]" (Yee, 2008, p. 85), few have sought to explore the social          Technology
   psychological reason for this trend. The present study proposes that
   MMOG role selection is possibly associated with an individual's sense
   of gender identity, as measured by the BEM Sex Role Inventory (BSRI).
   The MMOG genre provides players the virtual freedom to select a
   character role that does not necessarily endorse the gendered social
   norms that players adhere to when in the physical world, such as a
   female MMOG player assuming the role of a "barbarian" combatant
   (Sullivan, 2009). The present study hypothesizes that cross-sexed type
   and androgynous female MMOG players will select combat-oriented
   roles in similar proportions to male MMOG players. A simple
   convenience sample of approximately 100 university students was
   administered the Role Preference Questionnaire (RPQ) and BSRI. The
   researchers will perform a three-way ANOVA when deciding to either
   retain or reject the null hypothesis.                     References
   Sullivan, A. (2009). Gender-inclusive quest design in massively
58 multiplayer online role-playing games. Retrieved from Dr. Camille
   Organic solvent extracts of the digital desires: plants were
   Peres. Yee, N. (2008). Maps ofthree medicinalExploring thescreened         Biology             Poster   76   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   for their antibacterial properties on pultry pathogens at varying
   concentrations. The agar well diffusion method was used for assaying
   the antibacterial properties on the test isolates. The results showed
   that the methanolic extracts at different concentrations inhibited the
   growth of isolated poultry pathogens of Micrococcus spp., Pasteurella
   spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus hylus, Salmonella spp.,
   Pseudomonas spp., and Vibrio spp. The concentration of 100 mg/ml
   inhibited the isolated bacteria with highest diameter zone of inhibition
   of 16mm. These results established a good support to the use of
   Catharanthus roseus plant in herbal medicine and to act as a base for
   the development of new drugs in poultry and food industry.

                                         E                                               F        G       H          J           L
   Social power is a multifaceted construct that may be influenced by        Social Attitudes   Poster   61   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   several factors, including socioeconomic status, freedom, and control.
   It is widely accepted that the primary definition of social power is the
   control one has over the outcomes of other people (Fiske & Berdahl,
   2007). Previous studies have found that social power does have an
   effect on the interaction between people, specifically concerning
   constructs such as empathy, compassion, conflict resolution, and
   hypocrisy. Specifically, it is important to examine the role that social
   power plays in feeling empathy. Further studies have shown that
   there is a relationship between social power and empathy. One study
   found participants with high levels of social power presented less
   emotional reactions toward another's distress, following emotional
   themed conversational dyads (van Kleef et al., 2008). Across several
   studies, power has been manipulated by randomly placing
   participants in a position of higher power than other participants,
   particularly in dyads. Nevertheless, this type of social manipulation has
   never observed how it affects people who are exposed to situations
   that can arouse empathy. The purpose of the current study is to
60 determine whether the relationship between social power and
   empathy changes when social power is manipulated. 15-25 graduate
                                        E                                              F                G      H          J           L
   Background: Graduate Students may be under stress due to different Psychology: Stress              Poster   7   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   obligations and roles they have to undertake in their lives. Coping skills and Coping in College
   could have an impact on the perceived stress, overall adjustment and
   performance. The study examined perceived stress and coping styles
   in graduate psychology students enrolled in University of Houston,
   Clear Lake. Investigating and acknowledging the stresses that a
   graduate student experience as well as the effect of coping on the
   perceived stress could show the importance of developing coping skills
   for better adjustment. The study hypotheses stated that an approach
   coping strategy is negatively correlated to the degree of perceived
   stress while avoidant coping strategy is positively correlated with the
   degree of perceived stress in graduate students. Methods:
   Participants: Graduate students enrolled in PSYC 6037 Research Design
   and Statistics II course were participants in the study. Procedure:
   Participants were recruited from the University during an annual
   meeting of statistics course students during the month of March.
   Consent were sought from the participants in the study. The
   participants were assured about the anonymity and confidentiality of
61 the responses given in the questionnaire and were given instructions
   to return the completed questionnaire. Materials: Demographic data
                                        E                                             F         G           H                  J      L
   This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 10   Bayou 1335   Thu
   TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
   Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
   of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
   presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
   orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
   mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
   understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
   divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
   emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
   described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
   a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
   the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
   group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
   the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
   rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
   failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
   contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
62 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
   concept of re-orienting the orient becomes a transformation of
                                          E                                           F            G          H                J           L
     This paper will analyze how the operations of International Relief     Fraud                 Oral    Symposium 4   Bayou 1311        Thu
     Agencies (IRAs) and their Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are
     impacted by fraud and corruption in accomplishing their goal of
     helping the needy in Africa. Recent reports on fraud allegations that
     occurred with the Global Fund have brought to question the auditing
     system of IRAs. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and
     SAS70 (superseded by SAS88), outlines the regulations and auditing
     requirements on how US firms operate with TPAs. However, these
     laws and regulations do not legally bind IRAs operating outside of the
     United States. This paper answers the following two questions: 1.
     Considering that IRAs work hand in hand with their TPAs towards the
     same objective, is it possible to achieve their mission when one
     system has an efficient fraud prevention system and the other does
     not? 2. Should these IRAs be held accountable even though their
     TPAs committed the fraud? This paper ends with recommendations
     for these entities and an emphasis on understanding the culture of the
     nations they operate.

     Elopement is a hazardous behavior for individuals of all ages in any    Behavior Analysis   Poster      39         Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     setting. Traditional functional analyses typically require the use of   and Developmental
     retrieval which may introduce an attention or demand confound. The      Disabilities
     current investigation compared the use of a one-room functional
     analysis of elopement without retrieval to a two-room functional
     analysis with retrieval for 2 participants. Both functional analyses
     identified the same function of elopement for each participant. A
     successful treatment was implemented based on the results of the
     functional analyses for one of the participants.
                                         E                                               F             G           H                J           L
   The spirit of Galveston Island is one of perseverance and pride. Since    History                 Poster       80         Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   its beginning, Galveston has endured many threats to its survival, such
   as the Hurricane of 1900 which was the deadliest natural disaster to
   ever hit the United States. A study of the island's historic landmarks
   reveals the resilient nature of its people. This study surveys some of
   Galveston's most important historic sites, ranging from religious, civic,
   commercial, and residential structures. Nearly all of the featured
   landmarks were constructed prior to the twentieth century and
   survived the Hurricane of 1900 as well as the recent Hurricane Ike.
   Rebuilding and persevering are part of the Galveston spirit, and
   although many of these landmarks faced near destruction, they were
   saved through the important work of preservationists and restored for
   the residents and visitors of Galveston to enjoy. These landmarks
   serve as reminders of Galveston's beginnings as well as its historical
   significance. Although many other landmarks are also worthy of
   recognition, this study has endeavored to select ones that are
   especially important to Galveston's history. For example, this study
   highlights the Strand, which was at one point one of the nation's
65 leading economic centers. Also featured are the residences of some of
   Galveston's founders, socialas Michael B. Menard and Samuel May
   Relief, nonprofit, and such development organizations either foster       Is relief work a help    Oral    Roundtable 6   Bayou 1302        Thu
   spaces for self-development within a certain cultural context or          or a hindrance?
   promote learned dependency through top-down policies. The type of
   impact an organization has on a community depends on if it works
   within cultural and familial parameters or separates the community
   through ulterior motives, new ideologies, or objectives based on a
   dependency model of social development. The success or failure of an
   organization's project depends greatly on its ability to provide a space
   where a community can empower itself financially and socially. Our
   project explores the social development models of a relief work
   agency in Haiti, a nonprofit organization in Kenya, and a social
   development organization in India.

                                         E                                               F        G           H                  J           L
   Pain is a fact of life for many people, and virtually all individuals will Stress and Pain   Poster       13           Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   experience some episodes of physical pain during their lifetime. While
   drug companies have developed medications that alleviate, or at least
   temper, physical pain, most people would agree that use of more non-
   invasive solutions would be healthier for the body. Biofeedback
   training is one such non-invasive procedure. Biofeedback has been
   shown to be both helpful and not so helpful in previous studies, e.g.,
   da Fonseca Lopes de Sousa, 2009; Newton-John, Spence, & Schoote,
   1995. The purpose of the current study was to further explore the
   effects of biofeedback on physical pain. Participants were given pre-
   test and post-test surveys that included the Wong-Baker FACES pain
   rating scale (2001). The focus was on four specific types of pain: (1)
   headaches, (2) back pain, (3) injury, and (4) menstrual cramps.
   Participants were asked to rate their experience with these physical
   pains on the Wong FACES, coded from 0-5, with 0 meaning "no hurt"
   and 5 meaning the pain "hurts the worst". Participants were also
   surveyed as to what type of techniques they use to control their pain.
   It is hypothesized that participants completing 3 biofeedback training
67 sessions will report a reduction in the number of pain experiences, as
   well as less severe pain inbased episode.
   I propose a presentation each on my Creative MA Project in                 Literature and     Oral    Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133        Thu
   Literature to be completed for graduation this spring. To respond in       Literacy
   writing to my diverse personal experiences, I constructed a creative
   project consisting of interconnected poetry and prose: 32 poems
   followed by critical accounts of their origins and development.
                                         E                                              F            G       H          J           L
     With the help of National Marine Fishies, fish tissue was collected     Biological Science    Poster   72   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     from headboat catches in multiple locations along the Texas Gulf
     Coast. The headboats are located in Galveston, Freeport, and Port
     Aransas. Popular foods species were targeted and include: Red
     Snapper, Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna, and a variety of Grouper species.
     These fish species are highly targeted by both commercial and
     recreational fisherman for their quality of food. Total Mercury was
     determined among the collected fish tissue and was compared based
     on habitat preference and geographic location. Three habitats are
     used to described the habitat preference: epi-pelagic, meso-pelagic,
     and bottom feeder. When comparing the geographic location the
     following description is used: upper coast (Galveston), middle coast
     (Freeport), and lower coast (Port Aransas).

     An investigation into a short-lived late nineteenth century lace factory History Consortium    Oral    4A   Bayou 1211        Fri
     on Galveston Island's West End reveals some of the social and political
     dynamics of Gilded Age Galveston's business elites. This essay
     contributes to Gilded Age Galveston's business history by placing the
     Nottingham Lace Company into historical context while shedding light
     on the dynamics of civic boosterism in economically thriving
     Galveston. Ironically the significance of the Nottingham Lace
     Company, lay not in the ornate lace curtains and mosquito netting it
     produced, but rather what it represented, to investors and
                                         E                                                 F           G       H          J           L
    Coral populations have shown a continuous decline in the past few           Biological Science   Poster   73   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   decades due to changes in the environment and the quality of water.
   It has been reported in scientific literature that there exist a symbiotic
   relationship between bacterial and coral population which when
   altered, results in coral bleaching and/or disease. In this study, we
   have described the effect of stress when exposed to temperatures
   (310C) above normal and lipopolysaccharide (LPS; mimics bacterial
   infection) on the bacterial population associated with Plexaura
   homomalla (PH). The samples were collected from a Florida reef in
   summer 2010. PH corals were treated with elevated temperatures
   (310C), LPS and LPS plus 310C along with a control kept at ambient
   temperature (27-280C). Bacterial populations were grown on Nutrient,
    Marine and Actinomycetes media and visually differentiated
71 depending on colony color, size and morphology. From each unique
   Past research that has used rDNA was amplified to study the sequence
   colony morphotype the 16S Auditory Progress Bars for the on-hold             Human Interaction    Poster   49   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   domain has strictly measured performance with the traditional                with Information
   retrospective protocol. Here, we define and measure performance              Technology
   with a new prospective protocol. Three distinct Auditory Progress
   Bars are borrowed from past studies and callers' performance is
   measured with this new protocol between three conditions: Training,
   No- Training and control. Performance for the Control condition was
   significantly different that the Training and No-Training conditions.
   There was no significant difference between the Training and No-
   Training conditions. This suggests a new design for future Auditory
   Progress Bars that is still appropriate for the "walk up and use"
                                         E                                              F         G         H                J      L
     The City of Houston has launched several green initiatives over the last Earth Day Issues   Oral   Symposium 3   Bayou 1335   Thu
     few years that may surprise you. The Office of Sustainability has
     launched several programs and incentives that allow for more energy-
     efficient City government operations and development. Areas of
     improvement include energy savings, expanding renewable energy,
     the diversion of recyclable waste from landfills, alternative
     transportation, and the creation of open spaces. City fleet fuel
     consumption and kilowatt-hour usage has been reduced in Houston.
     Residential energy efficiency, energy savings on City facilities, and
     energy efficient low income home programs have been funded
     through grants secured by the City. Houston is not the first City that
     comes to mind when environmentally friendly topics are discussed.
     Nevertheless, in 2010 Houston was deemed #1 municipal purchaser of
     renewable energy by the EPA. Green education resources available to
     Houston residents will be also be presented.

                                         E                                              F        G           H                 J      L
   During the mid-twentieth century, the growing population and                 Human Culture   Oral   Oral Session 5   Bayou 1133   Thu
   demands of the city of Houston and surrounding communities had
   begun to put a major stress upon water resources. The need for fresh
   water was necessary for industrial and agricultural production, such as
   petrochemical plants and rice farming, rice being the largest crop in
   Southeast Texas and monetary supplier for many residents. In August
   of 1952, legislation was passed directing the U.S. Army Corps of
   Engineers to begin a study of the bodies of water surrounding
   Wallisville on the lower Trinity River. The Corps found that it was
   necessary to construct a dam that would save the Trinity and
   neighboring water supplies from saltwater contamination. Such a
   drastic measure of altering the countryside by the government was
   met head on with much resistance. An act of progress that was to only
   take a few years actually snowballed into a half-century battle of wits
   between politicians, conservationists, environmentalists, and local
   taxpayers. Throughout the decades of confrontation and amendments
   placed upon original plans, we are now left with what is known as the
   Wallisville Lake Project. In addition to the Wallisville Lake Project, is an
74 account of the impact of Hurricane Ike in September of 2008 as
   chronicled by Ruth Millsaps, Senior Park Ranger.
                                            E                                            F            G       H          J           L
     Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has been the topic of research        Discrimination and   Poster   28   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
     for decades; however, the stigma of having the disorder has not been Stigma
     widely researched. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that
     the majority of the participants would attach fewer stigmas to
     individuals with OCD after being presented with information
     concerning the disorder. The participants were a group of volunteers
     that had attended a data collection day at a local university. Upon
     being randomly assigned into separate groups, one group was
     provided with a brief synopsis of OCD, its symptoms, and its treatment
     options, along with a survey in the form of a questionnaire. The other
     group only received the survey. The survey contained questions
     concerning both OCD and mental illness in general. Results from the
     questionnaire revealed that receiving the information did not make a
     statistically significant difference in whether or not there was a stigma
     attached to the disorder either on individual questions or on the
     cumulative data obtained.

                                        E                                           F     G         H                 J      L
   The idea of feminism and women's rights is often presumed to be a     Voices of Our   Oral   Roundtable 4   Bayou 1418   Wed
   modern, Western movement. However, the originators of this struggle Ancient Mothers
   can be found throughout the ancient literature of the Non-Western
   world. There are a multitude of examples to support this ideal
   including one of the oldest Non-Western texts, "The Descent of
   Innana". This ancient text was composed by Enheduanna, an Akkadian
   princess, and serves to sing praises to the Sumerian female deity
   Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Due to modern translations and
   rigorous studies of such texts, the voices and cultures of such women
   can now be shared with the modern world from the East to the West.
   The relevancy of these texts is immeasurable and continues to have an
   immense impact on society as a whole, but specifically generations of
   women who can gain strength and power from that of their ancient
   mothers. It is vitally important to continue to explore and study the
   feminist view through Non-Western literature in order to understand
   how modern feminist views have been shaped and will continue to be
   shaped. The main objective throughout this study is to shed light on
   ancient feminism through Non-Western texts and explore the impact
76 these women and their lives have had on modern feminism.
                                         E                                           F       G         H                J      L
   Every year slip and fall accidents account for a significant amount of  Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
   severe injuries including deaths throughout the United States. In 2009, Administration
   2.2 million nonfatal fall injuries among older adults were treated in
   emergency departments and more than 581,000 of these patients
   were hospitalized (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, National
   Center for Injury Prevention and Control). We examined the number
   and severity of falls within a VA Hospital in Texas over a three month
   period in 2010. The governing agency, of The National Center for
   Patient Safety mandates that scores for the severity of the injury and
   the potential for further injury be given for each incident. To review
   the extent of the falls occurred a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) team was
   formed to score and determine likely common causes. Some common
   causes included: patient observation, communication among staff
   members, medication management, and the care planning process.
   Each of the injuries that were scored as minor or moderate would
   have a score of 1 or 2 severities and 2 or 3 potential. Major injuries
   were given a score of 3 for both severities and potential on a 3 point
   scale. After carefully assessing the data, the RCA team offered
77 recommendations to reduce the number of falls as well as mitigate the
   potential for possible injuries that occur due to falls.
                                        E                                            F           G     H           J      L
   The women of Ashton Villa, specifically Miss Rebecca Ashton Brown       History Consortium   Oral   1A   Bayou 1211   Fri
   and her sister Mathilda, of late nineteenth century Galveston, Texas
   were representative of a small group of upper class Victorian-era
   Southern women who obtained an uncommon level of independence
   for elite women of that era. Miss Bettie, and to a lesser degree
   Mathilda, walked the line between socially acceptable and scandalous
   with few negative consequences and exceeded the customary social
   limitations placed upon women of their time. Yet they never crossed
   the line into being truly scandalous or outcast fro proper society. How
   did they remain socially acceptable women while breaking many of
   the rules set out for them? They utilized their wealth, the protections
   that a trusting relationship with their well regarded father afforded
   them, and capitalized on the Victorian expectation of young women to
   be highly sociably, entertaining and charitable. In doing so the ladies
   were able to break many traditional gender barriers without the risk of
   becoming fallen women. This paper will show that they walked a very
   thin line that allowed them to enjoy the freedoms of unmarried and
   divorced women while maintaining the protection of a proper
78 patriarch.
                                        E                                             F           G         H                J      L
   The presentation covers Satyam Fraud Scandal of India that was           Fraud                Oral   Symposium 4   Bayou 1311   Thu
   unveiled in January 2009. The scandal was so big that it has been
   compared with the Enron and WorldCom cases. The CEO was at the
   heart of the massive financial statement fraud that started small and
   kept growing in the absence of proper controls. The company inflated
   its earnings from 2002 to 2008 by just using same old methods such as
   inflating cash in bank, underestimating liabilities, and recording
   fictitious assets. The company, somehow, managed to comply with all
   the regulatory requirements. Corporate governance seemed to be
   working at its best. The scandal was never even suspected by the
   members of the board and preliminary investigations revealed that
   the board was very passive and almost non-existent. This presentation
   covers the acts and confessions of an unethical CEO who rationalized
   his act by stating that he was working for the best of the stakeholders.
   The presentation also points out the weaknesses in the part of
   external auditors, the passivity of the corporate governance and the
   techniques that Satyams management used to Cook the Books. The
   presentation also relates the Three Elements of Fraud: Motivation,
79 Opportunity, and Rationalization to the Satyam Fraud Scandal.
   A discussion of the key differences between Elizabethan ship levies      History Consortium   Oral       2C        Bayou 1215   Fri
   and Caroline ship money levies; including levy purposes, definitions of
   "imminent danger," and the overall intentions behind the levies. An
   exploration of the expansion of the respective levies of each period
   from charges on port towns, to whole maritime counties and finally to
   the whole of England, with a focus on the major differences.
                                           E                                        F                G      H          J           L
     Graduate students are faced with a grueling academic schedule as well Psychology: Stress      Poster   8   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     as roles outside of the classroom. The current study will examine the and Coping in College
     perceived stress of graduate students based on multiple or single roles
     in their lives. We will measure relationship status, number of children,
     employment status, school status, scores on the Holmes and Rahe
     Stress Inventory, and scores on the Perceived Stress Scale. The
     participants will include students in different graduate programs at
     The University of Houston-Clear Lake. The data will be collected
     through an online survey using survey monkey. It is hypothesized that
     the more roles a student has the higher their level of perceived stress
     will be. We believe this research is important because it can give
     universities more information pertaining to meeting student's needs.

                                          E                                       F        G           H                 J      L
     Compared to immigrants who use sea or air travel to leave their home Human Culture   Oral   Oral Session 5   Bayou 1133   Thu
     nations behind and come to the United States to start over as
     Americans, Mexican immigrants maintain a special relationship with
     both their home country and their new one: The land bridge by which
     people cross and re-cross the border of these two nations on foot or
     by car. This bridge connects Mexican American people not only to
     their destination in El Norte or North America but also to their
     homeland. My M.A. thesis in Literature at UHCL studies the usefulness
     of this physical and cultural metaphor in Mexican American
     storytelling and identity. My presentation will first use simple visuals
     and backgrounds to explain the concept of the land bridge and its
     potential applications to the Mexican American immigrant narrative.
     Next, I will share two brief examples of personal narratives by Mexican
     Americans describing their own locations on the bridge between the
     two lands and cultures. A few paragraphs from my thesis text will then
     comment on such passages. I will conclude by reviewing possible
     extensions of the land bridge concept and invite critiques and
                                          E                                              F           G       H          J           L
     Unwanted intrusive violent thoughts are experienced by many people Psychology:                Poster   22   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
     and play an integral role in a number of different anxiety disorders     Obsessions and
     including obsessive-compulsive disorder, general anxiety and             Intrusive Thoughts
     posttraumatic stress disorder. Presently, there is a paucity of research
     on the prevalence of intrusive violent thoughts (IVTs) in non-clinical
     samples. Differences in feelings of guilt and affective individual
     experiences may also explain variations in distress. Participants (N=90)
     completed questionnaires regarding the frequency of and distress
     from IVTs, obsessive beliefs, emotions and thought appraisals. Results
     will be analyzed using SPSS to evaluate the relationship of IVTs to
     emotions and cognitive appraisals as well as possible correlations
     between the severity of distress and prevalence of IVTs in a non-
     clinical sample of college students.

                                        E                                             F         G           H                  J      L
   This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 10   Bayou 1335   Thu
   TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
   Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
   of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
   presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
   orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
   mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
   understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
   divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
   emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
   described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
   a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
   the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
   group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
   the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
   rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
   failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
   contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
84 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
   concept of re-orienting the orient becomes a transformation of
                                        E                                                 F              G       H          J           L
   Science-based knowledge of the symptoms and diagnosis of autism is         Behavior Analysis        Poster   40   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   crucial to the prognosis of those with the Autism Spectrum Disorder        and Developmental
   (ASD). Recent research shows the number of individuals diagnosed           Disabilities
   with autism has grown profoundly in the last ten years. This study is
   using the Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder Survey to assess if
   the assimilation of research information to public and professional
   populations are different. The results may reveal a significant
   difference between the groups, with less accuracy for public
   knowledge and more accuracy for those with personal or professional
   knowledge. Participants from the University of Houston Clear Lake
   with no personal or professional relationship with those with ASD will
   be the exclusion group. This study will compare the exclusion group
   with the inclusion group, which will be participants that attend a
   speaker series seminar that includes those with personal and
   professional interests in autism. Many researchers indicate current
   and correct information may affect the number of early and accurate
   diagnoses and treatments for those with autism. The results from this
   study may be informative to future research, assessment programs,
85 diagnostic tools, and early intervention treatments. Dissemination of
   all of these science-basedrelation may havework engagement and PO
   We propose to study the factors between a strong influence on              Psychology:              Poster   2    Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   fit (person-organization fit). Work engagement is defined as a positive,   Individual Differences
   fulfilling, work-related state of mind, characterized by vigor,
   dedication, and absorption, (Schaufeli, et al., 2002). It is thus
   characterized by a high level of energy and strong identification with
   ones work. PO fit, like engagement, has been related to employee
   productivity (Kristof, 1996). Much research has been conducted on the
   benefits of engagement, but relatively little information exists
   concerning ways to induce it. As PO fit is a widely studied
   phenomenon that induces positive conditions similar to engagement,
   we expect to find a relation between it and engagement.

                                         E                                              F           G             H                J       L
     The Galveston Bay Estuary is an integral source of revenue to the        Earth Day Issues     Oral       Symposium 3   Bayou 1335    Thu
     Texas economy and a vital habitat to fish and wildlife. Surveys of
     debris were undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency in
     1992 with the findings published in a 1993 Galveston Bay National
     Estuary Program Publication (35) by Anita M. Morgan and Dr. Wen Y.
     Lee. This GBNEP-35 publication along with data from the Texas
     Program, Adopt-a-Beach Clean-Up, in the following years have pointed
     to plastic as a major source of debris in shoreline and near-shore areas
     in the estuary. Results have pointed to people as the main
     contributors to the debris problem. Clean-up solutions can have long
     range effects beyond the immediate Galveston Bay area.

     We would like to present our term project on the topic of indoor air     Environmental      Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
     quality. We would like to focus on the different contaminants and how Health and Safety                                             beginni
     they can enter the indoor air system. We will also explore in detail the                                                              ng
     testing methods used by industrial hygienist to test the indoor air. A                                                               Mon,
     third point We would like to focus on is preventative measures that                                                                 Apr 20
     can be taken to make the indoor environment as safe as possible.
                                          E                                           F               G      H          J           L
   Questions about mate selection can seem to be highly individualized     Psychology:              Poster   3   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   and personal, but they are clearly influenced by society and culture.   Individual Differences
   Past research has examined the types of characteristics that people
   value when selecting a mate in the U.S. and around the world. We
   expect to find that highly educated individuals will often choose
   relationships with those who have similar education levels. We will
   conduct this study by constructing a self-administered survey.
   Participants may be of any ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation as
   long as they meet the eligibility criteria of 18 years of age or older.
   Homogamy and selection criteria in the committed relationships of
   highly educated individuals will be examined. Survey data from highly
   educated and less educated participants from several colleges will be
   analyzed. Statistically significant associations between education and
   other mate selection criteria will be examined. The expected findings
   will show that the highly educated are more likely than the less
   educated to form committed relationships with other highly educated
   individuals. It is believed that the current study will serve to update
   the existing body of knowledge about mate selection and homogomy.
89 We hope to find important new information on mate preferences of
   the highly educated and associations between education and other
                                         E                                              F          G       H          J           L
   Organizations are a vital part of society because of the relationship      Organizations in   Poster   58   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   that are generated for a common goal. These relationships play a           Society
   necessary role in the functionality of an organization. When examining
   these relationships, the players involved must also be scrutinized,
   because their individual ideals and personal goals greatly impact the
   effectiveness of the working relationship. Peter Blau (1964) explains
   these "internal and external dynamics do not guarantee a sense of
   community or motivation". When do individual goals become a part of
   the collective goal? How does a formal organization with no primary
   beneficiary effectively create motivation amongst its staff and
   volunteers? In the spring of 2010, I had the privilege of participating in
   the creation of a Non-Profit Organization located in Houston, Texas.
   The Non-Profity Organization had only a board of members and had
   received its first grant funding. The mission of the organization was to
   work with at-risk youths integrating back into society by utilizing eco-
   psychotherapy. In working with nature they would restore their inner
   ability to succeed in life. My role as an intern/researcher was to assist
   in the programming and collect data. The data included the
90 relationships within the organization, the relationship of the
   organization with other organizations, the community and the City of
                                          E                                            F            G       H          J           L
   Previous research suggests that perceived race of a job applicant         Discrimination and   Poster   29   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
   affects their rate of hirability (Bertrand and Mullainathan, 2004; Joshi, Stigma
   2010; Terpstra and Larsen, 1980). In the current study, we hypothesize
   that the applicant with the stereotypically Latino name will be rated as
   less hirable than the Black and White applicants, based on the
   geographic location of the sample and debates over immigration.
   Participants, graduate students at University of Houston, reviewed ten
   resumes for an adjunct professor position in Psychology. After each
   resume, participants were asked to write the applicants name (to
   make the manipulation more salient) and assess how likely they would
   be to hire that applicant and how confident they are in that decision.
   After reviewing those ten resumes, participants were presented with
   the final two job candidates; the three possible conditions were
   Black/Latino applicants, Black/White applicants, or Latino/White
   applicants. Participants then completed scales measuring attitudes
   towards Latinos (Hood and Morris, 1997) and stereotypes of
   immigrants. We expect a significant relationship between negative
   attitudes towards Latinos and lower ratings of hirability of the Latino
91 applicant. This research has important implications for prejudice
   between marginalized groups and the real-world implications of this
                                           E                                              F            G          H                 J      L
     The media (e.g., film, television, advertisements, video games,             The Female Body in   Oral   Roundtable 11   Bayou 1215   Thu
     magazines, etc.) is both pervasive and influential in American society; Popular Culture
     the average person, for example, sees 3,000 advertisements a day.
     Media as an institution is a source of socialization in that it dictates to
     its audience how to act, what is socially acceptable and what is not,
     and who/what is normal. In this sense, films, advertisements, and
     video games both reflect and reproduce our society. How does the
     audience members identity affect their interpretation of visual media?
     Is portrayal of women in the media objectifying? The current panel will
     focus on these issues and the idea of commodification of the female
     body; in other words, the presentation of women as products for sale -
     in the media, specifically in visual media. We will discuss the
     representation of female characters in video games, a feminist film
     analysis of Black Swan in terms of body image and dichotomized
     sexuality, and an analysis of how advertisements hypersexualize and
     commodify women at an early age.

                                         E                                             F           G       H          J           L
   David Lane, PhD and Camille Peres, PhD found that making the              Human Interaction   Poster   50   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
   principles of statistics interactive enhances learning for students and   with Information
   creates an efficient resource for teachers to guide their teaching of     Technology
   statistics and research design (2005). Online Statistics Education: An
   Interactive Course of Study (also known as the Online Statistics
   Website), a web-based tool developed by Lane, is used by statistics
   professors as a teaching tool and by students as a means for
   enhancing their understanding of statistics. To measure the user
   experience of the Online Statistics Website, Jo Jardina and Katie
   Vasser (2010) conducted a usability test on the navigational system
   and interactive simulations. The researchers developed and tested
   prototypes for both the website's navigational systems and
   simulations and tested the prototypes against the current version of
   the website. Jardina and Vasser observed users performing tasks,
   noted areas of weakness and strengths in the prototypes they
   developed, and made recommendations for the next iteration of the
   website (Jardina & Vasser, 2010). We are currently creating
   prototypes for both navigational systems and interactive simulations
93 by addressing recommendations from test users and with the
   guidance of subject matter experts. These prototypes will undergo
                                        E                                            F       G         H                J      L
   Background: The University of Houston Clear lake has established a      Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
   campus in the Texas medical center to better serve the Houston          Administration
   community. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to examine the
   impact of the relocation of the Healthcare Administration Program in
   May of 2007 to the Texas Medical Center campus from the Clear Lake
   campus. Methodology: We hope to identify the mean salary of
   students at graduation from the program and at 12 months after
   graduation and their current salary. We also plan to identify the
   following: age, ethnicity, gender, citizenship, expected title (when
   entering the program) and current title,
   fellowship/residency/internship participation, mentorship
   participation, and healthcare experience. We will also evaluate their
   commitment to research and to community service. The data will be
   collected from students who were enrolled in the program during
   2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. We will also identify the impact of
   the availability of the TMC campus on our institutions success in terms
   of meeting student needs and goals. Data will be gathered through
   sent survey as well as interviews with students and faculty.
94 Conclusions: Addressing these factors will guide our healthcare,
   business and finance professionals in designing, implementing and
                                         E                                            F      G         H                 J      L
     With the current focus on women's roles in sports and the work place, Performance of   Oral   Roundtable 3   Bayou 1418   Wed
     our panel proposes an analysis of these roles through the concept of      Gender
     gender performance. We propose to analyze how women perform
     gender at work in leadership roles, in sports, and as characters in
     popular films. While investigating these roles and the gendered
     performance demanded from women to meet the expectations of
     these roles, we will also examine peoples perceptions and the
     following implications these perceptions have on the way in which
     women continue to perform gender. With women becoming more
     prevalent in leadership roles and sports it may be possible that women
     are not performing gender norms and in fact are engaging in a
     redefined gender performance. Through film analysis, we will be able
     to note any shift in popular norms of female disposition and character
     that may be reflected in society. The goal of this panel is to define the
     current state at which women perform their gender and to define the
     ways in which women in leadership roles, sports, and film help to
     redefine the accepted norms of the female character.

                                            E                                             F           G     H           J      L
     Art, in the eyes of the historian, is a primary cultural artifact of the   History Consortium   Oral   3A   Bayou 1211   Fri
     time in which it was created. It often reveals the values, ideology shifts
     and major events of the era. Lives of artists are even more revealing,
     and give us insight into the effects of major events into the everyday
     lives of artists and the common man alike. If ever there was an art
     movement that purely reflected the events, ideologies and struggles
     of a time period, it is Surrealism. An art movement wedged between
     the two great wars of the twentieth century, surrealism exemplified
     the nihilistic postmodern values that emerged in the wake of
     industrialism. The stories of Surrealists are riddled with tales of exile,
     war, and political insurrection, revealing the turmoil of the mid to late
     twentieth century. This essay is a venture into the lives of Surrealist
     artists and explores through their experiences what it meant to be a
     citizen of the postmodern world in the twentieth century.

     "Sex for Sale" explores the brief history of the Red Light District of    History Consortium    Oral   1A   Bayou 1211   Fri
     Galveston, TX (1920-1957). In many ways Galveston's organized crime
     situation was unique in comparison to that of other towns, especially
     in regards to prostitution. Drawing primarily on literature from the
     Rosenberg Library Archives, interviews, newspapers and theses over
     organized crime, research consistently shows, between the years 1920-
     1939, Galveston's local government officials not only "turned a blind
     eye" to "the Line", they even helped regulate it. Starting in the 1940's,
     Galveston's shifted from an open organized crime city to a tightly
     regulated town until the final shutdown of Galveston's "Line" in 1957.
     This paper concludes with a comparison of Galveston's prostitute
     "problem" to that of other 20th century American cities. Come to
     enjoy a discussion of Galveston's unique history!

                                         E                                              F             G          H                 J      L
   Identity and its complex impact on cultural are highly debated and        Identity and Societal   Oral   Roundtable 12   Bayou 1133   Thu
   discussed topics in the social sciences. This group participating in the  development
   roundtable explores identity development and the human experience
   to understand social change and development among individuals and
   social groups. An attempt is made to understand the cause and
   process of social change as manifested in individuals, social groups and
   their involvement in social processes. The roundtable will highlight the
   issues, changes and evolution concerning the external and internal
   effects that produce shifts of identity and thus, the human experience.
   The purpose of this roundtable is a critical analysis of contemporary
   social changes of identity in order to illuminate the impact and power
   of individuals on perceptions and realities in a world being shaped by
   social interaction. Monica Garcia will discuss the sex worker industry in
   Mexico and how sex work causes drug use among Mexican women.
   Firas Jaser will discuss the adverse impact of emigration on the Arab
   Christian immigrants identity in the U.S. Patrick Batts addresses how
   transportation affects community identity. In particular, how
   Houston's light rail affects Houston's east end community. Candace
98 Murphy addresses the role of women as a demographic in combat
   sport and focuses on how on aggression in women and societies
                                          E                                             F           G     H           J      L
     Bantu ideology in Africa demonstrates remarkable continuity in           History Consortium   Oral   2A   Bayou 1211   Fri
     concepts of public health, particularly in terms of the relationship
     between the people and the land, as well as the idea of healthy,
     balanced communal relations. This thesis project examines Botatwe
     religious, political, and medical thought in order to identify how ideas
     of communal health have developed since the 6th Century CE among
     Botatwe- speaking groups, and how these ideas have helped shape
     concepts of proper and legitimate authority in decentralized Botatwe
     society. The project shows both strong links with the past, drawing on
     ancient Bantu thought, and interesting innovations in discourse about
     leadership and the preservation of the community in the face of
     misfortune and distress. Like most of Africa, the Botatwe were an oral
     society prior to the colonial period. In order to access systems of
     thought during the early, formative phases of Botatwe history, this
     project employs the methods of comparative historical linguistics,
     using language to reconstruct ideas, and comparative ethnography.

                                            E                                         F           G     H           J      L
      Whenever one thinks of terrorists, one most likely thinks "male". The History Consortium   Oral   1A   Bayou 1211   Fri
      stereotype has been that way for many years, although there are
      documented cases of women taking part in the Russian Revolution and
      the French Reign of Terror that gave the genre its name. If women are
      thought of at all, they are most often assumed to be international
      terrorists, either the religious extremists of Hamas or Chechnya, where
      women are now the leading perpetrators of suicide bombings, or
      nationalists associated with the Shining Path of Peru or the
      Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC). In the United States,
      women are generally assumed to be associated with left-wing groups:
      the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF), the Animal Liberation Front
      (ALF), or women's and reproductive rights. Women are rarely
      associated with right-wing extremists. However, evidence has shown
      that not only do women have a history of right-wing violence in the
      United States, but the trend is growing and women's participation in
      right-wing terrorist violence is becoming more widespread.

                                         E                                             F        G           H                 J      L
    The theme of my recent Honors Art Exhibit is the discovery, harvest,       Visual          Oral   Oral Session 7   Bayou 1333   Thu
    depletion, and extinction of a fictional plant called "Sprout". My idea    Communication
    was inspired by my Environmental Science classes. Throughout these
    courses, I began to grasp the reality of the threats we are imposing on
    our planet, its habitats, and species. As a community outreach project
    I wanted to use a different approach to incite habitat loss awareness.
    By creating a fictional plant, I hoped to present the topic in a fresh way
    that wasn't commercialized or overused. I wanted to detach my
    objective from the typical "Go Green" slogan that has become a
    marketing ploy to simply sell the idea of "eco friendly" products to
    consumers. I essentially wanted to use my art to covertly "plant" the
    idea that, perhaps, we are taking our planet for granted. My show
    begins with the Sprouts standing tall and unharmed. Soon the plant
    undergoes severe over harvest, striking back in a last attempt to
    survive. Finally, the plants are shown withered and dead. This
    metamorphosis parallels the danger thousands of habitats, and
    species face daily on Earth. I chose printmaking as my main medium.
    The transfer to the natural texture of the wood creates a withered,
101 earthy feel to my woodcut prints, which complement my theme. I also
    displayed ceramic sculptures of the dead plants called "Specimens"
                                           E                                        F             G         H                 J      L
    This group project examines the ways in which different ethnic groups Celebrating Veterans   Oral   Roundtable 5   Bayou 1418   Wed
    have experienced citizenship and belonging through military service in Day
    the United States. Students from the Cross Cultural Studies Theories of
    Diversity course will present their individual research in a
    conversational format on different aspects of ethnicity and belonging
    and avenues of participation in American society that the military
    promises as part of its claims to provide social and economic
    opportunities to underrepresented groups through service. Deborah
    Karam will present original research on women in the Civil War who
    served in clandestine circumstances. Her work focuses on the unique
    ways that women, particularly African American free women and
    former slaves, took part in helping to formally end slavery. Linda
    Sulpacio, through examining her father's military documentation,
    offers a unique glimpse at how Filipino soldiers served and how the
    kinds of service they performed were gendered and racialized in the
    Civil Rights era. Hillary Gramm's work is on the Vietnam War and the
    scars it has left in our nation's public memory of this devastating time
    in history. Gramm focuses on the immediate impact of war, as well as
102 those impacts that live on in the minds of those who serve and their
    families generations after completing their service. This group of
                                         E                                              F              G       H          J           L
    Previous research has revealed significant findings related to Internet Psychology of            Poster   45   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    Pornography (IP) consumption, its effects on life functioning, and        Internet Pornography
    variables associated with its use. Religion, although not currently
    studied in the literature, may be one of the variables associated with
    the use or non-use of IP. Hence, exploration of religion as it relates to
    IP use could expand the body of literature in this area. Through online
    and questionnaires, over 200 college student participants completed
    assessments and questions on IP use, religious factors, scrupulosity,
    ways of thinking and reacting to emotions, obsessional beliefs, and
    distress from sexual thoughts. Initial results showed that those who
    are non-IP users show significantly higher scrupulosity and higher
    thought-action fusion regarding morals. Respectively, these results
    indicate that non-users may be less likely to use IP because it violates
    their moral beliefs and suggesting that they may be more likely to
    believe that viewing porn is the moral equivalent of acting upon
    sexual urges/desires. Further analysis will be conducted of various
    other factors. These findings may provide insights for reasons
    individuals opt not to use IP and to help define what makes IP use
103 problematic for some and not for others. The implications of how this
    study will further aid the understanding of general patterns of IP use
                                           E                                            F             G            H                  J           L
    Environmental restoration is intriguing for me as I feel that the BP      Environmental       Electronic   Symposium 2   Online            Online
    disaster was the greatest catastrophe of our time. There was a huge       Health and Safety                                                beginni
    amount of human, environmental and marine life loss. People are still                                                                        ng
    struggling with the disaster in the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. People                                                                    Mon,
    will struggle with the Deep Water Horizon disaster for years to come                                                                       Apr 20
    with their health, economy, the wild life, and marine life. The dead
    zone in the Gulf is an example of a disaster which is due the dumping
    of waste. This has contributed to the poisoning of the water for
    marine life and the local economies of this area. Environmental
    restoration attempts to preserve and maintain the existing habitat.
    Environmental restoration can take years depending on the cause of
    the disaster. Environmental restoration would mean sea or land oil
    spills. Pipeline ruptures, Industrial Fire cleanup, response to terrorist
    attacks, mine site remediation and water treatment are some of the
    forms of environmental restoration. One aspect of environmental
    restoration is after a natural disaster. Hurricane Ike and Katrina caused
    damages to homes, roadways, power lines, different modes of
    transportation and human life. Natural disasters can also come in the
104 form of typhoons, floods, droughts and cold weather.
    Couples that have children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum              Stress and Pain      Poster         14         Bayou Atrium II    Thu
    Disorder (ASD) often endure greater stress levels than couples with
    children without ASD. Support available to couples typically focuses on
    addressing problem behaviors with their children and appropriate
    parenting skills. However, a number of professionals recommend
    addressing the couple relationship. Emotionally Focused Couples
    Therapy (EFT) is an evidence based therapy that works with couples to
    alleviate relationship distress. This article investigates the use of EFT
    with couples who have autistic children. A phenomenological analysis
    of a case study will be used to identify common stressor experiences
    of couples with a child with ASD. In addition, therapeutic processes
    will be identified in order to inform clinicians on how to work with this
    unique population.
                                             E                                        F           G         H                J      L
      This project will take a proactive approach to lowering the amount of Safety Engineering   Oral   Symposium 1   SSCB 3307    Mon
      motor vehicle fatalities, by developing a computer program which will
      allow employers to better control the use of their company vehicles.
      The program will consist of a magnetic strip reader that will be able to
      read the driver license information of the vehicle operator. Once the
      license verified, the vehicle will operate under the parameters
      selected by the company (i.e. distance traveled, total driving
      time..etc...). If the driver exceeds the company's guidelines, the vehicle
      will not start. The program will operate under the same premise as the
      Breathalyzer, and can also be used by parents to monitor and control
      the driving habit of teenagers.
    Over the past decade, we have become more aware of the impact of Healthcare                  Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    medication errors in patient care. Medication error is a serious issue   Administration
    that can not only result in complications to a patient's medical
    treatment, but may also result in death. The issue of medication error
    is often compounded with the use of paper-based prescriptions by
    health professionals. In this age of increasing dependency on
    electronic devices, electronic prescribing is a new and evolving tool
    that can significantly assist physicians in their profession. It has the
    potential of providing them access to a patient's prescription history,
    the ability to verify insurance coverage as well as the prescribed
    medication's status on the insurance company's formulary, and they
    can even route prescriptions to the patient's pharmacy without the
    use of paper records. E-prescribing has the potential to help improve
    workflow and communication between providers and pharmacies, as
    well as reduce problems incurred with hand-written prescriptions. This
    prescribing tool can assess the history of current and past prescription
    medications and then analyze them so as to ensure that potential
    medication issues related to drug-allergy and drug-drug interactions
107 can be avoided. E-prescribing is not a new concept, but prescribers
    have been slow to adopt such technology. Some who do use this
                                          E                                                 F      G           H                 J      L
    Plato's Allegory of a Cave is a metaphor for life realistic and fictional.   Literature and   Oral   Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133   Thu
    When used as a lens and applied to a persons existence, one begins to        Literacy
    understand what motivates and hampers himself. Understanding why
    a person has chosen to direct his life in a certain direction helps those
    analyzing it to understand human nature. Applying this lens to a tragic
    figure like Blanche Dubois from Tennessee Williams A Streetcar
    Named Desire has the highest chances of achieving this perspective.
    This paper utilizes this approach and supports its claims with multiple
    essays and opinions written on this character. The platonic elements
    within the Allegory are the cave, shadows, chains, compellers, blinding
    light, and enlightenment. These details are explained and identified. A
    theory is proposed that Plato possibly forgot an element when
    describing what holds people in the dark: the saboteur. This factor
    within Blanche Dubois's life is also revealed. Identifying these
    characteristics within the existence of Blanche Dubois will help the
    reader to identify them within his own life. One will see his own cave
    clearly, and the elements within. After using the same techniques that
    were applied to Blanche Dubois on himself, the reader will achieve an
108 enlightened perspective about his own life and what hampers him.
    This research is mainly to investigate GDP and its growth rate in terms      Business and     Oral   Oral Session 6   Bayou 1104   Thu
    of various economic factors such as exports of goods and services,           Economics
    imports of goods and services, unemployment rate, consumer price
    index and gross savings, etc. and give some comments. In addition to
    analyze the economic data, it also makes a comparison of GDP growth
    rate between OECD and NON-OECD countries and then do some
109 prediction.
                                            E                                                F      G       H          J           L
      There are many special education students who are placed in                 Education and   Poster   88   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
      alternative placement schools due to their behavior. There are some         Career Issues
      students with certain disabilities that are becoming more prominent
      than others. These disabilities include Learning Disabilities, Mental
      Retardation, Emotionally Disturbance, Autism, Other Health Impaired,
      Auditory Impaired, Visually Impaired, and Speech Impaired students.
      When these students are having problems in the classroom, their
      behavior may tend to get off track. This may be due to their
      frustration levels, participation levels, and motivation levels. In return,
      their classroom behavior may deviate into mischief and cause problem
      behaviors in the classroom. The paper of this paper is to look at which
      disabilities were more prominent than others within a school district in
      southwest Houston from the years 2010-2011. The data was taken
      from a random sample of 115 students. Amongst the highest
      disabilities were Learning Disabilities, Emotionally Disturbed, and
      Other Health Impaired students.

                                        E                                            F           G       H          J           L
    Previous research has demonstrated that past traumatic experiences Psychology:             Poster   23   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    may be linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)-related          Obsessions and
    dysfunctional beliefs and experiential avoidance strategies (Briggs & Intrusive Thoughts
    Price, 2009; Smith, Burgess, Minarcik, Hart, & Wetterneck, 2009).
    However, there is little research examining the relationships between
    trauma history and OCD symptomology. Furthermore, research has
    yet to investigate comparisons between intrusive thoughts
    experienced by individuals with trauma history versus intrusive
    thoughts experienced by individuals with no trauma history. The
    current study seeks to determine associations between intrusive
    thoughts, past trauma history, thought control strategies, and
    obsessive-compulsive symptomology in a non-clinical population. The
    study recruited 191 female college student participants. Each
    participant was asked to indicate their most intrusive sexual thought
    and whether or not it was related to an actual life experience.
    Participants then completed a questionnaire assessing trauma history,
    OCD and PTSD symptomology, thought control strategies, and
    mindfulness. Findings demonstrated that individuals who have
111 experienced sexual trauma spend significantly more time managing
    sexually intrusive thoughts and exhibit significantly higher OCD
                                         E                                                F           G       H          J           L
    Previous research has suggested that personality disorder (PD)             Psychology:          Poster   25   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    comorbidity in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is linked to            Obsessions and
    greater OCD severity, impairment, chronicity, and poorer treatment         Intrusive Thoughts
    response (Baer et al., 1992; Bejerot et al., 1998; Hansen, Vogel, Stiles,
    & Gotestam, 2007; Harap, 2000; Fricke et al., 2006). However, the
    majority of this research has primarily utilized a categorical approach
    to analyzing these associations, despite recent shifts in the field of PD
    research to adopt a dimensional approach which conceptualizes
    personality pathology based on maladaptive extremes of global
    personality domains. Considering this, the current study analyzes PD
    dimensional traits, along with the big five personality factors, in
    relation to OCD severity and symptoms. The study recruited a clinical
    sample of 51 patients with either a primary or secondary diagnosis of
    OCD and anticipates to collect a total of 75 participants. The OMNI
    Personality Inventory (OMNI; Loranger, 2001) was used as a
    dimensional assessment of personality pathology and includes the big
    five personality factors. Preliminary results showed significant, positive
    relationships between OCD severity and borderline, avoidant,
112 dependent, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders. In
    addition, several personality disorder dimensions were significantly
                                           E                                           F          G       H          J           L
    Researchers have explored the various reasons individuals engage in       Psychology of     Poster   46   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    internet pornography (IP) use, which include arousal, entertainment, Internet Pornography
    and gaining social connections, to name a few (Goodson, McCormick,
    & Evans, Paul & Shim, 2008; Paul, 2009). However, little is known
    about why individuals opt not to use IP. Understanding reasons behind
    why individuals refrain from using IP may provide insight into the
    general patterns of IP use and aid in defining distinctions between
    normal and problematic IP use. The current study explores the various
    reasons for non-use and compares differences across those who do
    not engage in IP use versus those who do. In addition, differences in
    reasons for non-use across other demographic variables, such as
    gender, religious affiliation, or relationship status, also are analyzed.
    The study recruited 537 participants from a non-deviant population of
    college students. Preliminary results showed that, of the 154
    participants who did not use IP, an overwhelming majority of 77.3% of
    participants endorsed simply not being interested as their reason for
    not viewing IP, followed by violation of morals (51.9%) and
    degradation of women (48.7%). The beliefs that IP use would interfere
113 with functioning at either work or school were endorsed the least
    frequently as reasons for non-use (14.9% and 14.9% respectively).
                                             E                                          F         G       H          J           L
      Individuals who are able to relax in tense situations experience less   Stress and Pain   Poster   15   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
      anxiety overall, and biofeedback training is one of the effective ways
      to teach relaxation. The question then becomes, who is more likely to
      benefit from this kind of relaxation training? Previous research has
      revealed that introverts tend to be higher in levels of neuroticism and
      this is associated with a difficulty focusing on positive aspects of a
      situation and increased sensitivity to external stimuli (Derryberry &
      Reed, 1994; Stelmack, 1990). This could contribute to higher levels of
      anxiety, and therefore a larger benefit from learning biofeedback
      techniques. In the current study, 40 participants were administered
      the James McCroskey Introversion Scale, a measure that is scored on a
      Likert scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being strongly disagree to 5 being
      strongly agree." It is hypothesized that after completing 3 biofeedback
      training sessions, introverts will demonstrate lower levels of anxiety
      than extroverts. This is beneficial knowledge to individuals who are
      considering a biofeedback treatment plan for their anxiety.

      John Hawkins profited greatly from the trading of goods from England History Consortium    Oral    2C   Bayou 1215        Fri
      and slaves from Africa to the West Indies because of Spanish policy
      that forbade the colonies to trade with foreigners. His personality,
      charisma, and the perception that he was an honest trader, which was
      cultivated by Hawkins, helped him in his triangular trade route.
      Hawkins' family background and his connections to the English
      monarchy, combined with his character traits, helped to create three
      successful slaving voyages to the New World, with the exception of
      the last voyage which was marred by unexpected and unfortunate
                                            E                                          F        G           H                 J      L
      This is a body of work that involves text and pictures. This is a        Visual          Oral   Oral Session 7   Bayou 1333   Thu
      presentation of evolution, the evolution of an idea. Selling Soles is a  Communication
      comic, that I have hewn from rough sketches and many varied
      prototypes, over the course of 18 years. The characters, jokes and
      storylines, have all experienced the modification that comes from
      time, and the streamlining that is bourn from iteration. This idea of
      becoming a cartoonist, with a successful "strip" of my own creation,
      has been an obsession so powerful, that I have returned to school. My
      desire, to gain the skills necessary in order to bring the art to a
      professional level, and to make the work viable, accessible, relevant,
      and visually stimulating in this "digital age." The presentation will
      follow the work, from primary doodles, to the more polished look that
      it possesses today. The story will follow the process of creativity, and
      the numerous frustrations encountered by those who attempt
      anything "original" or "creative".

                                         E                                               F        G       H          J           L
    Amid rising health care costs in the United States in an increasingly    Social Attitudes   Poster   62   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    uncertain global economy, an assessment of health care systems
    according to consumers and their experiences is of great pertinence.
    Health care is a huge necessity of everyday life, and it is important to
    always find ways to improve it. A comparison of two prominent health
    care systems, the NHS (National Health Service), England's tax-funded
    socialized medicine program, as compared to that of the United
    States' largely private health care system may provide valuable
    feedback on how to improve the United States' health care system.
    Based on consumer experiences, are consumers satisfied, specifically
    in the United States and in England, with their respective private and
    socialized systems? In order to assess and compare levels of
    satisfaction of American consumers with their health care system and
    British consumers of their socialized health care system, a non-
    experimental design method will be used, whereby satisfaction will be
    assessed using surveys as the primary instrument. Upon CPHS
    approval, surveys will be given to two pools of student participants on
    two says of UHCL's Data Collection Day. In this study, it is likely that
117 evidence will show consumers of both health care systems will have
    relatively equal proportions of satisfied and dissatisfied consumers
                                            E                                          F             G            H                  J      L
      Pollution has become an increasingly widespread throughout the         Environmental       Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
      world. Pollution has been the source of many deaths and health         Health and Safety                                           beginni
      disorders. Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful                                                                       ng
      substances or products into the environment. Pollution can present                                                                  Mon,
      itself from natural processes occurring in the environment. However,                                                               Apr 20
      humans have contributed proportionally to the serious issue of
      pollution. Environmental pollution includes air pollution, water
      pollution, and land pollution. Major causes of this crisis include
      deforestation, waste dumped in bodies of water, toxins exposed to
      the air, and the dumping of waste on land. Pollutants in the air can
      cause respiratory disorders. Pollutants in the water can cause water-
      borne diseases. The former are just two of the many side effects of
      pollution. Many countries have taken action to fight the issue of
      pollution by setting standards and signing international treaties that
      can lessen the effects. However, there is much still needed to be done
      in order to get the crisis of pollution under control.

                                          E                                             F               G            H                 J           L
    In the Name of Our Creator(Allah), who is the Most Merciful, who is       Visual                   Oral    Oral Session 7   Bayou 1333        Thu
    the Most Compassionate, and who is the Most Clement. The Names or         Communication
    the Attributes of Allah are the highest characters ever. Man should
    strive to achieve a share of these Attributes. Thinking positive is an
    extremely important perspective that helps man build up positive
    relationships, analyze issues in a positive mind, preserve connections
    between enlightened hearts, and create solutions for healthy minds
    and souls. This project is about a twenty calligraphic artworks that
    reflect on some of the Attributes and Names of Allah. This project
    includes twenty words of wisdom which inspires man to solidify his
    realization of the Names of Allah as well. These words of wisdom
    reflect on mercy, from Allah who is the Most Merciful. Purity, from
    Allah who is the Pure On. Faith, from Allah who is the Guardian of
    Faith. Peace, from Allah who is the Source of Peace. Dignity, From
    Allah who is the Most Glorious. Creativity, from Allah who is the
    Creative. Repentance from Allah who is the Guide to Repentance.
    Forgiveness, from Allah who is the Most Forgiving. Sustenance, from
    Allah who is the Best Sustainer. Thankfulness, from Allah who is the
119 Rewarder of Thankfulness. Justice, from Allah who is the Just.
    The fast paced and ever changing world that Protection, live Allah
    Subtleness from Allah who is the Subtle One.we currentlyfrom in           Psychology: Stress      Poster        9           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    heavily demonstrates its effects on society, primarily on the college     and Coping in College
    student. Rising costs of tuition, textbooks, and living expenses
    necessitate the employment of students. More full time and part time
    students find themselves carrying the burden of one, and in some
    cases, multiple jobs in order to sustain their living conditions. There
    are research supporting both the benefits to the student worker and
    the detriments to him or her. We hope to study the relationships
    between employment, school performance, substance use, and stress.
    We hope to show that there is a correlation between the number of
    hours a student is employed a week, their stress level, school
    performance, and their amount of substance use.

                                          E                                           F           G       H          J           L
    Functional communication training (FCT) is an effective way to          Behavior Analysis   Poster   42   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    decrease problem behavior and increase a useful means of                and Developmental
    communication. Most research on FCT has focused on teaching a new Disabilities
    response rather than selecting a behavior that may already exist in the
    individuals behavioral repertoire. The current two studies sought to
    replicate and extend the research of Grow, Kelley, Roane, and
    Shillingsburg (2008), who used extinction-induced response variability
    to select an alternative response for the treatment of problem
    behavior. Grow et al. were successful in decreasing problem behavior
    and replacing it with appropriate behavior; however, extinction bursts
    occurred for all participants. In the current study, reinforcement was
    provided for any appropriate behavior that emerged during extinction
    of problem behavior as a way to decrease bursting during the initial
    exposure to extinction (Study 1). Two individuals, an 8-year-old boy
    diagnosed with autism and a 5-year-old boy diagnosed with autism,
    participated. Both engaged in aggression to access tangible items.
    Although FCT successfully decreased problem behavior and increased
    appropriate behavior, extinction bursts were still observed. During
121 Study 2, a noncontingent reinforcement with fading procedure was
    used in addition to extinction of problem behavior and reinforcement
                                           E                                       F                  G          H                  J      L
      Much changed for Egypt as the Suez Canal was built from 1858-1869. History Consortium          Oral        2C          Bayou 1215   Fri
      Although Britain was offered shares at the outset of the Suez Canal
      Company, no shares were purchased on the basis of slave labor,
      access, and cost. However, in 1875 as Ismail Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt,
      was desperately trying to raise capital for Egypt a deal was brokered
      in which Egypt's remaining shares were sold to Britain changing the
      relationship between the two nations. This paper seeks to explain the
      changes in British imperial policy that made purchase into the Suez
      Canal Company a necessary component in the overall design of British
      rule. It also seeks to answer the question: Did Britain intend to
      become involved in Egypt as it had done so in India, or was British
      control a response to escalating political and economic problems at
      home and abroad?

      A socio-economic analysis of the world financial crisis identifies that  Politics and Policy   Oral   Oral Session 8   Bayou 1218   Thu
      regulation is influenced by Conflict Theory and its offshoots.
      Attempting to disburse and avoid conflict, regulators fostered the
      circumstances necessary for economic collapse. The "ills of capitalism"
      are brought on by inflation- the devaluation of the currency -which
      produces a detrimental economy fostering doomed social institutions.
      These factors are the result of an imbalanced devotion to social norms
      while experiencing psychological detachment, resulting in alienation of
      the individual from a symbolic attachment to a socially-constructed
      stratification system. Implications include predictions of future
      economic crises, the effectiveness of current policies aimed at
      thwarting future crises, the value of a gold standard versus fiat money,
      and the use of Conflict Theory in devising future economic regulations.
        Keywords: conflict, currency, devaluation, government, inflation,

                                           E                                             F         G       H          J           L
      Previous attempts to link pet ownership to well-being, either            Stress and Pain   Poster   16   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
      physiological or psychological, have clearly yielded mixed results. This
      purpose of this study was to add to the complex and conflicting body
      of work by examining the link between pet ownership and reported
      happiness in college students in several ways. Our goals were to 1)
      ascertain why college students own their pets, 2) look for a correlation
      between mere ownership and happiness, 3) examine pet attachment
      as a mediating factor, 4) search for links between personality traits;
      specifically, Peterson and Seligman's five happiness-correlated
      character strengths--and pet ownership, and 5) look for ways pet
      ownership can draw pleasure, engagement, and meaning out of the
      realm of personality-influenced factors and reframe them as
      experiences one can influence. Since situational factors and temporary
      mood are well-known to influence reports of general well-being
      (Schwarz & Clore, 1983), we also used question order to determine
      whether thinking about pet ownership prior to assessing global level of
      happiness effects reported level of happiness.

                                            E                                          F           G           H                 J      L
       In 1899, the District of Columbia contracted with the Roman Catholic Politics and Policy   Oral   Oral Session 8   Bayou 1218   Thu
      Church to build a hospital on their grounds, providing medical services
      to the poor. the Supreme Court deemed that just because the hospital
      was affiliated with the church; it was "wholly immaterial," as the
      church would be providing secular services to the city's needy without
      regard to their religion. (Bradfield v. Roberts 1899) Despite
      separation of church and state arguments, there is ample evidence to
      support the efficacy and desirability of such partnerships as well as
      ample reasons to be concerned. Perhaps our focus should be on how
      we can make faith-based initiatives more successful while, at the
      same time, acknowledging the need for oversight to protect
      separation issues. This presentation will examine the details of
      Charitable Choice and state funding; the legislation that set the wheels
      in motion for partnerships between the government and faith-based
      programs. Using case studies that reveal programs proven to be
      effective, we will illustrate the inevitability for programs of this venue.
      The ethical and practical issues surrounding this topic will be
      addressed, along with possible solutions to the problems.
                                         E                                       F      G       H          J           L
    For years the Houston-Galveston region has had a major problem with Environment   Poster   67   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    air pollution, which causes high concentrations of ground level ozone.
    The Houston Ship Channel, which is a site of numerous refineries and
    chemical processing facilities experience event emissions throughout
    the year. Highly reactive volatile organic compounds (HRVOC), which
    can be released during an event emission have been found to cause
    increased ozone concentrations. Due to the nonattainment ozone
    status and the health effects caused by high ozone concentrations
    more research is required to look at causes of ozone exceedance in
    the Harris-Brazoria-Galveston area. The goals of this project include;
    (1) Gather the 2009 event emission reports from TCEQ website and
    determine the frequency and variability of events; (2) Use TCEQ air
    CAM data to determine the ozone event days during 2009 and (3)
    Determine if air CAMS show a peak in ozone if the CAM is in a plume
    path created from HRVOCs released during 2009 event emissions in
    Harris-Brazoria-Galveston; (4) Also, determine if there is a significant
    difference between the ozone levels inside the plume versus the
    ozone levels outside the plume. If ozone exceedance days are related
126 to event emissions, then elevated levels of highly reactive volatile
    organic compounds (HRVOCs) released during event emissions will
                                          E                                              F              G       H          J           L
      Sonia Nieto (1996) suggests that schools and parents need to come       Education and           Poster   83   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      together to create a sense of mutual accommodation. Yet, in many        Children's Literature
      schools today parents do not understand how work with the school to
      solve problems and get services for their children. Part of the problem
      is that many schools do not education parents about the processes
      that exist within the school. We interviewed parents about what they
      do not and do not understand about schools and what they want
      schools to educate them about. Little research has been conducted
      that investigates parents views of how schools can better education
      them about how to work with the school. The results suggest that
      there are many processes that parents do not understand and that
      they wished the school administration and teachers would help them
      understand more about how to work with the school to solve
      Adolescent risk taking can be influenced by many factors, including       Human Development     Poster   37   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
      their relationships with family. This study looks at the parent-
      adolescent relationship and its influences on adolescent risk taking
      once adolescents are in college. An anonymous online survey was
      used to gather data which included questions from several different
      measures. Findings showed that there was a correlation between
      parental nurturance and adolescents' general risk taking, parent-
      adolescent relationship quality, and the number of sexual partners the
      adolescents reported. There was a negative correlation between
      parental restrictiveness and relationship quality. Lastly, results showed
      that the higher quality relationship between the parent and
      adolescent, the higher the communication was about sex. Findings
      from this study can lead to better understanding of risk-taking among
      college students and have realistic implications for parents and

                                          E                                              F          G            H                  J           L
      Hydraulic fracturing has come under scrutiny recently in the U.S.         Environmental   Electronic   Symposium 2   Online            Online
      Congress, as seen in the FRAC Act. Amongst a slew of OSHA and USGS Health and Safety                                                   beginni
      pamphlets protesting any negative impacts this practice may have,                                                                        ng
      environmentalists throughout the nation are crying out for more                                                                         Mon,
      regulation and more disclosure as to what exactly the chemicals used                                                                   Apr 20
      in fracking are. While many are concerned with long term
      environmental impacts, I would like to propose a basic case study that
      examines the transparency of the OSHA regulations required for
      employees involved in hydraulic fracturing. Long term environmental
      impacts from this process are important to identify, but the safety of
      employees regarding this process is shrouded in encouraging
      pamphlets and articles on whistle blowers. As of yet, I have not
      decided whether to focus on Texas or Colorado drilling companies, as
      both states share a wealth of angry landowners and former
      employees. The purpose of this case study would be to examine the
      accuracy of safety requirements for hydraulic fracturing. Also, this case
      study will try to analyze whether OSHA regulations are even in use at
      and near these drilling facilities.
      Holland's Codes are recognized as one of the leading standards for        Education and    Poster         89         Bayou Atrium II    Thu
      career testing. These tests are intended to match personality and         Career Issues
      vocational interest with various types of occupational profiles. The
      proposed study will test the consistency between 3 different
      assessment measures of Holland's Codes, and then compare the
      results with matching participants' self-reported measures. 50 Men
      and women of different age, occupation, and educational background
      will be targeted to participate. Each participant will fill out a self-
      assessment questionnaire prior to taking any career test, which
      consists of basic demographic information and a self-measured
      Holland Code. Some deviation is expected between test results, but a
      baseline of similarities is also predicted.

                                          E                                            F            G             H                J        L
    Nigerians are one of the largest African immigrant groups in America; History Consortium       Oral           4D        Bayou 1217     Fri
    about 16,000 Nigerians call the city of Houston home. Houston has the
    largest Nigerian American population in the United State. Nigerians
    are attracted to the Houston area either through chain migration to
    Houston or the city's oil industry. Nigerians play an important role in
    Houston's business sector, for example, businessmen Kase Lawal,
    Chairman and CEO of Cameroon-American Company (CAMAC). The
    city of Houston is the front runner in the relationship between the
    country of Nigeria and the United States. On April 16, 2010, the
    International Trade Center located in Southwest Houston signed the
    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the first annual USA-
    Nigeria Business Forum; the Nigerian governments primary goal of the
    agreement is to expand trade between Nigeria and the U.S. Nigerians
    are also playing an important role in the airline industry. Continental
    Airlines, a company based in Houston, announced that if the
    government approves, it plans to fly daily from Houston, Texas to
    Lagos, Nigeria, nonstop in November of 2011. If this plan is approved it
    would bring together two cities whose dominate industries are based
131 on energy. Whether they are first generation Nigerian immigrants such
    as former University of Houston Cougar and NBA Champion Hakeem
    The natural environment has been systematically destabilized due to Environmental            Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
    the introduction of pollutants on it. The current project intends to     Health and Safety                                           beginni
    investigate the effects of pollution in the environment and                                                                            ng
    recommend measures to prevent this problem.                                                                                           Mon,
                                                                                                                                         Apr 20
                                           E                                            F          G         H                   J      L
      Ever since the first games of pong were played, video games have         Ergonomics and     Oral   Symposium 5      Bayou 3615   Thu
      evolved into a freeform type of entertainment where the body             Workplace Design
      becomes the controller. From hand held devices to even our phones,
      we interact with video games on a daily basis. Our goal through this
      project is to look at the evolution of video games from an ergonomic
      perspective and show how the Gaming industry has accommodated to
      the ever changing needs of there consumers. We will look at the
      evolution of controllers to the ways in which video games have
      changed strategically in order to better represent the timeline of video
      game development.
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate IDT research and    Business and         Oral   Oral Session 6   Bayou 1104   Thu
    find future trends in Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT) research.        Economics
    Design/methodology/approach: To find future trends in IDT research,
    the past and current IDT research is studied to understand the
    progress, findings, authors, current state and future trends of IDT
    research. The methodology used in this study is meta-analysis of
    recent IDT research (2003-2011) to statistically collect data and report
    suggested future trends in IDT research. Three propositions are
    proposed as IDT future research trends in this studies research model
    as follows: Proposition 1: An IDT future trend is the addition variables
    for specific Information Systems such as the Health Care applications
    Proposition 2: An IDT future trend is an increase in objective measure
    of observable variables Proposition 3: An IDT future trend is major
    changes IDT research methods for Information Systems. Findings:
    Initial results suggest agreement with the three propositions
    contained in this study's research model. More variables are tested by
    many studies and attempts are made for more objective measures of
    variables. Major changes in IDT research could include context-based
134 research and agent-based modeling. Research limitation/implications:
    This study examines trends of technology diffusion theories in
                                          E                                             F         G            H                 J           L
    This study explores intrinsic motivation for a Suggestion Collection      Business and       Oral    Oral Session 6   Bayou 1104        Thu
    System Concept intended for Commercial Human Space Exploration            Economics
    with a pilot survey of state university graduate students using a 5-
    point Likert scale. Prior research suggests rewards, especially
    monetary rewards, may undermine creativity because individuals tend
    to concentrate on extrinsic rather than intrinsic motivations. Rewards
    may also undermine the creativity of individuals and customers
    providing suggestions. A pilot survey was conducted to explore
    potential customers' intrinsic motivation to provide suggestions about
    Commercial Human Space Exploration by using a mobile device
    application Suggestion Collection System Concept being developed.
    The survey results of selected knowledgeable students indicate
    variations in expectations, when providing suggestions. Specifically,
    initial results suggest there are variations among respondents as to
    whether rewards are expected and whether rewards are important. As
    a consequence, there is a need for research into intrinsic and extrinsic
    types of the same Suggestion Collection Systems to accommodate the
    various suggestion expectations of individuals. This study also clarifies
135 the need for future research into the motivations for individuals
    In families with an Autism Spectrum Disordered (ASD) suggesting is
    producing suggestions. Specifically, the study indicateschild, stability  Stress and Pain   Poster       17           Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    can be a paradise. Understanding the stressors that couples with ASD
    children face can be key in reducing couple distress. This study
    develops an awareness of the stressors for couples with ASD children
    and examines the type and significance of these stressors.
                                         E                                            F         G       H          J           L
    Previous research has looked at the effects of commute factors and      Stress and Pain   Poster   18   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    stress on individuals driving to work. Longer distances have been
    shown to increase negative reasoning, emotional reactivity, and
    physical complaints. Few studies have investigated what effects
    commuting might have on students and academic performance. This
    study aims to reveal how commute time and distance interacts with
    self-efficacy in determining graduate students academic success.
    Participants will be recruited from a body of graduate students in a
    university setting. The students will fill out a survey containing 4
    measures including an Academic Measure, Commuter Self-efficacy
    Measure, General Self-efficacy Measure, and Commute Variability
    Measure. It is hypothesized that among individuals with similar self-
    efficacy, results will show a negative correlation between academic
    success and commute distance. This information would prove
    beneficial because of the increasing number of students who drive to
    commuter schools. Thus, determining any negative effects or stress
    due to longer commutes will allow students to be better prepared. If it
    is determined that commuter students accrue greater amounts of
137 strain and academic difficulty, universities can work on interventions
    or accommodations to mediate these effects.
                                            E                                           F          G            H                  J      L
      I would like to submit a proposal on stricter regulation from the EPA    Environmental   Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
      on the Houston's water supply. This story was covered on Channel 11 Health and Safety                                            beginni
      News and I would like to use parts of it to create my power point. I                                                               ng
      believe after reading into the story it pertains to environmental safety                                                          Mon,
      of the Houston area. The story basically covers the amounts of                                                                   Apr 20
      radiation that the EPA allows in our water supply. The story uncovered
      that there are large amounts of radiation in the Houston water supply
      in certain areas. The radiation could be linked to potential cancers and
      sickness due to over exposure to the radiation. The story also points
      out that the EPA knows about this and has been actually
      underreporting the amounts of radiation because it is more cost
      effective to its organization. I again would like to summarize the story
      in a power point slide pointing out the main topics of the story and
      possible solutions to it for better drinking water in the Houston area.

                                          E                                                F              G            H                 J           L
    It is not uncommon to find a woman as a writing program                     Literature and           Oral    Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133        Thu
    administrator, nor is it uncommon to find a majority of female tutors       Literacy
    working in a writing center. Applying a feminist theoretical framework
    to composition studies allows writing teachers the opportunity to
    empower their students voices. I have found an enormous amount of
    research to support the idea that women possess the strength and
    ability to teach literacy. Women's contributions to teaching writing are
    vast and wide-ranging. I will explore these contributions and explain
    how they are critical tools to successful tutoring and teaching
    experiences. I also will explore the struggles feminists face when
    teaching composition in a university classroom and contrast them with
    the struggles that exist in a writing center. I will answer the question:
    Is the writing center the best place for women to practice a feminist
    pedagogy of writing? Why do feminist professors struggle in a college
    or university classroom, and how can they subvert the patriarchal
    ideals that oppress them? For this presentation, I will draw on
    research that introduces feminist theory and writing like Helene
    Cixous The Laugh of the Medusa and compare it with feminist
139 composition theorists like Mina Shaughnessy, Andrea Lunsford, Meg
    Teachers from a others.
    Woolbright, and local school district were asked to rate their level of     Education and           Poster       84           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    preparedness and ability in meeting the educational needs of a variety      Children's Literature
    of students with disabilities. The teachers were provided with twenty-
    four scenarios of students with learning, behavioral, and physical
    disabilities and were asked to rate their ability and preparedness to
    educate that student, based on their previous experience, training,
    and education, using a four point Likert Scale.
                                          E                                           F             G       H          J           L
    The purpose of this investigation was to obtain information on the        Human Development   Poster   38   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    structural variables of 30- 8 years old- children from the application of
    the Rorschach test according to the Exner Comprehensive System
    (1991), in order to establish the profile of the group, and know the
    differences and similarities between the information obtained and the
    findings of J. Exner in applying the test in North-American children the
    same age. The results of the investigation allowed us to determine
    characteristics of children of this age, based on the similarities found
    between the two samples compared. These results reflected an
    ambivalent operating style, making children -8 years old- adaptable to
    novel situations, in addition to the use of resources to guide their
    behavior, making this a great capacity for analysis and integration.
    Apparently not easily do they become disorganized and have an
    adequate tolerance to stress. In relation to the affective area, 8 years
    old children showed spontaneity and modulation in the expression of
    affects. The study evidenced the presence of socio-cultural patterns
    that guide the behavior of the children in Caracas, such as the quick
    and random check of the stimuli, improvisation and impulsivity in
141 problem solving and social interaction. Finally, idiosyncratic and
    personal behavior.
                                         E                                                F           G          H                J           L
    The number of products with touch screen capabilities has increased         Human Interaction   Poster      51         Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    dramatically over the past few years. Ergonomic research on using           with Information
    touch screen devices is scarce, most likely due to its relatively new       Technology
    introduction to products for everyday use. The existing research
    indicates that there are potential ergonomic issues; however research
    has been limited mostly subjective questionnaires on very few types of
    devices. Objective data is needed regarding the implications of
    gesturing (using touch as an input method) on a variety of devices
    being used in a variety of positions. This study's aim is to examine the
    ergonomics of gesturing on four touch screen devices, an iPad, an iPod
    Touch, a touch screen laptop and a touch screen desktop. Ergonomic
    data will be gathered while participants complete common tasks on
    the devices. Participants will complete 3 tests. The first will allow the
    participant to choose the input method (i.e. touch only or touch,
    keyboard vs. mouse) and position (i.e. sitting vs. standing). In the
    second and third tests, participants will be instructed to use touch only
    and the position or placement of the product will be assigned. In order
    to evaluate the ergonomics objectively, S-EMG data will provide
142 muscle activity levels for the trapezius, deltoid, wrist flexor and wrist
    Medicare fraud is Also, 2D motion capture data will be sued the
    extensor muscles. not a new problem. In 1979, the AMAgathered to            Fraud                Oral    Symposium 4   Bayou 1311        Thu
    government to keep amounts paid to them under the Medicare
    program a secret. The American Government lost. For more than
    thirty years, physicians have been able to conceal these earning. The
    American people demand transparency for all government spending.
    We have, however, been blinding to the good, bad, and down-right
    ugly truths of Medicare fraud. Just last month, nearly 20 people were
    arrested in Florida for a Medicare fraud scheme that topped $200
    million. That is just one example. I'm going to discuss the crisis and
    crimes that face us and our children.
                                             E                                           F            G           H                  J           L
      Social networking is becoming a predominant aspect of social              Human Interaction   Poster       52           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      relationship building in American society. Therefore, it is important to with Information
      look at different individuals who utilize this new way of online          Technology
      communication with others. Individual's that present with various
      forms of social anxiety can hinder their ability to act appropriately
      among others, leading the individual's to build meaningful
      relationships with other individuals other than in a face-to-face
      context. Research thus far indicates people who use the internet at an
      addictive rate have increased social anxieties. In addition, research has
      shown that people with social anxieties prior to internet use do not
      use its features in order to facilitate or build upon existing
      relationships. These people use the internet for billing, email, games,
      etc., not socializing. We do not know whether the use of social
      networking systems can help a person become more sociable or less
      Consider a portfolio which can be a collection of investments held by Business and             Oral    Oral Session 6   Bayou 1104        Thu
      an individual or an institution. The two competing goals of investment Economics
      are (1) long-term growth of capital and (2) low risk. A good portfolio
      grows steadily without wild fluctuations in value. The Modern
      Portfolio Theory is an optimization model for balancing the return and
      risk portfolio. The objective is to minimize the variance of the
      portfolio's return, subject to the constraints that (1) the expected
      growth of the portfolio reaches at least some target level and (2) you
      do not invest more capital than you have.
                                           E                                          F        G           H                 J      L
      In August 1968 the Soviet Union, along with four Warsaw Pact allies,    Human Culture   Oral   Oral Session 5   Bayou 1133   Thu
      mobilized forces in Prague, Czechoslovakia for the purpose of
      frustrating reforms instituted in the Eastern European nation by newly
      elected leader Alexander Dubcek. These military operations and the
      following Soviet occupation, the most violent in the Eastern bloc since
      the failed Hungarian Revolution in 1956, elicited vehement
      condemnation from much of the Communist and non- Communist
      world. As notable leaders of various Communist nations surprisingly
      criticized Leonid Brezhnev and the USSR, the reaction of the President
      of the United States was noticeably mild. Lyndon B. Johnsons response
      to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia was largely influenced
      by improved Soviet weapons technology and an outdated
      interpretation of the Cold War itself.

                                           E                                        F           G     H           J      L
      Throughout the Revolutionary era, Benjamin Franklin was preoccupied History Consortium   Oral   3B   Bayou 1213   Fri
      with uncovering why a ships voyage from England to New York took
      several weeks longer than one to Rhode Island. His cousin, a whaler,
      informed him of a strong air current in the Atlantic which was
      responsible for the lag. In the middle of the American Revolution, the
      two set sail to chart this Gulph Stream, as Franklin named it. Although
      he did not discover the air current, he create the first map displaying
      which routes to avoid, offering seafarers a valuable resource.
      However, his maps were not put into use until decades later. The
      publishing of Franklins research revealed leftover hostility from the
      British loss of the American colonies. As a result, the British withheld
      his findings, despite the fact they would have provided them with
      faster and cheaper shipping. According to Franklin, had these maps
      been created fifteen years earlier, the difference in costs could have
      prevented the American Revolution. Historians are aware of Franklin's
      work but no one has examined why the British minimized and ignored
      his achievement.

                                          E                                               F       G         H                J      L
    Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in United States and it Healthcare            Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    is a major cause of heart disease, kidney failure and gangrene              Administration
    formation which leads to amputations. Among United States residents,
    25.8 million people of all ages are suffering with diabetes. Diabetes
    Mellitus commonly referred as diabetes, is mostly of two types, type-1
    and type-2. In type-1 diabetes, pancreas stop producing insulin.
    Therefore, they depend on injected insulin to carry out their
    metabolism. In type-2 patients, pancreas do not produce sufficient
    insulin or patients develop insulin resistance. Usually type-w diabetes
    is treated through oral hypoglycemics (tablets), diet control and
    physical activity. Type-1 diabetics as well as some patients of type-2
    diabetes depend on synthesized insulin which is injected through
    Insulin-syringe, Insulin-pen or Insulin therapy. Among the different
    available insulin injection treatment methods, Insulin pump therapy
    has been proven to be very effective and convenient to use. Currently
    about 200,000 people use Insulin pumps in United states and around
    400,000 people use it worldwide. It is regarded as the best alternative
    to the conventional syringe therapy because it eliminates the need of
148 multiple injections per day, which is very painful. It not only controls
    blood glucose levels effectively but also, offers flexibility in life style
                                            E                                             F            G             H                 J       L
      Texas is in the midst of heated debates in the arena of the rights of the A Time of Choice:     Oral       Roundtable 7   Bayou 1302    Thu
      women versus those of the government. Four bills have been                Texas Legislation
      introduced which, if passed, will greatly impact the lives of women,
      men, and adolescents across the state. Under consideration are
      restrictive changes to the confidentiality, fairness, and impartiality of
      the legal proceedings surrounding a young woman's effort in seeking
      an abortion. In addition, the "sonogram bill", which recently passed in
      the State Senate and House, requires doctors to perform sonograms
      on women before performing abortions, to explain in detail the results
      of the sonograms, and to share video and audio from the sonograms.
      If doctors do not comply, they face legal penalties. Additional
      legislation, if passed, will reduce access to abortion coverage for
      health insurance plans and require parental notification for minors to
      receive contraception. Confused about the debates surrounding this
      Texas legislation? Wondering what the real-life implications of these
      bills are? Come see our roundtable discussion! Each member of this
      discussion brings a unique standpoint on issues regarding women's
      health, access, and rights guaranteeing it to be a lively debate.
      For my Environmental Safety & Health term project, I would like to        Environmental       Electronic   Symposium 2    Online       Online
      create a power point showing the benefits of ventilation during           Health and Safety                                            beginni
      firefighting operations. More specifically, the safety benefits                                                                          ng
      associated with positive pressure ventilation (PPV) over the other                                                                      Mon,
      standardized firefighting ventilation practices of vertical, hydraulic,                                                                Apr 20
      and negative pressure.
                                          E                                          F            G      H           J           L
      The paper would be a brief summary of two chapters of my thesis that History Consortium    Oral    3C   Bayou 1215        Fri
      details the creation and ultimate end of La Cruz Blanca. La Cruz Blanca
      was a group of women nurses and a few male doctors from Laredo,
      Texas. The group moved back and forth across the border between
      Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas as they were needed. La
      Cruz Blanca would eventually become a nursing corps for the
      Constitutionalist troops that were under the leadership of Venustiano
      Carranza. They traveled in the wake of Revolutionary fighting to care
      for the wounded, establish hospitals, and train women to care for the
    There has been a lack of research looking at the influence of time      Education and       Poster   90   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    management on Work-Home Interaction, WHI, among working                 Career Issues
    students. Previous research has shown stress among working students
    due to a lack of free time. Also, research has shown that with flexible
    time there is less family conflict among people who work. With these
    findings, it is thought that students who exhibit time management
    skills, will have more positive work-home interactions. Another finding
    could be that with a lack of time management skills, working students
    will have more negative WHI. With the different facets pulling working
    students in many directions, taking up a large amount of time,
    students also need time to spend with others that are meaningful to
    them. If a correlation between time management and negative WHI is
    found, it would show importance of educating these students of time
    management skills. With these skills, they could experience less time
    strain and thus decrease their stress. The participants are graduate
    student from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. They were given
    two questionnaires; a time management questionnaire, The Time
    Management Behaviors Scale (TMB), and the WHI survey from the
152 Survey Work-Home Interaction Nijme-Gen (SWING).
                                          E                                             F       G         H                J      L
    The University of Houston Clear Lake formed an agreement with             Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    Pasadena Health Center to provide a student with the unique               Administration
    opportunity of an executive residency. The student would function as
    the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and would be mentored by the
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Under the direction of the Residency
    Supervisor the student created a plan with goals and objective to gain
    knowledge, improve leadership abilities, and ultimately improve the
    health center. Pasadena Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health
    Center that provides access to both insured and uninsured populations
    in a designated Medically Underserved Area (MUA). Pasadena Health
    Center offers family medicine, pharmacy, lab, behavioral health, and
    dental services. Pasadena Health Center's mission is to "Provide access
    to reliable, quality healthcare for the community we serve in a caring
    atmosphere." The residency consists of three major projects. Project
    one is the creation and implementation of a Marketing Plan with an
    assessment of the current marketing strategies, an assessment of the
    most effective and cost-savings marketing methods, and the creation
    of new marketing techniques. Project two is the creation and
153 implementation of a Financial Plan that will assess the current financial
    health, find areas of financial waste, and create strategies to improve
                                            E                                             F    G           H                 J      L
      Self-compassion is treating yourself with kindness, while remaining        Psychology   Oral   Oral Session 2   Bayou 1104   Thu
      aware of universal human suffering and mindful of your emotions
      (Neff, 2003). Self-compassion has been linked to well-being and other
      psychological benefits (Neely et. al, 2009), and to academic motivation
      that is intrinsic and mastery-oriented (Neff, Ya-Ping, & Dejitterat,
      2005). Self-esteem is a positive feeling about oneself and one's
      abilities (Rosenberg, 1979). Self-esteem has also been associated with
      some positive benefits, but can also lend itself to narcissism and ego
      defense mechanisms (Neff & Vonk, 2009). The purpose of this
      research was to relate self-compassion and self-esteem to stress and
      academic achievement, using the Self-Compassion Scale (Neff, 2003)
      and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1979). It was
      hypothesized that participants (N=40) high in self-compassion would
      self-report less stress, relax more deeply during a series of 3 relaxation
      training sessions, and report higher Grade Point Averages (GPA). In
      addition, it was hypothesized that self-esteem would not be as
      significantly correlated to stress, biofeedback relaxation, or academic
      grade average as self-compassion.
                                            E                                         F     G       H          J           L
      Approximately 5% of America's elderly population are living in nursing Psychology   Poster   33   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      homes and among those many are suffering from depression,
      loneliness and loss of autonomy. Unfortunately, our "Glorious Elderly"
      are living anything but glorious lives, painting a bleak future for
      following generations. Past research has investigated increasing the
      quality of life for this population and we seek to add to this body of
      knowledge. In this study we used the technology of three way
      communication, such as Skype, to increase the social interactions of
      the elderly population in order to decrease loneliness and promote
      autonomy through purposeful interaction. Two nursing home patients
      and one elementary school classroom were participants in the
      experiment. The nursing home patients engaged in social interactions,
      reading a book and asking questions, to the classrooms through Skype.
      Data was collected to record any social communication indicating that
      the purposeful interaction may have motivated the patient into
      further social interactions.

                                           E                                               F     G       H          J           L
    Since the last decade, there has been a significant climb in oceanic         Biology       Poster   77   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    surface temperatures. During this time there has also been a
    significant increase in the amount of coral bleaching and disease. It is
    still unclear if the leaching is caused by the stress of the coral expelling
    their symbiotic zooxanthellae or if the zooxanthellae are stressed and
    leave. It has been observed that in hard corals, there is a difference in
    bacterial species that are associated with the coral at the time of pre-
    and post- bleaching. Researchers are still trying to determine if the
    difference in bacteria during stress is due to lowered immunity of the
    coral decreasing the population of beneficial bacteria or if an increase
    in harmful bacteria are the cause for the bleaching. Our hypothesis
    states hat a change in bacterial populations could signal stress in the
    coral and that his change can be used to anticipate bleaching before
    any visual signs are observed. The goal of this research is to identify
    the different species of bacteria during stress comparing to those that
    are in control conditions in the soft coral Eunicea fusca. E. fusca coral
    specimens were collected off the coast of Florida. The samples were
156 allowed to recover at the Mote Institute for three days. Sample were
    stressed by increased heat treatment (31°C), lipopolysaccharide
                                         E                                            F       G         H                J      L
    In simplest terms, telemedicine is medicine delivered at a distance. It Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    involves the effective communication between the physician and          Administration
    patient with the use of computer technology such as a webcam.
    Through the simplicity of videoconferencing, a patient is able to get
    the proper guidance and treatment through a specialist that may be
    miles away from them. With increasing services, reorganization of the
    infrastructure, and the development of the financial and legal aspects,
    the use of telemedicine is rapidly growing within the United Arab
    Emirates (UAE). Currently, the UAE provides the services of radiology,
    surgery, and monitoring. Many of the laws and beliefs in the UAE are
    based on Islamic scriptures; therefore, the people of this country will
    hold a strong force for any changes in healthcare to be implemented.
    Telemedicine has many advantages such as improvement and
    variation in services, reduction in wait time, and significant gain in
    productivity. Telemedicine in the UAE has allowed for an integrated
    system with all medical personnel. The enhanced collaboration of
    technology has given the patients of the UAE the ability to experience
    modern healthcare at their bedside. Through our presentation, we will
157 portray the prevalence, infrastructure, financial, legal, ethical, and
    political concerns of telemedicine in the UAE today.
                                            E                                            F             G      H          J           L
      Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is often seen as solely afflicting Psychology:          Poster   4   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      men. This disorder can be difficult to diagnose and may be overlooked Individual Differences
      in a female because it is believed to be atypical in that population. The
      female population may be at risk of a misdiagnosis due to lack of
      information. Also, without interest in the topic much goes unknown
      about ASPD and its features within the female population. The
      prevalence of ASPD in the population reflects the general notion. It is
      estimated that 3% of men and 1% of women are diagnosed with ASPD
      (Skilling, Harris, Rice, & Quinsey, 2002). Previous literature that has
      studied ASPD has focused largely on men; however, several studies
      have investigated the role of gender in the etiology and manifestation
      of ASPD (Cale & Lilienfeld, 2002). Forouzan and Cooke (2005) have
      studied gender differences in psychopathy and have reported
      significant findings. This study would like to verify these gender
      differences further and determine if they apply to a general population
      of college students. The research will aim to clarify these gender
      differences and further explain what those differences look like
      through the use of surveys.
                                           E                                             F    G         H                J      L
      Among the various disabilities that human have, many people may          Healthcare    Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
      assume that hearing disability often benefitted from advancements in Administration
      technology in the form of treatment of hearing impairment. Advents
      in hearing devices such as the cochlear implant have been able to
      foster cognitive development and restore quality of life in the hearing
      impaired. Cochlear implantation is a highly successful intervention
      treatment for the hearing impaired that depends on electrical
      stimulation of the inner ear. This presentation will provide a
      comprehensive evaluation on the substantial contributions that
      technology has provided for the hearing impaired with the continuous
      development of the cochlear implant including a briefly overview of
      the history of the device. The presentation will provide insights in the
      current state of implant engineering, analyze the performance
      opportunities and limitations provided to the user, and explore
      anticipated developments that merge technology with gene therapy
      and new drug delivery systems.

                                            E                                           F          G            H                  J      L
      Today global warming is causing problems on the earth's surface.         Environmental   Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
      Temperatures are rising in the atmosphere which can cause problems Health and Safety                                             beginni
      for all life on earth. One possible cause of this warming can be due to                                                            ng
      the increased emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities.                                                                Mon,
      The temperature of the lower atmosphere will increase because                                                                    Apr 20
      atmospheric concentrations of these greenhouse gases will rise. Some
      other causes are more naturally induced such as the sun and oceans.
      The effects of global warming include rising temperatures, melting ice,
      rising sea levels, increased precipitation across the globe, and animals
      being forced to move from their habitat due to temperature changes.
      Some solutions that we propose are reducing greenhouse gases, more
      solar and wind powered technologies, more energy efficient vehicles,
      increasing forest lands, and new technology to capture carbon dioxide
      that is emitted and then put to use efficiently.

                                          E                                             F    G           H                 J      L
      Online course offering in university is an ever accelerating trend.     Science and   Oral   Oral Session 3   Bayou 1130   Thu
      Business schools are among the leaders in providing online courses.     Technology
      While some courses lend themselves to online teaching rather
      conveniently, some other disciplines pose some challenges. In general,
      the disciplines that have hardware and software laboratory
      components face difficulties providing online alternatives. The
      purpose of this paper is to provide an approach, whereby remote
      access software and hardware based experimentation become a
      possible alternative to brick-and-mortar laboratory work. Using
      available technologies in the industry, this paper shows that computer
      networking laboratories in Management Information Systems
      Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments can be
      modified to allow remote access over the Internet. The approach
      outlined in the paper can easily be extended to other disciplines which
      offer computer based methodologies as part of their coursework.

                                          E                                              F               G           H                  J           L
    Despite smoking cessation campaigns and treatments available, there Psychology:                    Poster        5           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    are still high rates of smokers in the United States(Wolburg, 2009).      Individual Differences
    Many smokers have not been able to cease smoking despite their
    efforts. One of the main variables that have been found to influence
    smoking cessation is self-image. Since self-image is a broad concept
    that encompasses many variables, the focus of this study will be only
    on self-efficacy, locus of control and core self-evaluation. Smokers
    tend to have the misguided perception that smoking cessation is easy,
    which is not. According to risk models, smokers will not attempt to
    quit smoking unless they believe that the consequences affect them
    personally, that they are capable of quitting, and that quitting will
    remove the dangers associated with smoking (Rogers, 1975;
    Rosenstock, 1999). Previous studies have noted that self-efficacy is
    often correlated with smoking cessation. Individuals' efficacy beliefs
    set their goals, their views on the difficulty of achieving those goals
    and their determination to reach them. Thus, those who have higher
    self-efficacy are more likely to change their behavior (Martinelli,
    1999), whereas those who continue to smoke or are not able to cease
162 tend to have lower self-efficacy. Therefore, smokers should posses a
    The country self-efficacy to feel historical political transformation Human Culture
    higher level of Egypt is undergoingthat they are capable of quitting                                Oral    Oral Session 5   Bayou 1133        Thu
    as a result of its recent people's revolution that led to the resignation
    of former dictator and president, Hosni Mubarak. Lee college student
    Carlton Porter spent four months in Egypt as a study abroad student
    and Gilman Scholar in the Fall 2010 school semester - immediately
    prior to the people's revolution that began in January 2011. In a photo
    essay, followed by a question and answer session, he shares his
    experience and insight of a country filled with raw beauty and
    incredible history as the background for the Egyptian people's
    underlying and omnipresent frustrations of political injustice.

                                          E                                              F       G       H          J           L
    It appears that being creative is as important as our parents told us it Stress and Pain   Poster   19   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    was, back when they insisted we turn off the TV and create our own
    fun. Creativity holds increasing importance and relevance to
    individuals in practically any field you might name (Jaussi, Randel, &
    Dionne, 2007). Some people are more creative than others. Previous
    research has revealed a link between personality traits, especially self-
    efficacy, and creative achievement (Prabhu, Sutton, & Sauser, 2008). It
    has been suggested that the ability to relax, freeing the mind to
    generate ideas, is an important factor in creativity. In the present
    study, it was hypothesized that levels of creative activity would be
    positively correlated to levels of generalized and creative self-efficacy
    as well as the increased ability to de-stress in biofeedback training.
    Scales assessing creativity and self-efficacy were administered to 40
    participants. Included were the following scales: Generalized Self-
    Efficacy Scale (1995), Creative Self-Efficacy/Identity (2007), and the
    Creative Behavior Inventory (1978). We hypothesized that the benefits
    of being creative, together with higher self-efficacy, would improve
164 levels of de-stressing over a series of 3 biofeedback sessions. In other
    words, your parents may have been correct. Develop yourabout the
    The purpose of conducting this research is to offer insight creativity    Education and    Poster   91   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    potential risks employers losing valuable employees due to lack of        Career Issues
    career opportunities following trainings and development programs
    offered by the organization. I will attempt to show a negatively
    correlated relationship between organizational commitment and
    perceived career mobility. This will be achieved first by researching
    organizational loyalty followed by career mobility. I would like to
    demonstrate that more effort should be put towards retaining highly
    mobile employees after the company has devoted resources to make
    the employee more mobile.

                                            E                                           F             G            H                  J      L
      I would like to research on what are the emergency strategies in place Environmental        Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
      for the United States as well as other countries when natural disasters Health and Safety                                           beginni
      strike. In the case of biological, physical and chemical hazards occur in                                                             ng
      those areas and how to restore functioning water, food, and life. The                                                                Mon,
      quick response for those areas that have natural disasters and what is                                                              Apr 20
      done to ensure that is completed. Also, what happens to the animals
      and their habitat in a natural disaster?
      Yugoslavian-German relations resumed 1950 after the turbulent years History Consortium        Oral           2C        Bayou 1215     Fri
      during the Second World War and the direct aftermath. The relations
      were beneficial to both countries because they both existed on the
      opposing sides of Cold War. Germany wanted relations with a
      communist country and Yugoslavia needed western capitalist
      countries capital help to modernize industry and survive famines after
      the break of relations with Stalin in 1947. The relations will last till
      1957 when Germnay broke the relations with Yugoslavia on the
      grounds of Hallstein Doctrine which said that if any country
      recognized the existence of East Germany the relations with such a
      country would be terminated.
                                          E                                               F           G       H          J           L
    Oxidative stress, an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in        Biological Science   Poster   74   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    favour of the oxidants, is the root cause of the development of chronic
    diseases like diabetes and arthritis. In recent years, many plants have
    been screened for their antioxidant activities, and plant polyphenols
    possess many biological effects, mainly attributed to their antioxidant
    activities in scavenging free radicals, inhibition of peroxidation and
    chelating transition metals. Epidemiological evidences correlate higher
    intake of foods with antioxidants to lower incidence of various human
    degenerative diseases. Among these, aniseeds (Pimpinella anisum)
    possess antioxidant properties as they contain a no. of bioactive
    principles that fight against various ailments. As per ancient medical
    literature, the seeds of Pimpinella anisum exhibit several therapeutic
    effects viz. treatment for digestive disorders, gynecological problems
    as well as convulsions and asthma. A concoction of aniseeds is a
    carminative, an antiseptic, a diuretic, a digestive, and a folk remedy for
    insomnia and constipation. Furthermore, it is used as an estrogenic
    agent. It increases milk secretion, and promotes menstruation. Anise
    oil increases pulmonary resistance in bronchopulmonary congestion.
168 Anethole, the active component of aniseed oil, increases intestinal
    motility. The essential oil of aniseed exerts antifungicidal and
                                            E                                           F           G       H          J           L
    According to the NBDA, Cycling is cited as the seventh most popular       Human Interaction   Poster   53   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    recreational activity in the United States, behind exercise walking,      with Information
    swimming, camping, fishing, exercising with equipment, and bowling. Technology
    That said, the importance of bicycle safety is often overlooked by
    many. Bicyclists accounted for 12 percent of all non-motorist traffic
    fatalities in 2002. Latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic
    Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that the number of bicyclists
    getting injured increases year by year. One of the major reasons for
    bicycle accidents is biking with no in-place efficient turn indicator
    system. The real bicycle safety is about being visible to other vehicles
    on the road to prevent accidents. The customer survey taken for this
    project's market analysis, showed that bike riders think using hands to
    indicate turn is unsafe and 90% of survey respondents were
    interested in a better way to indicate their turns. Analyzing the
    realistic and feasible solutions to address bikers need for a better and
    safer way to indicate their turns, this Project aims at providing a 'Safe
    Indication' of the presence of cyclists on roads during both day and
169 night. This product - "Turn Indicator Vest", would revolutionize the
    way people thought about bicycle safety and bring about a significant
                                         E                                     F     G       H          J           L
    Jewish women who entered the Nazi death camps from 1941 through History        Poster   81   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    1945 while pregnant or became pregnant during that time faced a
    moral and ethical crisis of an unbelievable magnitude. Do they divulge
    their situation, or do they attempt to hide their pregnancy from the
    guards at the camps, possibly at the risk of their own lives and that of
    their unborn children? Dr. Josef Mengele was well known for his
    inconsistencies in the treatment of these women. One day the
    pregnant women were give special privileges, while the next day they
    were exterminated without pause. The rationale for the wholesale
    extermination of the Jews was to eradicate them from society, to
    allow the pure Aryan race to be able to populate Europe after the war.
     It was no secret that the birth of a Jew would not be tolerated at the
    Nazi death camps. The situation was so dire that the Jewish doctors
    who were tasked with the care of prisoners were sometimes forced to
    perform abortions before the fetus could come to term, or kill a
    newborn child who was miraculously able to survive the malnutrition
    and abuse of the mother at the guards hand. These women, both the
    mothers and the doctors alike, were forced to do the unthinkable:
170 they were killing the future of their own race. There are many
    justifications of such actions, the most prevalent being the hope that
                                          E                                              F           G         H                 J      L
    For many feminists, spirituality within the context of organized religion Spiritual Feminisms   Oral   Roundtable 2   Bayou 1418   Wed
    can seem problematic and quite contradictory to their feminist values.
    Feminism calls for all people to embrace diversity and promote
    equality within every realm of her or his life. Most importantly,
    feminists proudly advocate the prevention of any patriarchal
    government enacting laws or policies which contradict this call for
    equality or that which exclude certain citizens from their rights.
    However, nearly all organized religions find their way into the political
    arena in numerous countries and dictate that women are the
    subordinate sex. From the religious perspective, a woman should be
    controlled, confined and restricted in every possible way simply
    because she is a woman. We, as feminists, ask: Why are women
    denied the privilege of leadership roles and responsibilities within the
    church? Why do followers not challenge their religious texts that
    promote control of women and teachings which are interpreted and
    presented strictly from a male point of view? What is the relationship
    between the spiritual meaning and physical requirements of
    pregnancy by religious standards? Essentially, why do the patriarchal
171 systems of various religions instill the necessity of domination of
    women amongst its followers? These questions must be examined in
                                         E                                              F             G             H                J        L
    In 1784, Grand River, Ontario became home to thousands of Iroquois.       History Consortium     Oral           4A        Bayou 1211     Fri
    Recognizing the need to protect their native allies after the American
    Revolution, Governor Haldimand, of Quebec, bestowed Grand River
    on Joseph Brant and the Iroquois with the Haldimand Proclamation.
    Governor Haldimand and the Iroquois recognized Grand River to be a
    sovereign community for the Iroquois. Initially, the British and the
    Canadians recognized the need to maintain their friendship with the
    Iroquois and instituted policies that maintained their sovereignty.
    Following the War of 1812, Canada began to increasingly influence
    Grand River. Canadian settlers were moving onto the reservation. In
    1876, the Canadian Government passed the Indian Act with the
    purpose of providing pathways for citizenship to its indigenous
    population. The Indian Act was amended several times increasingly
    forcing citizenship upon indigenous populations like the Grand River
    Iroquois. In 1922, Chief Deskaheh of Grand River traveled to Geneva,
    Switzerland to protest Canadas forced assimilation policies. He hoped
    The League of Nations would overrule Canada. By examining the
    changing relationship between the Grand River Iroquois and Canada
172 over time, conclusions will be drawn illustrating Canadas violations of
    Iroquois sovereignty.
    Continuous improvement of waste management technologies is a              Environmental        Electronic   Symposium 2   Online       Online
    must due to our society's massive level of consumption. This project      Health and Safety                                            beginni
    includes an analysis of the economic and environmental benefits of                                                                       ng
    bioreactor landfill technology. In addition, case studies and points of                                                                 Mon,
    view from the current leading researchers of this new technology will                                                                  Apr 20
    be included.
                                            E                                           F                G       H          J           L
      It is our intent to study the relationship between the construct of      Psychology: Stress      Poster   10   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      differentiation of self of Bowen theory (1978) and the ability to cope   and Coping in College
      with stress in the population of University students. There have been
      relatively few studies that focus on differentiation and what this
      means to the individual's ability to cope in life experiences or when
      faced with major life events outside of a clinical setting. According to
      Sopron and Friedlander (1998) "Greater differentiation allows one to
      experience strong affect or shift to calm, logical reasoning when
      circumstances dictate" and therefore, less emotionally reactive. In
      contrast, "poorly differentiated persons tend to be more emotionally
      reactive" (Kerr & Bowen, 1988). Given this information we
      hypothesize that, those individuals who perceive events as more
      stressful will have greater emotional reactivity, and therefore indicate
      lower levels of differentiation. University of Houston Clear Lake
      students will be asked to complete 11 questions from the
      Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI; Skowronand Friedlander, 1988)
      and the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS; Cohen, Kamarck, & Mermelstein,
                                         E                                              F           G     H           J      L
    Aggressively recruited by the War Department, over the course of          History Consortium   Oral   1C   Bayou 1215   Fri
    World War II, one hundred and fifty thousand women enlisted with
    the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and the Women's Army
    Corps (WAC), but the women who chose to serve faced serious
    negative pressure from a variety of groups: family, friends, politicians,
    and the media. American society feared the integration of women into
    the military because they saw it as an all-male arena, and vicious
    slander campaigns assaulted the women who chose to serve. Despite
    these attacks a significant amount of women felt the pressure of
    patriotism was a stronger stimulus. Ultimately, this project serves to
    answer the subject most historians have ignored and
    underemphasized, why did women choose to join the WAAC and
    WAC? Drawing from World War II magazines, advertisements,
    newspapers, and videos I demonstrate how the military attempted to
    recruit WACs. I then consider the effect of slander campaigns on
    women's decision to enlist within the WAC. Finally, I seek to reveal the
    complexity surrounding women's decision to join, in light of the
    negative publicity and failed recruitment campaigns, through the
175 analysis of participants memoirs and oral histories. Understanding this
    question allows us to clearly connect these women to their daughters
                                         E                                                F                G               H                 J       L
    This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of          Re-orienting the          Oral       Oral Session 9   Bayou 1335    Thu
    TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the          Orient: Rewriting the
    Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall        Subaltern
    of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
    presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
    orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
    mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
    understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
    divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
    emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
    described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
    a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
    the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
    group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
    the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
    rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
    failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
    contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
176 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
    The water re-orienting the City of Houston and surrounding of
    concept ofthat supplies the orient becomes a transformation areas is        Environmental           Electronic   Symposium 2      Online       Online
    taken from the nearby reservoirs, ponds, rivers, lakes, surface run-        Health and Safety                                                  beginni
    offs, and under ground aquifers. There is different chemicals that                                                                               ng
    enter these by industrial run-offs from their processes, fertilizers used                                                                       Mon,
    in agriculture and lawns, human/animal fecal matter and natural                                                                                Apr 20
    disasters debris; the natural organic compounds found also contribute
    to the contaminants in the water. Treatment (disinfect) of the water is
    done through various chemical processes that leave by-products that
    can cause long term health affects to the central nervous system,
    increase risk for acquiring cancer, and kidney or liver disease. Is there
    a better way to minimize the impact of the chemicals used in the
    process to disinfect the water or are the current standards justified?

                                          E                                            F           G       H          J           L
    Improving athletic performance is socially significant on a multitude of Human Interaction   Poster   54   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    levels and includes benefits that fall under many Applied Behavior       with Information
    Analysis (ABA) categories. These categories include, but are not limited Technology
    to, recreation, leisure, and social skills. Behavioral techniques have
    been used by researchers to improve a variety of athletic skills. Two
    procedures in particular can be paired to improve performance. These
    procedures are video feedback and video modeling. Video feedback
    involves showing a person a video clip of his or her own performance
    of a particular skill. Video modeling entails showing a person a video
    clip of an expert performing the relevant skill. The combination of
    video feedback and video modeling has been shown by previous
    research to be effective in improving sports performance, but it is not
    clear whether the individuals in these studies were able to tact the
    specific aspects of their own performance that differed from the video
    model. A tact, as described by Cooper et al. (2007), is a verbal operant
    in which a speaker names things and actions that the speaker has
    direct contact with through any of the sense modes. An example of
    tacting is saying ball when you see or touch a ball. Tacting is commonly
178 known as labeling. It may be the case that if a participant is able to
    point out and verbally state the discrepancies (tact) between their
                                         E                                             F         G           H                 J      L
    This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 9   Bayou 1335   Thu
    TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
    Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
    of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
    presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
    "orient." proposing such questions as: What is the history of
    mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
    understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
    divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
    emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their "Subaltern Membership" as
    described by one of the participants, Albert Smith as identification
    with a subject-position: "We have been trying to determine whether
    or not the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, the
    subordinate group" for which Smith's aim is to "make some difference
    in the way we, the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population
    of people rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined
    often as failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose
    only contribution to society is to the de-generation of it." Through the
179 discourse of representation-in performance and speech- the concept
    of "re-orienting the orient" becomes a transformation of identification
                                            E                                            F         G       H          J           L
      The main focus of our research is to understand how women from         Social Attitudes    Poster   63   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      diverse backgrounds deal with the reciprocal relationships which exist
      between the demands of work and their home lives, also referred to
      as work-family conflict and family-work conflict. Little information
      exist on how women's ethnicities affect their level of work-family
      conflict, and the results of such stress. Initial work-family conflict
      research was focused on men's reactions to stressors. These findings
      were often incorrectly assumed to be true of women (Baruch, Beiner
      & Barnett, 1987). When research on women in the workforce began to
      expand, the majority of the research focused on white, middle class
      women (belle & Doucet, 2003). It is the lack of extensive research
      regarding the effects of ethnicity on women's reactions to stressors
      caused by work-family and family-work conflicts that necessitates our

      A person experiencing mental illness wanting to recover has a difficult Social Attitudes   Poster   64   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      time doing so because opportunities are stifled by stigma. Stigma
      exists when an individual or group is outcast by people and the
      perceived norms of society. In order to maintain mental health,
      mental illness must be acknowledged and treated, and in order for
      mental illness to be effectively treated, mental health must be
      nurtured. We aim to make a contribution to diminishing the stigma of
      mental illness by the process of understanding the concept of stigma
      and applying this knowledge to observing attitudes towards the
      mentally ill from a group of psychology students within their programs
      of choice (Link & Phelan, 2001).
                                          E                                          F                  G             H                J            L
      This poster presentation will examine the barriers that Muslim women Discrimination and         Poster         30         Bayou Atrium II    Thu
      face in obtaining adult education in Iran and the United Kingdom.       Stigma
      These barriers are primarily related to cultural and religious beliefs
      that keep the women in strictly segregated roles that force them to
      marry and live a sheltered life. While education is an option for these
      women, the inability to use that education once they have left school
      often leaves them frustrated and may in fact stop some from
      obtaining the education at all.
      When one thinks of a beach, they think of an island with clear blue        Environmental       Electronic   Symposium 2   Online            Online
      waters and white clean sand, but Galveston, TX is far from that.           Health and Safety                                                beginni
      Galveston has become a very popular spot in southeast Texas for                                                                               ng
      people to visit. As the number of tourist visiting this island increases                                                                     Mon,
      one must consider that Galveston's environmental factors are being                                                                          Apr 20
      affected as well. A surplus of people affects the pollution in the air and
      the pollution in the water, both inland and coastal. As an individual
      living on the island, I feel that there needs to be a stronger
      Environmental Organization on this island, if there is even one. An
      Environmental Organization on the island can strive to minimize air
      and water pollution. Thus making it safer in the present, but more
      importantly in the future, to preserve the island and continue allowing
      tourist to visit Galveston, TX.

                                             E                                           F           G         H                 J      L
      The members of our roundtable will look at both global and local           Human Imprint on   Oral   Roundtable 8   Bayou 1335   Thu
      environmental issues regarding the effect of human cohabitation with Global and Local
      the ecosystem. Cynthia Saxenian will present research based on the         Ecology
      AAUW’s March 2010 publication entitled Why So Few? Women in
      Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as well as
      personal data collected from women in dolphin research in the United
      States. Kathryn Hernandez-Roeder will discuss types of debris found in
      the Galveston Bay Estuary over a ten-year period, its distribution and
      the environmental implications for Galveston Bay and other shore
      areas. Alisa Capetillo will take us into the everyday lives of indigenous
      peoples on the Amazon River, to enrich our understanding of living
      conditions, agricultural practices and uses of native plants, and insights
      into preservation and sustainability. Celina Gauthier brings us back to
      urban Houston and the recent green initiatives of its Office of
      Sustainability’s programs and incentives to allow for more energy-
      efficient City government operations and development.

      I will investigate and report on the slaying of dolphins in Brazil and   Earth Day Issues     Oral   Symposium 3    Bayou 1335   Thu
      Denmark, as well as oil-spill-related deaths in the Gulf of Mexico. My
      format will be oral presentation, and I will be part of a 4-author
      symposium covering current environmentally-conscious topics.
                                          E                                            F     G         H                J      L
      Instances of fraud deprive our economy of billions of dollars on an      Fraud        Oral   Symposium 4   Bayou 1311   Thu
      annual basis. This presentation examines several issues in regard to
      the devastating losses attributed to white-collar crime. First,
      consideration is given to whether or not the conviction rate supports
      the dollar amount of fraud that is reported annually. Second, we look
      at the conviction rates of recent, well-known fraud cases and the
      severity of sentencing and/or lack thereof. And finally, we deliberate
      on why future reforms are necessary in order to close the gap
      between conviction rates and the occurrence of fraud.
      African American women worked predominantly as domestic laborers History Consortium   Oral       2B        Bayou 1213   Fri
      in the early twentieth century. At this time, African Americans were
      migrating to northern urban centers in search of employment and
      equality opportunities. After World War I, opportunities for African
      American women to enter the industrial workforce were virtually
      nonexistent. Thus, working in someone's home was an economically
      viable option. Oral histories, women's magazines such as Ladies Home
      Journal and Good Housekeeping, and ads in newspapers provide
      insight into attitudes towards domestic laborers. This paper will
      explore the perceptions based on these sources in addition to
      attitudes and relationships of employers from the interwar period of
                                          E                                          F     G       H          J           L
    Humans have always had a fascination with domesticating and            Biology       Poster   78   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    interacting with animals. In Brazil, locals in the small town of Novo
    Airão have conditioned an all male group of Amazon River dolphins,
    Inia geoffrenisis, to appear daily to receive food from locals and
    tourists (de Sa Alves, Andriolo & Orams, 2009). This species is known
    for interspecies aggression primarily between sexually mature males
    and potential mates (Martin, da Silva & Rothery, 2008, Martin & da
    Silva, 2006; Best & da Silva, 1993). Aggression has been noted by this
    researcher and others within this population (de Sa Alves, Andriolo &
    Orams, 2009). Based on personal observation of the Novo Airão
    dolphins, and the knowledge these dolphins are generally solitary or
    stay in small groups of two to three members, I believe the members
    of this large group may display more bodily scarring from aggression
    than dolphins that have not been conditioned by humans (McGuire &
    Winemiller, 1997). This study examines photographs of the Novo Airão
    dolphins and compares them to an unconditioned sample from
    multiple locations and rates them on the severity and deepness of
    scarring, amount of depigmentation, and presence of old and new
188 rake marks.
                                             E                                               F     G       H          J           L
      Soil and leaf litter invertebrates are important inhabitants of tropical     Biology       Poster   79   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      rainforest floors, however, we lack a complete understanding of their
      diversity. The specific objectives of the project include I) Perform a
      horizontal assessment to describe the soil/leaf litter organisms of the
      terra firme soils and leaf litter of the Amazon rainforest, II) Determine
      soil arthropod community composition and diversity of the chosen
      study areas, III) Determine leaf litter arthropod community
      composition and diversity of the chosen study areas, and finally, IV)
      Compare results from selected sites on the basis of a horizontal
      assessment. In July of 2010 three replicates of soil samples and three
      replicates of leaf litter samples were collected from five undisturbed
      terre firme forest locations along the Solimoes River. Arthropods and
      invertebrates were collected from these samples using a berlese
      funnel method. The collected arthropods will be counted and
      identified to order. Three additional soil samples were collected at
      each of the five sites for chemical analysis. Statistical analysis will be
      applied to these data and results will be presented.

                                         E                                             F       G         H                J      L
    This paper discusses the applications of modern technology in various Healthcare          Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    domains of public health. It highlights the uses and advantages of       Administration
    information technology in areas of disease surveillance, health
    promotion, health screening, and disease mapping. Health surveillance
    consists of the process of disease detection through a standardized
    information collection system which ensures data quality, analysis and
    interpretation of data, transmission of information, and facilitation of
    the necessary response. The National Electronic Disease Surveillance
    System, under the Center for Disease Control(CDC), is constructed to
    manage health threats and epidemic diseases. A variety of projects
    through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in health
    promotion and screening are discussed in this paper. Some of these
    projects include Oovit PT, a device that assists in physical therapy
    regimen; Weightmate, a smart phone technology to monitor and
    control obesity; and MOCA, a cell phone based telemedicine system
    for developing countries. Geographic information systems(GIS)are
    used to track diseases and outbreak of epidemics, at risk population,
    and planning, implementing and evaluating community health
190 programs. This paper discusses some projects under CDC utilizing GIS
    technology such as INJURY MAPS, Heart disease and Stroke Maps, and
                                             E                                              F       G         H                J      L
      There comes a time in a patients course of treatment when he/she has Healthcare              Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
      to move to another facility for more effective treatment or                 Administration
      hospitalization. In this case, if medical history and background that the
      patient shared was made available to the next provider or physician
      the patient goes to, then the whole process of collecting medical
      information, gathering medical history and coordinating care can be
      simplified. This is the bottom line of clinical integration wherein
      different physicians visited by the patients share patients information.
      Further, clinical integration is not restricted only to physicians but also
      extends to hospitals and healthcare organizations. Hospitals and
      healthcare organizations are involved largely in clinical integration as
      both physicians and healthcare organizations that the patient visits
      and seeks treatment in shares medical history and health information
      for his treatment. The coordination and sharing of patient information
      is the underlying concept of clinical integration.

                                             E                                             F       G         H                J      L
      There are different types of stem cells derived mainly from three          Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
      sources, the embryo, the umbilical cord and the human body. Stem           Administration
      cells are characterized by its unique regenerative and self-renewal
      abilities and their potential to treat blood, brain and blood disorders.
      These cells are transplanted allogenically in a detailed medical
      procedure involving harvesting, filtering and IV transfer of bone
      marrow cells in the patient. Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic
      Leukemia with stem cells also includes complications such as Graft vs.
      Host disease, transplantation related lung injury and infections to
      name a few. The healthcare administrator's role in treatment of this
      disease lies in planning, coordinating and supervising healthcare
      processes involved herein. In this manner, a healthcare administrator
      is likely to have a specialized role to ensure the smooth functioning of
      healthcare processes involved in treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic
      Leukemia with stem cells.

      Accountable Care Organizations are those organizations that take           Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
      accountability for the care and services provided to patients on the       Administration
      healthcare facility's behalf. It focuses on two main aspects: cost and
      quality of care providing optimum quality of care and charging
      effectively for healthcare. Accountable Care Organizations has its
      benefits as well as its risks. Strategies to overcome the risks are
      effectively devised to make Accountable Care Organizations as
      effective as possible. Accountable Care Organizations work at three
      key levels. The concept of Accountable Care Organizations is gaining
      great popularity in United States as efforts are underway to convert
      most healthcare settings into Accountable Care Organizations.

                                        E                                            F          G         H                J      L
    An employee working in a laboratory environment can be exposed to Ergonomics and           Oral   Symposium 5   Bayou 3615   Thu
    various hazards. Chemicals hazards can include: thermal burns, cuts,    Workplace Design
    absorption of chemicals, inhalation of chemicals, and ingestion of
    chemicals. One hazard that should not be ignored in a laboratory
    setting is exposure to ergonomic risk. The US Department Bureau of
    Labor Statistics in 2009 reported over 348,740 musculoskeletal injuries
    in the workplace cases that were ergonomically related injuries. This
    represented over 28% of workplace related injuries. From this
    percentage 40,000 cases were related to hand, wrist, finger and arm
    repetitive stress disorders. Our groups goals will be to identify
    common laboratory risk. Laboratory risk factors can include awkward
    postures, highly repetitive movements, excessive force or strain,
    contact stress and vibration. Jobs that we will evaluate will be
    pipetting, working with Biological Safety Cabinets/ Fume hoods,
    microscopy and work conducted on laboratory workbenches. We will
    provide data regarding laboratory ergonomic risk by identifying case
    studies. We will also define necessary solutions where needed such as:
    modifying or redesigning tools, equipment, materials and process,
194 adjustments of work pace and rest breaks.
                                         E                                              F       G         H                J      L
    The implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system has Healthcare             Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    become increasingly popular in the healthcare field. This occurrence      Administration
    can be partially explained by the incentives provided by the new
    healthcare reform initiatives. Many healthcare professionals, on both
    the medical and business sides, do not truly understand the many
    different aspects involved in this process. This presentation will
    describe the actual implementation process of an EMR system in a
    private, surgery practice that was part of an internship experience. It
    will discuss much of the research, how the data was organized into
    meaningful information, the marketing presentations, the selection
    process, and the interns role in the actual implementation procedures
    and roll-out of the system. This will cover the different steps and
    factors that were involved in the selection and implementation of an
    EMR system in a physician practice organization. Vital lessons learned
    from the process will be discussed, as they provided the intern with a
    better glimpse of how to deal with a variety of technological issues
    and employee problems and responses, which are crucial steps for a
    smooth and successful implementation. It is important for healthcare
195 managers to learn how a system implementation works, as reducing
    Fraud has become a in the news headline noting cases ranging from
    the number of errorsregular system before the official kick-off will lead Fraud            Oral   Symposium 4   Bayou 1311   Thu
    the national stage with Bernard Madoff, Enron and WorldCom to the
    local stage with co-workers taking cash out of the petty cash drawer.
    This study takes an in-depth look at a local Houston fraud case
    identifying the structure of the various schemes used, how the fraud
    was initially detected, and techniques investigators used to build the
    evidence to prosecute. This analysis helps to further understand the
    fraudster mindset, possible signs of and how to investigate the fraud
    schemes presented. Since this case has not been tried, names of the
    companies and individuals involved have been changed to protect the
    integrity of the investigation.

                                          E                                             F       G         H                J      L
    The topic our group has chosen for this paper is breast cancer. This      Healthcare       Oral   Symposium 6   Bayou 1335   Fri
    disease has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives just in the past       Administration
    decade, and it is the second most common cancer among women.
    While breast cancer is more prevalent among females, the disease
    effects thousands of males as well. Our essay will explore the
    epidemiology of breast cancer, the major historical incidences
    revolving around it and how the healthcare system has responded to
    its proliferation. In addition, our essay will present what is being done
    today to help treat and cure those who are inflicted with the disease.
    A major portion of our paper will focus on how technology,
    specifically nanotechnology, is not only helping doctors to better
    detect the disease in its early stages, but also how it is helping us to
    come increasingly closer to curing it altogether. This revolutionary
    technology, which allows us to construct and control systems and
    structures at an atomic level, is bringing itself to the forefront on the
    battle against breast cancer. Our paper will emphasize the significance
    of this technology, as well as the importance on our part in
197 understanding it and how the future of technology is shaping the way
    we approach medicine and healthcare alike. Ultimately, our group
                                          E                                            F           G     H           J      L
    By exploring education, evangelicalism, the abolitionist movement,       History Consortium   Oral   1B   Bayou 1213   Fri
    and location, this paper seeks to uncover the intricacies of slaveholder
    William Henry Brisbane's conversion to abolitionism and to shed light
    on one slaveholder who destabilized the society he was raised to
    support. It is divided into four sections that analyze specific moments
    of transformation for the slaveholder. Furthermore, Brisbane's
    experiences are contrasted with Charles Colcock Jones, a slaveholder
    who faced similar issues as Brisbane but came to a very different
    conclusion about slavery and abolition. While the transition from a
    slaveholder to an abolitionist was a very personal action, there are
    significant aspects of this slaveholder's education, evangelicalism, and
    relationship with the abolitionist movement that affected his
    conversion. Furthermore, his location and distance from family
    members was a defining characteristic of this slaveholder who chose
    to emancipate his slaves and become an abolitionist. Brisbane
    separated himself from friends and family, both in the North and in
    the South, before deciding to become and abolitionist. Detached from
    familial pressures to maintain a way of life, this slaveholder was able
198 to embrace abolition in a way Jones was not permitted to do.
                                         E                                             F         G           H                 J      L
    This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 9   Bayou 1335   Thu
    TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
    Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
    of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
    presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
    orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
    mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
    understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
    divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
    emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
    described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
    a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
    the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
    group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
    the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
    rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
    failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
    contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
199 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
    concept of re-orienting the orient becomes a transformation of
                                            E                                             F            G              H                  J            L
      Scrupulosity is a moral or religious-based intrusive thought of          Psychology:           Poster          26           Bayou Atrium II    Wed
      obsessive-compulsive nature in which patients' thoughts and actions      Obsessions and
      are influenced by the strength of religiosity. The purpose of this study Intrusive Thoughts
      is to determine how common scrupulous thoughts are in a non-clinical
      population, if religious rituals and practices promote scrupulous
      behavior, what religions correlate with compulsive behaviors, and
      which religious obsessions and compulsions correlate with higher
      levels of distress. Participants completed questionnaires about distress
      from religious and moral constructs, OCD symptoms, and well-being.
      Due to paucity of research in this area, examining this information
      might allow for better education and training about this disorder for
      both clinicians and religious community leaders to recognize the
      symptoms and implement targeted treatments for scrupulosity.

      This research looked at attitudes towards marriage expressed by men     Psychology              Oral       Oral Session 2   Bayou 1104         Thu
      of various age groups and various marital statuses. The research
      utilized a scale of items based on Robert Sternbergs theory of love
      model and from E.W. Burgess Marriage Adjustment scale.
      Genetically modified (GM) foods have an impact on health, safety and Environmental            Electronic   Symposium 2      Online            Online
      the environment. Organically grown produce have become               Health and Safety                                                        beginni
      increasingly popular due to concerns raised about the impact GM                                                                                 ng
      foods have on health, possibly increasing allergens, on the                                                                                    Mon,
      environment due to the increased pesticide use on crops and safety                                                                            Apr 20
      because of the ingestion of increased chemicals used on the crops.
      There are many issues arising, but few answers. This project will
      research concerns that GM foods pose on human health and safety
      and the environmental impact it has.
                                          E                                            F           G       H          J           L
    Previous research has shown that the acquisition of sight words in       Behavior Analysis   Poster   43   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    individuals with disabilities can be blocked or overshadowed by the      and Developmental
    use of pictures (Didden, Prinsen, & Sigafoos, 2000; Schreibman, 1975; Disabilities
    Singh & Solman, 1990; Solman & Singh, 1993, Dittlinger & Lerman, in
    press). . The purpose of this study is to extend the work by Dittlinger
    and Lerman (in press) by examining several conditions under which
    pictures may be beneficial to teaching sight words to children with
    developmental disabilities. Thus far, one child has participated. Ricki
    was a 4-year-old girl diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. She
    attended an applied behavior analysis based day treatment center for
    children with developmental delays. Ricki had an extensive verbal
    repertoire and was able to mand and tact using short sentences. Prior
    to the study, she knew all of her letters, most of her phonetic sounds
    and could identify her name and several peers names in print. Four
    conditions were compared: a word only condition, a word + picture
    condition, a picture prompt delay condition, and a picture fading
    condition. Results indicated that pictures can hinder the acquisition of
    sight words. This participant learned the words taught utilizing a
203 picture prompt delay as quickly as she learned the words presented
    without a picture prompt. Aligned with previous research, she did not
                                         E                                       F      G       H          J           L
    As population increases so does urban sprawl and unfortunately land Environment   Poster   68   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    cannot be developed and still maintain the drainage properties that
    the natural landscape once possessed. It is necessary when planning a
    city to emulate a path for storm water to take given that the natural
    drainage pattern is now lost and without guidance or absorption
    capability storm water will remain stagnant. The focus of this project is
    to evaluate the land development proposal of a currently undeveloped
    green space located in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas. This
    evaluation was done using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
    which is a watershed modeling application with geographic
    information system (GIS) interfaces. Watershed models make it easier
    to visualize the various hydrologic impacts that urbanization can have
    on local communities and are also effective for addressing
    environmental and resource management concerns. Proposed
    development plans for the green space were used to evaluate how the
    changes to land use would affect the amount of surface runoff during
    storm events. After running this simulation in SWAT it is confirmed
    that surface runoff will increase and that flooding issues are going to
204 be a growing concern if this property is developed.
                                        E                                                F           G       H          J           L
    Although sexual obsessions in OCD are common, obsessions about            Psychology:          Poster   27   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    sexual orientation have not been well studied. These obsessions focus Obsessions and
    on issues such as the fear of becoming homosexual, being a latent         Intrusive Thoughts
    homosexual, and mental pictures involving homosexual acts. Sexual
    orientation obsessions are particularly distressing due to the stigma
    surrounding homosexuality and are often a source of shame among
    those afflicted. A recent study demonstrated that the presence of
    sexual obsessions results in higher severity of OCD obsessions
    (Williams et al., to appear). The purpose of the current study is to gain
    more knowledge about people suffering from homosexual obsessions
    in OCD. Data was collected from several OCD-themed websites,
    targeting people with sexual orientation concerns (N=1176). Of the
    sample, 74.6% were male, 72.0% were heterosexual, and 26.4%
    reported an OCD diagnosis from a professional. The survey consisted
    of 70 questions measured by a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1-5
    (1=always, 5=never). Survey items were assessed with a principal
    components analysis and the items separated into five factors:
    scrupulosity, positive feelings toward the opposite sex, positive
    feelings toward the same sex, hiding/not wanting to be discovered,
    and worry/fear. These factors were then compared based on three
    categories: gender, sexual orientation, and report of a prior OCD
    diagnosis. Results showed significant differences between all groups.
    For example, males were more concerned than females about their
    sexual orientation being discovered. In addition, those who identified
    themselves as having OCD were had lower positive feelings toward
    the same sex. Significant correlations were found between worries
205 about interest in the opposite sex and overall distress. These results
    indicate that homosexual obsessions in OCD do cause significant
                                         E                                              F          G          H                 J      L
    This group presentation will highlight the experiences of the UHCL         Representing al-   Oral   Roundtable 10   Bayou 1311   Thu
    Anthropology and Cross Cultural Studies student research and               Maghreb
    participation in the 2011 Regional Model Arab League representing
    the Kingdom of Morocco, which took place at the University of
    Houston Main Campus on February 26 and 27. Each participating
    student took part in different councils, and each will present the
    independent research done and describe the resolutions they
    researched, drafted, presented, and defended at the Model Arab
    League. Evgenia (Jane) Terekhova served on the Palestinian Affairs
    Council, and she researched and presented a resolution to creatively
    ease import and export into Palestine by reviving and expanding ports
    of entry along the Jordanian and Egyptian borders. She also drafted a
    resolution to launch a series of innovative new schools that would
    provide much needed education and job training to Palestinian youth.
    Juan Garcia will present his research on the possibility of an inter-Arab
    agency to confront maritime piracy and other security issues in the
    region. Imelda Estrada will present her research on creating agencies
    in Europe to support unaccompanied Arab minors, as well as her
206 resolution to support the legal rights of religious minorities in the Arab
    world. Udeshika Amarasinghe will present her research on social
                                          E                                           F           G     H           J      L
    The Great War of 1914 thrust the world into unpredictable               History Consortium   Oral   4C   Bayou 1215   Fri
    circumstances, but submariners were the only ones left with virtually
    no precedents to follow. While submersibles were viewed with
    indifference by most and disdain by a few leading up to the war,
    Germany quickly developed a definite purpose for das Unterseeboot.
    Despite the clear political vision, however, German U-boat men were
    dispatched in their little tin boxes with no communications and only
    one eyeball (the periscope). The result of this combination was four
    years of an intermittently restricted and unrestricted submarine war
    on Allied and neutral shipping, with the attempt to starve Britain into
    submission. During and immediately after the war, German
    submariners were abhorred by the Allied nations as not only Huns (the
    term applied to all Germans during the war), but also pirates who
    mercilessly drowned innocent women and children. No doubt, by
    contemporary standards, the mission of the U-boats and the actions of
    the men who served on them were revolutionary and morally dubious
    at best, in violation of most international agreements on naval
    warfare. Historical writers on the submarine war have mostly ignored
207 the moral processes of the U-boat men, either dismissing their actions
    as simply following their duty or even arguing that the morality of
                                         E                                             F         G           H                  J      L
    This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of       Re-orienting the   Oral   Oral Session 10   Bayou 1335   Thu
    TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the Orient: Rewriting the
    Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall Subaltern
    of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
    presented under the theme of the postcolonialist exploration of the
    orient, proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
    mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
    understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
    divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
    emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their Subaltern Membership as
    described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
    a subject-position: We have been trying to determine whether or not
    the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
    group for which, Smiths aim is to make some difference in the way we,
    the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
    rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
    failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
    contribution to society is to the de-generation of it. Through the
208 discourse of representation – in performance and speech – the
    concept of re-orienting the orient becomes a transformation of
                                          E                                            F     G       H          J           L
    The relationship between cancer and oxidative stress has been the        Science and   Poster   75   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    subject of intense debate; mainly due to the well documented fact        Technology
    that the cancer cells are under high levels of oxidative stress compared
    to normal cells. This study was aimed to investigate the extent of
    oxidative stress in terms of lipid peroxidadation and protein oxidation
    in the pathophysiology of breast and liver cancers and to assess
    antioxidant status in terms of non-enzymatic antioxidants (reduced
    glutathione-GSH, β carotene, vitamin A & C and ceruloplasmin) status
    in the cancer patients. The study comprises of 25 breast cancer and 25
    liver cancer patients along with 25 healthy subjects as controls. There
    was a significant increase in erythrocyte, plasma lipid peroxidation and
    protein oxidation in breast (p<0.01) and liver cancer (p<0.05) patients
    respectively as compared to healthy subjects. Antioxidant status as
    indicated by serum non enzymatic antioxidants was found to be
    significantly decreased (p<0.05) in both the breast and liver cancer
    patients as compared to healthy subjects. However, the breast cancer
    patients had higher erythrocyte (186%) and plasma lipid peroxidatiion
    (102%) and serum protein oxidation (335%) indicating increased
209 oxidative stress than that in liver cancer patients. Besides, breast
    cancer group had lower reduced glutathione-(GSH) (61%), β carotene
                                            E                                               F            G       H          J           L
      Society has become increasingly dependent upon modern technology            Discrimination and   Poster   31   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      such as email and cell phones as a primary means of communication,          Stigma
      especially in the workplace. But while business in particular has
      greatly benefitted from advances in modern technology, there has
      also been a steady increase in cyber-incivility (Lim, 2009). Modern
      technologies are increasingly being used as a means to torment
      others, which has been labeled "cyberbullying". Cyberbullying among
      adolescents has been widely investigated, but practically no research
      has been conducted which investigates such behavior among adults,
      especially as it applies to the workplace. As a result, there is no clear
      picture as to general prevalence rates, typical offender and victim
      profiles, or possible differences in incidence rates based on age,
      gender, race, or organizational status. The present study aims to
      initiate the collection of fundamental data for researchers to use as a
      stepping stone in future studies by focusing on the influence of
      gender and age as they relate to cyberbullying in the workplace.

                                          E                                           F           G     H           J      L
    The Native American tribe that inhabited the middle to lower Texas      History Consortium   Oral   4A   Bayou 1211   Fri
    coast was a collection of five linguistically united bands known as the
    Karankawa. The Karankawa ceased to exist as a tribal unit in the 1850s
    well before students of anthropology or ethnology could examine this
    notable ethnic unit in detail. Their memory has been entrusted to
    historians, which have by necessity, relied on accounts primarily
    originating from their enemies. For this reason the primary element of
    cultural or historical significance ascribed to the Karankawa is that
    they were Cannibals. The assumption that anthropophagites lived in
    far-flung unexplored regions has generally been accepted by
    historians, anthropologists, and ethnographers. This outlook partially
    changed in the 1970s with the publication of William Arens Man Eating
    Myth: Anthropology and Anthropophagy. Arens doubted that the
    prevalence of the phenomena equaled the accusations of it due to
    factors of cultural imperialism and the seduction of the exotic. This
    presentation applies Arens thesis to the Karankawa, exploring the
    possibility that primary source bias, as well as lack of academic rigor
    were contributing factors in the distortion of Karankawa life and
211 folkways prevalent in the tribes public perception and current
    academic thought.
                                         E                                          F            G       H          J           L
    Interactive technological devices such as smart phones, laptops, and   Human Interaction   Poster   55   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    iPads are readily available to young people and are quickly becoming with Information
    standard swag. Specifically, social networking sites such as Facebook, Technology
    Twitter, and MySpace have become so popular amongst high school
    and college students that one would be hard-pressed to find a college
    freshman who did not have at least one of the afore mentioned
    accounts. The current investigation was exploratory in nature and
    sought to investigate the prevalence of students technological usage;
    the extent of involvement in social networking sites, and any possible
    connections to interpersonal communication skills. Using an online
    survey tool, college freshmen were asked to report on several items
    tapping the desired constructs. Findings indicate 100% of students
    surveyed have a cell phone, use text-messaging on their cell phone as
    a means of communication, and have an active Facebook account.
    Further, one third of the participants reported spending three to four
    hours per day on Facebook and another 36.4% reported being on
    Facebook one to two hours per day. When asked about how much
    time they spend text messaging people on their phones, 27.3% of
    students reported spending seven to eight hours per day, and 48.4%
212 reported spending one to two hours per day talking on text. Students
    were specifically asked about feeling anxiety when talking face-to-
                                              E                                            F         G       H          J           L
      There has been extensive research on stress with police officers.          Education and     Poster   92   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      Previously published research provides that policing is one of the most Career Issues
      stressful occupations. There are internal and external factors that
      affect the level and type of stress that a police officer experiences.
      There are mediating factors that can reduce or increase the intensity
      of stress. Various demographics, such as: marital status, race, gender,
      familial support, personality types, and primary duties; have a role in
      levels of stress. There is relatively little research that looks at stress
      levels in police officers in different tenure groups. This research should
      allow law enforcement agencies to predict and plan to mitigate risks
      involving stress. Agencies should be able to implement different plans
      and procedures to better organize interventions at appropriate levels.

    Evidence suggests there is an increase in employer discrimination         Discrimination and   Poster   32   Bayou Atrium II   Thu
    during screening of potential applicants due to the applicants' use of    Stigma
    the Internet and social network sites. Since there has been an increase
    in the amount of active users on online social networks, the current
    study seeks to investigate the relationship between online profile
    pictures and hirability. Students will be recruited from a university
    setting and asked to participate in a survey to evaluate the credibility
    of four applicants for an elementary teaching position. Participants will
    be provided with the applicants social networking profile page (similar
    to Facebook) as well as corresponding resumes. Each hypothetical
    applicant will be assigned one of two resumes, either qualified or
    unqualified, as well as either a negatively or positively connoted
    profile page picture. The survey will consist of a Likert Scale to assess
    respondents attitudes, as well as multiple-choice, open-ended, and
    categorical questions. It is predicted that people who are portrayed
    with a more positive profile will have higher perceived credibility than
    people who are portrayed with a negative profile page. It is also
214 predicted that profile picture will have a greater affect on credibility
    than the presented information and resume. The results of this study
                                         E                                               F              G           H                 J      L
    This panel is comprised of presentations by the video community of         Re-orienting the        Oral   Oral Session 9   Bayou 1335   Thu
    TDCJ participants whose research emerges from the Re-orienting the         Orient: Rewriting the
    Orient course, UHCL Text and Images Three, conducted during the fall       Subaltern
    of 2010. Analyses by individual members of this community will be
    presented under the theme of the postcolonialst exploration of the
    "orient," proposing such questions as: What is the history of the
    mythology that is perpetuated by the west-non-west binary for
    understanding culture? What are the political stakes in the continuing
    divisions for identifying the nationalist self and the other? The unique
    emphasis of the TDCJ panel is in their "Subaltern Membership" as
    described by one of the participants Albert Smith as identification with
    a subject-position: "We have been trying to determine whether or not
    the Sub-Altern can speak! I am a member of this class, this subordinate
    group" for which Smith's aim is to "make some difference in the way
    we, the inmates of Ramsey One, are viewed as a population of people
    rather than some numeric expression of a past life defined often as
    failures, or hindrances, and as being social outcasts whose only
    contribution to society is to the de-generation of it." Through this
215 discourse of representation - in performance and speech - the concept
    of "re-orienting" becomes a transformation of identification and
    The 1964 murders of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman                      History Consortium      Oral        2B          Bayou 1213   Fri
    James Chaney occurred during what was called the "Freedom
    Summer" in Mississippi. The three civil rights workers were
    participating in one of the largest campaigns to register African
    Americans. Unfortunately the Ku Klux Klan had different ideas, they
    were in the mood for murder. These three men were abducted and
    murdered to send a message to other workers.
                                          E                                              F      G           H                 J      L
    An idea of what our pasts make of us informs Finding Utopia, my           Human Culture    Oral   Oral Session 5   Bayou 1133   Thu
    creative thesis in Literature, which is a novel inspired by research into
    my family history. As I read through pages and pages of genealogy, I
    realized that the real experiences of those names and old photographs
    were lost. All that remained were written records, names, dates of
    birth and death. Our stories do not thrive in such collections of facts
    and figures, census records, or encyclopedic accounts of history. Our
    pasts comprise the personal, the social, political, and historical, all
    converging to determine our individual and collective identities. My
    novel records this history through storytelling: the experience, speech,
    meetings and partings that can lead a contemporary reader to identify
    with the past as though it lives today. The novel is based loosely on
    the historical life of my distant ancestor, a Baptist Missionary, the
    Reverend Duncan O'Bryant, who ran a mission school among the
    Cherokees in Northern Georgia in the generation before the Cherokee
    Removal of 1838. The school was established in Hickory Log, a
    Cherokee settlement along the Etowah River, for the purpose of the
217 Indians religious and social conversion. Finding Utopia follows the
    Chinaberry encounter of a young Cherokee in different genres. The
    compulsoryTea is a collection of short fictionwoman, Sparrow Hawk,        Literature and   Oral   Oral Session 4   Bayou 1133   Thu
    stories: Nikki Moonshine, Rooms, Man in Fog, Little Yellow Sun Dress, Literacy
    Meridian Blue, Delilah, Magnolia, Wind, Gotterdammerung, and
    Chinaberry Tea exist on there own with different voices and in
    different times. However they all speak on the human experience and
    the loss or discovery of self.
                                          E                                             F              G      H           J           L
    Walter Bowers Scotichronicon describes, in detail, the return of         History Consortium       Oral    4B   Bayou 1213        Fri
    William Douglas from King David IIs court at Castle Gaillard in 1339
    with a small fleet of ships. The origins of these ships was nebulous at
    best, and they were called by various names in the chronicles: pirates,
    privateers, mercenaries, or just French ships. Their presence is an
    anomaly; at no time before had the French taken such an active role
    in Anglo-Scottish relations or the Scottish Wars of Independence,
    though there had been treaties in place as early as 1295; thus the
    appearance of these ships is quite an interesting mystery. There are
    few facts that are certain. First, that William Douglas had been sent to
    David II, King of Scotland, by Robert the Steward, to give a report of
    the latest happenings in the conflict with Edward Balliol and Edward III
    of England. Second, that Douglas returned to Scotland with a
    contingent of French ships, laden with both men and provisions.
    Third, that those ships, once the siege of Perth had been successfully
    completed, left Scottish waters and were not heard from again.
    Where had these ships come from, and on whose authority? Were
219 they pirates and mercenaries that had been hired by Douglas on his
    One important Scotland -- or is it possible that they had been part
    journey back toarea of parent training is communication training. of Education and               Poster   85   Bayou Atrium II   Wed
    Typically, parents are taught to teach their child a communication       Children's Literature
    topography determined by a teacher or other professional. However,
    if more than one modality of communication is appropriate for a
    particular child, it may be beneficial to allow the parent to decide
    which is to be taught, especially if that parent is going to be the one
    doing the teaching. This study tracked parental preference for
    teaching a particular topography of communication, as well as other
    variables that may influence preference, such as parental time to
    mastery of teaching techniques and the child's time to mastery of
    communication targets. Three parents have completed the training,
    and two parents are currently in progress. Results indicate that the
    participants prefer picture exchange communication over sign
                                           E                                             F              G           H                  J           L
      Space-related children's books comprise a small portion of the market Education and             Poster       86           Bayou Atrium II   Wed
      and the books that are available often focus on boys rather than girls. Children's Literature
      Most children's books that feature girls focus on feminine themes such
      as tea parties, dressing up and princesses. To help stimulate the 4-8
      year old female reader beyond the limited girl-themed genre, this
      book combines both space and princesses. In "Princess Ava's Great
      Space Adventure" Ava learns that it is ok to like being a princess and
      have a passion for space and science. It teaches the lesson that
      stereotypes aren't always correct and being yourself is very important.
      This book is being written and illustrated as a part of the author's
      master's project.
      I have been writing poetry for years and I am hoping to share my work Poetry                     Oral    Oral Session 1   Bayou Forest Room Wed
      with the audience in hopes to expose them to my style of poetry. I will
      be delving into a plethora of topics I feel are of a relevant and personal
      nature. In my presentation, I intend to put forth the true energy and
      feelings that compelled me to write this series of poems.
                                            E                                          F           G         H                J     L
      Space requirements between flanges met with composite blind.           Safety Engineering   Oral   Symposium 1   SSCB 3307   Mon
      Nameer Youssef, Luis Cruz University of Houston - Clear Lake 2700
      Bay Area Blvd. Houston, TX 77058 Abstract: Pressure rated blinds are
      required it isolate equipment for confined space entry. Pressure rated
      blinds are substantially thicker than the space between the flanges.
      Since the space between flanges is normally only as wide as a gasket,
      the flange gap must we widened to accommodate a pressure rated
      blind that may be an inch or thicker. There are occasions when the
      configurations of piping won't allow for flange separation enough to
      accommodate a pressure rated blind. By utilizing new materials
      (composites), the nominal thickness of a 42", 250# flange may be
      reduced by as much as a third. Consequently, a pressure rated blind
      made from materials other than steel will offer the same level of
      safety at a thickness and weight that will allow it to be used when
      others cannot. We are going to design a 42", 250# pressure rated blind
      utilizing materials other that steel.

                                         E                                            F            G         H                 J      L
    Fawzia Afzal-Khan is a published writer. she is a university            Lahore with Love by   Oral   Roundtable 9   Bayou 1302   Thu
    distinguished scholar, professor of English and director of women and Fawzia Afzal-Khan
    gender studies at Montclair State University. in New Jersey. Fawzia
    Afzal-Khan's new book Lahore with Love: Growing up with Girlfriends ,
    Pakistani Style, is a controversial memoir due to very intimate stories
    in the book. the press pulled the book off the shelf due to the legal
    threat against the book from a women in Pakistan who says that one
    of the characters is based on her and because of the way she is
    portrayed it defames her name. This cowardly decision by the
    publisher, could of deprives many readers from a beautifully written
    memoir about friendships and changes that take place in their lives
    from their youth to adult years, if not for self-publishing of the book
    which brought the book back on the shelf. This book offers a
    viewpoint of a modern Muslim women. this book paves the way for
    discourse on global feminism, women friendship, violence, and politics
    towards women in patriarchal ruled society. The author articulately
    and elaborately takes the reader into the life of her childhood
    friendships in Lahore of 1970s, who undergo spiritual/ identity
224 metamorphosis due to their culture and patriarchal society's structure.
           M                N


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