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What Is The Community Festivals Grants                                Who Can Apply for Triennial Funding?
Program?                                                              •   Festivals with a successful track record of 3 or more years.
•   The City of Greater Geelong is a municipality with great
                                                                      Incorporated (or those deemed to hold a similar legal status) not-
    cultural strengths. Council is working to build on these
                                                                      for-profit community groups and organisations. Non-incorporated
    strengths, and position the City of Greater Geelong as an
                                                                      groups may apply if they have an Auspice. What is an Auspice?
    exciting cultural centre of innovation and excellence.
                                                                      If your group is not incorporated or a similar legal entity, you may
•   The Community Festivals Grants Program aims to
                                                                      wish to appoint an incorporated body to manage your application
    strengthen community festival activities across the
                                                                      on your behalf. The Auspice’s role includes managing funds on
    municipality and in doing so, celebrate the diverse and
                                                                      behalf of an unincorporated group and is legally responsible to
    unique communities within the City of Greater Geelong.
                                                                      manage the funds in accordance with the Funding Agreement.
•   The Program is available to groups seeking to develop small
                                                                      Auspice organisations are advised to read the Grant Conditions
    to moderate sized festivals which celebrate local or
                                                                      and Funding Agreement to ensure that they fully understand their
    community identity, provide a diverse range of arts activities
                                                                      responsibility prior to signing.
    in accessible locations, and enrich the cultural life of the
    Geelong community.                                                Contact the Arts & Culture Department on 5272 4703 if you are
                                                                      unsure as to whether you need to appoint an Auspice.
•   Three categories of Community Festival grants are available:
                                                                      •   If you have received funds from Council previously, you must
    1. Community Festivals (One-off)
                                                                          ensure that you have spent the funds in accordance with the
    This grant supports festival-type events that feature a diverse       purpose for which the funds were provided (and as per the
    arts and cultural program, but that only occur once, such as          terms outlined in the Funding Agreement). You will need to
    a major 100 anniversary celebration for a historical building.        have returned appropriate Evaluation documentation to
                                                                          Council to show that this has occurred to ensure that you are
    2. Community Festivals (Development)                                  considered eligible to receive any further funds.

    This grant provides seed funding for new and emerging             •   You will also need to ensure that your organisation has no
    festivals which plan to continue to develop and/or grow.              outstanding debts or is in arrears to the City of Greater
    Festivals may re-apply annually as often as desired.                  Geelong to be considered for funding.

    3. Community Festivals (Triennial)                                How Much Can You Apply For?
    This Triennial funding agreement provides support for well-       •   The Program has a total allocation of $100,000 per year, to
    established community festivals which have demonstrated               be shared between community festivals in all three
    strong potential to develop and/or grow. To qualify, the              categories. In the interest of ensuring funds are available
    festival must have a proven track record of at least three            annually for new and emerging festivals, limited triennial
    successful years of operation, and demonstrate sound                  agreements are available.
    community development principles in planning, participation
    and provision of arts and cultural opportunities.                 •   Amounts available to Triennial applicants are determined by
                                                                          the scope and capacity of the festival, and the degree to
Is Your Event A Community Festival?                                       which it demonstrates excellence in community cultural
                                                                          development principles. As an indication, previous
It is important to ensure that your event is a Community Festival         applicants have received allocations ranging between
as opposed to an arts project or major event. For the purposes            $24,000 and $45,000 across three years. You may also
of this program, a Community Festival is defined as:                      apply for lower amounts. The number of other festivals
                                                                          currently in receipt of triennial funding will also influence the
•   Primarily focused on meeting the cultural needs of the local
                                                                          availability of funds in the program
    community rather than a non-local audience.
                                                                      •   Triennial Agreements will be subject to annual review.
•   Celebrates local identity and uniqueness of place.
                                                                          Continued funding is conditional on meeting KPIs.
•   Provides opportunities for community arts and cultural
    development.                                                      When Can You Apply?
                                                                                                     nd                                       st
•   Offers a diverse range of cultural experiences and activities.    Applications for Part 1 open 2 July 2010 and close midnight 31
                                                                      July 2012. No extensions will be allowed for late applications
•   Utilises space in a creative or different manner than that
    intended as its primary purpose eg. parks or a foreshore.

•   Community participation is evident in the planning process.

•   Is widely accessible and able to attract a broad range of
    participation and attendance.
How Do You Apply?                                                     •   Festivals whose primary participants or target audience is
                                                                          core business (e.g. school event, where primary target
•   All prospective applicants must contact Arts & Culture                audience is students/parents)
    Department on 5272 4703 to arrange an appointment to
    discuss their application prior to submission. Applicants         •   A concert or series of performances to be held in a theatre or
    who do not contact the Arts & Culture Department prior                outdoor venue. (May be eligible under Arts Grants
    to submission will be deemed ineligible.                              Program.)

•   PART 1 will be by online submission only. Eligible festivals      •   Events held outside City of Greater Geelong municipality.
    may only apply during the annual July grant round.
                                                                      •   Competition prizes, awards or fundraising donations.
•   Successful applicants will be announced in September.
    These applicants will be invited to submit PARTS 2 and 3.         •   Catering costs where provision of food is not considered
                                                                          integral to the cultural nature of the project (eg. Food and
•   Triennial Submissions are based on a business case model.             drink provided at a launch event).
    Successful applicants will develop Key Performance
    Indictors in consultation with the Arts & Culture Department      How Are Applications Scored?
    during Part 2.
                                                                      In order to ensure a level playing field, applications are scored
                                                                      against a common set of criteria, as followed:
What Can Be Funded Under This Program?
Small to moderate sized festivals with an arts and culture focus      •   Benefit to Local Artists
held within the Greater Geelong municipality will be considered       •   Benefit to Broader Community
for triennial funding if they have demonstrated a strong track        •   Strengthening Local Cultural Identity
record of successful operation for a minimum of three years.          •   Environmental Sustainability
It should be noted that community festivals do not automatically      •   Building Community
qualify for triennial funding after three years of operation – they   •   Improving Arts Access
must demonstrate exemplary principles of project management,          •   Cultural Skills Development
arts programming and community cultural development.                  •   Contribution by Organisation
Triennial grants can be allocated to a range of items, including:     •   Budget
                                                                      •   Marketing & Promotions
•   Cost of development of professional Business Plans
    pertaining to the development for your event
                                                                      Changes to Project Prior to Completion
•   Innovative activities not currently being presented as part of    Funds are allocated on the basis of project descriptions provided
    the festival.                                                     in Grant applications, with the expectation that the project will be
                                                                      delivered as described. You must seek approval in writing from
•   Artist fees eg. Musicians, Artistic Director etc
                                                                      Council via the Arts & Culture Department if substantial changes
•   Expenses incurred for the provision of workshops                  are to be made to the nature of the project, or if grant funds
                                                                      cannot be expended within 12 months.
•   Materials for art installations, performance art etc
                                                                      If a project does not go ahead, Council must be contacted
•   Venue hire (for the period of the event i.e. not ongoing)         immediately to arrange for the return of grant funds.
•   Equipment rental essential to the festival program                Festival Evaluation
•   Advertising and promotional expenses                              •   An Acquittal Form will be provided to all grant recipients, and
                                                                          must be submitted within 4 weeks of the concluding date of
•   Food items, where provision of this food is integral to the
                                                                          each annual event during the triennial period. Organisations
    cultural significance of the program eg. Cross-cultural
                                                                          that do not submit an Acquittal Form will be ineligible for
    learning through provision of an international cooking class.
                                                                          future City of Greater Geelong grants, or may have their
•   Community engagement activities for research purposes                 triennial funding discontinued.
                                                                      •   Allocated funds must be expended within 12 months of
What will NOT be Funded?                                                  receiving the funding, unless otherwise negotiated.
•   Festivals activities that have been completed prior to the        •   Funds must be allocated as indicated in the event budget.
    grant application being acknowledged as successful (to
    ensure community organisations do not place themselves at         •   Any profit from any activity must be used in the ongoing
    financial risk). Planning or preparation activities that do not       running costs of the festival.
    require expenditure or commitment of funds are acceptable.        To be eligible for triennial funding to continue throughout the life
•   Festivals or events which will commit future Council funds to     of your Agreement, and to be eligible for future triennial funding
    ongoing operational funding beyond the triennial agreement.       submissions, you must:

•   Core business costs associated with the running of the            •   provide evidence of the ongoing growth of your event
    festival organisation and its everyday functions (including           through the annual submission of Project Update Reports in
    staff salaries and wages).                                            the first and second years,
•   provide a Final Acquittal Report in the third year, in             •   Check that you have chosen the correct grant program for
    accordance with the dates identified in the Milestone                  your project. Council offers a variety of funding programs
    Schedule that is provided in the Milestones and Reporting              aimed at assisting the community with specific activities.
    document.                                                              Information about these programs follow in this document.

Promotion and Marketing                                                •   A Tax Invoice is required to be submitted to “The Arts &
                                                                           Culture Department” prior to payment of the grant.
Applicants must contact Council’s Communications and
Marketing Department on 5272 4803 to obtain the relevant logo          •   Any event/program/project that is to be held on Council
and arrange for approval of proofs of all materials before                 property (this includes council owned buildings, parks and all
production. Unauthorised use of the Council logo may result in             other open space areas including the Geelong Waterfront) is
the Applicant being ineligible to apply for further grants.                required to have the approval of both the Council
                                                                           Department with asset management responsibility for the
As a condition of Funding, successful recipients will be asked to          property, and Council’s Events Services Unit. Grant
provide invitations to the public outcome of any funded activities.        recipients should not assume that receipt of funds relieves
You should invite the following parties:                                   them of the requirement to obtain the appropriate permits
•   The Mayor                                                              and permissions for use of these locations.
•   The Arts and Culture Portfolio Holder                              •   In a spirit of responsible care for our environment, grant
•   Councillors on the Community Arts & Festivals Assessment               applicants are requested to carefully consider the
                                                                           environmental issues such as energy use and greenhouse
•   Arts and Culture Department
                                                                           emissions, water use, waste & recycling, sustainable travel,
You may also wish to send invitations to other Councillors, as             natural environment, or awareness of the relationships
well as representatives from the Events Department and                     between people and our planet. This will effect your score.
Community Development Department.
                                                                       Privacy Information
Invitations can be sent to PO Box 104, Geelong Vic 3220.
                                                                       •   The personal information on the Community Festivals Grants
Budget                                                                     Application Form is collected by Council for the primary
                                                                           purpose of processing your grant application. Should you
The Budget should be as accurate as possible. The budget must:
                                                                           wish to access this information, you may contact Council on
•   be balanced i.e. Total Income must be the same as Total                5272 5272.
                                                                       •   Council will publicly report grants awarded on an annual
•   include any In-kind goods or services. “In-kind” refers to             basis.
    goods or services that have been gifted to the project that
    would otherwise need to be paid for. You must calculate an         Grant Theme: “Reading the Land”
    estimated value for each in-kind item, and list it as an income    Nearly half the population struggles without the literacy skills to
    line and an expense line to show that the cost of the item has     meet the most basic demands of everyday life and work. There
    been offset by the in-kind gift.                                   are 46% of Australians who can't read newspapers; follow a
                                                                       recipe; make sense of timetables, or understand the instructions
•   show the cash or in-kind contribution from your organisation.
                                                                       on a medicine bottle.
    It is expected that your organisation will contribute a
    reasonable proportion of the project cost. This will affect your   Australian libraries and library associations are behind a
    score.                                                             campaign to turn 2012 into the National Year of Reading, linking
                                                                       together all the great things that are already happening around
•   show specifically what grant funds will be spent on.               books, reading and literacy.
Random Audits                                                          This year’s grant theme builds on the idea of reading, and asks:
                                                                       What does it mean to “read” our local places? It asks you to
•   As part of the Evaluation process, randomly selected               consider the How, What and Where of reading about the land,
    projects may be required to provide additional detail of           and reading the land itself.
    expenditure to improve project accountability.
                                                                               How do we share community knowledge, story and
•   Council officers may request meetings with the Applicant to                 experience?
    check progress during the period of the activity, or undertake             What are some new ways of interpreting and
    an independent audit of financial records of the Applicant.                 understanding what we are reading and seeing?
                                                                               Where do we come together as a community to think
•   Accurate financial records must be maintained and made                      about “our place”, to discuss community issues, to draw
    available to the staff of Council in the event of any further               power from knowledge, and use it meaningfully and
    audit by Council into the use of the grant.                                 responsibly?
                                                                       Applicants that creatively incorporate this theme into their
Please Note The Following:                                             project will receive a bonus +2 points for their score.
•   Allocated funds must be expended within 12 months of
    receiving the funding, unless otherwise negotiated.
 OTHER GRANT STREAMS                                                      OTHER FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES AT
                                                                          CITY OF GREATER GEELONG

It is important to ensure that you have chosen the correct grant
program for your project. Council offers a variety of funding
                                                                         Councillor Community Grants Program
programs aimed at assisting the community with specific                  The Councillor Community Grants Program is offered to assist
activities. In addition to the Community Festivals Grants                not-for-profit community organisations in providing opportunities
Program, the City of Greater Geelong provides the following              that benefit the wider Geelong community and help in achieving
other funding opportunities to support its community:                    goals and outcomes consistent with Council’s objectives.
Community Arts Grants (Arts Project)                                     The program aims to provide an opportunity for a wide range of
                                                                         groups to obtain a share of the grant funds for a varied range of
The Community Arts Grants Program aims to support the
                                                                         projects. Applications to assist in the establishment of new
initiation, development and delivery of quality arts projects,
                                                                         projects are encouraged. Eligible organisations may apply for
enriching the cultural fabric of the Geelong region and
                                                                         either Ward-based or Municipal-wide activities that demonstrate
maximising community participation in local arts activity.
                                                                         benefit to the Geelong community.
The program is structured to enable a wide range of arts and
cultural groups to obtain a share of the grant funds for a varied        The Program has an allocation of $240,000 (per financial year)
range of projects spanning all arts genres.                              that is divided into the 12 Council Wards. This equates to an
                                                                         allocation of $20,000 per Ward which is available to expend on
Eligible organisations may apply for activities that will take place     groups who apply and are eligible under this grant program.
within the Greater Geelong municipality, and which demonstrate           Generally grants are awarded for amounts up to $2,500.
benefit to the cultural life of the Geelong community.
The program is advertised once per financial year, usually in
                                                                         Victorian Seniors Festival Grant Program
July, and applications are accepted within specified timelines.          The Senior Citizens Festival in Geelong is a month-long
Interested parties are required to meet with the Arts & Culture          celebration and acknowledgment of the important contribution
Department prior to submitting an application. Further details are       that senior citizens make in our community.
available at or by contacting the
Arts & Culture Department on 5272 4703.                                  Grants are available for amounts of up to $400 for activities that
                                                                         take place during Seniors Week. The program is advertised once
Community Arts Grants (Biennial)                                         per financial year and applications are accepted within specified
                                                                         timelines. Eligible groups are required to meet the grant
This biennial grant category provides a more substantial level of
                                                                         guidelines and complete an application which is available via the
funding for the development of large-scale arts projects with one
                                                                         City's website at or by contacting
or more phases of activity that span across a two-year period.
                                                                         Council’s Health Promotions Officer – Aged & Disability Services
Grants of up to $12,000, disbursed across two years (max                 Unit on 5272 5272.
$6,000 per year), will be available to successful applicants.
                                                                         Bis-Sport Funding
Community Arts Grants (Quick Response)
                                                                         This small grant fund (for amounts between $100 to $1,500) is
The Community Arts Grants (Quick Response) supports ‘urgent’             for Individual sports people over 12 years of age who are
arts projects whose timelines prevent the applicant from applying        participating in regional, state and national sporting events or
within the major Community Arts and Community Festivals                  competitions. Funds can be used to assist participants with costs
Grants program application period occurring annually in July.            associated with: accommodation; travel; uniforms; special
Applicants must provide a legitimate reason as to why the                coaching activities; and special equipment etc.
application could not take place within the timelines of the major       Applicants must conform to the grant guidelines and complete an
annual funding round, and why funding is necessary at short              application form. Further information can be obtained by
notice (eg. project was devised at short notice to support an            contacting the Barwon Sports Academy on 5224 9110.
environmental disaster relief concert program).
Community Arts Grants (Professional                                      Geelong Major Events Funding (GME)
Development)                                                             GME aims to develop a broad range of major events in the region
Professional Development Grants of up to $1,000 are available            by providing financial support to organisations delivering high
all year round, subject to availability of funds. Professional artists   quality, large scale events.
who reside permanently within the Greater Geelong municipality
                                                                         Applications for funding will be accepted throughout the year but
may apply at any time to finance selected cultural development
                                                                         should be made at least four months prior to the proposed event.
activities, including, but not limited to, reimbursement of travel
                                                                         Further details are available via the City's website at
costs or registration fees for cultural conferences, programs,
                                                                or by contacting Council’s Events
mentorships or other arts education activities for individuals.
                                                                         & Marketing Services Unit on 5272 5272.
Further details are available at or
by contacting the Arts & Culture Department on 5272 4703.
Swim Sport and Leisure – Sponsorship (In-                      Sponsorship looks at investing in a number of opportunities that
                                                               reflect our vision, corporate values and program initiatives.
kind Support)
The City of Greater Geelong’s Swim Sport and Leisure Centres   Contact the City’s Swim Sport and Leisure Unit on 5272 5272 for
provide services to Geelong’s community with a wide range of   further information regarding sponsorship opportunities and how
programs and facilities available. Swim Sport and Leisure      to apply.

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