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    inspire                    innovate                         communicate                      connect

                                                                                            Volume 2 / Issue 6 / August 2011

                                 From the President's Desk
                                 My three year contract as UOWD President ends dur
                                 ing the upcoming Eid al Fitr. The opportunity to lead
                                                                                            This Issue:
                                                                                                       From winning competitions to the
                                 UOWD through such an exciting period in its history
                                 has been a great privilege for me and a very rewarding                launch a new book at UOWD, we
                                 experience.                                                           bring you a round-up of the most
                                                                                                       exciting events that took place, in-
                                As I said in my contribution to the first issue of Stay                cluding a special coverage on the 1st
Connected, I hoped that this publication would be a long lived and effective venture
that will help you, our graduates, to maintain their connections with each other, and
                                                                                                       UOWD Alumni Reunion.               6
with all parts of the University both current students and staff. I congratulate you
on your impressive progress towards this goal. In the past three years, I have seen in                 Dr.Abdel Moneim Mohammed,Post-
creasing connections between UOWD and our alumni, and Stay Connected has played                        graduate Research Director takes
a big part in this.                                                                                    center stage in Faculty News and
                                                                                                       gives us the low down on how the
Let me reflect on some of the highlights in the development of your University over
                                                                                                       current batch of DBA and PhD stu-
my time here. When I came to the job, UOWD had already developed a strong repu
tation for quality, a base of talented and committed staff, and a pool of successful grad              dents are contributing to growth
uates. The time was ripe for broadening our degree offerings into new disciplines,
enhancing research, and adding doctoral programs.                                                      We’ve put Student Services Manager,
                                                                                                       Franky Baretto under the Spotlight
To underpin these developments, the Faculties of Finance & Accounting, Business &
                                                                                                       this issue and without a doubt, he’s
Management, and Computer Science & Engineering were created. This restructure
                                                                                                       talking about what he loves most –
produced the discipline based groupings of academic staff needed for developing re
search strength. The new Faculties are led by impressive Deans and each now has a                      Football ...and more!
Faculty Advisory Committee to support their strategic planning.
                                                                                                       Dr. Mohammed Ali Karkoukli has
The enhancement of the University s position as a research leader in the UAE has been                  bagged multiple awards and attained
gratifying. Our staff, and even some students, are publishing in high quality journals
                                                                                                       his postgraduate degree in his 50s.
and conferences. DBA and PhD programs were launched in 2010 and attracted 750
expressions of interest for the first 30 places! These doctoral candidates are working                 As the High Achiever of this issue,
                                                                                                       he talks about how he transformed
on a broad range of projects that will benefit the UAE both government and private
sectors. We have had our first doctoral graduate already, when His Excellency Sheikh                   his life and made it through.
Nahayan Mubarak al Nahayan, received an Honorary Doctor of Letters in 2009!
                                                                                                       Insiya Shabbir Vice-President of
The University has launched a new Professional Institute UOWDPi to deliver short
courses for professional development and general interest, on a range of topics. We
                                                                                                       UOWD Public Speaking and Debate
have also established the UOWD Case Centre, to publish locally relevant business                       club tells us how she’s making the
cases. Our first publication, in collaboration with AIB MENA, was launched earlier                     best of her under-grad years, with-
this year by Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid al Qasimi.                                       out leaving a stone unturned.
I am particularly excited about the development of three new degree programs, which
                                                                                                       We talk to our fellow friends Mo-
are likely to start in January 2012: Bachelor of Engineering, Master of International
Studies, and Master of Media and Communications. The latter two will form the basis                    hammad Oweis and Nisha Malik
for a new Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences a significant broadening of the                      and ask them to share their sto-
University.                                                                                            ries from graduation to work

It has been a busy three years, and I hope that, with your help, UOWD will build still
                                                                                                       place success.                  17
further on these impressive achievements.
                                                                                                       Dr. Swapna Koshy talks about the
                                                                                                       fear of public speaking and how to
                                                                                                       overcome it with proper prepera-

                                            Professor Rob Whelan                                       tion and practice.
                                                                    President, UOWD

1            UOWD Alumni Newsletter                      University of Wollongong in Dubai            
From the

Dear Friends,
Amidst the many changes taking place with                                                                  Apart from the aforementioned alumni
the Alumni affairs at UOWD, we bring you                                                                   sponsors, we’d also like to thank Rabea
the 6th issue of Stay Connected where we                                                                   Ataya, CEO & Chairman of
have a lot of things to talk about.                                                                        and Ruth Christian, PR Manager of Pink
                                                                                                           Pepper Photography, both of who pro-
For the first time in the history of UOWD,                                                                 vided us with extraordinary support to
                                                                                                           make the 2011 UOWD Reunion an ex-
a Social Reunion was organized early in the
                                                                                                           citing and meaningful one!
year (p6) and for the very first time we saw
tremendous support from fellow alumni                                                                      We’d also like to give special thanks to
members who came forward as Associate                                                                      all the members of the ANEC who bat-
Sponsors. The spirit of solidarity was evi-                                                                tled against all odds to arrange every-
dent in the generosity of our sponsors who                                                                 thing down to a tee: Hajar Humaid, Hani
showed amazing support and came to-                                                                        Bakir, Immanuel Moonesar, Mohamed Ali
gether to make the event a success. To ex-                                                                 Karkoukli, Alaa Hayjaa, Ahmed Bello,
press our gratitude, we’d like to give a big                                                               Melanie Oliver-August and of course,
shout out to the following alumni members                                                                  yours truly!
who proved that they are very much, active
and dynamic – in managing their business                                                                We’d also like to take this opportunity
                                                                                                        to bid our President, Prof. Rob Whelan
affairs and in giving back to their alma mater
                                                                                                        a farewell salute as he leaves UOWD.
and fellow wolly friends. Here is a list of
                                                                                                        Not only was it a joy working with a vi-
the who’s who that we’d like to thank once                                                              sionary who brought about a number
again.                                                                                                  of ‘firsts’ during his Presidency, but it
                                                                                 was also a fabulous journey alongside him, in that many of the
Muhammad Murad (MBA 2000 & MQM 2001)                                             Alumni members had the opportunity to know him in person.
Entrepreneur and MD of Tanseeq Event Management
Arwa Ahmed El Baitam (MQM 2005)                                                  Coming to back to our current issue, we have some inspiring
Founder and MD of Aurora Management Consultancy                                  stories to share, as our interviewee Dr. Mohammed Karkoukli
Hanan Al Muhairi (MHRM 2010)                                                     takes center stage and talks about his life and accomplishments.
Founder of Arabyana                                                              Dr. Swapna gives us some hints and tips on how best to battle
Mitten Shah (MIB 2005)                                                           the fear of public speaking in Last Word and Franky Barreto, the
Head, Regional Merchandising & Trade Services at Al Marai                        Student Services Manager reveals how he filled up the trophy
Nina Tamayo (MSHRM 2009)                                                         cabinets that adorn Block 5 and 15.
MD and owner of Pink Nails and More
Sanaa Merchant (MIB 2005)                                                        Until our next issue, keep reading and stay tuned for new
UAE-based Artist                                                                 changes and inspiring reads.

                                                                                                      Odelia M and Aly Khan
                          GUEST WR interesting topic
                                  an at you have                    you
                    Do you feel th ur friends at UOWD? Do
                                    yo                               some-
                    to share with          by a passionate belief in you a
               have an   opinion, driven tell others about? Are
                                  u’d like to                    ansform lives
                thing, which yo irational guru who can tr you like the
                                insp                          ould
              self-proclaimed through your words?W new or some-
                                                                                   The Team:
                             her’s                            ng
             and inspire ot your mind about somethi
             chance to spea                          rsial?
                                      thing controve Stay Connected and
                                                                                 EDITOR:                            DESIGN DIRECTOR:
                                                      at                         Odelia Mathews-Xavier              Rana Al Jamal
                                 be a   guest writer ur mind on every-
                If yes, you can world a piece of yo                se!). Just
                                                                                 (MIB 2005)               
                   give the wolly hing (appropriate, of cour d         
                      thing and  anyt                     interest an
                                           express your                                                             NEWS COORDINATOR:
                           email us and to you with guidelines                   DEPUTY / NEWS EDITOR:              Rumana Rahim ( MITM 2009)
                             we’ll get back details.
                                            and                                  Bahjat Aly Khan (MEM 2009)

2          UOWD Alumni Newsletter                            University of Wollongong in Dubai               
Here’s just the right amount of information to keep you
up-to-date with the latest happenings at UOWD.

At a recent function held at UOWD, Her Excellency
Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan al Qassimi, the UAE
minister for Foreign Trade launched a book titled “Actions
and Insights : Business Cases from the UAE”. Aimed
to illustrate principles of good business practices and out
comes, the book analyzes real life business management
problems faced by private and public organizations based in
UAE and how they overcame it. The book which consists of
case studies from organizations such as JAFZA Economic
Zones World EZW , Jumeirah Group, Etihad Airways, Al
Ain Dairy, UAE Exchange and many more was edited by
UOWD faculty members Dr Melodena S. Balakrishnan, Dr
Payyazhi Jayashree and Dr Ian Michael. To get your copy of
the book, visit the UOWD bookstore.


According to an MoU signed between UOWD             exciting internship opportunities at the presti
and ZTE Corporation, the university has             gious corporation. Mr. Yang Tao, MD of ZTE
taken another step forward in cementing indus       said We look at UOWD as a leading university
try relations by offering fulltime employees at     in UAE, with a history of developing and deliv
ZTE a fee discount when they undertake any of       ering highly relevant degree programs. We are
the UOWD programs. In addition, ZTE will be         confident that our partnership with UOWD will
entitled to UOWD expertise, facilities and          help us in this area, apart from helping us serve
courses while in return offering UOWD students      our Chinese youngsters .

3            UOWD Alumni Newsletter                     University of Wollongong in Dubai     
                                                                                      Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing
                                                                                             here’s what you should take pride in.

                                                                                                          SECURING THE TOP SPOTS

                                                                                                         Two teams from UOWD secured the top spots at the 2011
                                                                                                         CIMA Global Business Challenge Middle East finals with

                                                                                                         team Quad Core emerging as the winners of the competition
                                                                                                         while team Bizzbrainz took the first runner up position. The com
At a Software Project Competition sponsored by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Elec-               petition was between 6 teams out of which 3 were from UOWD
tronics Engineers), UOWD s team was chosen the winner amongst 12 other participants at the               and the others from Dubai Mens College and Herriot Watt Uni
event for their project titled TouchDesk . The innovative new software is cost effective, energy ef      versity. Initially these 6 teams were picked from 101 teams that
ficient and environmental friendly and can create up to 20 touch screen personal computers while         participated in the event from all over the Middle East. As the
consuming the power of just one. Aimed to ease the burden of purchasing and maintaining a large          winners of the competition, Quad Core will now compete at the
number of computers at schools around the globe, this amazing software was motivated by a num            Global Finals in China against finalists from 17 different countries
ber of Critical yet unsolved problems as said by Dr. Mohamed Watfa, Associate professor at the Fac       including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Russia, Singapore,
ulty of Computer Science and Engineering at UOWD, who was the mentor for the project team that           Sri Lanka and more. The CIMA Global Business Challenge is an
consists of Khalid Al Najjar, Ayesha Aleem, Asif Rashid and Hina Majeed. This project had also pre       international competition that is set to bring out the best of po
viously won the second place locally at the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition and fourth place in        tential business leaders in young people. It provides a platform for
the UAE Software Trade Show. It was thrilling to be adjudged the winner at this competition, it felt     young students to test their knowledge and skills of business man
good to finally get that first place spot that had been eluding us says Asif who is currently pursuing   agement at an international level and we are quiet certain that
his Bachelors in Computer Science at UOWD.                                                               UOWD will outshine the competition!

  SAVING THE WORLD, ONE                                                                                  SPLIT SECOND WIN
  Shawn Frank, a final year IT student at UOWD was named the
  winner of the regional finals Microsoft Imagine Cup held at
  the American University in Dubai and is now heading to New
  Y for the final rounds of the completion. Shawn first learned
  about how softwares can help solve some the world s biggest
  problems when a Microsoft team briefed the university stu
  dents 3 years ago. He was motivated to work on momEcare
  when he read about the acute problem of maternal mortality                                             A UOWD team consisting of two students from the Faculty of
  and the UN s target to solve it by 2015. His project which is a                                        Computer Science and Engineering won the first prize at the re
  mobile device based software solution titled momEcare , helps                                          cently held Split Second Contest. Khalid Al Najjar and
  medical staff provide quality medical assistance to pregnant                                           Soroush Atarod along with their coach Dr Mohamed Watfa, As
  women in remote areas and developing countries. On behalf of the UOWD Alumni Network, we               sociate Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engi
  wish Shawn great success for the finals!                                                               neering at UOWD competed in the event titled Press Play 2

                                                                                                         organized by The Republic at Dubai Festival City. The first of its
      Basically, my project involves providing a mobile phone to people in villages which will           kind contest in UAE involved the participants in assembling and
    enable pregnant women to conduct medical check-ups via the phone. This data is then                  disassembling a computer in the quickest time possible including
    logged and sent to a UN ser ver where they have a map that alerts the nearest med-                   components like motherboard, power supply, hard drive and many
     ical facility for assistance. I have developed a website ( through                 more. The duo set a record by assembling a whole PC from

      which medical staff from anywhere can send an alert and get online expert advice                   scratch in a staggering 18 minutes, beating other students from
                           from doctors around the world – Shawn Frank                                   American University in Sharjah, Middlesex University and Bits
                                                                                                         Pilani. Now that s what we call a clean win!

4             UOWD Alumni Newsletter                           University of Wollongong in Dubai                              
           News & Events

                                                                  UOWD is known to cater to the real world needs of its students and here
                                                                  are a few events that took place to enhance the educational journey
                                                                  * A ‘Meet the Supervisors’ event for the students of the recently
                                                                  launched DBA and PhD programs was organized to give them an opportu
                                                                  nity to meet the current supervisors and to familiarize themselves with their
                                                                  areas of specialization and supervision models. It was also aimed to enhance
                                                                  student supervisor communication and interaction.
                                                                  * A seminar was hosted by Mr. David Chambers, CEO of Trident Support
                                                                  as part of the UOWD InXes Guest Lecture Series. Mr. David spoke on
                                                                  the topic of A view from the top: How to build an international niche busi
Promoting Quality: UOWD has signed an MOU                         ness where he discussed the challenges, opportunities and strategies that
with Dubai Quality Group to promote and support the idea          he used to transform his small business into a multi million dollar interna
                                                                  tional company over 10 years.
of Dubai, Centre of Quality in all business, government and
                                                                  * An information workshop was hosted at UOWD for current and
educational activities. Accordingly, MQM students will now
                                                                  prospective doctoral students assisting them to adapt to the doctoral mind
benefit from regular guest lectures by Industry experts of Qual   set and familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures relevant to
ity Management and will enjoy fee discounts for membership at     their programs of study.
the DQG.
                                                                  SOWING SEEDS OF
Leaders of the Future:                    Over 120 UOWD           INNOVATION
                                                                  UOWD recently hosted the Tamakkan Entrepreneurship seminar as
students were awarded at the 6th Annual Students Leader-
                                                                  part of UOWD s attempt to link academics and the industry and also to
ship Award Ceremony for their contribution towards the de         highlight the university s Professional Institute UOWD Pi. Tamakkan is
velopment of the UOWD Student Community.                          an entrepreneurship and innovation organization founded in Abu Dhabi by
                                                                  Sana Bagersh who is an entrepreneur herself with the BrandMoxie mar
                                                                  keting agency. The aim of the seminar was to bring together established
                                                                  and budding entrepreneurs to share ideas and tips on how to launch and
                                                                  run businesses. The discussion was on the topic of How to get started,
                                                                  how to run a business, how to find investors , and the participants on the
                                                                  panel were Canadian entrepreneur Chris Castillo, Rony El Nashar; founder
                                                                  of SeedStartup; Mandeep Bhandari, a UOW graduate and MD of Steel
                                                                  Masters International; and Shawn Frank, a UOWD graduate Opportuni
                                                                  ties are amazing. You just got to use your new eyes to seize them. See things
                                                                  with a fresh perspective , says Chris Castillo who calls himself A Master
                                                                  Entrepreneur having launched 10 successful businesses. For more details
                                                                  on seminars and courses offered through UOWD Pi, visit our website

5         UOWD Alumni Newsletter             University of Wollongong in Dubai                      

                1st UOWD Alumni Reunion

                                             Hanan Abu Obaid, Dr. Melodena
                                              Balakrishnan,Arpana Sharma,
                                                  Immanuel Moonesar
President Rob Whelan

                                                             For the first time in the 18 year history
                                                             of UOWD, a social reunion was organ
                                                             ized to welcome the alumni body of the
                                                             UOWD. Held at the Le Royal Meridien
                                                             Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai Marina
                                                             on the 4th of May, 2011, the evening
                                                             welcomed an attractive mix of active
                                                             alumni members who showed up to
                                                             make the event a true success. Hosted
                                                             by the Alumni Network Executive
                                                             Committee ANEC , the night rever
                                                             berated with laughter, good memories,
                                                             inspiring talks and lots of excitement
                                                             thanks to the many sponsors who sup
                       Odelia, Melanie, Aly, Immanuel        ported the event.

                                                             Present to meet the alums were a num
                                                             ber top management figures from
                                                             UOWD including; President Prof. Rob
                                                             Whelan, Vice President of Academic
                                                             Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Khalifa &
                                                             Executive Director, Strategic Develop
                                                             ment & Administration, Raymi van der
                                                             spec. Joining us as the VIP guest for the
                                                             evening was Mr. Mohamed Murad,
                                                             CEO of Dubai s Human Resource De            Team SC - Aly & Odelia
                                                             velopment Institute and an established
                               Menka, Farah, Shabista

6         UOWD Alumni Newsletter                University of Wollongong in Dubai                   

                                                                                                       Vinod Ganwani, Navneet Kaur, Franky
                                                                                                            Barreto, Ksenia Shumakova
                            Saachi, Jillian, Pooja,Alaa   entrepreneur who shared his inspiring
                                                          story and announced a vacancy, exclu
                                                          sively open to suitable alums, within his
    Mohammad                                              company.

                                                          Members from the ANEC ensured
                                                          everyone present made the best of net
                                                          working opportunities by way of intro
                                                          duction and business collaborations and
                                                          as excitement filled the evening air, the
                                                          thrilling raffle draw took place much to
                                                          the satisfaction of the anticipating audi
                                                          ence and almost everyone won some
                                                          thing. This being the first reunion of its
                                                          kind, a number of Associate Sponsors
                                                          from the Alumni body came forward to
                                                          show their solidarity and gave away             Mr. & Mrs. Xavier
                                                          hampers, vouchers and free services.
                                                          The main attraction of the night was the
                                                             announcement of vacancies made by
                                                              two of the sponsoring partners
                                                     , The Middle East s #1 Job
                            Sameera, Sanaa, Sucheta              Site and Tanseeq Event Manage

                                                           As the evening progressed, the Al
                                                            Khaleej ballroom was abuzz with ac
                                                             tivity as everyone mingled with each
                                                             other and indulged in a fine selection
      A group of UOWD alumni at the event                 of delicious canap s, making this one
                                                          memorable night.
                                                                                                       Moaz, Ziad, Mehmet, Shahrzad

7           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                        University of Wollongong in Dubai                   
Our Associate Sponsors:

                                                                                                   Is dedicated to state of the art themed set
                                                                                                   tings. Although they are specialized with

                                                                                                   Weddings, they have been entrusted with

                                                                                                   handling design and execution of many high
The #1 job site in the Middle East, offering                                                       profile events like Royal Weddings, the
a complete range of end to end employ               Leading F&B brand in the Middle East, Al       Giorgio Armani Couture fashion show
ment solutions and career planning tools,           marai gave away 20 gift hampers on the oc      among other shows, the world youth Foot
the company offered a vacancy for a suit            casion, consisting of long life ambient        ball Tournament, and several high profile
able candidate present at the social re             Almarai products and goodies from the re       corporate events. They offered one alum
union. They offered one alumnus a vacancy           cently launched Almarai bakery line Lu         nus a vacancy within their organization.
within their organization.             sine                  

ARABYANA:                                           AURORA MANAGEMENT
             Arabyana      , United Arab Emirates
                   First Female Horse Riding Team

The first pioneering Female Horse Riding            CONSULTANCY:      PINK NAILS AND MORE:
Club in the UAE, was founded in 2006 and            Offering expertise in the fields of Organi     Located in JLT, this stylish womens salon
has now expanded to non profit organiza             zational Excellence, HR Solutions, Events      established a year ago, has created a niche
tion to contribute to the UAE society and           etc, Aurora Management Consultancy sup         for itself offering superb in salon and at
especially supporting women issues. They            ported the event by offering 2 raffle prizes   home services to men and women. They of
gave away vouchers for horse riding lessons         each worth AED 10,000 in the field of Ef       fered discount gift vouchers as well as a
at their club.             fective Customer Service and Quality Man       range of treatments for the raffle draw.
Arabyana Our Right to Ride                          agement. www.aurora            

The most happening photography desti

                                                    SANZ ART:
nation for stylized lifestyle pictures, port
folios and lots more, Pink Pepper gave
away an exciting raffle prize worth AED             Established UAE based Artist, Sanaa Mer
2,700 for the many guests. Enjoy viewing            chant has offered guests vouchers for her
timeless images when visiting their face            range of paintings touching on traditional
book page                  and modern Arab and Islamic influences.

8          UOWD Alumni Newsletter                    University of Wollongong in Dubai                  
          OF THE FUTURE
      Dr. Abdel Moneim Mohammed Baheeg
      Ahmed is the Postgraduate Research Director and the Masters
      of Quality Management Director, Faculty of Business & Management
      and has over a decade’s experience in directing Postgraduate Pro-
      grams in various universities. Not only has he supervised several
      doctoral students to successful completion, but he has also pub-
      lished over 80 scholarly research papers in International Journals,
      while shedding light on new areas of research. Here he talks to us
      about the quality of research observed in the current batch of DBA
      and PhD students, and how they are contributing towards to the fu-
      ture of the city at a global level.

      What does your current work entail               Periodic program assessment                     Academic Planning
      and what academic experience do                  Oversight of the implementation of the pro      Active predication in the development of
      you bring to UOWD?                               gram s continuous improvement plan.             staffing plans.
      My position as Postgraduate Research Di          Active participation in the local and inter     Collaboration with the Registrar s office on
      rector is part of the senior management          national accreditation of the programs.         the development of annual timetables for
      team of the University and therefore con                                                         the programs.
      tributes to strategic planning and evaluation    Marketing
      of performance. I am responsible for coor        Collaboration with the Marketing Manager        These tasks affect on the success of these
      dinating the delivery including staffing needs   on the development of a marketing plan for      programs and consequently have an impact
      and timetabling, quality assurance and con       the programs.                                   on the reputation of the University
      tinuous improvement of doctoral programs         Active participation in marketing events and
      and I carry the same responsibilities for the    student recruitment activities.                 With the recent start of the DBA
      Masters of Quality Management. In addition       Management of the relationships with in         and PhD programs at UOWD, what
      to this role I also contribute to research,      dustry partners and professional bodies.        is your opinion on the quality of re-
      teaching and service in my area of special       Student Relationship Management                 search being undertaken?
      ization, which is Quality Management.            Assignment of students enrolled in the pro      Majority of students enrolled in the DBA
      I have an academic experience in directing       grams to academic advisors/supervisors.         and PhD programs are working on research
      Postgraduate programs over the last ten          Meeting with students for the informal res      relevant to the UAE economy development.
      years in different universities in the United    olution of issues relating to teaching and ad   This relevancy is an indicator of the quality
      Kingdom University of Bradford and               vising/supervision.                             of topics being considered in their propos
      United Arab Emirates e TQM College cur           Participation in student orientation events.    als. What also adds to the quality of re
      rently Hamdan Bin Mohammed e University                                                          search is the maturity level of students and

                                                         “Applied research is the
      and Abu Dhabi University .                                                                       their seriousness to contribute to the long
                                                                                                       term strategic plans for the next 20 years.
      Given you current position at
                                                       only way forward to support                     Applied research is the only way forward to

                                                        the continuous growth of
      UOWD, what are your main tasks                                                                   support the continuous growth of the UAE
      and how does this affect the out-                                                                economy by engaging private and public sec
      come of the academic programs of-
                                                          the UAE economy by                           tors with current and innovative ideas that

                                                       engaging private and public
      fered at the university?                                                                         stems from this type of research and the
      The main tasks that I am involved in include                                                     majority of our doctoral students are en
      the following:                                     sectors with current and                      gaged in research topic areas, which I be

                                                            innovative ideas.../‘
                                                                                                       lieve will have great impact and close the
      Quality Assurance                                                                                gap that currently exist.
      Coordination of the internal QA process.

9    UOWD Alumni Newsletter                     University of Wollongong in Dubai                         

“Majority of students enrolled in the DBA and PhD
programs are wor king on research relevant to the
UAE economy development. This relevancy is an
indicator of the quality of topics being considered in
their proposals. What also adds to the quality of
research is the maturity level of students and their
seriousness to contribute to the long-term strategic
plans for the next 20 years”

What, according to you, are the common                 Do you have any future academic/profes-
pitfalls students make when moving from                sional goals that you would like to share
bachelor study to the master study re-                 with us?
search level?                                          The goal that I hope to achieve in the very near fu
Students at the bachelor study are used to assimi      ture is to establish several Interna
late knowledge in the traditional way of memoriza      tional Journals that focus on research
tion, however at the master level; they are expected   areas within the Middle East region
to shift their mindset to critical thinking type of    and the UAE would be the hub that
learning and the ability to debate and reflect their   hosts such knowledge bank.
opinions in a professional fashion. The major prob
lem that faces students when they move from the
bachelor to master study is their adaptation to the
new style of learning.

When is research valuable, and what
should anyone considering a PhD and DBA
ideally aim towards?
Any piece of research cannot gain its impact unless
if it is shared with a wider community of researcher
and industries experts. The decision in pursuing
study of PhD or DBA degree provides a unique op
portunity to learn how to conduct a relevant and
effective type of research.

You have mentored a number of students
in their research activities, could you share
any significant accomplishments that came
about under your tutelage and guidance?
The most significant accomplishments that I am
really proud of are seeing my previous doctoral stu
dents becoming leading authorities of their re
search and continuously enhancing the literature
with substantial number of publications.

10           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                     University of Wollongong in Dubai          

Franky Barreto

MSM (2011)
Student Services Manager
From a professional football player who made headlines in his hay days, to
a sports coordinator and now the Student Services Manager at UOWD,
Franky Barreto has followed his heart and lived his dreams. Representing
the Senior National Football Team in India from 1996 to 2000 and partic-
ipating in top Sports Clubs for 12 years, this is a man who believes in giv-
ing his best to whatever task he undertakes. It is undoubtedly, this same
dedication of his that has won him many admirers at the UOWD campus
over the years, and to date he remains a true ambassador for UOWD
spreading his light wherever he goes.

 Tell us about your career and education                      I think I m just doing my job just like my other col       Tell us about your hobbies and family life?
 prior to joining UOWD?                                       leagues at UOWD to make sure that the students are         My hobbies are playing football, listening to music &
 Whilst I was playing football called soccer in some          happy. However the only difference between me and          spending quality time with my family.
 parts of the world for my college team, I got an offer       my colleagues is that I used to work with the students
 from a professional club, and since then played foot         mostly off campus for training or matches and so this
 ball professionally and also managed to complete my          gave me an opportunity to know them better.
 B.Com Degree from the Goa University. So, prior
 joining UOWD I was a professional football player in         As the Student Service Manager what are
 India represented the Senior National team from              your current responsibilities?
 1996 2000 and various top clubs for 12 years, 1991           My new role is to make sure that we provide the stu
 2003 . Later I did my Masters in Strategic Marketing         dents with a very satisfactory student life. We as a
 from UOWD and besides this I m also a certified              team in Student Services feel happy when we see stu
 English FA level 2 football coach.                           dents being satisfied with the services we offer and
                                                              we still strive hard to improve so that we give the best      Receiving the 5 Years of Service Award in 2008
 When did you join UOWD and what made                         to our students. Personally speaking I d say that                     from Professor Gerard Sutton
 you take up a career in sports?                              working in Student Services is so much fun!
 I retired playing professional football in 2003 and
 started thinking what s next? But I always wanted to         Have you had to face any challenges along
 be in sports, managing a club or a sports organiza           this road? How did it define you as a person?
 tion. I came to Dubai as I heard a lot about it, in          Not having sports facilities on campus, has always been
 terms of opportunities and a vacancy at UOWD was             a challenge to get students motivated to join the sports
 advertised which just made me feel that this was the         teams at UOWD as they have to travel for trainings,
 perfect job. I applied for it and so started my sports       but our students are so much dedicated and that is
 career in November 2003 as a Sports Coordinator              what made my job easier. As to how it defined e as a                    Playing for the UOWD football team
 and worked at the position until December 2010.              person? Well, I guess that s up to others to judge.

 Any significant accomplishments that you’d                   What is your work mantra?
 like to share with us?                                       Just give your best and the rest will follow, respect
 When I had joined, there werent many competitive             others and you will be respected.
 teams at UOWD. But now if you see our trophy cab
 inets, they say it all and I feel it s because of the hard   Any personal goals that you’d like to achieve?
 work and dedication from students. They are the ones         My personal goal will be to see that UOWD Student
 who brought laurels to UOWD with their achieve               Services Department succeeds in helping students to
 ments, but personally I was touched with the award I         achieve their personal goals. Seeing students achieve
 received from the UOWD sports team as the                    their goals will be my greatest achievement.
  WORLD S BEST COACH . This means a lot and I
 will always cherish it. As this came from the students,      3 things that you are known for ... Foo
 it showed how much they appreciated my work.                                                         tball, Football, Football
                                                              2 things you cannot live without ... My
                                                                                                      Family and Football                               Franky with his wife
 How did your enthusiasm for sports help                      1 thing you would give up anything fo                                                     Vanora and daughter
 you bond with the students?                                                                                     r ... My Family                             Desiree

11            UOWD Alumni Newsletter                           University of Wollongong in Dubai                                  

                                                            Determined to
              High Achiever

                                                            Dr. Mohammed Karkoukli                       (MIB 2009) graduated from UOWD
                                                            when he was 50 years of age. As the father of three young children aged 6 to 11,
                                                            he is a multiple award winner who has inspired many through his determination to
                                                            excel and achieve the best. From tackling a demotion in his ear ly career to fighting
                                                            addiction as a chain smoker weighing 128Kg, he turned his whole life around within
                                                            the span of three years and got appointed as the Chairman of Active Committee
                                                            in his organization, where he empowered colleagues and helped them onto the
                                                            transformational pathway. But believe us when we say, that’s not all! He’s run seven
                                                            marathons, has been sponsored at national level for a number of activities and has
                                                            contributed to research and development within the healthcare industr y, both locally
                                                            and globally.
                                                            Today, as the Head of Emergency Preparedness at the Abu Dhabi Health Ser vices
                                                            Company he talks about how he got to where he is and what it really took him.

Even at 50+ Dr. Karkoukli speaks with the vigor of a 20something, eager to        potentials of the new dimension learned of structured work toward signifi
share his experiences and inspire others to reach for new horizons. If busy       cant achievement to establish for efficient and effective programs with Cen
could be his middle name, he d probably run with it considering his work de       ter of Disease Control CDC in Athens Greece
mands and hectic lifestyle, and yet he is never unavailable to anyone who
needs him. As the Head of Emergency and Disaster preparedness at his or           Taking on Quality
ganization he is responsible to ensure ultimate preparedness both inter           Actively dedicating time and development towards quality control within
nally and externally. For the former, this includes ascertaining                  the healthcare industry, Dr. Karkoukli steered himself in a direction that
standardization in corporate and system level integrations, while for the lat     best exposed him to duty on the field. I started my career in healthcare
ter it involves assuring synergy of all operations and processes with stake       management in 1991 as Director of Zoonosis Control program and when pro
holders within the healthcare system i.e. Health Authority Abu Dhabi              moted as the Director of International Health Projects 1993 Grant Aids,
 HAAD , the Army, Police, Ministry of Health MOH , and other govern               Soft Loan & Long Term Projects , I was accountable for orchestrating and
mental, semi governmental and private entities.                                   managing four main projects; upgrading of pre hospital services, Ambulance
                                                                                  fleet and telecommunication, upgrading of Emergency services within
For someone of such standing, attention to detail and quality control is of the   healthcare premises, the referral system project, and technical cooperation
utmost importance and to have reached this point in his career, the journey       project to establish knowledge transfer in system improvement, staff devel
began rather decisively when Dr. Karkoukli took the bigger picture into per       opment, sustainability and continuity. The outcomes of those projects ma
spective.                                                                         terialized at an individual level and was awarded the National Award for the
                                                                                  Automation of Healthcare Projects 1996, and recognized at the governmen
Reality over Specialty                                                            tal level by the House of Parliament in Japan in 1997 for the best project ever
 I graduated from medical school in 1989 as a Physician and then had to           achieved in 36 developing countries in 30 years under the Grant Aid Scheme.
choose either, to go to medical specialty in France in the field of cardiology    In 1993, I started the pioneering initiative to establish knowledge and tech
or, to enroll in a WHO mater degree in Public Health & Community Medi             nology transfer from Japan, France, and Sweden to Syria in the field of emer
cine he says. Opting for reality over specialty, Dr. Karkoukli reasoned that      gency & disaster preparedness, system improvement and staff development.
in order to prove effective on the front line of healthcare services, he needed   It was only in 1997 when my first encounter to structured Healthcare Qual
to work at the system level, so that doctors could actually be equipped with      ity and Accreditation occurred and as the Officer for Knowledge and Tech
the right work environment for them that would eventually result in better        nology Transfer at Harvard Medical & Saudi Aramco, the position opened
patient wellbeing. With this perspective in mind, he completed his Masters        up a whole new world for me. In 2006 Dr. Karkoukli went one step further
in Public Health & Community Medicine in 1992 and then, as the Director           and achieved the International Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
of Zoonosis Control Program with WHO, was nominated to join the Fel                CPHQ Credentials which equipped him with the knowledge and evidence
lowship Program for Epidemiology and Food Control at WHO East Mediter             base he needed to become an expert in the field of healthcare quality man
ranean Regional Office EMRO . About what he achieved while at this                agement and to include quality management, quality improvement,
position, he says, The combination of system level collaborative develop          case/care/disease/utilization management, and risk management at corpo
ment at EMRO and the significant achievement at the operational level             rate and operational levels across healthcare settings. Meanwhile, he says,
working together with Ford Foundation in Egypt by conducting joint sur              As I was appointed as the Director of Total Quality Management TQM
veillance project on Brucellosis, was an eye opener on the possibilities and      in the Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia, it enabled me to deploy the knowledge

12           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                      University of Wollongong in Dubai                           
                                                                                   “First of all know what you want, then create
                                                                                   a target ...don’t dream but build a vision that
                                                                                   will actually attract you forward. Never think
                                                                                   that you are chasing a suffix to your name, it
                                                                                   means nothing in the real world and what
                                                                                   counts actually is the knowledge that you gain
                                                                                   and the way that you are going to practice it”

                                                    Arab Health Award 2011

into practice

From Health to Business
Dr. Karkoukli then moved to Abu Dhabi in 2004 where he was offered a po
sition at the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi as the Senior Quality Auditor.
Shortly after assuming command of his new position, he realized that he
lacked sufficient economical and financial knowledge and this limited his
capability since the talks on privatizing in the healthcare sector had com
menced and he was at a disadvantage when it came to creating comprehen
sive, evidence based, reliable solutions for decision makers that captured
the financial and economical elements in a synergized manner. And this need                                                           Diabetic Walk Yas 2010
was what spurred him to secure a Degree in Business. He explains, As I was
on advisory level with the Authority, I found it to be a just in time initiative
to build capacity in this direction and actually, it paid a lot back, as the di
mension and the learning opportunities were beyond my expectation with
Marketing, Human Resources, Information Management, Marketing etc.
and it was indeed a real investment in the area

Tackling the Challenge
 I started with my MBA in 2006 and one of my biggest challenges was ac
counting, whilst the other one was time management. As a full time gov
ernmental employee, I had to travel from AD to Dubai two times on average
per week. I remember on several occasions when I had to travel to the West
ern Region during working hours for duty and then drive back to Dubai to
attend a class, only later to drive back to Al Ain for consultation at the Can
cer Center in Tawam Hospital. Actually there have been uncountable days
when I was obliged to travel 700 1000 km a day to meet my work require
ment, personal plans, and commitment to family members With sur
mounting responsibilities and unavoidable risks involved, he switched from
the MBA to the MIB in 2007 program and even after that, nothing was as
rosy as it should have been. Since I hadn t been to classroom for more than                                                                  Graduation 2009
12 years, it was a major challenge, and more so with my three kids around me
as my children started to pass comments when I would study for exams or            was when he moved from his post at strategic level as director of interna
get a low score. However, the only thing that got me through he says, was          tional healthcare projects and technical advisor to Minister of Health at the
trust in God, the determination to hit the target, and believing in my vision      Ministry of Health in Syria to Saudi Arabia as an ER Doctor. He explains,
and the long term strategy...                                                       This was a major drop from a top senior position to a purely operational
                                                                                   role, though it was due to financial obligations as a newly married person.
Dealing with Setbacks & Inspiring others                                           However, I took it as an opportunity to engage with all modalities and
Nothing comes easy in life and Dr. Karkoukli proves that he too had his            processes at that level and it helped me a lot in terms of self control, criti
share of setbacks but made the best of every situation. One such instance          cal thinking, and crisis management .

13              UOWD Alumni Newsletter                    University of Wollongong in Dubai                           
              High Achiever
“I got promoted 5 months following graduation
and I also became a role model for significant
number of colleagues who have enrolled in either
MIB or MBA, some of them requested me to be
their mentor during their study and one has al-
ready graduated with MBA. I’ve also inspired 12
colleagues of mine with the power of
determination to achieve a vision”

                                                                                          RAK Half Marathon
                                                                                           2010 completed
                                                                                                                      Duabi Marathon

                                                      Mohammad Karkoukli                                                                 Mohammad Karkoukli
                                                     getting ready for Tri 2012                                                            family in Canada

That being said, another major incident that deeply impacted his graduation       As a model of inspiration to the young and old, Dr. Karkoukli has certainly
from UOWD was when he lost his brother in law to cancer, following a 30           walked his talk all his life, never missing the opportunity to assist others and
month struggle and this unfortunately happened just six months before             give back what he has gained. While sharing his story he is keen to extend
graduation. Despite the emotional crisis,, Dr. Karkoukli had his sights set on    his support towards anyone who wishes to draw from his vast experience. If
the end result and never stopped working to achieve what he wanted. Not           you wish to contact him, he can be reached on
one to back away from challenges, he is known to achieve the impossible
and this he proved by turning his own life around. In 2004 I was 128 kg and
                                                                                   Dr. Karkoukli’s Awards & Accreditations
heavy smoker who couldn t run 100 meters or swim for 30 meters in one
                                                                                   2011 Candidate for Steve Award with Crisis Communication
shot. One day my eldest child got sick and I couldn t lift him up and take
                                                                                   2009 Winner of Arab Health 2010 by Arab Health Award on
him to the hospital and that made me wonder he says, If at 4 years old I
                                                                                          Excellence in Emergency Preparedness
couldn t carry him, how would I be in the next 5 years?!
                                                                                   2009 Recognition Award on facilitation and mentoring Joint
                                                                                          Commission International accreditation 2007-2009 in three
And that was the one thing that spurred him on to make the most important
                                                                                          healthcare facilities
decision of his life and turn it all around. In the two years after I quit smok
                                                                                   2009 Award from the Health Authority significant contribution to
ing, I was swimming for 2.5 km non stop and in three years I had run my
                                                                                          CME-CPD educations programs
first Marathon. I also started playing squash by mid 2008 and by early 2009
                                                                                   2008 Superior Contribution Award as Educator by AACME
I became an advanced player and joined tournaments. I got 57 people in
spired by this personal transformation starting from the security guard in my
                                                                                   2007 Employee of the year Award
building to the top leader in my organization!
                                                                                   1996 National Award for Automation of Medical Projects Presidential
                                                                                          Affairs in Syria

14           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                      University of Wollongong in Dubai                            

    Speaking Out
                            LO U D
Insiya Shabbir is a final year student of the
B.Com (HR) program at UOWD and also the Vice
President of the UOWD’s Public Speaking and Debate
Club. She has participated and won many events over
the years and here we capture a snapshot of her life
at UOWD and her plans for the future.

When Insiya graduated from high school, she already had made up her mind of            has also presented a research paper at the AIB MENA conference held in De
joining UOWD for her undergrad degree. It all happened when she attended               cember 2010 and has published a story as part of the Emirates Literature Festival.
UOWDs 15th Anniversary celebrations in May 2008 prior to her enrolment, and
was impressed by the multicultural student environment. UOWD was the best              Taking a piece of everyone
choice because of its long standing reputation, locally accredited degree programs,    Dr. Swapna Koshy has left a lasting impact on Insiya, and she admires Dr. Koshy s
recognition in the UAE market and the scholarships offered says Insiya.                intellect and character. Her two fold role as an exemplary professor and mentor
                                                                                       will always remain a special part of my Uni life. I value her untiring efforts in men
Student Life                                                                           toring us for the public speaking and debate competitions says Insiya while de
Speaking about her experience at UOWD, Insiya captions it as Fantabulous! and          scribing Dr. Koshy s support and guidance during the anxiety filled competition
like many of us; she had many of her best memories at UOWD. The lectures by            hours. Her favorite subject is Management of Change taught by Dr. Jayashree
UOWD faculty not only deliver the subject content but also encourage us to think       which she says is very interesting & important to her as an HR graduate.
outside the box and develop our own opinion above and beyond the textbook con
tent by sharing relevant experiences and examples , she says while describing her      Career and future plans
love for the inspiring class lectures by Dr. Melodena Balakrishnan, Dr. Sumit Mitra,   Through campus placements, Insiya was able to get internships in HR with Xerox
Dr. Ritu Sehgal and others. Not only does she enjoy interacting with classmates        Emirates and Dulsco which helped her gain practical knowledge of the industry.
from different cultural backgrounds, but she s also volunteered for the Student        She plans to pursue a Masters in Human Resource Management and also a PhD
Services Department at many events. Her most memorable moments on campus               in Organizational Psychology and has a dream of starting her own HR Consulting
are the chit chats with friends in the food court and the overdose of coffee from      firm. My dream job is to do all the recruitment and training through my HR Con
coffee planet during exams.                                                            sultancy firm when my husband s dream of founding his own hospital comes true
                                                                                       she says. From all the members of the UOWD Alumni Network, we wish Insiya
                                                                                       success in all her future endeavors.
  “UOWD is the best choice because of its long
   standing reputation, locally accredited degree
programs, recognition in the UAE mar ket and the
               scholarships offered”
Learning the Right Lessons
Meanwhile outside the classroom, Insiya is the Vice President of the UOWD Pub
                                                                                                                                                   Insiya with her mom
lic Speaking and Debate Club and has been actively involved in it since her first se

                                                                                         “The lectures by UOWD faculty not only deliver the
mester. Having participated competitions including such as the AUS debate
championship, Skyline crossfire debate, the Wollongong Cup and EEG public
speaking competition, she says the important part is the lesson you learn while        subject content but also encourage us to think outside
preparing for the event. Winning at these events was exciting and delightful, but
                                                                                        the box and develop our own opinion above and be-
                                                                                       yond the textbook content by sharing relevant experi-
what I take from them is the valuable learning and mentoring gained throughout
the preparation process she affirms. Unlike others, this club is supported and
mentored by Dr. Swapna Koshy and their aim is to promote the club by creating                           ences and examples”
a platform for people to demonstrate their public speaking skills and for others to
learn from them. Insiya is currently busy with her team in trying to organize events    Zodiac sign: Cusp between Aries and Taurus
at an intra university level so that more students can participate. Apart from the      Skill you’re proud of: Interpersonal communication
Public Speaking club, she was recently awarded an honorable mention for the Stu         Hobbies: News Reading, Pencil Shading, Ice Skating, Cooking.
dent Services Award and the best user of the UOWD Library. Additionally, she

15           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                         University of Wollongong in Dubai                                
              Who, When, Where
BSc 2003
Project Manager
Gulf News

                                                             “The course structure at UOWD was a lot more relevant
                                                            and sensible than many other universities that tend to add
                                                            in too many unnecessar y electives & thus lose focus from
                                                                                the core modules”
Soon after she graduated from high school, Nisha Malik was on a quest to           at UOWD, but it also trained her for the corporate work culture.
find the best suitable university for her undergraduation that offered degree      Currently she is employed at Gulf News where she works in the Business
programs related to her background. After doing an online research and             Process Excellence department as a Project Manager. Her position demands
speaking to people, she came across UOWD which was highly recommended              a lot of planning and execution while sticking to strict deadlines and budgets
by many of her contacts. When she visited the university, she met a few fac        and maintaining quality throughout the project lifecycle. The role involves
ulty members who she found to be very professional, confident and friendly         managing specific projects relating to business development, system en
and was very impressed by them. Coming from a background of Science and            hancements, process improvements, online ventures, etc while ensuring con
Biology, Nisha was interested to pursue Bachelor Degree in IT and luckily          sistency with company strategy, commitments and goals she says while
the admission requirements at UOWD, unlike others, were flexible and she           describing her job where she also coordinates with team members and third
was accepted based on her grades and subjects covered in high school.              party contractors and consultants to deliver a project as per plan. In the near
                                                                                   future she plans to attain certifications in the field of Business Process Im
Studying at UOWD, she says was the best experience of her life. Reminisc           provement and Project Management and would like to work in the field of
ing about those days she recalls the exciting workshops conducted by her           consultancy.
professors which made her interact with other classmates from different na
tionalities and backgrounds. The most challenging part for her was to man          If you would like to get in touch with her she is reachable at
age time between classes at different times of the day while sticking to 
deadlines for project reports and assignments and weekly tests. It s tough
and it takes the most out of the student but trust me it s the best experi
ence she says.

Not only was the degree from UOWD a stepping stone in her career, but
with the knowledge and practice gained in class, she was able to make her
dreams come true by entering a new field of Software and Web development.
This also helped her while she pursued her Masters degree in Sydney where she
taught Database Management to juniors students there. Even today, although
my field work is just 20 technical, what I learned at UOWD comes handy
from time to time and gives me an advantage over others she says. The best
lesson she learned while she was a student is to study in a group, as this paid
off within the work environment where people come from different cultures
and backgrounds. Sharing knowledge and taking others point of view will not
only help you to perceive problems from different angles but also criticize your
own thinking and way of analyzing she says.

As part of her final year project, Nisha and her group worked as interns at
LogicaCMG in Dubai Internet City where she had the opportunity to work
as the project lead on an assignment that involved redesigning and devel
oping their intranet portal. Not only did this help her complete her project

16           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                      University of Wollongong in Dubai                            
              Who, When, Where
Master of Engineering Management 2010(Distinction)
Project Engineer
Petrofac Engineering & Construction

                                                              “The MEM program enhanced my communication network
                                                               with senior management and helped me in my day to day
                                                               job requirements. In our business, we deal with key players
                                                                in the Oil and Gas industr y and having acquired thorough
                                                              knowledge in Organizational Behavior and Project Manage-
                                                                 ment, it assisted me in handling projects with a cost con-
                                                              scious approach and helped me fit in with the culture at the
As a high flier who believes in stopping at nothing, Mohammad Oweis made           The first we heard about Mohammed, was when Prof. Balan Sundarakani, As
his way up the corporate ladder by striving for the best. When he joined           sistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Management, UOWD informed us
UOWD to pursue his degree in Engineering Management he had a full time             about a published paper in a book chapter issued by Standard Chartered Bank
job as an Electrical Engineer in Petrofac International Ltd, but he wanted to      that was compiled jointly by himself and Mohammed Oweis. Titled Effective
move up the hierarchy and thought it best to equip himself with managerial         Supply Chain Management the paper covered the role of 3rd Party Logistics
knowledge. His reason for joining UOWD was that he believed in the top              3PL in view of updated information technology applications, customer sat
quality degree programs that the university offered. He says of it, The best       isfaction and the importance of sustaining competitive advantage. Among Mo
thing about the Engineering Management Graduate Program is its flexibility         hammed s other recent projects he has been travelling to remote Petroleum
and the opportunity to complete various learning and development activities.       facilities all over the globe, having working on a major gas field development
The program helps you in identifying your skills and provides the chance to de     facility in Kazakhstan last year, and more recently working in the Grand Sa
velop them further . As many of us can identify with the tough timelines that      hara, South of Algeria in an Oil processing facility that generates more than 50
come with a full time job and the pressures of a degree program, Mohammed          thousand barrels of oil in a day. He says, I am proud that I have added value
too experienced a similar struggle but was optimistic about it. The most chal      to these projects by accelerating progress and applying all project management
lenging part, he says was handling the research papers that I needed to sub        skills in day to day activities .
mit and managing my own tasks at my company. It was difficult, but with
effective time management and the willingness to move ahead, all obstacles         As Mohammed pens down his future goals he tells us that he plans to pursue
vanished in time                                                                   a PhD in Management so that one day he may be able to enter the field of ac
                                                                                   ademics. For that we wish him the very best, and should anyone want to read
By the end of the degree, Mohammed was ready to reap the fruits of his hard        about his case study mentioned above, you may contact him on Moham
work and was promoted to the Project Engineering Department where he was 
given greater responsibilities in a decision making role. Talking about how the
Degree assisted him in the work place, he says The MEM program enhanced
my communication network with senior management and helped me in my
day to day job requirements. In our business, we deal with key players in the
Oil and Gas industry and having acquired thorough knowledge in Organiza
tional Behavior and Project Management, it assisted me in handling projects
with a cost conscious approach and helped me fit in with the culture at the or
ganization . At his current capacity as a Project Engineer in one of the leading
companies that provides services to the Oil & Gas Industry, Mohammad s
tasks include; expedite ordering, testing and shipping of equipments from the
place of manufacturing to the field of constructions and coordinating the flow
of information between different groups within the project. In addition to
these tasks, he says, I have to drive the material management system and re
port shortage and excess even before it occurs. Also, I have to define the scope
of work for each subcontractor and monitor construction progress and issue
work fronts to different subcontractors

17           UOWD Alumni Newsletter                      University of Wollongong in Dubai                             
                                                                                                              Last Word
Orators in the Spotlight
Capturing your audience effectively

                                                                                                               “Tweeting to a boss
                                                                                                            about the day’s activities
                                                                                                            using just 140 characters
                                                     upward, downward or horizontal communication
                                                     is essential. The key skill required for a sales per
                                                     son is no doubt communication.
                                                                                                             will be one of the new
                                                     Tips on being a confident orator:                       challenges faced in to-
                                                                                                               morrow’s workplace.
                                                      Aspiring speakers should build their presenta
                                                     tion on the steak, sizzle and style tripod. The
                                                     steak is the heavy chunk of meaty content; it is
                                                                                                                Selecting the right
                                                                                                             medium for your mes-
                                                     necessary to pass on information to audiences.
                                                     What is a good steak without the sizzle? Con

                                                                                                                    sage is also
                                                     nect to the audience with stories, humour and
                                                     real life examples which they can relate to. And
                                                     top it off with a lot of style the non verbal bits
                                                                                                             necessar y for effective
                                                     including paralanguage. Each has its place, and
                                                     each is needed in the right quantity. The good
                                                     news is, all three can be developed through train
                                                     ing or determined, conscious effort. I have had
                                                     positive experiences with a couple of students
What’s different today                               who had mild stammering. One of them ended
I have been learning and teaching communica          up acting in amateur plays and winning awards
tion for close to two decades now. One of the no     for the same. The King s Speech was definitely
ticeable differences today is that there is a        not just exaggerated fiction.
considerable decrease in stage fright among as
piring speakers. Fear of public speaking for years   New Media is the future:
topped the list of phobia s scoring over fear of     The communication scene is rapidly changing
death and snakes. However, changes in school         with the new media available. Social media is
curricula incorporating training in communica        being used more and more by organisations and
tion skills even at the lower primary levels have    even governments. The tech savvy Gen Y cohort
had the desired effect of reducing fear of public    is adept at using social media for personal use.
speaking. Unfortunately, this has generated a new    They need to be encouraged to extend its use to
conundrum. Stage fright after all seemed to have     more professional spheres. This could give them
a positive outcome encouraging speakers to pre       a competitive edge when applying for a job. Ex
pare and practice!!! Students and young profes       ecutives of many MNCs are increasingly using
sionals are increasingly presenting themselves to    weblogs, videoblogs etc to network with cus
audiences unprepared or underprepared as they        tomers. Also wikis are replacing emails in intra
do not fear facing an audience.                      organisation/group communication. New social
                                                     media also requires especial organising and sum
Why is it essential for every individual to          marising skills. Tweeting to a boss about the day s     Dr. Swapna Koshy is the As-
have some level of public speaking skill?            activities using just 140 characters will be one of     sistant Professor and Faculty Co-ordi-
Communication skills have for a long time            the new challenges faced in tomorrow s work             nator for the UOWD Public Speaking
topped the list of skill sets desired by prospec     place. Selecting the right medium for your mes
                                                                                                             Club. She is the lady behind many as-
tive employers. Almost every job description in      sage is also necessary for effective
                                                                                                             piring freshmen at the university and-
cludes good communication skills           oral or   communication. The range of media available is
                                                                                                             through her leadership and guidance,
written. No man is an island and there is almost     wide and varied oral, written, visual and elec
                                                                                                             students have been actively involved in
no job that can be accomplished without human        tronic. Electronic media in particular is growing
or virtual interaction. To present your innovative   in breadth and popularity. The skill to use new         public speaking with many an oppor-
ideas to colleagues or superiors you need com        media is soon going to be a requirement in many         tunity to represent the university at
munication. To get work done in an organisation      workplaces.                                             high profile events.

18          UOWD Alumni Newsletter                   University of Wollongong in Dubai                      

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