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                                College of the Canyons
                                   Hosts University Center Grand
                                        Opening Ceremony

roles mark
COC’s past

and future                            elebrating the realization of a dream, Col-    been 10 years in the making,” COC Chancellor Dr.
                                      lege of the Canyons hosted a grand opening     Dianne G. Van Hook said. “We have long sought to

           ith the start              ceremony for the recently completed Dr.        meet the higher education needs of our community
           of the 2009-       Dianne G. Van Hook University Center.                  beyond the community college level and we are
           10 academic            Ribbon-cutting festivities took place October 17   now able to do that in a cutting-edge learning facil-
year, College of the          inside the Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook University Cen-      ity.”
Canyons also launched         ter overlooking the college’s 154-acre Valencia             Cited as the college’s solution to the lack of
the celebration of its        campus.                                                upper division, graduate school and continuing
40th anniversary this             “This is the culmination of a dream that has       education programs in the area, the University
year. While 40 often is                                                                            See UNIVERSITY CENTER on Page 10
associated with the
beginning of middle
age, the energy, enthu-
siasm and innovation          New Season at the Santa Clarita
that pervade our cam-
puses make me think
we’re still in our 20s!
    Much has changed
                              Performing Arts Center
at College of the                       ith headlining acts including Three Dog      decades following 1969, when the college
Canyons over the last                   Night, Kris Kristofferson and Opening        opened,” said Adam Philipson, PAC managing
                                        Night performers Pat Benatar and Neil        director.
40 years. The develop-
                              Geraldo — whose season opener show on Sept. 11             As part of the Chancellor’s Choice series of
ment of our surround-         sold out in two hours — the 2009-10 season at the      headliners, music songwriting great Kris Kristoffer-
ing community drove           Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of     son will usher in the new year on Jan. 16. A main-
many of those changes.        the Canyons is sure to be the most legendary yet.      stay of the American music songwriting scene,
As the Santa Clarita               “To mark the college’s 40th anniversary and       Kristofferson penned songs for some of the biggest
Valley grew, we saw           the PAC’s fifth anniversary, this year’s season will   names in music including Janis Joplin, Johnny
enrollment climb and          be filled with the music that defined the five         Cash, Willie Nelson and Cher.
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    W E B E L I E V E I N T E A C H I N G , L E A D I N G A N D S TAY I N G AT T H E F O R E F R O N T O F C H A N G E
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                                                  counseling to an aspiring entrepreneur                 mitment to partnerships is the University
Van Hook                                          through our Small Business Development                 Center. Access to higher education beyond
FROM PAGE 1                                       Center, the goal is the same – offer practi-           the community college level is limited in
we expanded our facilities and academic           cal assistance designed to bolster the local           Santa Clarita due to the long commutes
offerings to meet the increased demand.           economy.                                               needed to reach a California State Univer-
    But within the last decade, a broad               As you will read inside this edition of            sity or University of California campus.
shift in the perception of the roles and          the Bottom Line, College of the Canyons                The University Center removes that barri-
capabilities of community colleges has            is home to one of 13 Centers for Applied               er.
influenced our continued evolution.               Competitive Technologies in California.                    By collaborating with four-year col-
    For many years, our primary roles             The CACT offers local companies tech-                  leges and universities, we bring selected
were twofold. One was to offer lower divi-        nology education, manufacturing training,              bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees
sion classes and help students transfer to        consulting services, access to advanced                and credential to our campus where they
four-year colleges and universities. The          technology, low- or no-cost services due               are accessible to the residents of our com-
second was to offer what was called voca-         to leveraged public sector funding, and                munity.
tional education, or equipping students           more.                                                      More than 1,000 students have already
with the skills needed to obtain a trade.             In total, College of the Canyons                   taken advantage of the 20-plus programs
    We still do those things, and with qual-      secured $1.6 million in revenue during                 offered in the Interim University Center
ity that has garnered the respect of our          2008-09 that was used to provide a wide                and earned degrees beyond the associate
community.                                        variety of services to more than 500                   level.
    But now, we also do so much more.             employers and 3,213 employees in the                       With the University Center complete,
Economic development is a prime exam-             area. This is just one example of what we              we are expanding access and recruiting
ple of the expanded role that community           bring to the community.                                new partners to make available an even
colleges play not just in the local commu-            At the same time, community colleges               wider array of offerings. This is an impor-
nity, but also throughout the nation.             are also expected to build bridges and                 tant step forward in the continuing eco-
    That role was highlighted this year by        establish partnerships that benefit the                nomic development of our community, as
President Obama when he announced a               community as a whole. Fortunately, the                 local companies will have access to a bet-
$12 billion influx of federal funds into          organizations and agencies that exist in               ter educated workforce.
community colleges over the next 10               Santa Clarita are open to collaboration and                What will the next four decades hold
years.                                            welcome new opportunities to work                      for College of the Canyons? Without a
    The initiative is designed to bolster the     together and accomplish far more than we               crystal ball, it’s anybody’s guess. But
nation’s faltering economy by equipping           could by working alone.                                based on the past 40 years, it’s safe to say
workers with the skills needed to obtain              Our Performing Arts Center, which                  our roles, and what the community
jobs requiring technical training.                kicked off its new season last month with              expects of us, will continue to grow. And I
    Fulfilling the mission of economic            a sold-out show by Pat Benetar, is the                 can say with certainty that we will grow
development takes many forms at College           result of a partnership effort with the City           into those expectorations and fulfill them.
of the Canyons. Whether we’re launching           of Santa Clarita. Their investment in the              We have done that consistently throughout
a new program that will prepare students          construction of the 900-seat facility                  our college’s history, and done so with
for careers in a wide range of scientific         enabled us to double its size and create a             quality, commitment, follow-through,
and commercial industries which have              regional entertainment venue that features             energy, enthusiasm, and an optimism
embraced the use of advanced technology           college performances and community arts                about what we can do together to meet our
and nanotechnology, or offering advanced          groups while also attracting world-class               community’s needs.
manufacturing training to employees at a          entertainers.                                              Dr. Dianne Van Hook is Chancellor of
local aerospace company, or providing                 The boldest demonstration of our com-              College of the Canyons.

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New Director Named at
College of the Canyons CACT
          ith a strong background in manufacturing technology, new Center for
          Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) Director Keith Rypka hit the                  The CACT has launched innovative
          ground running when he arrived at College of the Canyons.                         programs designed to address key and
    Providing workforce-training programs, demonstrations of new manufacturing              emerging industry training needs and
equipment and technologies and access to federal, state and local resources, the CACT       recruit workers to the manufacturing field.
at College of the Canyons assists industry partners in achieving greater operational
efficiencies, enhanced productivity and increased organizational performance.                    INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE
    Since coming aboard, Rypka has worked closely with Bruce Getzan, Dean of Eco-                  TRAINING BOOT CAMP
                                                          See NEW DIRECTOR on Page 9            Consisting of 90 hours of training,
                                                                                            the boot camp program prepares at-risk
                                                                                            youth ages 18-24 for high-paying
College Honored For Its Innovative                                                          upwardly laddered careers in manufac-
                                                                                            turing. The program teaches a basic
and Proven Teaching Strategies                                                              understanding of operations that keep
                                                                                            automated or industrial plants running,

        ollege of the Canyons has been recognized by the Hewlett Leaders in Student         as well as trouble-shooting skills.
        Success program as one of three California community colleges honored in
        2009 for the use of innovative and proven teaching strategies in the college’s         PROCESS VALIDATION TRAINING
‘basic skills’ foundational math and English programs.                                          A grant from the state’s Economic
    A division of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Hewlett Leaders in          Workforce Development (EWD) respon-
Student Success program annually recognizes colleges that demonstrate promising             sive training fund has launched a sepa-
and innovative approaches to student success in basic skills education.                     rate program to provide process valida-
    As a Hewlett Leaders honoree, the college will receive a $15,000 instruction grant      tion training to employees at Advanced
in order to conduct “train the trainer” information sessions at surrounding communi-        Bionics, currently located in Sylmar, Calif.
ty colleges, allowing College of the Canyons faculty and administrators the opportu-            The program, which precedes the
nity to share with other schools, the techniques and strategies used to help basic skills   company’s move to Santa Clarita over
math and English students succeed.                                                          the coming year, trains 40 employees to
    “Students who place into basic skills courses are often deterred from enrolling         recalibrate, revalidate and re-qualify
because, to them, it seems as if they’ll never be able to reach the transfer-level cours-   every piece of machinery after it is
es,” Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook said. “At College of the Canyons, we provide            moved to a new location and put into
opportunities that will not only enhance student success, but promote a spirit of per-      place.
    In selecting the grant recipients, Hewlett Leaders program officials reviewed data             JUNIOR HIGH SUMMER
from more than 100 community colleges that tracked the success of three recent                       INSTITUTE CLASS
cohorts of students in basic skills math and English courses.                                   The CACT offered an exploratory
    “It’s a tremendous honor for us to receive this recognition,” said Audrey Green,        one-week Tech Explorer, 3-D Design and
associate vice president of academic affairs at the college. “We plan to begin making       Fabrication track at COC’s annual Junior
presentations and disseminating our effective teaching program practices at statewide       High Summer Institute (JSI).
conferences this fall.”                                                                         Covering the basics of CAD design,
    Among the initiatives focused on improving foundational student success at Col-         using GoogleSketchUp, as well as a
lege of the Canyons are the ‘15 College Success Tips’ program and the Personalized          review of the fundamentals of machin-
Accelerated Learning program (PAL).                                                         ing and fabrication, the course served as
    The ‘15 College Success Tips’ program is designed to promote one ‘success tip’          a fun and effective outreach tool.
each week in participating courses while working to increase awareness levels among             Using the Tech Explorer program
both students and faculty about specific student success skills.                            model, students gained hands-on expe-
    The college’s PAL program offers students a series of back-to-back, short-term          rience in the shop, before evaluating
classes in math and English designed to accelerate a student’s progression from a           their designs — in this case miniature
basic skills coursework level to a degree-applicable course of study.                       catapults — through a series of field
    College of the Canyons was officially recognized by the Hewlett Leaders in Stu-         tests and competitions in the college’s
dent Success at the 2009 Strengthening Student Success Conference in San Francisco          Honor Grove.
on October 8.
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Culinary Program
Gets New Home
        ollege of the Canyons officially the opening of the COC I-CuE, hopefully
        opened its new Institute for Culi- we have created an opportunity for the
        nary Education (COC I-CuE) at the next Wolfgang Puck to work in the kitchen
Westfield Valencia Town Center — pro- every day, hone their skills and become the
viding an ideal location and professional next great chef.”
quality kitchen and dining facility for the         The arrival of COC I-CuE will also put
college to train its culinary arts students. the college in a better position to offer a                     Mark Henschke
As one of the college’s fastest growing wider range of classes for the program’s
instructional programs, the culinary arts more than 300 culinary arts, 100 wine stud-
department, which                                                        ies students and       Award-Winning
was launched in its                                                      interested com-
current incarnation                                                      munity members           Physician
in 2006, quickly out-                                                    alike. This fall,
grew its temporary                                                       the culinary arts
                                                                                                 Ignited His Career at
home in the college’s                                                    program         also   College of the Canyons

Student Center cafe-                                                     debuted a new
teria and kitchen                                                        class format that                 ark Henschke may be practic-
area. The opening of                                                     offers short-term                 ing medicine more than 3,000
COC I-CuE — locat-                                                       sequential cours-                 miles from College of the
ed at 23400 Town                                                         es, allowing stu-      Canyons, but the New Hampshire-
Center Drive in the                                                      dents to complete      based physician’s career would be
Valencia Town Cen-                                                       more        classes    drastically different had it not been for
ter will allow the                                                       each semester. To      the college.
program to accom-                                                        begin the fall             Henschke, who recently received a
modate more stu-                                                         2009 semester,         “Patients’ Choice” Award from MDx
dents by offering                                                        12 culinary arts       Medical, Inc. and was also selected as
classes throughout                                                       class      sections    one of “America’s Top Physicians” for
the day and during                                                       were scheduled         the third time by The Consumer’s
weekends. In addi-                                                       at the COC I-          Research Council of America, is a
tion, more than one                                                      CuE. And for           COC alumnus who graduated in 1975
class can be offered                                                     community              with an associate of science degree in
at the same time                                                         members who            math and science.
thanks      to    the                                                    may be interested          While Henschke is a graduate of
increased size and                                                       in broadening          California State University, North-
layout of the new                                                        their       kitchen    ridge, University of Southern Califor-
facility,      which                                                     skills at the COC      nia, University of New England and
includes classroom                                                       I-CuE, a selec-        Carnegie Mellon University, he con-
space, a lab facility                                                    tion of specialty
                                                                                                siders the education he received at Col-
and allowing for Cindy Schwanke (left) and Audrey Green (right)          courses will be
                        join COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook in                              lege of the Canyons far superior.
greater flexibility cutting the ribbon to open the new COC I-CuE         offered during
on how such cours- facility on Valencia’s Town Center Drive.             the spring 2010            “I still say to this day that College
es can be offered.                                                       semester. Poten-       of the Canyons was, by far, the best
“Someone once asked Wolfgang Puck, tial course topics include healthy cooking                   educational experience I could have
‘What is the best part of your work?’” for two, Southwest cooking, quick breads                 ever had at a fraction of the cost of the
recalled College of the Canyons Chancel- and rolls and barbecue grilling. “Such                 other universities that I attended sub-
lor Dr. Dianne Van Hook, during ribbon courses will provide a chance for the com-               sequently,” said Henschke. “It was an
cutting ceremonies at the COC I-CuE in munity to get involved with College of the               absurdly low fee for the quality of
August. “He answered, ‘The opportunity Canyons and explore all that COC I-CuE                   education for which I doubt I will ever
to work in the kitchen every single day.’ has to offer,” said Cindy Schwanke, culi-             experience again in my lifetime. It
Cutting this ribbon symbolizes the open- nary arts instructor at the college. “That’s           provided me an opportunity to
ing of a physical door that provides new part of what makes COC I-CuE such a spe-               mature, grow and cultivate a wide
opportunities,” added Van Hook. “With cial place.”                                              range of interests.”
                                                                                                            See PHYSICIAN on Page 11
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 College's Lab Technician Program
   Embraces New Technologies
       tudents interested in pursuing careers in the sciences while         To help launch the new program, College of the Canyons
       learning more about the emerging field of nanotechnology         received a two-year California Industry Driven Regional Collab-
       can now do so through the college’s recently introduced Gen-     orative (IDRC) grant totaling nearly $571,000, as well as a $1.38
eral and Emerging Technologies (GET) Lab Technician program.            million grant from the Department of Commerce/Economic
    The College of the Canyons GET Lab Technician program is            Development Agency (DOC/EDA) Public Works and Economic
designed to provide a basic understanding of the essential labora-      Development Facilities Program.
tory technician skills needed to prepare students with the skills for       Together, those funds have allowed the college to lay the
immediate employment in the biotech, electronics, pharmaceuti-          foundation for the program by developing and implementing
cal and chemical industries.                                            curriculum, designing appropriate on-campus instructional and
    Comprised of entry-level chemistry, biology and engineering         laboratory facilities, constructing a clean room area and pur-
technician courses, lab technician software training and laborato-      chasing furniture and state-of-the-art lab tools and equipment
ry/clean room safety instruction, the college’s GET Lab program         for student use.
is designed to develop student understanding of basic science,              Included among the tools and equipment purchased for the
laboratory and technical workplace skills.                              program are a scanning electron microscope, atomic force
    Students will also have the option to complete the explorato-       microscope, inverted fluorescent microscope, an ellipsometer
ry ‘Introduction to Nanotechnology’ elective course — signaling         and profilometer.
the first time a nanotechnology course has been offered at College          “All of this equipment has been purchased with an eye toward
of the Canyons.                                                         providing our students with hands-on training,” Instructor Kathy
    “This program is a perfect example of how our community             Flynn said.
college works to bolster the local economy,” said College of the            Another important goal of the program is to work closely with
Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook. “We’re providing                the college’s Economic Development Division and Employee
individuals the skills they need to land well-paying jobs in high-      Training Institute in order to identify and form community part-
ly-skilled technical fields and we’re helping to put people back to     nerships and provide specialized skills training to local business-
work in the midst of an ever-changing and challenging economic          es and their employees.
environment.”                                                               “As local companies start to realize that we have this equip-
    The skills learned through completion of the GET Lab pro-           ment we want to begin offering training in order to get them
gram will prepare students for careers in a wide range of both sci-     involved with using this technology as well,” Flynn said.
entific and commercial industries which have embraced the use of            For more information about the college’s General and Emerg-
advanced technology and nanotechnology — including computer             ing Technologies (GET) Laboratory Technician program please
science, cosmetics, dentistry, medicine and medical device manu-        contact Dr. Ram Manvi, Dean, mathematics, sciences and engi-
facturing, water purification, environmental protection and other       neering technologies (MSET), at (661) 362-3135 or visit
energy-efficient technologies.                                

New Center for Early Childhood
Education Brings Preschoolers to College
    n August, College of the Canyons wel-       mentally appropriate and culturally sensi-       Dean of ECE and Training Programs at the
    comed the youngest group of students        tive learning environment.                       college.
    ever to attend the Canyon Country               “This Center will enhance the ECE                Located in Quad 2 of the college’s
Campus as the college opened the new            department’s ability and commitment to           Canyon Country Campus, the 2,150-
Canyon Country Center for Early Child-          training quality early childhood educators       square-foot facility includes two fully-fur-
hood Education (ECE).                           for our community, while providing ECE           nished classrooms, age-appropriate
    The Center for ECE is committed to          students at College of the Canyons with          restrooms, a kitchen and observation areas
providing a high-quality educational expe-      the opportunity for an on-campus                 to be utilized by parents and students
rience for preschool children ages 3 to 4,      practicum experience in a state-licensed         majoring in ECE at College of the
while modeling an exemplary, develop-           pre-school setting,” said Diane Stewart,         Canyons.
                                                                                                                See NEW CENTER on Page 7
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Gary and Myrna Condie Selected
 as 2010 Silver Spur Recipients
      Myrna Condie Named                                                                            Gary Condie Receives
 California Mother of the Year                                                                     Statewide Service Award
    A mother, grandmother and foster                                                                A father, grandfather, influential
parent, Myrna Condie has a big heart,                                                          leader, and award-winning CPA, at his
albeit one that has troubled her since birth.                                                  core, Gary Condie is a committed com-
    Recently named the California Moth-                                                        munity volunteer. Recently named the
er of the Year by American Mothers, Inc.,                                                      California Society of CPAs 2009 Public
Condie has had two open-heart surgeries                                                        Service Award honoree, Condie has
and is on her seventh pacemaker.                                                               always been dedicated to giving back.
    “I wouldn’t be here without batteries,”                                                         CalCPA presents its Public Service
said Condie. “They call me ‘bionic                                                             Award to a member with a record of pub-
mom.’”                                                                                         lic service through participation in chari-
    Condie was born with a heart arrhyth-                                                      table, governmental or volunteer work.
mia so serious that her doctor said she                                                             “It was an honor to receive this award
wouldn’t live to reach adulthood.                                                              from peers,” Condie said. “It was also
    “I often wondered if I would ever be a                                                     special to receive this award on the 100-
mother when I was younger,” said                                                               year anniversary of the organization.”
Condie.                                                                                             The seeds of Condie’s commitment to
    Condie beat the odds and reached her                  Gary and Myrna Condie                volunteerism were planted early in his
twenties, married and had a child, just as               2010 Silver Spur Recipients
                                                                                               marriage during a summer spent working

she had hoped. But Condie—who was                                                              in Jackson Hole, Wyo.
raised in Utah with nine siblings and five             he College of the Canyons Founda-            Visiting with his new in-laws,
cousins—yearned to have a full house                   tion has selected Gary and Myrna        Condie witnessed his father-in-law—who
again.                                                 Condie as the recipients of the cov-    owned and managed several business at
    But the risks of having another child       eted “Silver Spur” Community Service           the time —come home from work,
were too many. “The doctors said ‘no’ to        Award for 2010. The award ceremony will        change clothes and head out to a commu-
any more children,” said Condie. “They          be held at the Autry National Center on        nity event.
said it could mean my life.”                    Saturday, March 6, 2010.                            “As if sensing a teaching moment, my
    That’s when Condie decided to become            Known for their passion, enthusiasm,       father-in-law looked back at me and said,
a foster parent. With the help of her hus-      dedication and generosity to many local        ‘That’s what you do when you live in a
band, Gary, she has cared for more than 15      non-profit organizations and causes, the       community. You get involved and give
foster children along with her daughter,        couple’s distinguished record of communi-      back,’” recalled Condie during a recent
Heather.                                        ty service spans over their 42 years of mar-   interview. And then, as if for emphasis,
    Because of her involvement in foster        riage.                                         Condie’s father-in-law said, “These things
care, Condie was nominated as the 2009              The founder and president/CEO of           don’t take care of themselves.”
California Mother of the Year and attend-       Condie & Wood, CPAs, Gary is an active              “Those words had a lot of meaning to
ed the National Mother of the Year con-         supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of        me,” Condie said.
vention held in Portland, Ore. in April.        Santa Clarita, the Boy Scouts of America,           A founding member of the Santa
    As far as parenting advice, Condie          the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hos-           Clarita Valley Facilities Foundation,
stresses the importance of love and under-                                                     Condie has also served as a member of the
                                                pital Foundation, the College of the
standing. “Children have feelings,” she                                                        William S. Hart Union High School Dis-
                                                Canyons Foundation, and the SCV Facili-
said. “Their opinions are important.”                                                          trict Advisory Committee, was the found-
                                                ties Foundation.
Condie loves being a grandmother to three                                                      ing Chairman of the Board of the Henry
grandsons. “It’s so much easier and more            “It’s an honor to be chosen by the col-    Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Foun-
fun,” said Condie. “I don’t have to worry       lege as Silver Spur honorees,” said Gary       dation, and has a long-standing commit-
about the day-to-day things.”                   Condie. “When you look over the list of        ment to the Boys & Girls Club.
    American Mothers Inc. is an inter-          prior honorees, you see how important               “The thing that has kept me there for
faith, non-political, non-profit organiza-      these people have been to the college and      so long has been getting involved with
tion for women and men who identify with        to the community.”                             the kids,” said Condie. “Volunteers who
the purpose of strengthening the moral              “It’s humbling to be asked by the col-     limit their service to board duties usually
and spiritual foundations of the family         lege to be a part of the 2010 Silver Spur      don’t stay as long as those who get
and the home.                                   celebration,” said Myrna Condie, who is        involved with an organization from the
                                                               See SILVER SPUR on Page 11      ground up.”
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COC Sociology Professor Receives Fellowship
    t was more than 65 years ago when Anne Frank penned her              Houston first became interested in the Holocaust while doing
    diary while hiding from the Nazis in an Amsterdam building. doctoral field research in 2000 after she examined how the experi-
    But Jaye Houston, an adjunct sociology professor at                          ences of female survivors affected the Jewish identity
College of the Canyons, insists the “world still has much                        of their granddaughters in the 21st century.
to learn about the atrocity” that was the Holocaust.                                 “Jewish women always asked me, ‘Why would you
    “I think we must reflect on the implications of Holo-                        want to know what happened to the Jews? Why do you
caust denial,” said Houston, who received a fellowship                           want to study us? You are not Jewish,’” recalls Hous-
from the Center of Advanced Holocaust Studies at the                             ton, whose interest in understanding the complexities
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washing-                              of human hatred toward other individuals and the
ton, D.C.                                                                        destructive effects of prejudice has remained intense.
    “It is important to explore the role religion played                             Attending the seminar has “expanded the depth and
during the Holocaust because, while it was not caused by                         breadth” of what Houston teaches in the classroom.
religion, religion played a central role,” said Houston.                             “I find that students at College of the Canyons who
    Houston, who also teaches about the Holocaust and                             enroll in my classes are interested in learning about
                                                               Jaye Houston
genocide at Mount St. Mary’s College, recently partici-                           the complexity of human interactions and atrocity on
pated in the museum’s seminar “Holocaust and Other                                a global scale,” she said.
Genocides: Historical Contexts, Legal Issues and Ethical Dilem-          There are many current challenges that need to be addressed,
mas.”                                                                Houston said, such as ending the genocide in Darfur and identify-
    “Attending the seminar also heightened my interests in under- ing the multitude of genocidal causes before another begins.
standing the ways humans lose sight of the pricelessness of life,”       “Teaching these issues to our current generation of students is
said Houston.                                                        extremely valuable,” she said.

    “With the opening of the                                                                              college calendar for holidays
Early Childhood Education                                                                                 and campus closures. The 2009
Center, the campus is taking a                                                                            pilot class has 16 children (aged
momentous step toward realiz-                                                                             3-4) and adheres to a certified
ing its full potential,” said COC                                                                         teacher-to-child ratio of 1:8.
Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van                                                                                     The Center is licensed by
Hook.                                                                                                     the California Department of
    “This Center is an important                                                                          Social Services, Community
resource for our community,”                                                                              Care Division. All staff mem-
said Dr. Dena Maloney, found-                                                                             bers — including a site super-
ing dean of the Canyon Country                                                                            visor, master teacher, associate
Campus.       My children were                                                                            teacher and teacher’s aide —
students in the Early Childhood                                                                           hold child development per-
Education program at the                                                                                  mits from the state commis-
Valencia campus, so I’m                                                                                   sion on teacher credentialing.
extremely proud to be a part of                                                                               In addition to certified
creating this lab in Canyon                                                                               staff, COC students studying
Country.”                                                                                                 ECE will frequently be
                                    Parents and students celebrate the opening of the Early Childhood
    Featuring a learning environ- Education Center at the Canyon Country Campus.                          assigned lab hours to be con-
ment and preschool program                                                                                ducted inside the Center under
structured around the state’s recommended         The primary focus of the program is to the direct supervision of a master teacher,
preschool learning foundations, the Center promote feelings of competence and self- allowing students to gain valuable hands-
provides children with a variety of creative worth that will serve as a strong foundation on experience.
materials needed to stimulate learning and for students’ future growth and education-             Classes at the Canyon Country Center
social interaction, and curriculum designed al development.                                  for ECE officially began August 19, and
to develop and support language arts,             The center offers half-day, morning a special ribbon cutting ceremony and
math/science, dramatic play, music, move- preschool sessions Monday through Friday opening celebration was held at the Center
ment, social/emotional and creativity skills. from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and will follow the September 17.
8   THE BOTTOM LINE                  l   FA L L 2 0 0 9

                         Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook
                      Named Betty Ferguson Foundation

Woman of Honor
                                                   The Signal

                                                                  The Signal

    More than 250 people gathered at TPC Valencia to celebrate with COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook
    as she received the 2009 Woman of Honor Award from the Betty Ferguson Foundation. (Top row, from
    left) Dianne Van Hook, Rita and Lou Garasi. Beverly O’Neill. Moe and Linda Hafizi. Shannon and Jason
    Munoz. (Middle row, from left) Roger Van Hook. Donna Picard and Dianne Van Hook. Bill Kennedy,
    Jacquie and Harold Petersen. (Bottom row, from left) Karen and Floyd Moos. Jane Bettencourt-Soto,
    Dianne Van Hook and Marjanne Priest. Yasser Issa, Christina Chung, Miriam Golbert and Amy Foote.
                                                                THE BOTTOM LINE                         l   FA L L 2 0 0 9           9

CWEE Program Helps 1,000 Students
       he College of the Canyons Cooper-      programming language and how to execute          time employment with their internship
       ative Work Experience Education        a large-scale Web project,” said Diaz.           employers.
       (CWEE) program has reached a               Working on this part of the college’s            “The CWEE program at College of the
significant milestone: the program has        website “also helped me network with             Canyons deserves our congratulations for
helped more than 1,000 students acquire       people on campus and employers, which            achieving the milestone of assisting 1,000
internships.                                  is a key skill for a business owner,” said       students,” said Congressman Howard P.
    Since the creation and launch of its      Diaz, who is now the owner of Artifice           “Buck” McKeon. “My office and con-
website in 2002, the college’s CWEE pro-      Studios, a Santa Clarita-based web design        stituents have personally benefited from
gram has allowed students to receive acad-    studio.                                          CWEE placements, as several students
emic credit and real-life work experience          “Internships are where theory meets         from COC have worked as interns in my
through internships.                          reality and where the community becomes          office.”
    One of those students is Antonio Diaz,    the classroom,” said Stan Wright, director           The program got its start in response to
who interned for the department while he      of the college’s CWEE program. “Intern-          inquiries from local businesses that were
studied graphic design at the college.        ships are rapidly becoming prerequisites         working with the College of the Canyons
    As an intern, Diaz helped revamp the      for quality jobs.”                               Foundation and wanted to know how they
CWEE program’s website, making it more            Many organizations will hire success-        could recruit the college’s students for
user-friendly for students to search for      ful interns over candidates they don’t           internships.
internship opportunities. He also designed    know at all, added Wright. “In many cases,           While most are unpaid, internships
flyers and helped update the program’s        an internship is an extended interview.”         provide students with many valuable
course handbook.                                  According to the National Association        resources such as work experience, net-
    “Aside from working with amazing          of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Expe-           working, mentoring and references, which
people that understand the transition from    riential Education Survey, 58 percent            in turn make them competitive job appli-
college to employment, I also learned a new   of internship students were offered full-        cants.
                                                                                                                     See CWEE on Page 11

nomic Development at the college, to pro-                                                          In addition, Rypka previously worked
vide leadership, direction and managerial                                                      at the City College of San Francisco
oversight of the CACT and its operations,                                                      CACT as a program coordinator, where he
while coordinating and monitoring educa-                                                       played a key role in implementing the cen-
tion and training programs and technical                                                       ter’s 3-D printing services and Solid Works
assistance and technology transfer                                                             computer-aided design (CAD) software
services offered by the CACT to other col-                                                     training program.
leges and employers in the south coast                                                             Rypka has a strong knowledge of, and
region (Northern Los Angeles County and                                                        background in, a variety of aspects of the
Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis                                                            manufacturing technology industry —
Obispo counties).                                                                              including high volume stamping, computer
    Rypka took over the position vacated                                                       numerical controlled (CNC) machining, 3-
by former CACT Director Pete Bellas in                                                         D CAD design, programmable logic con-
2008. Prior to assuming the director posi-                                                     troller (PLC) control systems, laser weld-
tion, Rypka served as the CACT’s interim                                                       ing, vacuum forming, injection molding
director.                                               CACT Director Keith Rypka
                                                                                               and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
    “Working at College of the Canyons                                                             “Having served both with the CACT at
has been a fantastic experience since the     University of California at Santa Barbara        San Francisco City College and as the inter-
first day. There is more energy and enthu-    and is in the process of obtaining a master      im director at the College of the Canyons
siasm in this college than any place I had    of arts in industrial design from San Fran-      CACT, Keith combines his industry experi-
worked prior to coming here,” Rypka said.     cisco State University.                          ence in California with strong practical man-
“The CACT program at COC has a great              His career began as a mechanical engi-       agement skills ideal for working in an acad-
reputation within the statewide CACT sys-     neer in the hard disk supplier chain industry.   emic setting,” Getzan said. “His enthusiasm
tem and I’ve been eager to continue to        He went on to spend three years as a prod-       for working on new projects with industry
build upon that tradition from the day I      uct engineer in the medical device field at      partners, students, faculty and a variety of
arrived.”                                     St. Jude Medical working on manufacturing        regional and statewide partners will be a
    Rypka holds a bachelor of science         process development and improvement, as          great asset as we move forward in these dif-
degree in mechanical engineering from the     well as new product design.                      ficult economic times.”
   10     THE BOTTOM LINE                          l   FA L L 2 0 0 9


    The ballroom dance craze comes to           will bring to life the sounds
Santa Clarita as Champions of the Dance,        and movements of East Africa
featuring stars from ABC’s “Dancing with        when they perform at the PAC on
the Stars” and international ballroom and       Feb. 6.
Latin dance champions, take the PAC                 “We are also excited to add a new
stage on Nov. 14. Also part of the In           grant-funded Stimulus Series of free
Motion series will be a performance on          concerts for the community with members
April 30 from the Lula Washington Dance         of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Theatre, an African American dance com-         and the Santa Clarita Symphony,” said
pany founded in 1980 with a $25 loan and        Philipson.
a dream.                                            The season will close with a perfor-
    The McDonald’s of Santa Clarita             mance by the legendary rock band Three
(Schutz Organization) Almost Free Fam-          Dog Night on June 5. From 1969 to 1974,
ily series offers affordable family-friend-     no other group achieved more top 10 hits,
ly entertainment. Spend the afternoon on        including the No. 1 singles “Mama Told
May 1 with “Max and Ruby,” Rosemary             Me (Not to Come),” “Joy to the World”
Wells’ beloved bunny siblings who               and “Black and White.” The Grammy-
encounter some trouble putting on a play        nominated band has toured the globe for
for their grandmother.                          the past four decades, and their music
    With seven critically acclaimed             releases from the past decade alone have
albums and standing-room only concerts          sold more than 1 million copies.
around the world, the traditional Irish             Also part of the season are perfor-
group Danú will usher in the holiday sea-       mances from the college’s outstanding
son — and the Great Performance series          performing arts departments, including
— on Dec. 4 with a high-energy, moving          dance, chorale recitals and music from the
holiday experience of ancient and con-          Symphony of the Canyons. The college’s
temporary Irish music with members of           Theatre Department will stage productions
the college’s very own Chorale programs.        of “Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock
    The holiday season will continue with       Musical,” “Keely and Du” and Shake-                 For com-
country star Phil Vassar when the Go            speare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”           plete season
Country 105 FM acoustic holiday show            Community favorites such as the Santa           details, go to the
returns on Dec. 6.                              Clarita Regional Theatre, the Santa Clarita     Performing Arts
     Spirit of Uganda, a group of 22 chil-      Master Chorale and the Santa Clarita Bal-       Center Website at:
dren — ranging in age from 6 to 18 —            let will also return to the PAC.      

Center was created with a goal to increase          Though such academic opportunities           ing Institute, Employee Training Institute
student access to advanced degrees by forg-     have been available at the college’s Interim     and the Small Business Development Center
ing partnerships with surrounding four-year     University Center since 2002, the new facil-     will all move into the University Center.
colleges and universities which then make       ity will allow the college to both expand and        During the University Center opening
their academic programs available to stu-       create new partnerships with surrounding         celebration, visitors had the opportunity to
dents at College of the Canyons.                institutions.                                    tour the state-of-the-art facility while learn-
    With already established partnerships           In all, the University Center will house     ing more about the University Center’s part-
with University of La Verne, Chapman Uni-       up to 10 partner institutions and offer more     ner institutions and lineup of academic pro-
versity, UCLA Extension, National Univer-       than 50 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral        grams.
sity, California State University (CSU) Bak-    degrees and credential programs.                     “We’re pleased to welcome those with a
ersfield and CSU Northridge, college offi-          In addition, the college’s Foundation,       desire to succeed,” Dr. Van Hook said.
cials began holding classes in the new facil-   Human Resources office, Professional             “And we’re proud that we can help them
ity at the start of the fall semester.          Development program, Teaching and Learn-         achieve their goals.”
                                                                    THE BOTTOM LINE                          l   F A L L 2 0 0 9 11

    “Our City successfully utilized the free     lege’s Valencia campus, CWEE received            seamless transition from college careers,”
online internship development and place-         the Outstanding Program Award from the           said Wright. “Internships also help
ment program and subsequently offered            California Cooperative Education and             employers lower their hiring costs,
part-time paid internships to College of the     Internship Association in recognition of         decrease turnover and ensure employer
Canyons students,” said Ken Striplin,            “one of the best internship development          and employee fit.”
assistant city manager for the City of Santa     and placement programs in the state of               To learn more about CWEE, visit the
Clarita.                                         California.”                                     program’s Website at
    Located in the Student Center at the col-         “Internships help students make a           offices/CWEE.


also involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clarita, the         grateful for the many ways they have supported College of the
Boy Scouts of America and is a College of the Canyons Founda-            Canyons and created exciting opportunities for us to better serve
tion board member. “Next year will mark the 40th anniversary for         our students and meet the needs of this community.”
the college and the 20th anniversary for Silver Spur. It will be fun         The Silver Spur Celebration was originally the brainchild of
to return to the Gene Autry Museum where it all began.”                  LaVerne Rosa Harris, a member of the COC Foundation Board of
     Since 1999, the couple’s generous support for College of the        Directors who became the 1996 Silver Spur honoree. The very first
Canyons has revolved around several projects at the college, includ-     gala was held at the Gene Autry Museum in 1989, with Cliffie
ing the Performing Arts Center Endowment, the Early Childhood            Stone as the recipient. The Foundation Board of Directors at the
Education Center, the Foundation’s Silver Spur event and the Boys        time wanted to create a signature event for the COC Foundation and
and Girls Club At Risk Scholarship. For the past three years, Gary       also to reflect the western heritage of the Santa Clarita Valley.
and Myrna have served as co-chairs of the Silver Spur committee.             “Gary and Myrna Condie, our honorees for the 2010 Silver
     “It is a privilege to recognize the Condies as our Silver Spur      Spur, are models and examples of how community leaders can
honorees for 2010 and thank them for their many years of selfless        enhance the quality for all people in the Santa Clarita Valley,” said
service, support and friendship,” said COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne         Murray Wood, the Foundation’s chief development officer. “Their
Van Hook. “Their record of service is uniquely impressive, as they       efforts in the community have truly made a difference.”
invest so much of themselves in what they undertake for the bene-            For more information about the COC Foundation, visit
fit of the community through their principled leadership. We are so

    Henschke says his instructors at COC             Because of professors like Takeda and        ple to feel secure that I will do everything in
“were more approachable, attentive and           Boykin, Henschke now “teaches con-               my power to maintain their health because
interested” than the professors he had at        stantly” because “those who dare to teach        without health you have nothing.”
other colleges. “You are not passed off to a     may never cease to learn.” He is an                  The Consumer’s Research Council of
teacher’s assistant and the instructors show     adjunct clinical faculty member in the           America is an independent research com-
a genuine capacity to teach as a primary         physician assistant program at the Massa-        pany based in Washington, D.C. that eval-
activity rather than research first and teach-   chusetts College of Pharmacy and is a vis-       uates professional services throughout
ing second,” he said.                            iting clinical lecturer in the Osteopathic       America based on a point value system
    Out of all of Henschke’s professors at       medicine program at the University of            that awards points to physicians for educa-
COC, Don Takeda and the late James               New England.                                     tion, years in practice, affiliations with
Boykin had the most profound influence.              “It’s one of the best rewards in teaching    professional associations and medical
    “They were like prize fighters with a        -- knowing when a student exceeds the            board certifications.
one-two punch,” said Henschke. “When I           instructors’ knowledge and makes a positive          In order to be selected for the “Patient’s
look back, I actually called it the ‘educa-      contribution to society,” said Takeda, who       Choice” Award from MDx Medical, Inc.,
tional brainwash.’ Those two guys as a team      continues to teach biological and physical       physicians must have near perfect scores
could convince anyone that they could do         sciences at the college.                         from the exceptionally high praise of
whatever they wanted as long as they                 When it comes to his patients, Henschke      patients based on online feedback. Of the
worked hard. They were instrumental in           believes in respect.                             nation’s 720,000 active physicians, less than
getting me on course and understanding my            “I try to treat everyone like I would like   5 percent were given perfect scores by their
eventual potential.”                             to be treated myself,” he said. “I want peo-     patients in 2008.
Santa Clarita Community College District
      26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
         Santa Clarita, CA 91355

         BoarD of TruSTeeS

             Bruce D. Fortine

            Michele R. Jenkins

            Joan W. MacGregor

            Ernest L. Tichenor

            Scott Thomas Wilk

    Nicolas Cardenas, Student Trustee

    Moving Forward with Mentry Hall

     College of the Canyons celebrated the expansion of Mentry Hall with a groundbreaking ceremony on September 10. The 32,000-square-foot
     addition will provide 16 new classrooms for students studying Animation, Radio/Television/Film, Photography, Graphic Multimedia Design, Art
     and Interior Design.

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