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									                            Texas Chefs Association – Dallas Chapter
                               February 6, 2012 Meeting Minutes
The regular monthly meeting of the Dallas Chapter, TCA was held on Monday, February 6, 2012 at Milestone Culinary
Arts Center.

In Attendance: April Barney, Andre Bedouret, Dominico Bernardicurti, Michele Brown, Ida Lee Cathcart, Allison Cossio,
Marty Cummins, Michael Brett Curtis, Rachel Gangler, Alex Goss, Cecelia Henson, Jeff Johnson, Gus Katsigris, Julia
Lopez, Malexi McPhee, Patrick Mitchell, Steve Murphey, Connie Mullins, Aaron Prengler, Jack Rayome, Tom Welther,
Jay Wildermuth, David Ewing, Christina LaBarba, Quentin Layne, Shane Lovell, Justin Pitts, Gay Prewitt, Jack Rayome,
John Vanover, Janet Wildermuth, Scott Wilson, Zachary Fuchs, Robert Clifford, J Cox, Mia Easton, Christine Goldsmith,
Shirlie Kunimoto, Natalie Roffino, Gregory True, Neida Young, Jessica Trujillo, Cynthia Ross, Mark Molta, Dawn
Knowlton, Brittany Pugliese, Toni Watkins, Kevin Fleming, Paul Cheverefils, Duke McLaughlin

Call to Order:
        Motion: Michele Brown at 3:14 pm
        Second: Tom Welther

Important Announcement:
It was asked that only members are allowed to make motions and vote. Please refrain from doing so unless you are a
member in good standing. Non-members and guests are asked to not do so. Because of this, corrections are needed to be
made to previous month’s minutes.

Approval of Previous Months Minutes:

Correction to previous minutes:
A motion was made at January’s meeting to donate $500 to Club Managers Association CCM Scholarship in honor of
Sally Burns Rambo. This donation has been sent. A request was made by Stacy O’Neil to carry this motion once again.
Motion: Patrick Mitchell
Second: Idalee Cathcart

        Motion: Domenico Bernardicurti
        Second: Cecelia Henson
        Minutes Approved with Noted Corrections

Treasurer’s Report: Jack Rayome – included with meeting agenda

        Motion: Ida Lee Cathcart
        Second: Marty Cummins

Special Guests:
        1. Jay Wildermuth from Bertrand’s donated product today for everyone to sample and enjoy. Thank you, Jay
           and Bertrand’s!
        2. Tom McGrath, Director of Forth Worth TCA Chapter

Director’s Report: Stacy O’Neil is the interim Dallas Chapter Interim Director for Robert Gillentine.
Great TCA Board of Directors meeting in Tyler in January!
We are looking for options for education – training and classes – within our meetings. In April this will be provided by
Albert Uster.

Volunteers needed for Chef’s on Fire, TRA Food Show, TCA State Convention. See Stacy O’Neil for more information.

A mock Knowledge Bowl Competition is being planned for the TCA State Convention. If schools are interested in
putting together teams to compete, please see Stacy O’Neil.

Circle of Honor Dinner was a success! We had a wonderful turnout of members and guests and fabulous food was
enjoyed by all those there. Recognition of the Chef and Event Staff at Park City Club and to the volunteers was made
during the meeting, including certificates of appreciation to volunteers. Gay Prewitt and Chef Ernst Gruch were honored
at the dinner. Thank you Gay and Chef Ernst for your service and dedication to our community and TCA! Chef Michele
Brown was recognized for her help and service to the event. As always, Chef Michele goes above and beyond! A
scholarship in the amount of $500 was given out to the student volunteer based on outstanding performance. The winner
was voted on by the chef, kitchen staff and other volunteers at the event. Student Volunteer Ellen Burnes won the
scholarship. Great job Ellen!

Student/Junior Culinarian Report: Mia Easton (email: jrtcadallas@hotmail.com)
Guest speaker today was Justin with Trinity Event Staffing.

Public Relations/Social Report: Rachel Gangler
January Toque talk at Komali was a lot of fun!

A Mardi Gras-themed toque talk is being planned for February at Alligator Café on February 21. Expected price per
person will be $22 to $25.

Community Outreach: Marty Cummins
A motion was made to donate funds received from Treats of Christmas fundraiser in the amount of $2500 to North Texas
Food Bank and $2500 to Union Gospel Mission.
       Motion: Tom Welther
       Second: Cecelia Henson

Next year donations of gingerbread houses that look like Dallas landmarks and yule logs are requested.

Associate Representative: Dave Ewing
Looking for new associate members. Please promote the organization to co-workers!

A Chef’s Happy Hour is in the works and will be sponsored by the Associate Members at La Duni NorthPark. More
details will be coming soon. Quentin Layne from Basic America has already agreed to be a sponsor. More associate
members are needed to plan this event. Please see Dave for more information.

Old Business:
David Ewing reported on the planning for Chef’s on Fire scheduled for April 29 at Shops at Park Lane is under way.
Food and beverage vendors, entertainment, etc.. Applications for competing were distributed. About $15,000 will be
needed in upfront money to cover deposits and expenses for the event. A full budget report will be provided at the next
meeting. Last year about $29,000 was brought in.
        Motion: to pay $15,000 toward upfront costs of event.
        Motion: Michele Brown
        Second: Ida Lee Cathcart
        Discussion about donated goods and services to event.

New Business:
A motion was made to make a donation to help cover costs of TCA State Convention in the amount of $500.
Motion: Cecelia Henson
Seconds: Julia Lopez

Announcements/Upcoming Events
    ProStart Culinary Competition: Tuesday, February 7, 2012
    North Texas Guild of Baking and Pastry Arts Meeting: Monday, February 20, 2012 at 4:00pm at Collin College
      Frisco Campus, Room A150
    Les Dames d’Escoffier Razer Grazer: Sunday, March 4, 2012
    Kosher Chili Cook-off: Sunday March 18, 2012
    El Centro College’s Bits and Bites: Sunday, March 25, 2012
    American Culinary Federation’s Regional Conference in Detroit, MI: April 14-16, 2012
    Ben E. Keith Food Show.Culinary Competition: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 in Fort Worth
    Chefs on Fire: Sunday, April 29, 2012
    Fundraiser for Prostart: Friday, June 22, 2012
    TRA Food Show June 24th and 25th 2012 (Fundraiser for ProStart)
    American Culinary Federation’s National Convention in Orlando FL: July 14-17, 2012
    Texas Chefs Association State Convention in Tyler, TX: August 3-5, 2012
          o Presentation from Stacy O’Neil on convention registration and other information. Printed registration
              forms are included with meeting agenda. For additional information contact Convention Chairman, Jack
              Bretzke at jdbretzke@benekeith.com or 903-394-8005.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 6, 2012. The Student/Junior Culinarians will meet at 2pm followed by the
regular meeting at 3pm.

Motion to adjourn:
       Motion: Tom Welther at 3:52 pm
       Second: Cecelia Hension


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