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									                             Barford St Martin Fete
                    Minutes of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                           Held on 18th January 2012

Present:       Vic March             Jane Kennedy         Sam Bunyan
               Helen Whatley         Roy Wilde            John Allen
               Judith Allen          Peter Batt           Peter Brant
               Annabel Brown         Steve Brown          Pam Clements
               Frank Coombes         Bruce Dunton         Colette March
               Jon Murley            Gordon Pitcher       Jenny Pitcher
               Peter Rayworth        Julie Rayworth       Graham Wills
               Sheila Sheppard & Graham Ridley joined the meeting late.
Apologies:     Jenny Barratt, Georgina Cridge, Mark Dawson, Rowena Fairbairn,
               Judy Glover, Steph Graham, Karen Kernick, Peter &
               Lorna McClelland, Ann Petty, Simon & Barbara Reed, Judith Rogers,
               Yvonne Savage, Jane Tailby, Eamonn Welch.

Vic March welcomed everyone and thanked them for the clear indication of the
continued support for the Village Fete and making 2012 a memorable year for the

Membership of the Executive Committee was open to all who wish to participate in
the organizing and running of activities associated with the Fete. The Chairman
therefore asked if anyone other than the current incumbents wished to stand as
either Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary or Member of the Executive
Since nobody was forthcoming, the existing Committee put themselves forward
(since the 30 Nov Start-up Meeting, Adrian Barratt and Annabel Brown had tendered
their resignation, which had been accepted [the reasoning behind Annabel's
resignation would become apparent at Item 2]):
Chairman:      Vic March
Proposed:      Peter Batt
Seconded:      Steve Brown
Deputy Chairman: Jane Kennedy
Proposed:   Jon Murley
Seconded:   Peter Batt
Treasurer:     Roy Wilde
Proposed:      Peter Rayworth
Seconded:      Pam Clements
Secretary:     Judith Rodgers
Proposed:      Bruce Dunton
Seconded:      Julie Rayworth
Exec Committee:
Sam Bunyan
Helen Whatley
Proposed:      Peter Batt
Seconded:      Pam Clements
All of the above individuals were elected unanimously.
In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, an Independent Examiner shall
(auditor) be appointed at the AGM, who shall not be an Officer of the Committee.
Since, the Fete Committee did not wish to spend funds on an outside auditor when
the village has its own qualified auditor, it was proposed that Annabel Brown should
undertake this role (hence the reason for her resignation from the Executive

Independant Examiner:    Annabel Brown
Proposed:   Steve Brown
Seconded:   Peter Rayworth
Elected unanimously.

Since upkeep of the Recreation Field now fell within the Parish Councils
responsibilities, it was proposed that Item 5.2, Section 2 of the Constitution should be
amended to:
      “The Fete undertakes to financially contribute towards the upkeep and
      maintenance of the Pavilion and associated facilities.”
Proposed:      Steve Brown
Seconded:      Annabel Brown
Passed unanimously.

The following two proposals were considered together, since they supported and
reinforced each other.
It was proposed that Item 1 be amended to include of the Church within the aims of
the Committee:
          The aim of the Fete Committee was to organise a Fete that was
           community orientated, participative and fun, which also generated money,
           while ensuring working capital was retained for future years.
          That the allocation of monies raised from the Fete should be split
           between: Church Fabric Fund, Village project and Youth Project
           (including Pavilion and associated facilities).
Proposed:      Jenny Pitcher
Seconded:      Gordon Pitcher
Following lively debate it was proposed to revise Item 5 of the Constitution to:

       “5      Application for Award from Fete Fund. The Fete Fund will only
       consider requests for money from the Parish Council, any Youth organisation
       within the village and St Martin’s Parish Church.
       5.1      Following the conclusion of the annual Fete, any of these
       organisations may apply to the Executive Committee for an award from the
       profits of the Fete. Applications must be made in writing to the Chairman or
       Secretary within four weeks of the Fete, and the sponsor(s) must be prepared
       to present their case before the Executive Committee. The Secretary will
       display notices showing all requests. Any villager may oppose any request;
       such opposition must be made in writing to the Chairman. If opposition is
       made then the Chairman will call an Extraordinary General Meeting, which will
       consider those requests. If there is no opposition then applications will be
       considered by the Executive Committee whose decision will be final.
       Decisions will be announced at the AGM.”
       Any Committee Member with an interest in an application must declare that
       Paras 5.2 & 5.3 remained unaltered.
Proposed:      Steve Brown
Seconded:      Roy Wild
For:           19
Against:       1
Abstentions:   0
The above combined proposals were therefore passed, and would be incorporated
into the current version of the Constitution, which would be up-issued to Issue 4.

The Treasurer provided the AGM with the Income & Expenditure Statements
covering the Fete Account and the Village Account, which had both been dormant
since the last Fete held in 2008.
Major expenditure was identified as:
           Fete Account - hire of Marquee & equipment (£1,283);
           Village Account - Installation of water supply to Recreation Field (£2,118).
Both Accounts were in a healthy state, with a combined balance of £3,661.
It was proposed the Income & Expenditure Statements be accepted.
Proposed:      Peter Rayworth
Seconded:      Bruce Dunton
Carried unanimously.

ITEM 6      AOB
There was no other business.

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the next AGM would be held in
October 2012, commencing 1900 hrs,

Jane Kennedy
Acting Secretary/Executive Committee
                            BARFORD St MARTIN 2012 FETE
      Name          Tel/Mobile No                e-mail                               Address
John (Taff) Allen   01722 744631                Prospect Cottage, West St
Judith Allen        07546 273940                Prospect Cottage, West St
Peter Batt          01722 744642                                        Green Dragon Cottage
Peter Brant
Annabel Brown       01722 744620               The New House
Steve Brown         01722 744620               The New House
Sam Bunyan          01722 742713                Factory Farmhouse,
                    07411 279365                                        Factory Lane, SP3 4AL
Pamela Clements 01722 741422                                            3 Church Farm Cottages,
                                                                        Factory Lane, SP3 4AL
Frank Coombes       01722 742314                                        Greeneaves
Bruce Dunton        01722 744800             Barford Lodge, West St
Jane Kennedy        01722 716996            The Retreat
                    07841 030641
Colette March       01722 742341                 The Hill, SP3 4AD
Vic March           01722 742341                 The Hill, SP3 4AD
Jon Murley          01722 742407                 Pinewood, Short Lane
Gordon Pitcher                                                          Old Manor Farmhouse
Jenny Pitcher                                                           Old Manor Farmhouse
Julie Rayworth      01722 742245                                        1 The Haven, SP3 4AA
Peter Rayworth      01722 742245                                        1 The Haven, SP3 4AA
Graham Ridley
Sheila Sheppard           
Helen Whatley             
Roy Wilde           01722 743321
Graham Wills

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