National Sub Junior Girls- 2012 Mumbai by lanyuehua


									   29th National Sub-Junior
   Girls Chess Championship

               Shahaji Raje Krida Sankul

               (Andheri Sports Complex),

                  Veera Desai Road,

                 Andheri (w),Mumbai.

                     Organized by

               Under the Auspices of
           Maharashtra Chess Association
            From 17-09-2012 to 27-09-2012
Venue :     Andheri Sports Complex
Zero Minutes Rule:

Zero Tolerance: The “zero tolerance” rules will be
followed (i.e.): “Any player who arrives at the
chessboard after the start of the session shall lose
the game. Thus the default time is zero minutes”.

                  Tournament Schedule

Arrival                         : 17th September 2012

Final Registration of players with late fee: 14thSeptember
2012 till 3pm.

Any change in Schedule will be decided in the Managers
meeting at the venue due to ongoing Ganapati Festival.

Date                       Schedule             Time
17th Sep 2012 Arrival
18th Sept 2012             Inauguration         11.00 A.M.
                           Managers Meeting     2.00 P.M
                           1st Round            3.00 P.M.
20th Sept 2012             2nd Round            9.00 A.M.
                           3rd Round            3.00 P.M.
21st Sept 2012             4th Round            9.30 A.M.
22nd Sept 2012             5th Round            9.00 A.M.
                           6th Round            3.00 P.M.
23rd Sept 2012             7th Round            9.30 A.M
24th Sept 2012             8th Round            9.30 A.M
25th Sept 2012             9th Round            9.30 A.M
26th Sept 2012             10th Round           9.30 A.M
27th Sept 2012             11th Round           9.00 A.M
                           Prize Distribution   4.00 P.M.
                           Departure            6.00 P.M.
Date of Birth Eligibility: Players should have been
born on or after 01-01-1997

Age Proof: Each participant must produce a valid
certificate to prove his/her age. Certificates from
Schools are not enough. Certificates should preferably
be from the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation
obtained soon after birth. Players without date of birth
certificates will not be allowed to participate.

** The date of birth certificates registered within
one year of the birth of the child alone will be
recognized and allowed to participate. No state
association shall recommend any player who
doesn’t come under the above criteria. Any player
who is aggrieved by this stipulation can appeal to
AICF with proper documentary proof and the AICF’s
decision in this regard will be FINAL and BINDING.

If any doubt arises about the claimed age of a player, the
Tournament Committee has the right to refer the player
during the championship for a due evaluation of age by
competent medical experts. A player, if declared over-
age by such experts, shall not continue in the
championship and shall be reported to AICF. Protest
about the age of players may be made to the Chief
Arbiter in writing along with a fee of Rs.1000/- per
player. This will not be refunded. No protest about
over age of a player will be entertained after 2nd
round of the championship.

Only the Coach or Manager deputed by participating
State Chess Association can lodge such protests. The
Tournament Committee has the right to decide the day,
time and place for such medical evaluation of age.
AICF / organizers will have the right to refer any player
to the medical evaluation of age at any time during the
tournament. Players refusing to take the test as decided
by the Tournament Committee shall be deemed to have
failed the test and shall be disqualified from the

Subject to age limit, following players can participate:

    1. In each category, four players from every affiliated
      State Association of AICF can take part. If any
      Association fails to send its quota, the vacancies so
      caused will not be filled.
    2. Top four players from 2011 National Sub-Junior Girls
      Chess Championship are eligible to participate as
      seeded players.
    3. The top two players from 2011 National Under-13
      Girls Chess Championships are eligible to participate
      as seeded players in their respective category.
    4. The champion in 2011 National Under-11 Girls Chess
      Championship can play in respective category.
   5. The AICF Secretary has a discretionary seat in each
      category in this Championship.
   6. Any player who remits the prescribed Special Entry
      Fee of Rs. 4, 000/-
   7. The host, Maharashtra Chess Association is entitled to
      field two additional players in Girls category.
   8. 2011 World Champion in any Category.
   9. 2011 World No.2 & No.3 in Under-12 & Under-14
   10. 2011 Asian Under-12 & 14 Champions.
   11. 2011 Asian No.2 & No.3 in Under-14 category.
   12. 2011 National Champion in any higher category.
   13. Four players in each category from areas where no
      State Association exists. On application, such are
      selected by the Hon. Secretary, AICF.

   14. The champion in the 2011National Under-13 Girls
     championship & the Winner and Runner-Up of last
     National Sub-Junior Girls Championship are eligible to
     play as seeded players in open category.
   15. If the number of participants at the start of the
     championship is an odd number in a category, the
     host association can add one entry to make it even.
   16.In addition to the above the following States can field
       additional seats, as their players have won Gold, Silver &
       Bronze medals in the previous National Sub Junior Chess
       Championship 2011
   Girls: Tamil Nadu: 6 (Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals last
   17. All WIMs are seeded in girls section subject to age

Entry Fee:        Ordinary Entry Rs.800/-

                  Special Entry   Rs.4000/-
There is a 50% concession in the entry fee for participants
from North Eastern States, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

All entries including Special entries should come through the
concerned State Association. However the AICF will have the
right to accept or reject any entry without assigning any
reason. The entry form should be sent together with the
entry fee by a crossed Demand Draft drawn in favor of The
Bombay Chess Association payable at Mumbai.

Entries and enquiries should be sent to:-

Bombay Chess Association

c/o Mr. S. M. Hule

1st Floor, Yashoda Sadan

S. K. Road, Behind Ashray Hotel

Mahim Mumbai-

Late Fee: Entries received after 10-09-2012 will be subject
to a late fee of Rs.250/- per player. However no entry will be
entertained after 3 p.m. on 14-09-2012.
Prizes: The Cash Prizes will be awarded to 18 players
amounting to Rs. 1,00,000/- in the Championship all as

 The cash prizes will be awarded to 18 Open       Girls
 players in each category amounting to
 Rs./- in all as under Rank
 1                                              22,000/-
 2                                              16,000/-
 3                                              13,000/-
 4                                              10,000/-
 5                                               8,000/-
 6                                               5,500/-
 7                                               4,500/-
 8 to 10                                         3,000/-
 11 to 18                                        1,500/-
Tournament Committee:
AICF or its representative, two members from different
participating Associations, Secretary and two members of the
host Association will serve as the Tournament Committee.

System of Play:

The championship will be played as per FIDE laws of
chess and the Swiss system. Totally eleven rounds shall
be played unless otherwise decided by the tournament
committee    before   the   commencement      of   the

4 hours session, Rate of Play shall be 90 minutes each
with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move
number one. In the absence of digital clocks the time
control shall be 2 hours each straight finish. Changes in
these timings or the number of rounds shall be
announced by the Chief Arbiter at the start of the first
Chess Clocks:

Each participating State Chess Association must provide at
least one clock in working order for every two players
entered into the Championship. As several problems arise all
State Associations are urged to ensure that enough clocks
are sent through their players.

Tie Break:

Buchholz tie-break system will be applied. In case of
tie, cash prizes will not be shared.


Protest, if any, against the decision of the Chief Arbiter shall
be made in writing with a protest fee of Rs. 500/- within 30
minutes of the occurrence of the incident. The protest fee will
be refunded if the appeal is upheld.
Appeals Committee:

Before the commencement of the tournament, a five
member Appeals Committee shall be formed by the
AICF / organizer. All the members and reserves shall be
from the different States. No member of the Committee
can vote on Dispute in which a player from his own state
is involved and in such case the reserves shall take his
place in the committee.

No participant will leave the venue before the Prize
Distribution function without the permission of the Chief
Arbiter. The participants disregarding this rule will be
suspended for one year.


For interpretation of the rule(s) and deciding any point not
covered by the above rules of the tournament, the decision
of the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding on
all. The Tournament Committee has every right to make any
addition or amendment to these rules, without notice. Such
changes will, however, be displayed in the tournament hall.

AICF Registration:

AICF Registration is compulsory for all participants, if not
already done. Participants should submit the forms
(available at the venue) with photograph and Rs. 250/-
as Registration fee for the year 2012-2013.


All arrears of affiliation fee/ tournament fee including those
of current year must be cleared by the Affiliated Association
at the time of submitting the entries; otherwise the entries
are liable to be rejected.


Free dormitory type of lodging will be provided by the
organizers to seeded / selected (official entries) plus one
manager nominated by the concerned state association
for each state.
All other accompanying persons should make their own
arrangement for their stay.

Report for Lodging at the Venue.


Vitthal Madhav -                   9702273330

Vishwanath Madhav-                 9820121241

In case of Emergency only please contact

P.B Bhilare (Treasurer MCA) ( Sec, BCA)    9869017221
                                   Entry Form


The Organizing Secretary,

Bombay Chess Association,


Dear Sir,

Sub: Entry for 26th National Sub-Junior (U-15) Girls Chess Championship- 2012

Kindly enroll the entry of our players for the 26th National Sub-Junior (U-15) Girls
Chess Championship- 2012.

Particulars of the Entry fee paid/being paid by crossed DD in favor of “Bombay Chess

payable at Mumbai.

Amount: Rs.             D.D. No.                Date:              Bank & Branch:

__________ __________ _________ ______________________________________

We understand that the Championship is held for only AICF Registered Players. All
team members, whose particulars are given below, will abide by the Rules &
Regulations of AICF.

No    Name of Player (Girls)   FIDE ID      Rating      Date    of Ordinary/donor
                                                                     Amount (Rs.)





(Copy of age proof should be enclosed)



Name of State unit:

(Affiliated to All India Chess Federation)


Name of Secretary with Seal



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