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									1948 Lake Mead Boeing B-29 crash
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The 1948 Lake Mead Boeing B-29 crash occurred July 21, 1948 when a Boeing                            1948 Lake Mead Boeing B-29 crash
B-29-100-BW Superfortress, modified into an F-13 reconnaissance platform and
performing atmospheric research, crashed into the waters of Lake Mead, Nevada,                                        Accident summary

USA[1]                                                                                                 Date             July 21, 1948
                                                                                                       Type             Controlled flight into terrain
After completing a run to 30,000 feet (9,100 m) east of Lake Mead, the crew began
                                                                                                                        (CFIT) due to pilot error
a descent and leveled out just over 300 feet (91 m) above the surface of Lake
                                                                                                       Site             Lake Mead, Nevada, USA
Mead. The crew described the lake as looking like a mirror, with the sun reflecting
                                                                                                       Passengers       0
brightly off the surface. These conditions make judging height above a surface
                                                                                                       Crew             5
considerably more difficult. The aircraft then slowly began to descend below 100 ft
(30 m) until it struck the surface at 250 mph (400 km/h) and started skipping along                    Injuries         0

it. Three of the aircraft's four engines were ripped from its wings and the fourth                     Survivors        5
burst into flames. The aircraft managed to gain around 250 ft (76 m) but then                          Aircraft type    Boeing F-13 Superfortress
settled back onto the water's surface in a nose-up attitude and slowly skiing to a                     Operator         United States Air Force
stop. The five-man crew then bailed out into two liferafts and watched the aircraft                    Registration     45-21847
sink.                                                                                                  Destination      Armitage Field (now China
The crew was rescued from the lake six hours later and was instructed not to                                            Lake), California

disclose any details of the flight, its mission or its loss. As the mission was
classified, these details were not released until fifty years later.[2]

B-29 Serial No. 45-21847
The bomber itself is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
                                                                                                      B-29 Serial No. 45-21847 (Heavy Bomber)
                                                                                                          U.S. National Register of Historic Places
                                                                                                      Nearest city:             Overton, Nevada
In the 2010 video game Fallout: New Vegas, there is a quest in which the player      NRHP Reference#:       11000212
must use inflatable ballast to raise the sunken B-29 from Lake Mead on behalf of     Added to NRHP:         April 20, 2011
the Boomers, an isolationist, munitions-obsessed faction living in the remains of
Nellis Air Force Base. Once the plane has been raised, the Boomers retrieve it and restore it to working order, and in gratitude
agree to deploy it against the player's enemies in the game's final battle. [3]

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