The Vietnam War

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					The Vietnam War

US involvement in
 Southeast Asia
Ho Chi Minh
      • Leader of the
        Communist Party in
      • Led his guerilla forces
        (Viet Minh) against
        the Japanese during
        WWII and the French
        after WWII
      Communism in Vietnam
• French fought the
  communists until 1954
• 1954 treaty- French
  leave Vietnam
  – North V. in control of
    Ho Chi Minh
  – South V. in control of
    non-communist Ngo
    Dinh Diem
  – US supports South V.
  Beginning of US involvement
• The treaty had called for elections in N & S
  Vietnam within two years (by 1956-57)
• Diem was afraid the communists would win
  (via unfair elections) so he suspends elections
• S. V. communist guerillas (Viet Cong) with
  support from N.V., China and Russia rise.
• US supports Diem first with advisors then
Escalation of US involvement
              • Domino Theory - US
                is afraid that if one
                country turns
                communist- another
                will, and another…….
              • Gulf of Tonkin
                Resolution - President
                Johnson is allowed to
                “take all necessary
                force” to help S.V.
    Escalation of US involvement
• 1965-68 President
  Johnson had sent
  500,000 US troops
• US bombs Cambodia
  and Laos - in areas the
  Viet Cong were using to
  stage attacks vs. US
  troops …Laos and
  Cambodia ALLOWED
  the Viet Cong to hideout
  in their jungles!
       End of the Vietnam War
• War was unpopular        • 1975 Communist
  with the people in the     capture S.V. capital
  US                         (Saigon) and reunite
• US was not winning         Vietnam as ONE
• 1969 - President           communist country
  Nixon begins to
• 1973 - peace treaty
  ends American            • Re-name Saigon: now
  involvement                it’s Ho Chi Minh City
                Check - Up
• What was one effect     • All of Vietnam
  of the war on Vietnam     became communist…

• What effect did         • Divided the nation,
  Vietnam War have on       Major loss for US
Communism in Cambodia
         • Khmer Rouge were a group of
           communist rebels in Cambodia
         • Pol Pot was the leader
         • US bombing (to flush out Viet
           Cong hiding in Cambodian
           jungles) increased support for
           Khmer Rouge
         • Khmer Rouge took control and
           brutally killed 2 million
                Pol Pot’s Legacy
• He destroyed the county's entire banking system.
• He declared currency and religion illegal.
• All schools were destroyed and the entire population was
  ordered to wear black clothes to implement instant
• All major cities were evacuated.
• Intellectuals and anyone else that may have impeded Pol
  Pot's progress was killed.
• All resisters were killed.
• Even if someone wore glasses, they were killed.
• Men, women, and children were photographed, tortured and
  then killed.
• What was the name of   • Khmer Rouge
  Pol Pot’s communist

                         • killed 2 million
• Name one effect of
  Pol Pot on Cambodia

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