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                       Advanced Techniques in Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is also known as tummy tuck. This procedure is performed for
removing excess fat and skin from the area of the lower abdomen. The surgery
allows access to the abdominal muscles which enables tightening them and
reshaping the abdomen. Through the procedure of abdominoplasty, patients can
notice a significant improvement in the form and contour of the abdomen with less
fat and skin.

Types of Tummy Tuck

Mainly, abdominoplasty is classified into two types. One is the high lateral tension
abdominoplasty and the other is the standard abdominoplasty.

    • Standard abdominoplasty

A plastic surgeon will perform a standard abdominoplasty when there is excess fat
and skin, below and above the umbilicus. Often, this procedure is done in
combination with liposuction. The appearance of the upper abdomen can also be
improved. This is more like a total rejuvenation wherein assessment of all areas of
the abdomen is done carefully. A surgical plan is specifically tailored for every
patient. A standard abdominoplasty would be performed under local anesthesia and
usually, the procedure requires around 4 hours. It is possible to do it on an outpatient
basis as well. The surgeon makes incisions in the lower abdominal area as well as
around the umbilicus. Then, the fat and skin of the upper abdomen are undermined
till the rib cage level so that removal of maximum amount of tissue is possible. Just
like the procedure of mini-abdominoplasty, tightening of underlying muscles is
done, if necessary. Then, there is insertion of a small drain, and the incisions are
closed. After that a compression garment and a dressing are provided to the patient.

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    • High lateral tension abdominoplasty

The skin excision is modified in the procedure of high lateral tension
abdominoplasty. Maximum abdominal tightening is ensured. A dramatic effect is
seen on the waistline. This procedure of tummy tuck is great for patients who are
thin and have excess skin in the lower abdominal area. There is an inward pull in the
midsection and this results in a dramatic change, leading to an hourglass-type figure.
The markings are done low in the pubis, moving upwards sharply. For thinner
patients, a better abdominal contour is offered by this procedure. The procedure
works better for patients who experience skin redundancy following extensive
weight loss or childbirth.

What Is the Experience after Surgery?

If patients are not having any medical problems, the procedure can be performed
very safely. The surgeon would give you postoperative instructions and other
necessary advice for speedy recovery. You may feel a certain amount of numbness
on your abdominal skin, but this is natural. Over the course of the next few months,
sensation will completely return.

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