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					    Keys to Research
Robert A. Nicholson Library
  Anderson University
       MBA Program
       August 2005
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Library Catalog

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       Periodical Indexes
 Business Source Premier -
  …provides full text for nearly 3,800
  scholarly business journals, including
  full text for more than 1,100 peer-
  reviewed business publications; full text
  (PDF) for more than 300 of the top
  scholarly journals dating as far back as
  1922. Updated on a daily.

                  Nicholson Library -
Business Source Premier

          Nicholson Library -
Business Source Premier

          Nicholson Library -
Business Source Premier

          Nicholson Library -
        Periodical Indexes
 Regional Business News -
  …comprehensive full text coverage for
  regional business publications.
  Incorporates coverage of 75 business
  journals, newspapers and newswires
  from all metropolitan and rural areas
  within the United States. Updated daily.

                  Nicholson Library -
        Periodical Indexes
 Corporate ResourceNet -
  …contains full text articles from more
  than 1,300 quality magazines and
 EconLit - Journals, books, and
  working papers on economics, 1969 to
  present. Updated monthly.

                  Nicholson Library -
           Periodical Indexes
 MarketLine Business Information Centre –
  – 10,000+ Company Profiles: company overviews, business
    descriptions, company history, executive listings, product
    listings, locations, news and commentary
  – 2,000+ Industry Profiles: 5 year historical and 5 year
    forecast market values and/or volumes; market
    segmentations; company and/or product market shares;
    explanatory text identifying major trends and significant
    growth points; analysis of each market's competitive
    landscape, including main players, distribution channels and
    regulatory issues
  – 50+ Country Profiles: description of the country's economic
    performance and GDP; assessment of the potential for
    development; detailed market and industry analysis of the
    country's business environment
  – News & Comment

                        Nicholson Library -
MarketLine Business
Information Centre

             Nicholson Library -
    Nicholson Library -
          Periodical Indexes
 Key Business Ratios - 14 key business
  ratios covering all critical areas of business
  performance—solvency, efficiency and
  profitability; used to research risk,
  understand industry trends, and identify a
  company's strengths and weaknesses
 Reuters Business Insights Online -
  …single, off-the-shelf, objective source of
  data analysis and market insight.

                     Nicholson Library -
        Periodical Indexes
 Lexis-Nexis – Business News,
  Accounting Literature, Industry &
  Market information, Company Financial
  Reports, Company Profiles, Company
  Comparisons, SEC Filings & Reports,
  Company Directories

                 Nicholson Library -

    Nicholson Library -
         Periodical Indexes
 Academic Search Premier -
  …multi-disciplinary database providing
  full text for nearly 4,600 scholarly
  publications, including full text for more
  than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals.
  Information dating as far back as 1975.
  Updated on a daily.

                   Nicholson Library -
 What’s an eBook?
   – An electronic version of a book
 In order to use eBooks, you must set up an
  account in netLibrary. You may do this at no
  cost from any machine on the Anderson
  University campus.
 After you have set up an account, you have
  access to eBooks from the Internet on- or off-

                    Nicholson Library -
 Ability to search and view the full text of all
  the eBooks in Nicholson Library eBook
 Immediately view an eBook in the online
  reader or choose to see additional
  information about a title and other viewing
 When viewing in the online reader, besides
  being able to navigate through the content
  page by page, you have the ability to
  navigate using the Table of Contents or to
  search the full text of the eBook.
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    Nicholson Library -

    Nicholson Library -
Internet Resources
 Click on “Subject
  Resource Guide”
 Click on “Business”
 Click on “Internet

                    Nicholson Library -
            InterLibrary Loan
 Periodicals published within the current calendar year
  and the previous four calendar years are covered by
  the guidelines, The concept is known as the "rule of
  five." Periodicals older than five years are not
  addressed by the guidelines, but they are not to be
  considered fair game for unlimited copying. Copyright
  term is still in effect. Section 108 (Contractual
  Agreements) or 107 (Fair Use) criteria of Copyright
  Act apply.

 During a calendar year, no more than five copies
  totally may be requested and reproduced from any
  single periodical title (NOT single issue) without
  paying appropriate royalties. If the requesting library
  uses a periodical title that heavily, the library should
  subscribe to it.
                       Nicholson Library -
InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad)

            Nicholson Library -
InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad)

            Nicholson Library -
InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad)

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