lp 9-10-12 by rutheller


									September 10, 2012                                eller_ruth@cusdk8.org                                 Mrs. Eller

     Week at a Glance                                          Reminders:
                                                            Everyone worked hard last week
Mon.                                                        on technology homework. Hooray!
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
                                                            Now please make sure you have done the following:
Spelling: Write your words in ABC order two times
                                                                   Do you have a memory stick? Make sure to
Math: Worksheet "Use an Organized List (Gina's Quilt)"
                                                                bring it to school every day. We will need it this
Tue.                                                            week!
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature                             Don't forget to attach it to something so you
Language: Worksheet "Amusement Park Fun"                        don't lose it.
Math: Worksheet "Use an Organized List (Land of Few)"               Do you have your NAME on your memory
Wed.                                                            stick? If you lose it, you want someone to be
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature                          able to return it, right?
Language: Worksheet "Community Food Share"                        Do you have your email account? If not,
Math: HW & PS 2.4                                               you must send me an email ASAP.
 Thur.                                                             Do you have your email password
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
Spelling: Get someone to quiz you on your spelling words.

                                                             Parent Homework
The paper must be graded, signed by mom/dad, and any
misspelled words must be practiced.
Math: math BOOK page 42-43                                  We are almost done! A big thanks to everyone
                                                            who has gone to our website and filled out the
 Fri.                                                       Parent Communication Form. If you haven’t done
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature                      so yet, please fill out the communication form
READING LOG WILL BE CHECKED!                                and click on the submit button. I’d love to have
                                                            everyone’s information by the end of this week.
  Scholastic Book Orders
  Don’t forget to send in your book order. IF you
  order on-line, you will earn a free book for the              Word Power!
                                                            We finished our first practice week! This week
  class from Scholastic. Hooray!                            each table group will share a word. This will
  1. Go to http://www.scholastic.com/parentordering         make it easier to get help. This time your grade
  2. The first time only, you will need to register.         will actually count! Also, this week we will begin
  3. You will need to enter this activation code:           "Word Hunting." Check the website for more
     GVFVY                                                  details.

      No Excuse Words                                            Reading Lotto
    your        you’re         their         they’re        Your Reading Lotto/Rate the Book has been
    there       its            it’s           doesn’t       checked and returned to you. KEEP IT SAFE in a
    because     don’t         usual          could          sheet protector in your binder. Remember, you
    would       were          we’re          where          turn it all in when you are finished with all 4
    who’s       whose          witch         which          books. Meanwhile, you should be starting your
                                                            2nd book. Make sure to pick the correct genre!

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