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									 You Don’t Need
An inspirational story about true
   To Be A Hero
                                                                        Short Story

You Don’t Need Powers
To Be A Hero
A ndrew had been an avid skateboarder for years. While he seldom tried the
more complicated tricks that other skaters pulled off, he was content to just ride
around the block, seeing the sights and appreciating the glorious spring

He always listened to his music while he rode, with his music player
programmed to include a random mix of songs. The shuffle function was a
great convenience, because he could listen to a variety of genres and bands
without fumbling with the device.

Andrew planted his right foot on the ground and thrust it back, propelling his
board forward and increasing his speed. The sidewalk was empty, giving him
plenty of room to move without needing to worry about navigating around a

As he passed by one of the local used bookstores, he saw something whisk by in
his peripheral vision. Andrew turned to see a baby carriage rolling down the
sidewalk on the other side of the street. A few yards behind it, a woman in high
heels with large grocery bags in both hands raced after it.

Andrew reached into his pocket and fumbled with his music player before
taking it out to pause the song. With the music no longer blocking out the
sound, he was able to hear her calling out for help.

It took a second for the sight to register in Andrew’s brain. It was unusual, to be
sure. A part of Andrew wanted to chuckle at the situation, but he thought
better of it. While the road did have a slight decline, it wasn’t so steep that the
carriage would hit a speed greater than a human’s.

Between the shoes and the baggage, the woman couldn’t run fast enough to
catch the runaway buggy.

Andrew hit the play button on his music to hear the song he was listening to, but
it faded to silence. Whether it was a sign from God or a bizarre coincidence,
the next song to come up was John Williams’ classic theme to the Superman

Andrew smirked as he jumped into action.

His first obstacle was to get across the street. While the road wasn’t a busy
highway, there were enough cars passing by to make it a challenge.

Andrew weaved through the gaps between the halted cars and made his way
across the street. Before he hit the curb, Andrew jumped his board, bringing it
onto the sidewalk.

He pushed his back foot down, bringing him to a stop. He then pivoted
sideways so that he was facing the runaway carriage. From there, Andrew
equalized the board and raced after the buggy.

The carriage must’ve been high quality, or her husband must’ve replaced the
wheels, because even on his board, he was having trouble catching up.

Andrew finally did catch up to the carriage and reached out with his hand to
grab the push handle. It took a few attempts, but his fingers finally managed to
get a solid grip.

Andrew leaned back so that the board was once again tilted upward. The heel
of the board scraped the sidewalk and gradually brought them to a halt.

The woman pursuing the carriage came up just as Andrew was taking the
headphones out of his ears. She picked the baby up and held it against her
tightly. She turned to Andrew with a gigantic smile on her face.

“Thank you so much for catching it. I was trying to deal with so many things and
the handle slipped. It’s like something out of a movie. A runaway baby
carriage!” she said, out of breath.

Andrew laughed and nodded. “You’re quite welcome. I’m happy to help.”

                    Moral of the story: You can be a superhero
                    if you keep your eyes open and notice the
                    needs of those around you.

You Don’t Need Powers
To Be A Hero
We often dream of accomplishing great things. As kids, we are told stories of
superheroes and people who go out of their way to protect the greater good.
While we may not have the super strength, invulnerability, or great speed of
many of the superheroes, we can still be heroes in our own right.

Some circumstances, like Andrew’s, come at the spur of the moment. A fellow
human being finds himself in a bind and in need of help. Some chances to be a
hero involve smaller than life and death matters. Perhaps someone’s car broke
down and they merely need a phone to call a tow truck.

You might think of it as just being a good Samaritan, but that’s being a hero to
someone in their time of need.

We all aspire to be heroes. We may lack superpowers that’d make the job
easier, but we can certainly still help!

Find a cause and be its champion.

Superman fights for truth, justice, and the American way. In that same capacity,
we too can fight for a cause we believe in. There are several charities and other
organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

You can support the cause either by donating money or volunteering your time.
If you’re willing to get involved in a cause that means something to you, you
can leave your mark by helping others and become a true hero.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What people, fictional or non-fictional, do I look up to?
2. What cause do I feel passionate about and want to fight for?
3. Are there any organizations that fight for the same cause I do?

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