WHAP Assignments Calendar September 2011

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					                     WHAP Assignments Calendar
                         September 2011
   Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday              Thursday                 Friday
5. Labor Day –       6. Maurya & Gupta     7. Social Hierarchy   8. Empires QUIZ       9. Religions
No School            India power point     in the Age of         (Greece, Persia,      presentation group
                     HW: Strayer p. 160-   Empires               Rome, Han China,      work
                     165 & questions       Venn & Discussion;    Maurya/Gupta          HW: be ready to
                                           Han, Rome, and        India)                present with your
                                           Indian (Bhagavad      HW: Religions         group on Monday!
                                           Gita) primary         readings
12. Religions        13. Trade Routes      14. Bridging World    15. Zones of          16. The Arts in
Presentations!       Maps                  History Trade         Interaction: the      Classical
HW: trade routes     HW: trade routes      Networks videos       development of        Civilizations:
readings Strayer     readings Strayer                            long distance trade   Hellenism and
334-342              343-355                                     & associated          Indian culture
                                                                 technologies &
                                                                 “Southernization” &
                                                                 mindmap by 9/19
19.                  20. Plan test         21. Period II         22. Plan testing      23. Period I & II
Southernization      bubbling              Target breakdown      After School          Test (early river
fishbowl                                   and class             Review from 4:00-     valley civs, early
                                           presentations         5:00pm                Empires, large
                                                                                       empires; trade
                                                                                       routes, religions)
                                           After School                                HW: Bulliet
                                           Review from 4:00-                           textbook p. 193-
                                           5:00pm                                      202 & optional

26. Basics of        27. vocabulary        28. The Messenger     29. Caliphates        30. The
Islam Power          sheet; Caliphates     DVD                   power point           Awakening DVD
point                chart                 HW: Bulliet p. 208-   HW: When Asia
HW: Bulliet p.                             216 & optional        Was the World Ibn
202-208 &                                  questions             Battuta Chapter p.
optional questions                                               97-115 and NOT
                                                                 questions by 10/3
         WHAP Assignments Calendar
               October 2011
    Monday                 Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday               Friday
3. Urban decline and    4. Byzantine          5. Byzantine Art &    6. Viking            7. Medieval
revivals: causes and    Empire Overview;      Western European      Migrations: Video    Europe Overview
effects                 Constantinople        Art; animated         Game & quick         power point
HW: Bulliet p. 219-     googlemaps tour       Bayeux Tapestry       notes; Kievan Rus    HW: Strayer
223                     HW: Bulliet p.        HW: Bulliet p. 231-   & the trading city   textbook (online
                        223-231               234                   of Novgorod          classroom) p.241-
                                                                    HW: Bulliet          247 WITH NOT
                                                                    p.234-241            OPTIONAL

10. Crusades & the      11. Concept 3.3       12. “Increasing       13. FALL             14. FALL
revival of European     Compare and           Economic              BREAK!               BREAK!
trade contacts in       Contrast in-class     Productivity” C&C
trading city-states ;   essay prep work       whole-class essay
primary sources and
video clip (Islam:
Empire of Faith)

17. Sui, Tang, Song     18. Pastoral          19. Solidifying       20. The influence    21. Maya city-
China timeline          contacts with         Confucianism in       of China &           states
HW: Strayer p. 247-     China & the Asian     China: Crack down     Eurasian trade       HW: Inca Empire
252 & 259-265           commercial            on Buddhism           networks on Japan    Nat Geo article
                        revolution; Video -   primary sources and                        and NOT
                        Bridging World        foot binding ppt      HW: “Fire Is         OPTIONAL
                        History unit 8        HW: Strayer p. 252-   Born” National       questions
                        early economies       259 & Japanese        Geographic Article
                                              feudal system         and NOT
                                              wksheets              OPTIONAL

24. Aztec & Inca        25. Maya, Aztec,      26. 2011 Compare      27. Mongols DBQ      28. Mongols
ppt; Pre-Columbian      Inca SPRITE           and Contrast          documents Act-It-    Fishbowl
primary resources       Chart; thesis         prompt individual     Outs
whole class             practice              work
discussion              HW: Day of Empire
                        online reading &
                        questions (p.88-125
                        by 10/28

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