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                           TRADE DELEGATION



                      10TH TO 20TH SEPT., 2006

The Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council organized the visit of Trade Delegation

consisting of leading manufacturers & exporters of wool & wool blended products i.e.

shawls, stoles, felts, made-ups and woollen/acrylic knitwears to Kiev & Moscow from

10th to 20th Sept., 2006 under Focus CIS Programme of the Ministry of Commerce &

Industry, Govt. of India. The visit of the delegation was also a part of overall strategy

formulated by the Council to diversify India’s presence in various markets.

The main objective of the visit was to explore the possibilities for further strengthening

the trade in textiles and to renew existing contacts with the CIS Region. The delegation

held discussions with senior representatives of the industry and trade associations in

Kiev and Moscow. The following member-exporters were selected to participate in this
delegation after going through the Company Profile & the range of the products dealt by

them and after identifying the product suitability for the market.

Members of the Trade Delegation:

  1       Mr. Sonam Dawa,                          Tel: 91-1902-253607, 251626
          Neelkanth Kullu Shawls,                  M-91-98163-04350
          The Mall, Manali, Dist. Kullu,           Email:
          Himachal Pradesh-175 131.      

  2       Mr. Deepak Agarwal                       Tel: 91-22-28514752, 28510086
          Eastern Trading Company,                 Fax: 91-22-26233592
          Unit 17, Building 15,                    Email:
          Samhita Complex,
          A.K. Road, Andheri (E),
          Mumbai-400 072.

  3       Mr. Gagandeep Singh,                     Tel: 91-161-5036464, 2701130
          Eros International,                      M-98159-96464
          236/2, Gupta Road,                       Fax: 91-161-2701252
          Industrial Area-A,                       Email:
          Ludhiana-141 008.

  4       Mr. Naresh Goel,                         Tel: 91-180-2646513
          Naresh Impex,                            Fax: 91-180-2662376
          2375, NHBC,                              Email:
          Panipat-132 103.

  5       Mr. Sunil Dusija                         Tel: 91-22-26732364, 66925847,
          Sujay Exports (India),                   26370848 (R)
          C-17, Kilfire House,                     M-91-98211-32667
          Dalia Industiral Area,                   Fax: 91-22-26730305
          New Link Road, Andheri (W),              Email:
          Mumbai-400 053.

  6       Mr. Mukesh Kumar Singhal                 Tel: 91-11-25226775, 22353806
          Roli Impex Pvt. Ltd.,                    M-91-98111-16505
          F-180, Dilshad Colony,                   Fax: 91-11-22353123
          New Delhi-110 095.                       Email:

  7       Mr. Yog Malhotra,                        Tel: 91-161-5012111, 5026348,
          OPK Knits,                               2510519
          185/1, G T Road,                         Fax: 91-161-2510116
          P.O. Dhandari Kalan,                     Email:
          Ludhiana (Punjab).
In addition to the constituent members from the above members, Shri R K Gupta, Offtg.

Executive Director was deputed for this delegation.


Situated on the Dnipro River, Kiev is the capital city of the Ukraine. After a rough and

turbulent history, the town has become an interesting array of old and new buildings.

More and more of the culture is being influenced by the characteristics of both Western

and European customs, yet the Ukrainians that live here still cling proudly to tradition.

The largest city of Ukraine, Kiev is a leading industrial, commercial, and cultural center.

Food processing (notably the processing of beet sugar), metallurgy, and the

manufacture of machinery, machine tools, rolling stock, chemicals, building materials,

and textiles are the major industries.

The economy of Ukraine is an emerging free market, with a gross domestic product

that has experienced double-digit growth in recent years. Formerly a major component

of the economy of the Soviet Union (both in industry and agriculture), Ukraine's

economy experienced major fluctuations during the 1990s, including hyperinflation and

drastic falls in economic output; GDP growth was first registered in 2000, and reforms

are continuing.

Kiev has a continental humid climate, although it has changed significantly during recent

decades due to global climate changes. The warmest months are June, July, and

August, with mean temperatures of 13.8 to 24.8°C (56.9 to 76.7°F). The coldest are
December, January, and February, with mean temperatures of −4.6 to -1.1°C (23.7 to

30.0°F). The highest ever temperature recorded in the city was 39.4°C (103.0°F) on 31

July 1936. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the city was -32.2°C (-26.0°F) on 7

& 9 February, 1929. Snow cover usually lies from mid-November to the end of March,

with the frost-free period lasting 180 days on average, but surpassing 200 days in

recent years.

India’s Exports of wool & wool blended products to Ukraine

2004-2005           Rs. 2581.01 Lakhs

2005-2006           Rs. 2622.45 Lakhs

Meetings of the delegation in Kiev

The delegation stayed in Kiev from 10th to 13th Sept., 2006 and met leading buyers as

per the appointments fixed by the Embassy of India in Kiev. A Buyer Seller Meet was

also organized in the premises of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UCCI)

with the help of Indian Embassy in Kiev. Around 11 leading industrialist from Kiev had

attended the BSM. Delegation members displayed the samples which were highly

appreciated by the Ukrainian Buyers. The delegation also visited some of the well-

known Departmental Stores, Showrooms to study the pattern of consumer demand and

fashion trends in the market.   The members received good response from the buyers

and as a result, sample orders worth Rs. 5 Crores were secured and large number of

enquiries were also generated which are likely to materialize into firm orders. A list

showing names of the Ukrainian Companies who had attended the Buyer-Seller Meet

on 12th Sept., 06 is enclosed at Annexure I.
The Council is grateful to Shri K P M Raman, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Ukraine

& The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry who have made all arrangements

to make this Buyer-Seller Meet successful.    We are also thankful to Shri Debabrata

Saha, Ambassador for inviting us at his residence & guidance extended by him to our

members regarding Ukrainian Market.


The delegation stayed in Moscow from 14th to 20th Sept., 06 & met leading buyers as

per the appointments fixed by the Embassy of India in Moscow. A Buyer-Seller Meet

was organized in the Office of the Embassy where leading importers from the

surrounding areas were invited on 15th Sept., 06. About 25 Russian Companies had

attended the Buyer Seller Meet and they have appreciated the range of Woollen

Products displayed by the member-exporters. As a result of this visit, the members of

the delegation have secured orders worth Rs. 10 Crores & a large of enquiries were

also generated which are likely to materialize into firm orders.   The members also

observed that buyers in general liked Indian Woolen Products as compared to the

Products from China & other developing Countries because of their quality, range &

designs etc.    A list of the Russian Buyers who attended the Buyer Seller Meet is

enclosed at Annexure II. In addition to the appointments fixed by the Embassy, the

members of the delegation also visited some of the leading departmental stores, buying

houses as per the list provided by the Indian Embassy in Moscow to see the range of

Products displayed by them. A copy of these departmental stores is also enclosed at

Annexure III.
Moscow is exposed to cold winters, warm and mild summers, and very brief spring and

autumn seasons. Typical high temperatures in the warm months of July and August are

around 20°C (68°F); in the winter, temperatures normally drop to approximately -12°C

(10°F). Monthly rainfall totals vary minimally throughout the year, although the

precipitation levels tend to be higher during the summer than during the winter.         In

2006, Mercer Management Consulting named Moscow the world's most expensive city,

ahead of perennial winner Tokyo, due to the stable Russian ruble as well as increasing

housing prices within the city. Some prices are considerably higher for the foreign visitor

than for locals.

A significant portion of Russia's profits and development is concentrated in Moscow as

many multi-national corporations have branches and offices in the city. Since the

Russian financial crisis in late 1998, various business sectors in Moscow have shown

exponential rates of growth.     Primary industries in Moscow include the chemical,

metallurgy, food, textile, furniture, and machinery industries. Despite the economic

growth experienced in Moscow since the dawn of the twenty-first century, many

industries have undergone various crises in recent years. The city of Moscow remains

one of Russia's major industrial centers.

India’s Exports of wool & wool blended products to Russia

2004-2006            Rs. 5526.29 Lakhs

2005-2006            Rs. 623.28 Lakhs

We are extremely thankful to Mr. Satbir Singh, Minister (Economy), Embassy of India,

Moscow for the support & cooperation extended to the members of the delegation & in

fixing up appointments with the leading buyers.

The Council has faced great difficulty in getting the Visa for visiting Ukraine & Moscow.

Inspite of recommendations of our Indian Embassy in Kiev, two members of the

delegation could not get Visa to visit Kiev. It is therefore, suggested that Visas should

be given speedily for encouraging Business visits to develop contacts with the buyers.

The discussions and the information gathered during the visit of the delegation will

facilitate the formulation of appropriate strategies for increasing Indian textile exports to

the CIS Region.

The exports of wool & wool blended products to CIS countries have gone down after

disintegration despite the efforts made by the Government in increasing exports and

also by individual exporters. The main reasons that affect our trade are Customs

Regulations and inadequate banking facilities i.e. difficulties in realization of payments.

Due to cold climate conditions, the CIS region offer huge opportunities and ample scope

for increasing exports of woollen products from India to these countries. However, after

the visit of the exporters, it is felt that the export to these countries can increase only if

Banking Channel and Customs Regulations are strengthen and exporters can get

realization of the export proceeds immediately after sending the goods. If these

problems are solved, the exports can increase to CIS countries. As a follow-up of this

visit, the Council is also participating in Textilexpo, Moscow which is to be held from 27 th

–30th March, 07.      Keeping in view, the difficulties being faced by the exporters in
realization of the export proceeds, the Council is planning to open a Showroom cum

Warehouse in Moscow, Tashkent & Almaty.


The support of the Indian Embassies in Kiev & Moscow was significant in organizing the

visit of trade delegation. The Council is very grateful to the Indian Embassies for

extending such help and co-operation. The Council is also thankful to the Ministry of

Commerce & Industry, Government of India for approving this activity under Focus CIS

Programme and for the members of the delegation for their co-operation in organizing

the visit.

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