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Buffalo NY Solar Rebates


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									Solar Rebates

American's love rebates. Whether rebates are offered on computers, software, cars or whatever, we snatch
them up. If your considering going solar, you'll be happy to hear rebates are available too, says Heating and
Air Buffalo NY.

Solar Rebates

As most people know, a rebate is a give back by a company in exchange for the purchase of their product.
Rebates usually come in the form of money if you send in a coupon, but can also come in the form of
upgrades and add-ons.

The solar technology industry is so thick with rebate programs it is hard to see the forest for the trees. You
can expect to find rebates being issued by the manufacturer of a product, the federal government, your state
government and possibly even your country and town or city. In many locations, the local utility company
may also give you a rebate on your bill for going solar. No other source or product line has as many rebates
as the solar industry. Why? Because solar represents one of the cleanest and cheapest energy sources in our
country. The powers that be want to promote it for monetary and environmental reasons, not to mention
providing some relief to our overtaxed national electric grid system.

Buy down rebates are the most voluminous in the solar industry. With a buy down, a government agency
will pay for a percentage of the solar platform you purchase. The specific amount of the buy down depends
on factors such as what the platform is used for and the amount of electricity it produces. Trust me, your
local solar vendor will be able to tell you in detail about the rebate since it is a good sales technique.

When investigating rebates for your solar purchase, it is important that you don't stop at the first program. If
a state has one rebate program, it will often have as many as eight others. You can often qualify for three of
four, which can cut your initial costs by as much as fifty percent, suggests Heating and Air Buffalo NY.

Heating and Air Buffalo NY

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