Personality by ert554898


Imagine you’re going to your 30 year high school
  You missed all the reunions prior to this one.
 Do you think you’d recognize your classmates?
Would they be the same people you knew so long
  30 Year High School Reunion
• What changes would you see?

• What would stay pretty much the same?

• Behavior can change with experience, but we
  demonstrate a considerable amount of
• Consistency
  – Tendencies to behave, think, and feel in
    certain ways, over time and across situations.
  – This is the core of our personality

• Personality
  – Derives from the Latin: persona =mask
  – Individual’s unique and relatively stable
    patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.
  – No two personalities are the same
     • No one behaves the exact same way you do!
    Factors that Influence Personality
•   1.   Intellectual ability
•   2.   Heredity
•   3.   Social factors
•   4.   Early childhood
•   5.   Structure of your family life
•   6.   Birth Order
•   7.   Culture
•   8.   Environment
           Personality Traits
• Trait-a part of personality which is
  considered to be reasonably consistent
• We have a variety of traits:
  – 1. Physical Characteristics
    • DNA passed from your parents
    • Ex. Height, eye color, hair color, metabolism
  – 2. Habits
    • Constant, repetitive acts
    • Ex. wash hands, bite nails, smoking
            Personality Traits
– 3. Attitudes
   • Personal feelings and how they are expressed
   • Ex. Optimistic, hopeful, carefree, negative, irritable
– 4. Abilities
   • Skills learned within a culture
   • Ex. Farming, sports, music, fishing
– 5. Aptitudes
   • Natural tendencies
   • Ex. Social skills, athletics, music
– 6. Interests
   • Things that appeal to an individual
   • Ex. Foods, hobbies, movies, books
– 7. Beliefs
   • State of mind
   • Ex. Values, prejudice, religion, politics

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