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									Funding: An Applicant’s

 Professor Andrew Jordan
        Three Perspectives

• Before you apply

• When you are applying

• After you have applied (and hopefully
  been funded!)
         Before you apply….
• Do you need to apply? If so, for how much?
• (Get someone to) do some reconnaisance
• Get in early and ‘shoot where the ducks are’
• Read the guidance/rule and regs.
• Speak to your back office team
• Speak to colleagues (especially successful
• Aim at the ‘right’ level and go in with the
  ‘right’ people
      When you are applying
• Have a good (and a topical) idea
• Make sure your proposal has a
  connecting spine
• Explain and justify everything
• Get plenty of critical feedback
• Line up referees
• Styles of writing
• Keep in touch with your back office
       After you have applied
• ‘Revising and resubmitting’…
• If you succeed, (over) deliver according to
  plan (and budget)
• … and start thinking about the next one
• If you fail, try to learn lessons
• And perhaps try elsewhere – particularly if
  your idea is a good one
• Don’t give up! Sometimes you have to be
            And finally….
• Funding: a means or an end?
• Sometimes less maybe more
• Prepare carefully
• Sometimes you have to be a little
• With success comes new responsibilities –
  administration, management and reporting
Funding: An Applicant’s

 Professor Andrew Jordan

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