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									                            13TH SEPTEMBER 2009 — 15TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST

We pray you will be especially blessed as you join with us in the joy of praising our God.
Please collect a welcome pack from the foyer and complete the enclosed contact sheet
& return it. If you are visiting from out of town please sign the visitors book.

Please join us for tea & coffee after the service.

                Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;
                  do not fret when men succeed in their ways,
                   when they carry out their wicked schemes.
                                         Psalm 37:7


 God of compassion and love, teach us to deal with anger when it arises by
 keeping before us the love you have revealed by both the words and ac-
 tions of your Son, Jesus. In our words and deeds, help us to be more like
 Him, in whose Name we pray. Amen

READINGS                                      ROSTER

Ecclesiastes 7.5-9            Pg 673          Preacher — Rex Marre
Psalm 37.1-9                  Pg 563          7am Roster – Savage & Ashley’s
Ephesians 4.17-28             Pg 1175         7am LA     — Colin A
Luke 10.27-36                 Pg 1042         9am M/Tea —-Smith Team
PAGE 2                                                                          PEW SHEET

WHAT’S ON THIS WEEK...                                        * indicates weekly event

14th Monday      Clergy Roster—Colin
Church cleaning day *
7:00pm     LINK Group, Enoggera Ph John 3359 7201 *

15th Tuesday    Clergy Roster—Colin
7:30pm     LINK Group, Bardon—Ph Neil W 3369 1176 *

16th Wednesday Clergy Roster—Colin
Parish Day of fasting & prayer *
12—2pm LINK Group, BYO light lunch to share —Church Ph 3369 3301*

17th Thursday    Clergy Roster—Rex
7pm        Living Word (Harvest School of Creative Ministries)–Church*

18th Friday      Clergy Roster—Rex
5-8pm       LINK Group (incl meal) - Church Ph Craige 0417 703 218 *
6-8pm       Revel8—Church Ph Jordan 0448 250 193 *
7:30pm      Music Practice (Roster team)–Church*

19th Saturday   Clergy Roster—Rex
7.30am     Prayer for Families—Church (3rd Sat in Mth)
8:30am     Executive Meeting, Budget 2010—Office

20th Sunday
Preacher: Rev Dr Colin Nicholson
Readings: Proverbs 31:10-31 | Ps 1 | James 1:1-18 | Mark 9:30-37
6am        Intercessory Prayer—Church *
7am        Traditional Communion service * (Roster Asher LA Paul A)
9am                                                Morning tea:
           Charismatic Service with Communion * (Morning tea Wait Team)
11.15am LINK Group Leaders Meeting—Church

21st 10am        Pit Stop LINK Group, Bardon (Rectory) Ph Christina 3369 5607
24th Noon        Preachers/Pastors Meeting, Lunch followed by staff meeting—Rectory
      7:30pm     LINK Group, Forest Lake—Ph Richard B 3372 9469 (2nd & 4th Thurs)
26th 8:30am      Mission Breakfast Ph Berilyn to confirm 3870 5039
1st 11am         Service and Luncheon (note Pam will be away phone Parish Office)
5th 10am         Pit Stop LINK Group, Bardon (Rectory) Ph Christina 3369 5607
8th Noon         Preachers/Pastors Meeting, Lunch followed by staff meeting—Rectory
      7pm        LINK Group, Kenmore—Ph John W 3378 1483 (2nd Thurs in mth)
      7:30pm     LINK Group, Forest Lake—Ph Richard B 3372 9469 (2nd & 4th Thurs)
16th-17th        Global Leadership Summit, Gateway Baptist see foyer RSVP Wendy
13 SEPT 2009                                                                   PAGE 3

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                                                   11am Service & Luncheon
                TODAY—ANNE N
                                                               Thursday 1st October
                 19th Audrey B,                                Holy Communion service
                  21st Paul R                                          followed by
                                                                    fellowship lunch
        See page 7 for important                                         Cost $5,
  information re Deck Construction.                       RSVP to Parish Office
                                                          as Pam will be on leave
  Note closure of Hilda Beck garden.
                                                              Ph 3369 3301
                                                 Pick up a copy of today’s sermon
                                                 after the service.....
                                                 New recording equipment allows us to
            BCA Box Opening                      record the sermon directly to CD. So
   Please hand your box to Berilyn M             why not pick up a copy of today’s ser-
  or leave it on the bench in the foyer          mon after the service? Speak with the
              for collection.                    sound desk operator. Also download
               For more info phone               from website or contact the parish of-
               Berilyn M 3870 5039               fice. (no-longer Harvest School of Min)



(confirmed bookings –there will be additional,   27th St John’s Anglican
smaller, activities)                                  AM—Worship Services x 2
September                                                   Xplore Arts Festival
16th Leave Brisbane                                         Opening & Presentations
17th SARINA                                      28th PM—Drama Workshop
     Evening workshop & Noelene’s                29th AM—Ministry to combined
     book review                                            Seniors Groups
18th TOWNSVILLE (Heatley Anglican)                    PM—Xplore Arts Community
19th “Piece of the Puzzle” day seminar                      Evening (incl Presentations)
20th Worship Services x 2                        30th Afternoon—”Fun with clowns”
24th CAIRNS                                      October
26th St John’s Anglican                          1st AM—Drama Workshop
     AM—Men’s Breakfast                                           (inc children)
           Theme “Are You There God”                  PM—Travel to TOWNSVILLE
     AM—Women’s Group Workshop                   4th Worship Service Mt Louisa Uniting
           “Spiritual Fashion Parade”            6th Arrive Home
PAGE 4                                                                       PEW SHEET

LINK Group Study Guide

         Ecclesiastes 7.5-9 | Psalm 37.1-9 | Ephesians 4.17-28 | Luke 10.27-36

Introduction - Back to Church –

Discuss the concept of a Back to Church Sunday.

What have been some of the benefits (to the church / those who

What could we as a church have done better?

The Bible Study

God’s love for us

Rex quoted John 3.16 – a great text for newcomers, but spend a few minutes
(concordance might help) to discover, read and discuss other related, verses
about God’s love. (List at foot of 2nd page if you don’t find any)

Have there been times when you have been uncertain about – even doubted
God’s love? If asked by your leader, briefly tell others in your group of your con-
cerns – explain how you came through your doubts. Seek help if you haven’t
(come through)
13 SEPT 2009                                                                  PAGE 5

 Our love for God – and others.

The text from Luke 10.27 (Deut. 6.5, Lev.9.18) should have been (and probably
was) well known to the expert of the law. He asked Jesus, Who is my neighbor?
Write down a question you would ask Jesus about this commandment. Discuss
possible answer (to yours and others ?) with group.

Whose neighbor are you? was the question Neil left us. Consider for a few mo-
 ments a person who for whatever reason, you aren’t a neighbor too. Given you
 can do little to change that person, what could you do to remedy the situation and
 be a neighbor (as the Samaritan in the parable) to him or her.
 (For confidentiality – don’t write names)

 Blockages to loving others

Rex acknowledged difficulties with concept of neighbor embracing all people and
mentioned a number of possible blockages we might need to overcome. These
were f___, p________, d______ , l_________ and a____ with lack of

Discuss. How might each get in the way of our love for neighbor?

Anger (with unforgiveness) can be a challenge for the most devout Christian. Dis-
cuss Psalm 37.7’s three principles for dealing with mounting anger;

 Be still before the Lord.

 Wait! (see also Romans 12.9-21),

 Do not fret .

         (Romans 5.8, Ephesians 2.4, 2 Thes. 2.16, 1 John 4.9,10, Rev. 1.5)
PAGE 6                                                                     PEW SHEET

                               Sermon & other notes

Parish Council meet on the 5th Sept         paign have resulted in a pleasing in-
and heard reports from our 5 ministry       crease to our weekly giving. Without
areas. We were encouraged to hear           your support we could not be moving
that a number of the our ministry areas     forward with our activities and minis-
are receiving some valuable support         tries for 2010. Thank you.
and input from either Colin or Rex. It is   Deck
                                            Deck—A working party has been
a real blessing to have both these men      formed to explore ministry possibilities
on staff as we enter 2010.                  provided by the new deck resource. In
                 Puzzle—Thank you for
Pieces of the Puzzle                        the next few weeks all members will be
your contributions, follow-up letters       invited to contribute their ideas (via sur-
from our pastors will be mailed during      vey). In the meantime please feel free
the next few weeks.                         to discuss your thoughts & ideas with
Finances most encouraging financial         either Rex, Colin, Craige or Mike Kregor.
report was received indicating the                                            Wendy
pledges made during stewardship cam-                                        Secretary
13 SEPT 2009                                                                     PAGE 7

 Deck Construction Commenced

  Construction of our new deck has commenced & is expected to take approx 8
  weeks. Enjoy watching as the deck takes shape. Updated plans are on the notice
  board in the foyer.

  During this time please note the following health & safety issues when on the
  church premises:

  ♦ HILDA BECK GARDEN IS CLOSED during construction, please keep children out.
  ♦ Parish members are NOT PERMITTED to enter the construction zone or handle
    construction materials & tools.
  ♦ TAKE CARE in the car park & whilst on church grounds.
  ♦ Unfortunately parking disruptions will occur, we will endeavour to keep this to a

  This is an exciting time with wonderful prospects for the growth of our parish and
  we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns please feel
  free to discuss them with Bob or the church leaders.
                                                     With thanks, Bob P & the team..

 Pray for Family

 The Lord is good to those whose hope is     for what He is doing and for what He is go-
   in Him, to the One who seeks Him.         ing to do.
           Lamentations 3:25

Our families are extremely precious to
us, and they are even more precious to
our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes we don’t understand why
things turn out as they do with our chil-
dren and grandchildren, but this we
know, God NEVER goes back on His
                                                 Next morning of Prayer for family:
Please feel free to join with us every 3rd          Saturday 19th September
Saturday of the month where we can fo-                   (next Saturday)
cus our thoughts and prayers on our                     7:30am—8:30am
families, all the while giving God our Fa-
ther great thanks, for all He has done,
PAGE 8                                                                                   13 SEPT 2009

         Church Address: 290 Simpson's (cnr Burnham Rd), Bardon Q 4065
         Rector (Senior Pastor)       Rev Rex Marre
                 Mob 0411 162 517           Email
         Associate Priest             Rev Colin Nicholson
                 Mob 0400 407 395           Email
         Parish Office Mail to: 1 Hardwick Tce, Bardon Q 4065
                 Phone: 07 3369 3301 Fax: 07 3369 0910
                 E-mail:      Website:
                 Online Deposits BSB 704 901 Acc 0000 1170 (in Branch use BSB 034 844)
         Paul Ashley (3876 1320) Kaye Oakley (3371 0387) Paul Reedman (3396 7940)
         Parish Council 2009 (also includes Rector, Associate Priest, Treasurer & Wardens)
         Elected               Vicki Ford           Barbara Mann         Mike Kregor
         Ex-Officio            Robyn Brand          Berilyn Morrison
                               Craige Gravestein Peter Bates-Brownsword

Sunday Services
7am Traditional Communion Service / 9am Charismatic Worship & Communion
Weekday Services
1st Thurs of each mth              11am—Communion Service & Luncheon

Ministry Contacts
Contact can be made via the office or refer to Parish Directory for private phone/email info
Children & Youth Ministry— Coordinator Rev Colin Nicholson
       Revel8 Youth Group Every Friday—Leader Jordan G
       RE Bardon SS —Vicki Ford                         School—Vacant
                                                Sunday School
                    Chaplaincy—Colin Asher
       State School Chaplaincy

       Services—Coordinator Rev Rex Marre & Rev Colin Nicholson
Church Services
      Roster & Music Ministry    (Vacant)

           Prayer—Coordinator Rev Colin Nicholson (Paul Reedman)
Pastoral & Prayer
            Groups—Neil Wait
      LINK Groups                                        Chain—Dorothy Lynagh
                                                 Prayer Chain
      Pit Stop LINK Group (Parents In Training)- Christina Marre
                    Luncheon—Pam Louttit
      11am Service Luncheon                                    Insert—Jan Wanstall
                                                 Prayer Needs Insert

Resourcing—Coordinator Rev Rex Marre (Paul Ashley)
                          Development—Craige Gravestein
      Leadership / Income Development
      Maintenance—Colin Asher
      Maintenance                                                  Officer—Bob Paterson
                                             Capital Works Project Officer
                                                          Support—Paul Ashley
      Administration/Finance—Wendy Gunnell IT / Webpage Support

Outreach & Mission—Coordinator Rev Rex Marre (Craige Gravestein)
      Mission Secretary—Berilyn Morrison      SOMA/Overseas—Rex Marre
      Visitation Pam Louttit                  Alpha Course Mike and Jan Kregor
                                                        Club—Christina Marre
      Marriage Course John and Jan Wanstall Casserole Club
                      Park—Elaine Lacey
      Carols Bowman Park                      Helping Hands (YWC) —Colin Asher
              Board—Damian Law
      Notice Board                                                       Rep—Bob Paterson
                                              Harvest School of Ministry Rep
                     List—Craige Gravestein
      Mission Giving List

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