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									                           MCS Souvenirs
Dear Maryknollers and friends,

Are you looking for a special gift?

Check out the lovely souvenirs of FSA, our Worldwide Reunion,
Foundation, Educational Trust, Students Association and the School. The
sale proceeds will go to the respective parties to support their operations or
as donation to the Maryknoll Sisters and the Schools. Some items are
limited in stock, so don’t miss it.

What can be a better present than these quality souvenirs, and the
invaluable fond memories they render.

Happy shopping!
Maryknoll 7th Worldwide Reunion & MCS 85th Anniversary

(W1) Pendent Watch
Maryknoll 7th Worldwide Reunion & MCS 85th Anniversary

(W2) Cosmetic Pouch
Former Students’ Association

(FSA1) “Maryknoll Spirit” A4 Plastic Folders (set of 3)
Former Students’ Association

(FSA2) School Campus Card Holder
Former Students’ Association

MCS Papillon
Charm Bracelet
Former Students’ Association

(FSA4) Face Towel (set of 4)
Students Association

(SA1) Long Umbrella
Students Association

(SA2) Clear PVC Tote Bag
Secondary Section

(S1) School Building Model with Lighting

(F1) “Forever be True” album

(F2) School 3D Model

(F3) Magnets (set of 4)

(F4) Plastic Folder (set of 5)
Educational Trust

(T1) CD set: Serenading + Across The Decades
Educational Trust

(T2) Postcards (set of 12)
Educational Trust

(T3) Key Pouch (various colours)
Educational Trust

(T4) Wallet (various colours)
Educational Trust

(T5) Namecard Carrier (various colours)
Educational Trust

(T6) Overnight Bag
Educational Trust

(T7) Luggage Tag (various colours
Educational Trust

(T8) MCS Necklace
Educational Trust

(T9) MCS Bracelet
Secondary Section – English Club

Hoodie - Small (ENG1), Medium (ENG2)
Steps to purchase

1. Complete the order form

2. Send the form by fax 2338 7943 or email to foundation@mcs.hk

3. If the item you requested is out of stock, you may expect a call from the
   office. Please be patient and refrain from calling the office.

4. Pick up from Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section), 5 Ho
   Tung Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong during office hours.
    (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, Sat 09:30-12:00)

5. Make your payment by Cash when picking up the items.

                                                                Sep 22, 2011

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