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									IRIS - International Railway Industry Standard
The Quality Standard for the Railway Industry

                                                     Prague, 2nd April 2008

                                                        Angela de Heymer
                                                Manager Quality Assurance
                                                            Group Quality


 IRIS Strategy

 Our approach toward suppliers

 Our internal approach

 Benefits for stakeholders

 Conclusions

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IRIS is process oriented

 100% of the requirements from ISO 9001:2000
        we built on a large and recognized foundation
        but we are convinced about the specificities of Railways

 Imposing processes will force the companies to secure their
  knowledge and bring confidence for the customer
        12 KO questions as a first step
                - 11 are linked to processes
                - 1 is linked to a procedure

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IRIS: A strong evaluation process

 Requirements clear defined
        All “shall” requirements linked with a question
        All “should” requirements offer potential for improvements
        Notes for guidance in requirements application

 Evaluation towards a unique questionnaire
        5 maturity levels on open questions
        2 maturity levels on close questions

 Skilled and trained auditors
        have passed the IRIS training and examination,
        speak the local language, plus English.

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Expectations from system integrators

 Improvement of Process efficiency in the whole supply chain.
        Stable process and improved interfaces.

 Reduction of system audits from system integrators by recognition
     of IRIS certificates.

 Reliable Information about suppliers of the railway industry.

 Reduction of Non-conformity cost by standardized process and

              To build confidence and partnerships
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IRIS Commitment of System Integrators

 The four System integrators:

        Bombardier Transportation
        Alstom Transport
        AnsaldoBreda
        Siemens Transportation Systems

     Committed (2006-05-18) to
     recognized IRIS certificates and
     therefore to not initiate business
     management system audits at
     companies having a valid IRIS

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Our approach toward suppliers (1/3)

              Supplier agreements are updated
                         Major supplier have to be certified by IRIS before May 2009.
                         suppliers have to grant access rights for its detailed data stored in the IRIS
                          database via the IRIS Portal.
                         Supplier agreements are signed by suppliers according to BT strategy.

              Approach for IRIS targeted suppliers is established
                         Identification of IRIS targeted suppliers.
                         Criteria for selection are align with BT Supplier Relationship Management
                                   IRIS survey was sent Dec’06 to IRIS targeted suppliers, asking for IRIS
                                   IRIS reminder letter was sent Jan’08 to targeted suppliers.
                         Bombardiers’ new strategy is to periodically evaluate all Non-IRIS
                          certified companies.

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Our approach toward suppliers (2/3)

              Events are used to reinforce IRIS message and BT strategy
                         Bombardier suppliers days.
                         Supporting and participating in IRIS events.
                         Communicating to suppliers and stakeholder of the railway industry.

              Supplier Evaluation Process has been fully aligned and updated with
               IRIS standard requirements
                         by eliminating the ‘business process requirements’ part of the audit due to
                          recognition of IRIS certificates.
                         by focusing on suppliers performance, financial health, capabilities and
                          capacities only.
                         by focusing on supplier development.
                         Rely on IRIS results and focus on performance, capabilities and

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Our approach toward suppliers (3/3)
             IRIS Non-certified company
              Criteria:                                          Audit:

                                              Audit type, team and duration

                                                      => 12 man days
             IRIS certified company
                                                                              -financial health
                                                                              -capabilities and
                                                       => 2 man days
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Our internal approach

    Internal IRIS program established for deployment
        6 Sites certified (worldwide)

    Internal IRIS training program established for different target groups
        IRIS for Supply Management activities
        IRIS for BT implementation
        IRIS internal auditor training

    BT, as a founding member and sponsor actively participates and
     contributes to IRIS Group (UNIFE)
        Technical Forum for Improvement
        IRIS Joint Working Group with operators
        Supporting IRIS events

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Benefits for IRIS certified companies

 IRIS is a chance for Suppliers to :

        Secure a competitive future

        Promote a quality image

        Improve quality level at all supply chain levels

        Optimize auditing in terms of efficiency and standardization

        Work according an international standard specific for the railway industry

        Identify strength and improvements areas to continuous improve

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Benefits for IRIS certified companies

 An IRIS certification :

        Is the way toward excellence

        Lead suppliers to become more valued and visible in the market

                 IRIS internet Portal and database

        Recognition by major system integrators

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Conclusions (1/2)

    BT will recognize IRIS certificates and will not conduct further own system
     audits at IRIS certified companies.

    BT priority for 2008 is to strength IRIS message and strategy
        Major supplier are required to be IRIS certified before May 2009.
        Conduct System audits by Non-IRIS certified companies.
        Close follow up of IRIS certification process by major suppliers.

    BT major suppliers are acting globally
        In all countries, delivering quality product will push competition.

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Conclusions (2/2)

    BT reinforce that the IRIS system gives the opportunity to every railway
     stakeholder to improve his performance.
        Continuous improvement is key for the future success in our market.

    BT will further support actively the further improvement and implementation
     of IRIS the within the IRIS Group activities

     We are convinced that IRIS provides high added value to everybody.

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                      Tel:              +49 30 98607 1233
                      Fax:              +49 30 98607 2023


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