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					                                                                                                                              Issue 7 Fall 2009

Message from Ford Rice
CEO/Director, Education Eastern School District
                                                                              Message from Vickie Kaminski
                                                                              President and CEO, Eastern Health
The Eastern School District
recognizes that good nutrition,
physical activity and a strong                                                I am very pleased to bring greetings on
physical education program are                                                behalf of Eastern Health. The health and
important elements for developing                                             education sectors, for many years, have
healthy minds and bodies. Over the                                            been working together to create supportive
past number of years, our district has                                        school environments and improve the health
made great progress in promoting active and                                   and well- being of students, families and school
healthy living in our schools.                                                personnel. Working in partnership is a key element in
                                                                              effective health promotion practice and is essential for the achievement of
Our school grounds are smoke free, we have a nutrition policy that            a healthy school population and community.
promotes healthy food choices in our schools, and, in addition to physical
education programs, we promote and encourage physical activity across         I would like to say thank you to all Eastern Health staff as well teachers and
the curriculum.                                                               school employees in the Eastern School District for their commitment to
                                                                              the promotion of health and wellness. We are proud to say this is the 7th
One example is the Living Healthy Commotion. Every fall we start off the      edition (3rd year) of the Living Healthy News. It is tangible evidence of the
new school year with a district-wide Living Healthy Commotion to              great partnership happening at the school, community and health board
promote active and healthy lifestyles. In a few short years, we have          level.
witnessed many such success stories in our schools and we really believe
that by getting the message out to our students, we are helping families      Congratulations as well to the schools who have received a Health
everywhere live healthier lives. There is more awareness, more physical       Promoting School Grant from Eastern Health in 2008-09. The projects
activity, and more support from our school communities than ever              undertaken as a result of this funding, from increasing the number of
before.                                                                       Active Schools to supporting the new School Food Guidelines, highlights
                                                                              the level of our joint commitment and support aimed at improving the
Much credit goes to our teachers for their leadership in this area. We also   health of our school population. We look forward to continued
thank our partners, in particular Eastern Health, who side by side with       partnership and success.
us, support the Healthy Students Healthy Schools philosophy and work to
improve the health of our children.

                                                                                                                  In this issue
                                                                                                                  2       Living Healthy Commotion 2009
                                                                                                                  6       Living Healthy In Action

                                                                                                                  8       Healthy Things to Know

                                                                                                                  11      Chatterbox
St. Joseph’s Academy, Lamaline                                                   Harbour Grace Primary, Harbour Grace
On Friday, October 9th, St. Joseph’s Academy                                     Students at Harbour Grace Primary have been
participated in the annual Living Healthy                                        busy promoting Healthy Habits since the
Commotion. The day started with                                                  school year began. They continued with
students working on living healthy                                               their Fruity Friday tradition of eating
banners that have been placed on                                                 healthy snacks. A contest was held to
the walls throughout the school for                                              choose a new name. The winning entry
everyone to see. All classes also                                                was "Healthy Habits".
participated in various relay races in
the gymnasium. Classes were provided                                             Students also participated
with fruit kabobs during the nutrition break                                     in the Terry Fox Walk,
and to reinforce the importance of healthy eating, each class wore colours to    the Healthy
represent a healthy food choice. To finish the active day, classes played the    Commotion
teachers in a fun game of dodge ball. It was a great day for everyone who        Celebration and the
participated and drove home the message that healthy living and active           Walk to Breakfast.
participation are important to all ages and can be lots of fun!!!
                                                                                 Healthy Habits are alive
                                                                                 and well at Harbour Grace
Virginia Park Elementary, St. John’s                                             Primary!!
                   The students and staff at Virginia Park Elementary
                       celebrated health and wellness during their Living
                         Healthy Commotion Day on Friday, October 9th.
                                                                                 Persalvic Elementary, Victoria
                            The afternoon was filled with art, physical          Persalvic students, led by the Panther Mascot, participated in a number of
                             activity and a healthy snack. Students              activities to promote physical activity and healthy living. Students were
                             participated in an activity centred around          provided with a healthy snack at recess to
                             Canada’s Food Guide, dances in the gymnasium        encourage healthy eating. The
                            as well as a fruit and vegetable tasting to finish   whole school participated in a
                          the day off! It was a very fun day that got            bingo game that
                      everyone moving and was a great way to motivate            introduced terms and
                 everyone to stay active.                                        definitions
                                                                                 surrounding healthy
                                                                                 living. The grade 8
Amalgamted Academy, Bay Roberts                                                  class will be
Amalgamated Academy’s students and staff enjoyed                                 provided with an
participating in the annual Living Healthy                                       additional physical
Commotions Day, Friday, October 9th. They kick                                   education class for
started their Commotions with a Healthy                                          being the winning
Living/Healthy Eating poster contest. A variety of                               classroom. Students
prizes were distributed to students in all grade levels. A                       participated in many physical
brisk walk in support of the Terry Fox Foundation and a                          activities throughout the day. A
classroom fitness DVD workout followed by a healthy snack for 765                wonderful day was had by both student and staff.
student/staff was enjoyed by all. A special thank you goes to the school
community of Amalgamated Academy for their efforts in helping create a
healthy school culture.


Laval High School, Placentia
During Laval High School’s Living Healthy Commotion, students participated in an all inclusive cooperative games session and were provided with healthy
refreshments at recess and lunch. Participation was extremely high and students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in fun activities.

                                                                   Mary Queen of Peace, St. John’s
                                                                   The Living Healthy Commotion at Mary Queen of Peace Elementary was a HUGE success! To
                                                                   begin the day, every student in the school participated with their grade level in a 15
                                                                   minute aerobics class led by a certified aerobics instructor. Other activities were planned in
                                                                   the classrooms included FIT-GO, Sports Trivia Games and some classes even dressed up as
                                                                   their favorite fruit or vegetable! All students brought in healthy recess snacks and lunches
                                                                   and every student in the school was given their own bottle of water. This was a great day
                                                                   for both students and teachers.

Villa Nova Junior High, CBS
Villanova kicked off their Living Healthy
Commotion day by having a delicious breakfast in
the gymnasium. The entire school also participated
in the Terry Fox walk. Students who were caught
eating healthy food received a "Gotcha" and a chance
to win some great prizes! Students were also excited
about playing interactive healthy living trivia games on
Smartboards and engaging in fitness activities. A blast was
had by all students and staff. Go Vipers!

                                                                                                                                       Fall 2009                    3
                                                                                The people that chose to go skating, needed, not only skates, but a CFA
Living Healthy Commotion…                                                       certified skating helmet, to ensure that no injuries would occur during the
                                                                                activity. Seeing as with skating and swimming, it takes longer to get ready
A Student’s Perspective                                                         (putting swim suits on, putting skates on, and helmets etc...) They got back
Healthy Commotions Day is a really                                              to the school later then the bowling people got back. We all got the same
exciting time for St. Paul’s Jr. High                                           amount of time though, whether on the rink, alley, or pool.
School. 425 kids all get to choose from 3
fun activities to enjoy with their fellow                                       Healthy Commotions Day has been in St. Paul’s for as long as I’ve been there
classmates: either bowling, skating, or                                         (three years, I’m in grade nine) and it’s definitely something I look forward
swimming. And, while getting the                                                to. Spending a day doing something you like with your friends? –great!
morning off from their school work to do
these things, they also unknowingly got to learn                                But, it’s more then just being a fun activity to fill up the day with, it’s also a
about healthy living, and the importance of being active!                       really smart idea. Getting kids to be active now-a-days is really hard. There
                                                                                are so many things that distract us, from video games, to music, to T.V, going
I chose bowling, as did many others. I may not have been very good at it, but   outside and having old fashioned fun is becoming a thing of the past. By
it was still a tonne of fun! We all got to choose who we wanted to be teamed    raising kids’ awareness about the fun things out there (i.e. swimming,
with, so naturally, everyone chose their friends, which made it even more of    skating and bowling, etc...) you’re helping them out for years to come. It’s
a great time because you’d be with people you loved.                            very, very important that we try to do as much as we possibly can, and it is
                                                                                so great to see, not only the school trying to help us learn about being
Four buses, all loaded with talkative children, drove down to the bowling       healthy and fit, but the teachers in our school taking an interest, and doing
alley (which had been closed for us, seeing as there were so many people        as much as they can to make sure Healthy Commotions Day is as great as it
wanting to do bowling!) and had a good two hours of bowling time. After         can be! Everyone worked so hard to make this day fun for all of us, and I
that, we packed up all of our stuff, and headed back to St. Paul’s for lunch,   thank you. It really was a load of fun. Though, I won’t be in St. Paul’s next
and our last two classes of the day, before we could go home at 3:00. The       year to have another Healthy Commotions Day, this was a good one. And I
swimming and skating crowd did the same thing. And from what I hear, they       can’t wait to be seeing what other tricks St. Paul’s has up their sleeve to help
also had a great time with their activities.                                    us get more active!

Davis Elementary, Carbonear                                                                 Coley’s Point Primary,
On Friday, September 25th, Davis Elementary students
took part in a number of activities as part of
                                                                                            Coley’s Point
Living Healthy Commotion Day. Living                                                        The adverse weather conditions may
Healthy Commotion Day is a                                                                  have hampered the planned
component of the Healthy Students                                                           playground fun but didn't stop
Healthy Schools provincial initiative.                                                      students at Coley's Point
This year, Davis Elementary launched                                                        Primary from enjoying some
their year long “Fruity Friday”                                                             expressive movement in the
initiative, the focus of which is to                                                        gym! The exercise was fun
encourage students to eat fruit for a recess                                                and the fruit trays were
snack every Friday. Other activities during                                                 delicious.
Living Healthy Commotion Day included a Terry
Fox Run and students exercising while watching
physical activity videos in their classes. All students at
Davis Elementary enjoyed “Getting Healthy, Getting Happy,
and Getting Active”.

Tricentia Academy, Arnold’s Cove                                                            Olympic-Sized Living Healthy
Tricentia Academy certainly had an outrageous amount of
”commotion” on Friday, October 9th as students from
grades K-12 participated in the Living Healthy Commotion.                                   The Province of Newfoundland
K-6 students spent time racing through obstacle courses,                                    and Labrador is a contributing
dancing their way through the Hoedown Throw-Down,                                           province of the 2010 Olympic and
raising the roof with the parachute, keeping all the balls in                               Paralympic Winter Games in
the air during a team juggle, and displaying their creative juices                          Vancouver, British Columbia. As a contributing province,
with some healthy message posters. In the afternoon, Junior and                             one of the goals is to embrace the Olympic spirit and bring
Senior students buffed up in the weight room, roughed up with some ball hockey, mixed       the Winter Games back to Newfoundlanders and
it up with some volleyball, and laughed it up with some cooperative games and poster-       Labradorians.
making. Much fun, and nutritious snacking was had by all!
                                                                                            Friday, February 26th, 2010 is Newfoundland and Labrador
                                                                                            Day at the Olympics. All schools will have the opportunity
Larkhall Academy, St. John’s                                                                to celebrate with an Olympic-Sized Living Healthy
                                                                                            Commotion! One school from each school district will be
On Friday, October 9th, Larkhall Academy celebrated living healthy with their annual        selected to have their Living Healthy Commotion filmed and
Commotion Day. The day included a school wide participation doing several dances such       highlighted as part of the medal ceremonies on
as YMCA and the Cha-Cha slide followed by Fit-Go which was announced over the PA. In        Newfoundland and Labrador Day. Commotion activities
the afternoon the whole school participated in aerobics with John Mallard. In addition,     could also be profiled on Canada AM, and receive provincial
fruit was supplied to each classroom to ensure all students had a healthy snack. Overall,   and/or local media coverage. This is your school’s
the day was great and all students had a great time.                                        opportunity to show your Olympic spirit on an international

                                                                                            In addition to the funding provided through the Healthy
                                                                                            Students Healthy Schools initiative, the Department of
                                                                                            Tourism, Culture and Recreation will be providing funding to
                                                                                            help support your Olympic-Sized plans. Also, on-line
                                                                                            resources are available for teachers. Visit
                                                                                            and click on the Vancouver 2010 link for the Canadian
                                                                                            Olympic School Program.

                                                                                            Registration for the Olympic-Sized Living Healthy
                                                                                            Commotion is due by Friday, November 20, 2009. Please
                                                                                            contact your School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant for
                                                                                            the registration form:

                                                                                            Rikki-Lee Noseworthy (Avalon East)
                                                                                            (709) 758-2388

                                                                                            Tracy English (Burin, Vista, Avalon West)
                                                                                            (709) 786-7182 ext. 345

                                                                                                                               Fall 2009                   5
St. Andrew’s Elementary Making the
Outdoor Connection
On Thursday, June 17th, 2009, fifty-six Grade 4, 5 and 6 students
from St. Andrews Elementary took part in a full day of outdoor
activities at Rotary Sunshine Park. Through the City of St. John’s,
Department of Recreation Group Outdoor Pursuits Program the
students were introduced to archery, orienteering and hut
                     “The students and staff from St. Andrew's found the experience very enjoyable
                         and went away feeling it was a very worthwhile event” says Winston Taylor,       The Janeway Lifesyle Program and the
                            the Physical Education Teacher at St. Andrews. The students were              Heart and Stroke Foundation are once
                             introduced to the wonderful world of archery, where they received basic      again offering the Fruit and Veggie
                              skill instruction and then had a chance to put their aiming abilities to    Challenge! This March they will be
                              practice. It is not as easy as you think to hit that big target!            expanding the program to include all
                                                                                                          grade 4, 5 and 6 students in
                           During orienteering, the students had the chance to explore Rotary             Newfoundland and Labrador. Each
                              Sunshine Park using a map to find clues that were placed throughout         student will be given a Fruit and Veggie
                                the area. Teamwork proved to be a great asset as they made their          Challenge pamphlet by their teacher that
                                 way through the Park following the clues.                                asks them to record the number of fruit
                                                                                                          and vegetable servings consumed in one
                                  Through the hut construction activity, the students created             day. They will be asked to write what
                                 awesome shelters which were made from materials found in the             they do to “eat well, be active and feel
                                forest – trees, branches, bark and moss.                                  good”. In order to decrease potential
                                                                                                          stigmatization of body size, the
                            The highlight of the day was when CBC Television stopped by the Park and      challenge states “health is not how you
                    took footage of the children enjoying the great outdoors. This piece aired that       look on the outside it is how you are on
evening during CBC’s Here and Now show and a couple of students who were interviewed, made                the inside”.
their television debut. All in all, it was a great day in the outdoors with an opportunity for children
to enjoy what nature has to provide, while developing some new outdoor skills.                            In a separate pamphlet, parents of the
                                                                                                          students will be challenged to record
To summarize the feeling at the end of the day, one of the grade five teachers said "The kids really      their own servings of fruit and
enjoyed the day and thought they should be allowed to do this everyday. It was relaxing and it was        vegetables for one day. They will be
great to see the kids interacting and having so much fun together."                                       asked to write their ideas on how to
                                                                                                          overcome barriers and include fruit and
Don’t miss out on all of the outdoor fun that the City of St. John’s Department of Recreation, Group      vegetables in their family’s diet.
Outdoor Pursuits Program has to offer. Inspire your students and teachers with a day of basic             Results will be collected by mail and the
instruction in a variety of outdoor activities such as: hiking, canoeing,                                 practical tips will be compiled in a
archery, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, shelter                                         newsletter. The newsletter will be
construction and much more.                                                                               distributed to all elementary classes in
                                                                                                          the next school year.
For more information on the Group Outdoor Pursuits Program,
please call 576-8522.

                                                                             Activity Artists at Cape St. Francis
                                                                             Parents, students and staff at Cape St. Francis
                                                                             Elementary School in Pouch Cove were involved
                                                                             in creating an exceptional art project last
                                                                             school year. It began with a simple request
                                                                             to have the school’s lighthouse logo painted,
                Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2009 June is
                                                                             and evolved into the creation of images
                    Recreation Month Campaign was a great success. The
                                                                             depicting children being active, along with
                      provincial school tour “Destination Recreation”
                                                                             corresponding letters and numbers to
                        visited over 40 schools spreading the message that
                                                                             compliment the theme. Walls that were once
                        participating in recreation can help you increase
                                                                             bare have been transformed into a space that
                        health and wellness. The show received excellent
                                                                             motivates and encourages movement and
                      feedback from the schools it visited. Recreation
                                                                             physical activity. The colourful displays show
                    Newfoundland and Labrador would like to thank all
                                                                             children running, jumping, throwing, catching
                 schools that took part in the campaign and those who
                                                                             and in general, being active, throughout the
became June is Recreation Month Ambassadors. There were 15 School
                                                                             different seasons. Numbers and letters are utilized
Ambassadors in 2009:
                                                                             to promote math and language outside of the
•   St. James All Grade                  •   Lake Academy                    classroom environment. For example, students now
•   St. Josephs Elementary               •   Our Lady of Labrador School     enjoy spelling their names while using a variety of loco-motor movements.
•   Amos Comenius Memorial School        •   Sandstone Elementary            Ultimately, this project fosters the integration of Physical Education with
•   Balbo Elementary                     •   Stephenville Primary            other aspects of the curriculum.
•   Baltimore School                     •   St. Pauls Elementary
•   Coley’s Point Primary                •   Upper Gullies Elementary        In addition, a school-wide competition was held to design a school mascot.
•   John Watkins Academy                 •   Williams Harbour School         The winner was Kassie Drover, a grade 4 student. As part of her reward she
•   Mary Simms All Grade                                                     participated in painting the school’s new mascot, KC the Caper.

                                                                             Childhood Obesity & Body Image
     Annual School Team Meeting:                                             On Monday, May 25th, 2009, the Eastern School District, Janeway Lifestyle
     Eastern Health Staff Celebrate Working Together to Provide              Team, Body Image Network, and Healthy Students
     Service to Schools                                                      Healthy Schools came together to discuss childhood
     In the Avalon West, Burin and Vista regions of Eastern School           obesity and body image. Numerous teachers,
     District, Eastern Health staff are organized into School Teams.         guidance counselors, principals, board officials,
     The purpose of a School Team is to coordinate the services and          dietitians, health educators and physicians
     programs available to schools from Eastern Health using a               were in attendance. Presentation topics
     multi-disciplinary approach. School Teams are available to help         included incorporating healthy eating and
     schools plan, implement and evaluate school health initiatives.         physical activity into the school environment,
                                                                             understanding childhood obesity, exploring the
     On Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, School Teams came together to               relationship between body weight and bullying, practical
     celebrate and reflect on their work with schools throughout the         approaches from the Janeway Lifestyle Program, and the Body Image Toolkit
     year. The Annual School Team Meeting is an opportunity for              for schools.
     School Teams to share the strengths and challenges they face
     and to learn from each other. School Teams had lots of fun              If you would like information on promoting positive self esteem and healthy
     networking and sharing their vision for the 2009-10 school              body image at your school, please visit

     If a school would like more information on their School Team,
     please contact Tracy English at
                                                                                                                                 Fall 2009                 7
Let's Right The Future!
The issue of healthy lifestyles and its effect on the future of our children was recently identified as a
concern that needed to be addressed across Atlantic Canada. The Council of Atlantic Premiers agreed
to develop a joint marketing communications program designed to improve the overall well-being of
children in the region. The Right the Future campaign has been launched to make the people of
Atlantic Canada aware of the issue and encourage changes that will positively affect the future of our
                                                                                                            Free Programs & Resources!
It starts with making the choice to eat better and be more active with our kids. The healthy habits we      Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada)
instill today can have a dramatic impact on our children’s future: less chance of disease, better health,   is a national, charitable, voluntary-sector
and a longer life expectancy. If we each do a little something for kids we can make a big difference in     organization whose primary concern is to influence
their future. Visit for more information.                                             the healthy development of children and youth by
                                                                                                            advocating for quality, school-based physical and
Easter Seals NL                                                                                             health education.

Physical activity is a vital component of healthy living                                                    For excellent physical education and school health
for all students, including those with physical                                                             resources visit
disabilities. Easter Seals NL is a provincial organization
that offers programs and services to children and youth
with physical disabilities. As part of our Outreach
Initiative, Easter Seals makes available resources that
assist teachers to make their classrooms and activities more
inclusive for students of all abilities.                                                                     What are the signs or
Easter Seals lends out ice and roller sledges for school                                                     symptoms of H1N1?
skating sessions, as well as a trail rider that facilitates                                                  Almost always:
travel over rocks, tree roots, trails and streams on field trips                                             • Cough and fever
or community outings. They offer Disability Awareness sessions,
including their very successful “I Can Too!” program for students K-6: the program uses storybooks,          Common:
videos and dolls that explain to students that children with physical disabilities can do the same as        • Fatigue           • Headache
anyone else, just in their own way. Awareness sessions for junior and high school students feature           • Muscle aches      • Decreased appetite
demonstrations of such activities as wheelchair basketball and use of their “Moving to Inclusion “ Kit,      • Sore throat       • Runny nose
which contains adaptive equipment such as parachutes, bats, balls and racquets of various sizes,
weights and textures.                                                                                        Sometimes:
                                                                                                             • Nausea   • Vomiting            • Diarrhea
Easter Seals is ready and able to help schools and communities overcome the challenges to providing
fully accessible and inclusive programs: inclusion of all abilities leads to feelings of success for         People with underlying health conditions
everyone! For more information contact Easter Seals NL at 754-1399.                                          and pregnant women are at increased risk of
                                                                                                             severe illness and complication. For more
                                                                                                             information visit and follow
                                                                                                             the link to H1N1
                                                                                                             (Source: Public Health Agency of Canada)
Alcohol, Drug, and Gambling Prevention                                              What’s New with the School Food
The prevention of problematic substance use is recognized as a provincial and
regional priority among various groups and organizations. To this end, the
Addictions Services arm of Eastern Health’s Mental Health and Addictions team       School Food Guidelines for Food Service Providers 2009
develops and offers awareness, educational and training programs and                The School Food Guidelines have been revised. Foods are still
resources. The goal of their service is to enhance awareness regarding              categorized as Serve Most, Serve Moderately or Not Included based on
problematic substance use and gambling and help support health promotion,           the food group they fit, but specific nutritional criteria have been
prevention, early intervention, and treatment approaches. They endeavor to          developed for each category. Guidelines for foods with ingredients
provide the best available information that is evidenced and best practice          from more than one food groups (aka mixed dishes) have also been
based. Strengthening Families for the Future, peer programs, and parent             established. With these new Guidelines in place, it will be much easier
education are some areas of prevention that is emphasized by Addictions             to determine the suitability of food/beverages for your school.
Services. To assist your school, they may be able to suggest various resources to
support your drug/gambling education and prevention activities. If you are          Brand Name Food List
interested in discussing, planning or implementing prevention programming,          The Brand Name Food List has done all the work for you when planning
please contact Addictions Services as they may be able to offer specific support    refreshments for school events. For each food group, the Brand Name
and direction. Fundamental Concepts in Addictions, Youth and Drugs,                 Food List provides a list of locally available foods which fit in the Serve
Addictions and the Family, and Addictions Prevention 101 are all examples of        Most and Serve Moderately categories. It also lists those foods that are
free workshops that are offered by Addictions Services. Training on addictions      not included in the School Food Guidelines. Use the Brand Name Food
issues outside of the workshops indicated may be offered as needed. Schools         List to plan refreshments for your next classroom party, staff meeting,
served by Eastern Health offices in Rural Avalon/Peninsulas work on                 sporting event or living healthy event, or to come up with some new
multidisciplinary School Teams. These teams are designed to work                    products to sell in your canteen and cafeteria.
collaboratively in resource development, programming, and special events to
address school needs. Schools served by Eastern Health in the St. John’s and        Food and Beverage Item Review Process (newly revised!)
surrounding areas should contact either the Addictions Prevention Consultant        With all the new food items coming on the market, it can be quite a
or Addictions Co-coordinators for assistance in substance use education &           challenge for administrators and caterers to determine if and where a
prevention initiatives.                                                             food item fits within the Provincial School Food Guidelines. The
                                                                                    Provincial Government has developed a review process to help with
For more information please contact:                                                these challenges. If a school or caterer has a food item which they
                                                                                    would like reviewed, they can complete and submit the Food/Beverage
Wendy Cranford                                                                      Item Review Form. The
                                            Mark Fudge                              submission deadlines are
Addictions Prevention Consultant            Addictions Prevention Consultant        January 31st, April 30th, August             Remember: To get a copy of the
Eastern Health, Rural Avalon                Eastern Health, St. John’s              31st and October 31st of every               School Food Guidelines for School
Hr.Grace                                    752-4030                                year. Regional Nutritionists across          Food Providers, Brand Name Food
945-6551                                       the province will assess this food           List or to submit a particular item                                                                                                  to the Food/Beverage Review
                                                                                    and let you know if it meets the
                                            Paula Delahunty                         guidelines.                                  Process, please visit
Troy Mitchell                               Addictions Coordinator                                                     
Addictions Coordinator                      Eastern Health, St. John’s              Just as a friendly reminder…full
Eastern Health, Rural Avalon                752-4926                                implementation of Eastern School
Clarenville                               District’s Nutrition Policy came into effect in September 2008. This
466-5727                                                                            means that all foods and beverages sold and served in schools must                                                      meet the criteria in the School Food Guidelines.

                                                                                                                                      Fall 2009                   9
 Eastern Active Schools Update
 The Eastern Active Schools (EAS) Program is now several years running and there
 are 44 K – 6 schools in the Eastern School District participating. The Active                                            If you are wondering where
 Schools Coordinator, Peter Hynes, is busy making his rounds to the schools in
 support of the program.
                                                                                                                          to find EAS activities, follow
                                                                                                                          these instructions
 The EAS Program is about facilitating 20 minutes of physical activity in the                                             1) Log in to First Class
 classroom on non-Physical Education days. Ideally, this means teaching                                                   2) Click on Directory in the top bar
 differently for 20 minutes by incorporating physical activity into curricular                                            3) Search Peter Hynes
 outcomes rather than adding 20 minutes to your teaching day. Sometimes teachers may also do activities                   4) Highlight Peter Hynes in blue and
 not connected to curriculum just for the benefit of engaging the students in stimulating activities.                        click Shared Documents
                                                                                                                          5) Download/View/Print the
 If you need assistance with implementing the EAS Program, Peter is available to help. His role is to                        documents you need, including
 support teachers who are delivering the program. Peter is able to visit classrooms and demonstrate                          the EAS Activity Manual
 activities that teachers can use. He can attend staff meetings to share ideas, offer support and discuss any
 challenges they may have in regards to the EAS Program.

 Teachers can contact Peter directly to request assistance or exchange ideas by telephone: (709) 579-7191
 or email:

 Try these excellent activities in your classroom:
     Subject Review Basketball                                                                                  Up! Down! Stop! Go!
     Directions:                                                                                                Formation: Standing in personal space
     1) For a review of concepts that you have been teaching, play an in class “basketball                      Learning Outcomes: Listening skills, locomotor
         game” that requires students to give correct answers in order to get chances to shoot.                 skills, opposites
     2) The basket could be a bucket or milk crate on top of a desk at the front of the class.                  Directions:
         The objects to shoot with would be bean bags or small plastic waffle golf balls. Mark                  1) Have students stand in their personal space.
         off three distinct shooting lines on the floor valued as a one point line, a two point                 2) Explain to the students that they must listen
         line and a three point line.                                                                                 very carefully and use their opposites.
     3) To play, create a series of questions to ask the groups.                                                3) The caller calls out the following commands
         Go back and forth between the teams with your                                                                while the students perform the corresponding
         questions. When a team gets the answer right, they                                                           actions:
         are awarded one point plus they get an opportunity to                                                        a. Go - student must stop.
         shoot. (Note: Tell the students at the start of the                                                          b. Stop - students must run on the spot.
         game that you will announce a shooting time after                                                            c. Up - students sit down.
         every 10-20 questions so that you don’t have to organize the                                                 d. Down - students jump up to the ceiling.
         shooting component after every correct answer.) When teams
         go to shoot, tell the students they can select the line that they
         want to shoot from and that everyone on the team has to shoot
         before a player gets a chance to shoot a second time.

                                                                                                                          How can a schoo
                                                                                                                                          l start up a Kids
                                                                                                                          Eat Smart Club?
                   at S       mart Foundation?                                                                           Anyone who is
What is the Kids E
                                                                                                                         Eat Smart Club rested in starting a Kids
                                                                                                                                        can contact th
                    undation                                                                                            Smart Foundat                  eK
Kids Eat Smart Fo                     a                                                                                                ion. Kids Eat Sm ids Eat
                  and Labrador is                                                                                       provide those                   art staff will
Newfoundland                                                                                                                          inte
                     zation that                                                                                       and guide them rested with a start-up kit
 charitable organi                      and                                                                                             through the st
                   ucation, health,                                                                                    process.                        art-up
 supports the ed
                    hool children
  well-being of sc            and and                                       e goal is to prov
  throug  hout Newfoundl                     ity nutritio n programs. Th                  best.
                        support of qual                               , and to be their
   La brador through                       need    to learn, to grow
                      e nutrition they                                                                                                       lub?
   children with th
                 art Foundation
                                     offers a variety
                                                                                                                       id t Smart C
                                                                                                           o run a KfusKEas Eat Smart Club.
    Kids Eat Sm
                             ities to operate
                                                  Kids Eat Sm  art
                                                                                              o work t
                                                                              Is it a lotarefessential to a success l p food, scheduling
    supp  orts to commun                                                                                                  u
                                                                              Volunteers           be involved in
                                                                                                                                   g the program
                                                                                                                                                   . The
     Clubs.                                                                       lunteers may keeping and implementin chers, parents,
                                                                                                cord                           g tea
                                                                               volunteers, re unity members includin ntal.
                                                                                                m  m                            me
                                                                                support of co mmunity groups is funda
                                                                                 students   and co                                                funding
                                                                                                                                    by providing
                                                                                                                olunteer efforts rmation resources,
                                                                                                  on supports v                    info
                                                                                  The Foundati rating structure, nutrition Kids Eat Smart
                                                                                                   p e                              ost
              What is a Kid                                                        for food, an o draising opportunities. M morning including
                                 s Eat S                                                            fun                             e
            Kids Eat Sm
                          art Clubs are mart Club?                                  training, and e more than an hour in th
           that support                    qu                                        Clubs do n  ot tak
                           the physica ality nutrition program                                       nd clean-up.
           being of sch
                         ool-aged ch
                                          l, academic
                                                        , and social      s          preparation a
                                        ildren.                       well-
          There are o
                                                                                                                                  Where can a school go for
         the provinc 190 Kids Eat Smart Clu
                      e.                                bs run by 4
                                                                     ,500 volunte
                                                                                                                                  information about starting up a
                                                                                     ers through
        Kids Eat Sm
                     art Clubs are
                                                                                                  out                            Kids Eat Smart Club?
       school day                     open to all                                                                                If a school is interested in starting up a
                    approximate                      st
                                    ly 17,000 st udents at the school a                                                          Kids Eat Smart Club, contact:
                                                    udents part                 nd on a typ
      Most Kids E                                                icipate.                     ical
                   at Smart Clu
     lunch progra                 bs offer bre
                    m                             akfa                                                                          Melanie Stokes, R.D., Program
    Kids Eat Sm s. The majority of Kid st although there are
                  art Foundati                    s Eat Smart                   some snack                                      Development Coordinator
    with breakfa                 on                            Club                           an
                  st and/or h also supports commu s are in schools, but th d                                                    Kids Eat Smart Foundation
                                omework.                        nity centres                    e
                                                                                                                                80 Elizabeth Ave., Suite 200,
                                                                                                                                Regatta Plaza
                                                                                                                               P.O. Box 26009
                                                                                                                               St. John's, NL A1E 0A5
                                                                                                                               Tel (709) 722-1996
                                                                                                                               Fax (709) 722-7250
                                                                                                                              Toll-Free 1-877-722-1996

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                                                                                              Editorial Board
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Did You Know…                                                                                 •
                                                                                                  Tracy English
                                                                                                  Bernadette Duffett
The provincial Healthy Students Healthy Schools initiative follows an                         •   Melissa Caravan
internationally recognized framework called Comprehensive School                              •   Cindy Saunders
Health. The Comprehensive School Health
framework supports improvements in
students’ educational outcomes
while addressing school health in                                                             special thanks
a planned, integrated & holistic
way. The four pillars of                                                                      • All who contributed to this edition
Comprehensive School Health                                                                   • The Editorial Board
include Teaching and                                                                          • Strategic Communications Department,
Learning, Healthy School                                                                        Eastern Health
Policy, Partnerships and                                                                      • St. Clare’s Print Shop,
Services, and Social and                                                                        Eastern Health
Physical Environment.

A comprehensive approach is
needed because:

•    Healthy students learn better & achieve more
•    Schools influence students’ health & behaviors
•    It promotes healthy lifestyle choices
•    It incorporates health into all aspects of school
•    It encourages support of families & community
•    It links health & education

For more information on Comprehensive School Health please visit the
Joint Consortium for School Health website at

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