Some Points to Consider when you write cv by shokiroki


									Some Points to Consider when you write cv

Some Points to Consider
The information and advice given are no guarantee that your C.V. will
open all doors for you. It offers a start in preparing an effective
document - one that shows clarity, consistency, and an organized format.
Your C.V. should be easy to read, leaving no confusion in the reader’s
mind as to what is presented. Here are some points that will help you
produce a document with impact.
Your C.V. will be read by people who do not know you, so you must present
your information in the clearest, most concise fashion possible. These
people will be responsible for developing a list of recommended
candidates, probably in a limited amount of time, so your document must
be precise and specific at the first reading.
Accurate presentation of your qualifications is imperative. Be specific -
for instance, under:
Educational Background - include your major, year degree was received,
name of degree, complete name of institution (no abbreviations) and its

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