CV Format (Typical Sections) by shokiroki


									CV Format - Typical Sections

CV’s often contain many more categories of information than resumes.
Experience may be divided between headings for Teaching and Research;
education may be divided between degrees and Continuing Education or
Advanced Training.

Outside of the US, it common to include a photo and personal details on a
CV. Personal information such as gender, date of birth, marital status
and even names and ages of children are not uncommon. Hobbies and outside
interests are found on CVs much more often than on resumes. It is
especially common to include hobbies and interests that either show what
a well rounded person the candidate is, or that align with the
candidate’s experience. For example, it is common for electrical
engineers to build and fly model airplanes. Many computer science majors
are also very interested in music.

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