CV Format - Different from a Resume by shokiroki


									CV Format - Different from a Resume

There are many differences between a CV and a resume, and these
differences will help highlight the different formatting of a CV. On a CV
normally contains much more personal information than a resume does. CVs
also are very education and research focused, where a resume is much more
focused on summarizing your work history. A CV will not contain an
objective and will not have a narrative profile. CV’s often run on for
many pages. This is different from resumes, which tend to be one to two
page summaries. A good CV, though, should be well organized, with clear

Since research and references are a highlight of CVs, you are much more
likely to see "name-dropping" on a CV. For example, if you performed
research under a certain professor, you would probably include the
professor’s name and title on your CV. It is also common for CVs to
contain a section of publications to which the candidate has contributed.

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