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Resume and CV

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					What is Resume and CV ?

No matter the reason for your career change, a powerful resume is an
essential component of your search campaign. In fact, it is virtually
impossible to conduct a search without a resume. It is your calling card
that briefly, yet powerfully, communicates the skills, qualifications,
experience, and value you bring to a potential employer. It is the
document that will open doors and generate interviews.

Your resume is a sales document, and you are the product! You must
identify the features (what you know and what you can do) and benefits
(how you can help an employer) of that product.

What Is Resume and CV ( Curriculum Vitae )

Resumes and CV are both used in job applications. They have the same
purpose which is to state the facts about the applicant’s work
experience, education, skills and accomplishments. The main difference
between the two is the way these facts were presented.

The resume is the brief summary of the individual’s work history,
educational attainment and relevant skills and accomplishment to the job
being applied. An individual can create several resume for different
positions or different companies.

The CV on the other hand bear all the information of an individual. Every
detail of education, employment, achievements and skills are listed. All
previous workexperiences must be properly listed with elaborated job
descriptions. CV is usually used when applying in academic, medical,
scientific and overseas jobs because employers in these industries prefer
to know each applicant thoroughly.

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