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					Blackboard for Library Instructors

                JQ Johnson
   Director, UO Center for Educational

                9 Nov 2006
    This presentation
   Blackboard overview for library faculty
    (followup to similar presentation 8 Sept 05)
   Using Blackboard in library instruction
        Self-paced tutorials
        Teaching LIB courses
   Ways we can help other faculty use Bb
        Providing help and referrals
        Advising faculty on resources to include in their coursesites
        Integrating with other library services
    What is Blackboard?
   A commercial, web-based “Course Management
   An integrated, easy to use environment offering wide
    variety of features for teaching
        access control: only enrolled students participate in course
        easy web publishing of syllabus, lecture notes, etc.
        asynchronous communication: announcements, threaded
         discussion, surveys
        synchronous communication: chat room, virtual whiteboard
        online quizzes, homework submission, and gradebook
        collaborative workgroups
   A UO Library service
                                Blackboard usage: consistent growth
                                since 1999
                                                                                              Statistics as of 31 Oct 2006:
                                        Blackboard Usage at UO
                       25000                                     1600                            18,598 student users (85% of
                                                                                                  all students)

                       20000                                                                     1369 active fall-term or fall-
                                                                                                  sem Banner (CRN) coursesites
                                                                                                  1500 faculty, GTFs, and staff

                                                                        active course sites
active student users

                       15000                                                                  

                                                                                                  teaching using Blackboard
                       10000                                                                     Approx. 57,000 fall coursesite
                                                                                                  enrollments (estimate: at least
                                                                                                  2/3 of all UO student credit
                                                                 200                              hours now have a Blackboard
                          0                                      0
                                                                                                  Approx. 1,500,000 web server
                                 fall 99

                                 fall 00

                                 fall 01

                                 fall 02

                                 fall 03

                                 fall 04

                                 fall 05

                                 fall 06
                               sum. 99

                               sum. 00

                               sum. 01

                               sum. 02

                               sum. 03

                               sum. 04

                               sum. 05

                               sum. 06
                                spr. 00

                                win. 01
                                spr. 01

                                win. 02
                                spr. 02

                                win. 03
                                spr. 03

                                win. 04
                                spr. 04

                                win. 05
                                spr. 05

                                win. 06
                                spr. 06

                                                                                                  hits/day, 12,000 logins/day
The UO Blackboard home page --
    Typical UO Blackboard courses
   Courses in almost every discipline
   Large lecture, small seminar, and everything
    in between, plus non-course uses
   Some use for true distance ed and “hybrid”
    courses, but most supplements face to face
   Different instructors use different features
        Different instructors have different pedagogical
        Most instructors start slow – first term teaching
         with Blackboard use only a few features
  The Blackboard team at the Library
                          Not shown:
            Tim Boshart    CET Consulting (faculty

            Blackboard      support), esp. Nargas
            Coordinator     Oskui
            and system     Library Systems

            admin          ITCs (student support)

                           Media Services, CET:IM

JQ Johnson                 etc.
Director, CET
and project
Blackboard users
                      All instructors and
                       students have accounts.
                       Log in as you would to
                       wireless or to modem
                       pool, e.g.:
                          Username:
                          Password: my darkwing
                           (don’t know your password?
                      Data in Blackboard is
                       loaded from banner twice
                       a day
Blackboard coursesites
                    Coursesites are created
                     automatically for (almost) all UO
                     CRN courses each term.
                         Instructors can request a “merged”
                          site combining CRNs
                         UO “instructor of record” is
                          Blackboard “instructor”
                         Default to “unavailable” to students
                          – instructor must activate before
                         Sites created starting beginning of
                          registration period for term, then
                          twice a day
                    Also sites for: department (staff);
                     major (undergrad); by request to
Getting started
                  Instructors edit coursesite
                     via “Control Panel”
                    Add material by filling out
                     forms in web browser or
                     uploading files
                    Reuse material by
                     copying a previous
                     version of the course
                    Change settings for
                     appearance, functionality
                    Invoke instructor tools
                     (email, gradebook, etc.)
    Field trip
   A brief demo of blackboard with a focus on
    library-centric features
        Some typical existing CRN coursesites
        A support coursesite
        A brand new empty coursesite
    Using Blackboard in teaching
   LIB courses are UO courses, so automatically
    have Blackboard sites
   We can create additional special-purpose
    sites for special populations
   We can create publicly accessible sites, e.g.
    library tutorials
           Some other sites

Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 9:41 AM
                                                   Other sites also use Blackboard
To: BBFS@LISTSERV.MIAMI.EDU                          for library tutorials:
Subject: Re: [BBFS] Library Tutorials
Northwest Nazarene University conducts library
orientations through Blackboard for our fully
online programs as well as a few others.                 ibrary/faculty/researchcollegest
Students click links to library databases, etc.,         udents.htm
and complete half a dozen or so Assignments
using the trackable assignment feature. A   
librarian is enrolled in the course so s/he can
retrieve the assignments and answer questions.
For more info, contact Lance McGrath at You can tell him I sent you

    Helping faculty use Blackboard
   We can answer typical FAQs: how to log in,
    where to get help, where to send students for
        Blackboard HELP (many resources, including FAQ)
        For faculty: CET consulting (Knight 19); CET:IM;
         Blackboard workshops (formerly IT Curriculum)
        For students: ITCs
        Computing Center micro support
    Helping faculty enhance their Bb sites
   Problem is identifying the faculty, but can use
    Bb catalog, personal contacts
   Most sites allow guests to browse portions
   Instructor of record “owns” the site, but can
    be encouraged to add SS as “teaching
    assistant”, or can simply take advice and do it
    Providing resources to enrich faculty Bb
   Some subject specialists are now providing
    custom Blackboard materials for their clients
        Providing course-specific research guides loaded
         into Bb coursesite
        Identifying/evaluating things to include or link to
         (not just finding aids and research materials)
        Identifying relevant RSS feeds
        Helping with mechanics of linking to library
        Providing advice on collaborative learning
       Some other sites

Sites with online tutorials about integrating library resources
   in blackboard:
   Google “integrating library blackboard” for many more
    Integrating with other online Library
   We preload coursesites with
        Link to library home page
        Link to ereserves (with automatic login)
        Instructions, including a pointer to subject
         specialist list
    Some typical course-specific information
    an instructor could add
   External links to library resources:
        Course-relevant databases and indices
        Specific articles in databases or online journals (persistent
        Links to ejournals pertaining to the course content
        Direct links to credible websites
        Subject guides
        Streaming media
        Descriptions of library services (equipment checkout, ITC, PP
         Room, et.c)
   Name/contact info for relevant subject specialist
   Library research assignments
    Helping faculty find/evaluate other
   Other UO faculty using Blackboard
   Course-relevant free web links
   Learning objects
   Test banks
   Textbooks, especially ones with Blackboard
    course cartridges

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