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Kentucky Council on Child Abuse by ert554898


									Citizens Review Panels

                  Blake Jones
              Program Coordinator
        Overview Objectives
 Review history leading up to the federal
 Detail what the federal legislation requires
 Review Kentucky’s response to date
 Focus on the roles and responsibilities of
  CRP members
  1974 Child Abuse Prevention and
           Treatment Act

Requires submission of a state plan detailing
  compliance in order to obtain state child abuse
  and neglect grant, including:

   – Child abuse and neglect reporting system
   – Provision of protective services
   – Confidentiality
National Climate Moves from focus on
       Reunification to Safety

 Concern over child fatalities in open cases,
  children “languishing” in foster care, children
  returned to unsafe home environments
 A call across the country for increased
  accountability in the child protection system
 Federal statutory change came in 2 waves:
   – 1996 CAPTA reauthorization
   – 1997 adoption and safe families act
  1996 CAPTA Reauthorization
 Public disclosure in cases resulting in a fatality or near

 Mechanisms to ensure that the State does not require
  reunification of a child with a parent who has been found
  guilty of killing another child or felony assault resulting
  in serious bodily injury to a child

 Conviction of these crimes is a ground for TPR of
  surviving children
 1996 CAPTA Reauthorization
 Expedited TPR for “abandoned infants”
 And…

   Establishment of Citizen Review
 Establishment of Citizen Review Panels
            (by July 1999)

 3 panels per state (some only need one)
 Each panel has the responsibility to review compliance of
  state and local CPS agencies with respect to:

   – state CAPTA plan

   – Other criteria the panel considers important, which
     may include coordination with foster care and
     adoption programs and review of child fatalities and
     near fatalities
 Requirements for Citizen Review
 Composed of volunteer members that
   – are broadly representative of the community in which
     they are operating
   – include individuals with expertise in the prevention
     and treatment of CA/N
   – Include DCBS liaison
 Meet at least quarterly
 Examine policies and procedures and, where appropriate,
  specific cases of both state and local agencies
 Maintain confidentiality
 Prepare an annual report (by 12/31)
     CPS Standards Subject to
 Reporting procedures       Cooperation of law
 Screening and               enforcement, courts and
  investigation               state CPS agencies
 Child safety steps         Expungement of records
 Immunity for good faith     available to public
  reporting                  Appointment of
 Confidentiality of          guardians ad litem
  records                    Appeal of findings
 Public disclosure in       Provisions not requiring
  fatalities and near         reunification in certain
  fatalities                  cases
 Expedited TPR
      Panel Can Examine Any of the
    Following Parts of the CPS System
 Intake and initial     Case closure
  screening              Crisis intervention;
 Investigation or        Emergency placement;
  assessment              Family stabilization
 Case determination     Coordination of
 Service planing,        services
  implementation, and    Staff qualifications,
  monitoring              training and workload
    Examples of Approaches and Sources of

 In-depth review of a     Quality assurance
  small number of cases     reviews
 Broader review of        Focus groups or
  cases                     interviews of staff,
 Analysis of statewide     consumers, service
  data systems              providers, mandated
 Review of agency          reporters, foster
  policy and procedures     parents, others
 Surveys                  Others?
Kentucky Framework

   July, 2000: UK signs
   contract with Cabinet
    to hire coordinator
Six Active Panels
      Louisville
Gateway/Buffalo Trace
  Statewide CRP
     Big Sandy
Examples of What Panels
     Have Done
 Jefferson: Case Reviews, Surveys,
            Focus Groups
   Mayfield: Surveys of Workers
 Fayette: Focus Groups with DCBS
        staff and community
        Unique Opportunity
 Unbiased citizen input
 Citizens can be advocates (i.e., With
 “Community partners”
                 My Role

 Provide logistical and technical support
 Assist with training
 Assist with recruiting
 Assist with strategic planning
 Act as liaison with Cabinet, other panels
 Stay in touch with other states
                Your Role

 Attend meetings
 Remain unbiased in your evaluation
 Assist with planning, then “keep group on
 Some work in between monthly meetings
 Maintain confidentiality
         What is available to you?

 Me Money for regional training/workshops
 Quarterly newsletter
 Annual Recognition Dinner in Frankfort
Never doubt that a small, dedicated group of citizens can
make a difference. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever
                                      ~ Margaret Mead

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