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Events from the year 1960 in France.

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   6 January - Manifesto of the 121 is published.
   22 January - President Charles de Gaulle fires Jacques Massun, commander-in-chief of the French troops in Algeria.
   24 January - A major insurrection occurs in Algiers against French colonial policy.
   13 February - France tests its first atomic bomb in the Sahara.
   23 March - Nikita Khrushchev meets Charles De Gaulle in Paris.
   12 April - Eric Peugeot, youngest son of the founder of Peugeot, is kidnapped in Paris. Kidnappers release him April 15 in
   exchange for $300,000 ransom.
   27 April - Togo gains independence from French-administered UN trusteeship.
   20 June - The Mali Federation between Senegal and Sudanese Republic (now Mali) gains independence from France.
   5 August - Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) declares independence from France.
   17 August - Gabon gains independence from France.
   28 November - Mauritania becomes independent of France.
   5 December - Pierre Lagaillarde, who led 1958 and 1960 insurrections in Algeria, fails to appear in a Paris court. He has
   reportedly fled with 4 fellow defendants to Spain en route to Algeria.
   9 December - President Charles de Gaulle's visit to Algeria is marked by bloody riots by European and Muslim mobs in
   Algeria's largest cities, killing 127 people.
   14 December - The OECD is formed in Paris.
   27 December - France sets off its third nuclear test blast at its atomic proving grounds at Reggane, Algeria.

Arts and literature
   25 March - Tom Pillibi by Jacqueline Boyer (music by André Popp, text by Pierre Cour) wins the Eurovision Song Contest
   1960 for France.

   26 June - Tour de France begins.
   17 July - Tour de France ends, won by Gastone Nencini of Italy.

   23 January - Patrick de Gayardon, skydiver, skysurfer and a BASE jumper (died 1998).
   18 March - Jean-Pierre Bade, soccer player.
   18 May - Yannick Noah, former tennis player, musician.
  12 July - Corynne Charby, actress, singer and model.

  4 January - Albert Camus, author, philosopher, and journalist who won the Nobel prize in 1957 (born 1913).
  13 March - Louis Wagner, motor racing driver (born 1882).
  23 May - Georges Claude, engineer, chemist and inventor (born 1870).
  14 July - Maurice, 6th duc de Broglie, physicist (born 1875).


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