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					                         How To Utilize Telepathy To Communicate

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Telepathy is thought to many things including instinct and intuition. In reality, it the communication
without using speech, writing or hand signs. It is, at its base, mental communication.

When we use our minds to convey what we are thinking without speaking is like having another
step on a ladder only you can use.

This method is a method that is believed to have existed from the beginning of time in animals. As
scientists believe we are direct descendants of animals, why would we not have this same ability
to communicate silently?

You will also hear about anthropologists who believe that many of the primitive tribes out there
today can utilize this power. While it's not easy to do, they have been able to harness the abilities
of telepathy.

It is not that telepathy is a cryptic thought process, it is that many do not know what it is or if they
have felt it before. At one time in our historic history, humans have been telepathic. Just as easily
as humans could read or write, they were able to communicate telepathically.

It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability when once it was as pronounced in
some as being musical can bring out a response from another.

We all have a sixth sense that we are familiar with. There was even a movie by this name so it is
not an uncommon way of looking at telepathy.

Intuition is a form of telepathy. You know that feeling that someone is watching your or the hair on
your arms starts to tingle? That is telepathy in its purest form. Most of the time when you have
these feelings, you are correct in your assessment. How many times have your children woken
you up by just looking at you while you sleep, intuitively, even in your sleeping state you sense
that someone is there and wake up.

We can't really pinpoint an exact time when the majority of humanity seemed to lose touch with
telepathy, but it has a lot to do with not believing in its power.
How this began will probably never be answered, but it's believed that it was constantly down
played by religions all over the world. Most predominantly were Christianity and Islam. They
believe that this is the power of Satan and not a tool the human mind already has inside.

These religions among us have come to have such power over society that a great many people
have been taught to put no faith in telepathy, but only in 'the Messiah' or 'the Savior' or 'the
Prophet' rather than in their own natural abilities.

While we aren't trying to offend anyone, you have to ask why religions would be so distrustful of

There are a few religions that do follow the ancient paths and within these religions, telepathy is
not feared. In fact in some of the older religions, it is embraced and has become a tool for those
religions. There are no set leaders to tell the congregation that telepathy is a tool of the devil,
instead they congregation themselves choose what they will practice.

Another reason telepathy is hit with such skepticism is that it has not scientific proof that it does
actually exist.

There are some scientists who are a little more open and have linked telepathy to certain times in
history but the hard nosed members of this group say that if it cannot be measured
mathematically, then it does in fact not exist. That being the case, it cannot seriously be
considered as reality.

It's a big dilemma considering scientists have no problem accepting emotions and instincts. Are
these individuals being prejudice? It's possible, but since scientists can feel emotions and instincts
themselves, they consider this okay. When it comes to telepathy though, there is a lot left to be
explained, so they don't acknowledge it.

We could run through all kinds of questions, but you would only come back with more. Many times
when something cannot be explained in a complex term, then these individuals can't accept it as
their own. Seriously, would you want everyone else to have something you couldn't? Of course
not, which is why they explain its instincts and not telepathy.

It is hard to say when we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods
decided that we no longer needed it.

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